Title: A Little Less Conversation

BY: Major Sam

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Rating: R

Pairings: Sam/Shelley

Disclaimer: All characters belong to MGM and use of them here is not intended to infringe, nor to make any profit. This story depicts a loving relationship between women. If you have objections, don't read it.

Notes: Thanks to John for the beta, again. Feedback is always well received.

Summary: A trip out leaves Sam feeling hot and bothered. In her POV

Warnings: None

She looks fantastic tonight. The club's hot and everyone's horny and sweaty, including my Shell. I love taking her here, literally and figuratively. At first, she hated this place, about how it made her feel. She was uncomfortable, seeing everyone displaying affection for each other. I remember the look on her face when she was hit on the first time. It makes me smile, knowing that she only wanted me. That was until now.

Shelley looks incredible tonight. Her hair flowing around her shoulders, her dress up her thighs, clinging to that body of hers. God that body. I love it and from what I can see, every red blooded female in this place does. They have their hands all over her, those two she's dancing with. She only does it to make me jealous and boy do I love it. I can feel the searing heat between my legs as they pull up her dress, their hands gliding up her thighs. I know she won't go any further, because she's mine and she knows it.

God, I'm so hot for her. She's there dancing to the music, her body, her hips gently swaying and I want her and she knows it. Her eyes are looking at me, she knows I want her but still she continues to tease me, making me jealous with every shift of her body. I can see her panties, crisp and white, begging to be licked, delicious. That bitch has her arm around my baby. Despite it being fun, it's making me crazy. I want her, want her now.

She sees me, stalking towards her. I'm so horny I can barely walk. This is it, this is why she does this, cause she knows what the sex is gonna be like afterwards. I take her hand, dragging her with me. There's no resistance, just obedience. Everyone's staring at us and I don't care. Luckily the ladies room is unoccupied. But I wouldn't even care if there was someone in there. No one is gonna stop me from claiming what's mine.

I can hear her breathing behind me, panting heavily. She's as turned on as much as I am. Right now, I want her. I push her up against the wall, one hand holding her arms above her head and my other running down her stomach. Thank heavens for that dress, easy to take off. I pop the buttons one at a time. God, can I be any hornier? She's wearing no bra. Her breasts are a work of art, soft, round, perfect in every way. Her nipples, pink, hard, beautiful. My love's so beautiful. I take one into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue. She groans, wrapping one leg around me. I can feel her wet panties against my thigh. She is as horny as I am. My lips taste the heat of her naked flesh and move up to capture her lips. I lick them seductively first, gently, playfully biting her lip. Her eyes stare at me as I let my hand slip in to her panties.

Oh god baby, baby you're so wet. Do you have any idea how badly I wanna taste you right now? Mmmm, that feel's good doesn't it? My fingers slipping along your wet pussy lips. You're so hot babe, it's so hot down there. You need some air. Bending down, pulling your panties down with my teeth. You love it when I do that, so do I. I can smell you. But I'm not gonna let you get off that easily. You deserve to be punished for making me jealous. Just like I'm gonna make you hornier before I give in to you. I'm kissing your neck. Now I know why the vampire myth makes everyone horny, it's just so erotic. No wonder you have a thing for Buffy, baby. Or is it that Willow you've got your eye on. You did mention you liked chicks with brains. Well, one chick with a brain anyway, me.

I make my way down your breasts. God, their beautiful. So perky. Why am I not surprised that the goa'uld have tried to use you as a host? You have the body of a goddess. You're moaning, trying to slip your hands into my panties. Well, I ain't gonna stop you babe, feel free. Oh god, that's good, keep doin that. One hand in between my legs and your other squeezing my ass. Your such a horny bitch tonight. How the hell have you managed to slip your fingers in me? Wanted you to come first. Mmmmm, your flesh tastes so good, your nipples harden in my mouth. Not to make one more popular than the other, I change, over and over and over again. It's making your pussy even wetter. I pull back to look at you, raising my hand to my mouth. I love the way you taste. Then I'm back on your breast. Oh baby. I feel your hand in my hair. You like the fact that it's longer now. But you thought I looked sexier with it short. Now you get to run your fingers through it. Your not doing that now. Instead, you're forcing me down your body, to your wet core. Can't say I blame you either. Wanna eat you until you come screaming. I love it when you do that. Makes me wild and crazy for you.

Tonguing my way down your body, stopping for a moment at you belly. Love to lick you there, makes you..... Awww, there's that giggle I love. Your Shelley giggle. Now I'm face to pussy. Not sure I can do this without asking you to do something. Without even being told, you raise one leg above my shoulder, resting it on top of it. I hold you up as you put the other one over my other shoulder. Luckily you manage to balance as you writhe up and down the wall in ecstasy. At least I hope it's ecstasy. My tongue licking your sweet juices, swiping at you clit. Look how hard it is babe, you're so turned on by my little adventure. I've never tasted anything so delicious as you. Mmmmm, love it, love to eat you. You're so close now I can feel it, smell it, taste it. I feel your muscles begin to tighten, and you scream out my name as you come on my face. MMmmmm, it's all over my face. Your delicious.

You sit panting, looking at me. So beautiful when you come. I take your hand, leading you over the couch, our couch. You remember it baby. That night was incredible. You know how i want you now? Want to cum with you.

You're lying on the couch, your pussy eager to feel me again. I love to be in control of you. Dominate you into doing anything I wish. You're so eager to please me sexually. I straddle you between my thighs. Oh, sweet Jesus. My pussy connects with yours and I feel your wet heat against mine. You feel that baby. My hands immediately go to your breasts, kneading them as I ride you. Your hands travel to my waist, guiding me as I.... oh god. Feels so good. That's it baby, faster, faster. I can feel my clit rub against yours, and its so good. Our hands grip together like a vice. Moving against each other, seeing who's gonna cum first. Well, you already did, so it should be me and you do. You manage to flip me over, momentarily taking control. Oh god Shelley, oh god. Your fingers inside me, thrusting hard in my pussy. Yessss, yesssss, oh goddddddd. I can't help it and screw my eyes shut as you make me cum. I hear you licking your lips, feel you tongue swipe at my pussy, making sure you got it all.

I look into your eyes as you crawl up next to me. So much love and passion and all for me. We're panting so heavily, coming down from our orgasms. Two to one, that's not very fair honey. Maybe, when we get home, you can repay the favour.

Major Sam

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