Fic: The Little Things

Author: Major Sam

Pairing: Sam/Shelley, McKay/Katie Brown

Spoilers: SGA: S4ep13 Quarentine

Rating: PG15 f/f themes and mild f/f kissing.

Summary: After the Quarentine, Shelley see's other people's relationship.

Authors Notes: Although its mainly a femslash fic, most of it is het. Sam and Shelley's partnership is well-known on Atlantis.


Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the doors opened.

Shelley made her way towards the control room, eager to find out what had happened and to make sure that the woman she loved was okay! The control room was busy. In the corner of the room, someone was replacing a window that Colonel Sheppard had crashed through. Shelley smiled, finding it a little amusing. Her head busied around the room, looking for Sam and smiled as she saw the Colonel in her office. The redhead made her way towards her, pausing for a moment to gently tap on the door before entering. Sam smiled and her eyes grew brighter as she saw Shelley in the doorway.

"Hey," she said.

Sam dropped her computer tablet on the table in front of her, freeing up her hands.

"Are you okay?" Shelley asked. "I heard you were trapped in a transporter?"

The Colonel nodded, ushering Shelley inside with the wave of her hand.

"I'm fine, i'm fine." Sam said, reassuring her.

Shelley stood next to the table, wanting to touch her. Since arriving on Atlantis, their relationship had been common knowledge, but they had decided that they would be professional during working hours. However, there were times when they needed to be close to each other. During the quarentine, Shelley had panicked a little, thinking about Sam and visa-versa. It had been because of Sam that she was there. At first going to Atlantis was just another way of being with the woman she loved, but over the last few months, she had grown to love it there. Even though she spent 3 weeks there and one week on Earth.

The instinct was just too overwelming and Shelley raised her hand and brushed the hair from Sam's eyes, gently moving it behind her ears. She moved in closer, softly kissing the side of her cheek. Sam closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of the redhead's touch, moving her own arm around her waste. Moving it up and down Shelley's back, they moved closer together. Just for a moment it felt as the whole world outside stopped. The two of the stood together, before Sam's eyes opened. Shelley pulled back, realising just how long they had been huddled together. The Colonel smiled as they parted.

"I'm sorry," Shelley said. "I know we said..."

Sam reached out her hand, her fingers entwined with Shelley's.

"Baby," Sam whispered. "That was the last thing on my mind."

"And what's on your mind now?"

The Colonel smiled and looked out into the control room. The crew in the control room were going about those duties. All unaware of what had happened in the Colonel's office and probably not bothered even if they had have seen anything.

There was only one thing on Sam's mind. Feeling the redhead's body pressed against her's. Their lips touching. Seeing that no one was looking in their direction, Sam pulled Shelley towards her, kissing her deeply. The palm of her hand, cupping Shelley's cheek. Sam knew that it was a small violation but on Atlantis, she was the one in charge and if she wanted to kiss her partner, then she would. Shelley melted into Sam. She wanted so much to go back to their quarters and make love to her, to feel her body beneath her, taste her skin, listen to her call out her name as came. But other people needed her. Shelley tilted her head, making Sam deepen the kiss. Shelley became aware of Sam's hand on her jacket, pulling the zip down.

"Sam," Shelley panted.

Sam smiled, resting her forehead against Shelley's.

"We can continue this later,"

Shelley nodded.

"I look forward to it."

The two of them parted, their hands still together. As Shelley stepped out into the control room, she turned to look back at Sam. She felt her heart actually skip a beat. Shelley had never felt so in love. She watched for a moment as Sam picked up the computer tablet and resumed her work, then turned and walked away.

On her way to her lab, Shelley couldn't stop thinking about Sam! How at the moment, their relationship was perfect. She had been worried that when she moved to Atlantis that Sam wouldn't have any time for her, which hadn't been the case. There was steadier hours, well steadier than there was back at the SGC. It would have been perfect if their daughter, Mia would have been there. But it would be just too complicated.

Shelley turned the corner towards the Botony lab, seeing Rodney McKay walking towards her. Usually he would stop and acknowledge her with a nod or an hello, but this time he just walked straight past her, looking like his world had just fallen apart.

The redhead opened, waving her hand across the door sensor. The door slid open, letting her inside. She saw Katie Brown sitting at the desk, the same facial expression as McKay had, had when he had passed her. Katie noticed her enter the room and lifted up her head.

"Hey, how's Colonel Carter?" Katie asked.

"She's fine."

Shelley saw confusion on Katie's face. They had only known each other a few months, but had become friends in a short period of time. Katie Brown was the one she spent most time with, apart from Sam. They talked, alot. Shelley had found it hard to fit in at the beginning and had thought about leaving after only a week. And it had been Katie who had talked her out of it. Now Shelley wanted to repay the favour.

"How are you? Did he propose?" Shelley asked.

Katie shook her head.

"Just the opposite."

Shelley placed a hand on Katie's shoulder.

"I'm sorry."

Katie looked up at her friend, nodding in appreciation, trying not to let her emotions get the better of her.

"I've got some paper work to finish in the office. I'll leave you alone. If you need someone to talk to." Shelley said.

Katie shook her head.

"Thank you. I'd like that."

Shelley smiled, pulling up a nearby chair to the desk. Katie turned towards her, explaining what had happened during the Quarentine and a few moments ago. It made Shelley realise just how good her relationship with Sam was and the little things, just like that kiss in her office.

Major Sam

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