Fic: Hot for Leather

Author: MajorSam


Rating: NC17 for sex and swearing

Pairing: Sam/Shelley

Genre: PWP

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Summary: After going on a run, Shelley goes back to her quarters to relax.

She felt the sweat dripping down her back.

Shelley had been running for the last half an hour, trying to keep up with Colonel John Sheppard.

For the last few weeks they had run together every morning. Shelley had wanted to get fit again. Since Mia had been born she had let her body go a little. Although, Sam never had any complaints. They had been together for 6 years, and very happy together.

Since moving to Atlantis, they had been happy too. Everyone now knew about their relationship and had finally moved into quarters together. McKay had delighted in telling everyone that Sam Carter was a lesbian and that was why she had spurned his advances! But that wasn’t the way Sam had told it. Sam didn’t mind who knew, she hadn’t tried to hide it. Everyone who had worked at the SGC and then to Atlantis knew about it.

Shelley stopped, propping herself up against a wall. She had no idea where she was. John had stopped a few feet away. He turned, seeing her face flushed.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah,” she gasped. “Carry on,”

John nodded, beginning to carry on running.

She stood up, taking one last breath and catching up to Sheppard.

Finally, they stopped outside her quarters. Shelley bent over with her hands on her knees, gasping for breath again.

Shelley looked up, seeing John Sheppard, not even looking as if he was out of breath.

“Same time tomorrow?” she asked.

He nodded.

“Sure thing, Doc,” he said.

Since she’d been there, everyone had started to call her doc, as in doctor. She was a doctor after all and not even the only Botanist on the base. Being several others, including that of Katie Brown.

Shelley waved her hand across the door device, stepping inside. The sound of running water made her want to pee, that and the 2 bottles of water she'd drunk during her run. Shelley thought that shed be used to it by now. Loving to run when she was in college.

"Sam," she called out. "Are you still here?"

There was a uniform on their bed, belonging to that of Colonel Carter. Of course she was still there. She peered around the corner of the bathroom, now knowing where the trickling water was coming from. It was the shower. The redhead smiled seeing her wife in the shower in front of her. Sam had her back to her, her head underneath the constant stream of water. It ran down her long hair, down her back. Gently caressing the soft curves of her ass. Shelley watched as the water fell from head to toe. Ripples of perfectly formed water! Sam's head turned around, smiling.

"You need me scrub your back, baby?" Shelley asked.

Sam turned completely around, grinning.

"Why don't u get out of those sweaty..." sam said, seeing how flushed her love was getting. "Clingy clothes and get in here."

Shelley didn't have to be told twice, pulling her sweaty t shirt up over her head, then pulling her shorts down. Sam looked at her, standing there in her jogging bra and panties, looking incredibly sexy. Liking it when she went running, seeing the sweat drip deliciously down her back. It was like when they had sex. That hot sex that made them sweat. Sam liked nothing more than to make her way up the redheads body, licking the sweat off her. So totally amazing.

Shelley hesitated, deciding not to take off her underwear. Prefering to have Sam take them off her in the shower.

The showers in Atlantis were basic but quite roomy. More than enough room for two people.

Shelley put one foot in as Sam pulled her completely in, letting the redhead stand in front of her. Sam let loose the pony tail, letting Shelley's hair flow over her shoulders. Making sure that she hadn't gotten wet, yet. Shelley turned around, seeing the lust in her lovers eyes. It had been a few days since they'd last made love and even longer since they had fucked! The two were completely different. This time, Shelley wanted to be fucked and Sam was more than happy to fuck her.

Sam felt the shower jet on her back, the water trickling down her ass. The heat was growing between her legs. A mixture of arousal and water from the shower. Sam turned the red head away from her again. The colonel turning around herself, taking the shower head off the wall, holding it in her hand.

She placed it over Shelleys back, letting it run between the cheeks of her ass. Sam ran her hand down the smooth skin, practically feeling the heat from her lovers pussy. Pressing her own body again Shelley's back, the water dripped down between them, cooling down Sam's own arousal. She gently nipped at the redheads neck as her hand ran down her stomache. Sam was desperate to touch her, to run her fingers up and down, in and out of that delicious pussy.

Instead she switched off the shower and grabbed Shelley's hand, guiding her back to their bed. Sam pushed her on it, making sure that she was on her knees, facing away from her. Shelley saw the uniform again on the bed, smelling the leather, knowing Sam looked fucking hot in them.

Shelley positioned herself on the bed, on her knees, her lovely ass offering itself to the blonde. She wanted to finger herself as she already began to feel the hotness in her belly rise.

Sam looked at the sight in front of her. The sexiest woman on the base, offering her ass like some kind of bitch on heat. Truth was, she liked it like that, they both did. Both finding it incredibly hot.

Sam sat on her knees, behind Shelley, admiring the view. She ran her hand down the redheads back, all the way down her ass, watching as her legs slightly parted. Sam licked her lips, watching the juices trickling down her thighs. With her two thumbs Sam parted Shelley's ass. Her tongue teasing the top all the way down to the girl's wet pussy.

The redhead bucked, pushing her ass into Sam's face. The Colonel pushed in 2 fingers curving them upwards and began to thrust and pump. Shelley grabbed hold of the pillow in front of her as her lover began to fuck her.

Sam removed her fingers quickly, turning the woman over onto her back. As much as Sam loved to fuck her from behind, she also loved the eye contact.

She spread Shelley's legs, looking down at the naked woman in front of her. Her breasts were hand sized, perfect for Sam. Enjoying how they always felt. Her nipples were becoming hard, almost to the point of soreness.

Sam covered the womans body, letting her hand remain firmly between Shelley's legs, running between 2 aroused, swollen lips. Sam suckled on her nipples, licking and biting them. She felt Shelley's arousal growing between her legs.

"Baby," Shelley groaned.

Sam smiled, looking up at Shelley then lowered her head. Seeing the sweaty body below her, her tongue came out, licking, tasting from above her belly button to between the valley of her breasts. Her fingers continued to tease in the wetness and finally slid inside, with ease. Fingers thrusted in and out, u, then 3 then another.

Shelley cried out, resting her hand on Sam's head, pushing her down. Sam loved going down on her and even more when they 69'd each other. But there wasn't enough time for that now.

Sam licked her way down Shelley's body, stopping for a moment to look back at her face. A desperate need growing in her eyes. Sam face disapeared, buring itself into the warm, wet pussy, meeting with her fingers. The sight before her was so hot. She would never get tired of fucking her.

Her tongue sought out the womans clit, knowing full well just how intense a clit orgasm was for her lover. Sam sucked on it, flicking her tongue across the bundle of nerves. She felt her beginning to tense around her fingers, thrusting them a little faster.

"Oh god, oh baby, Saaaaaam."

Finally securing her orgasm, Sam removed her fingers and moved up to Shelley, kissing her softly, resting against her.

Major Sam

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