Fic: Maybe Baby

Author: MajorSam


Pairing: Sam/Shelley

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Rating: PG13

Summary: Seeing a pregnant Teyla, gives Sam ideas

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It had been on her mind a lot over the last few weeks, since finding out about Teyla's pregnancy. Sam had been pleased for her, even though it was complicated. She knew how hard it was going to be for her, going through a pregnancy, not knowing if the father was alive, dead or ever going to be found. Sam had seen Shelley go through the same thing and had asked her to talk to Teyla. It hadn't been an easy subject to broach, being as Shelley was knew to Atlantis and didn't know Teyla that well. Shelley had been nervous about it.

Sam entered the mess hall. Being late again for lunch was bound to make her relationship with Shelley a little tense! It had been the second time she had been late. That and she had cancelled 3 times in the last few weeks. What made it worse was that Shelley understood and loved her even more for it.

The Colonel smiled as she saw Shelley a few feet away on a table, talking to Teyla. Sam picked up a sandwich and a bottle of orange juice and walked towards them.

"Am i interrupting?" Sam asked.

Shelley looked up, smiling at seeing her girl friend.

"Of course not,"

The redhead pulled out a chair next to her, wanting Sam to sit next to her. Sam placed her lunch on the table. Her arm lowered to her side, holding Shelley's hand for a moment, lasting for more than a moment. Sam looked across the table, noticing the photo album in front of Teyla.

"Baby pictures?" Sam asked.

Shelley nodded, opening up the album, reminding herself just how adorable her daughter was when she was born.

"She was a beautiful child." Teyla said.

"Just like her mother." Sam said.

She knew it was a little ott, but it had been a true statement. The redhead blushed, still feeling Sam's hand in hers.

"She was a good baby. Slept most of the time. But she did have her moments." Shelley said.

Sam picked up the album, thumbing through it, reminding herself of early on in their relationship.

"Was it difficult, being on your own?" Teyla asked.

There was a brief moment of silence.

"It was at first, especially when i first found out i was pregnant," Shelley said. "Those first few months were hard. Not knowing if...."

Shelley stopped mid-sentence, wondering if what she was about to say would hurt Sam. She felt her partner squeeze her hand and turned down to her.

"It's okay," Sam whispered.

Teyla looked at the two of them, intrigued.

"Not knowing if i'd see Daniel again. If he'd ever see his daughter!"

Teyla rested her hand on her stomach, feeling her son kick inside her. Everything Shelley had told her had been true. Her desire to find the father was as strong as the maternal instinct to protect her son.

"But when she was born, it was just an amazing feeling. I still had a part of him, even if i'd never see him again. Even though part of me knew that i would."

Sam held her hand tighter. Seeing her go through that had been painful. Watching someone she loved getting her hopes up at the slightest sighting or whisper about Daniel was more than she could stand at times.

"I guess i was lucky. When Mia was born. I had my brother, my friends and then..."

Shelley looked lovingly at her other half.

"Then Sam and I....I don't know what i would have done without her,"

"Would you like more children?" Teyla asked.

They had talked about having another baby. In fact they had talked about nothing else for the last 2 years. But since they had moved to Atlantis it had been forgotten about.

"We considered it." Sam said.

Both of them felt a little uneasy. Shelley knew that Sam wanted a child. It had just been that circumstances that had been against them. The Colonel saw Teyla smile as the baby kicked again.

"Do you mind if i...?"

"No of course not."

Sam leaned forward, resting her hand on Teyla's stomach. She smiled broadly as she felt a kick, then another.

"Mia used to kick all the time," Shelley said. "I liked it. When i first found out i was pregnant, it didn't feel real. Not until i felt her kick that first time. Then it was real."

"I felt that way too," Teyla said.

Sam grew silent for a moment...

"I just remembered that i have some work to finish."

"Do you have to go?" Shelley asked.

"I'm sorry, sweetie,"

Sam stood up, picking up her lunch.

"I'll see you later. Teyla."

Sam said, excusing herself and heading out of the mess. Shelley watched her, knowing that there was something wrong!

An hour later, Shelley left Teyla in the mess hall talking to Dr Keller. It had been nice to talk to someone about what she had gone through and hoped that she would find some comfort in it.

But during their conversation Sam's mood had changed when Teyla had asked them if they thought about having another baby. She caught up with her on the balcony near the control room.

It was a warm afternoon and Sam had taken off her jacket, feeling the warm breeze on her arms. She had a free twenty minutes and had let her hair down, blowing lightly in the breeze. Her head turned, hearing the door swoosh open behind her. A pair of arms swooped around her, pulling her back against her. Sam's head turned, moving her head to one side.

"Are you okay?" Shelley asked. "You seemed very quiet at lunch."

Sam turned around, moving out of the redhead's way. She stood closer towards the balcony, placing her hands on the rail.

"Yeah i'm fine. I was just..."

"Because i was talking about Daniel?"

"No, no." Sam said, shaking her head. "Of course not."

Shelley stood next to her, brushing her hair over her ear.


"It was just when Teyla asked if we thought about having another baby!"

"And i said, that we'd thought about it, and we have."

"We've done more than talk about it, remember." Sam said.

Shelley had tried her best to forget about what had happened.

"We still have the cloning program." Sam said.

The redhead moved closer. Before the Asgaard's demise, they offered them a chance to have their own child, having both of them has parents. Their cloning facility could easily accomodate the proceedure. No need for donors or artificial insemination. And no telling them in 20 years that they were created with a turkey baister. Just that their a clone of the two of them. Shelley didn't know how they could possible tell their own child that. So they'd decided not to go through with it.

"I know and we agreed that we couldn't do it." Shelley said, holding Sam's hand.

The Colonel looked up at her, a small tear in her eye. She'd never forgotten about that conversation and uptil an hour ago had thought that it was the best decision. Let alone that the maternal instinct in her was getting stronger.

"Maybe we were wrong," she said. "Why shouldn't we? When i felt that baby kick..."

"Baby," Shelley whispered. "I know how you feel. But i think we should wait till the time is right."

"What if the time is right? What if we don't get another chance?"

Shelley held her hand tighter, making Sam turn to face her.

"Do you want to give up what we have here?" Shelley asked.

Sam hesitated for a moment, then shook her head.

"Then we should wait. That cloning program isn't going anywhere," Shelley said. "When the time is right, we'll know."

Sam knew that she was right, even if it did hurt.

"Your already a wonderful mom, Sam, don't forget that and Mia loves you."

Shelley leaned forward, kissing Sam softly on the lips. Sometimes Sam forgot that she was Mia's mother too, even if she hadn't given birth to her. She had raised her for the last 5 years as though she was her own and was rewarded by the love of an amazing little girl. They would just have to wait a little longer to have one, biologically as there own.

Major Sam

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