Fic: Home of Our Own

Author: Major Sam


Pairing: Sam/Shelley

Rating: G

Summary: Time to move one

There house was getting too small, especially for 2 adults and a 3 year old. Sam’s house was great and she hated to leave it. But she wanted something to be there’s and not hers all the time.

They’d seen a house a few days ago, perfect for them. Four bedrooms, 2 extra rooms that would be perfect for studies! Large front and back gardens, fully fitted kitchen. The surrounding area was lovely, a park only a few minutes walk and some good schools and Mia’s pre-school was only a 10 minute ride away. Shelley had loved it, Sam had loved it, but the price was way too high in their price range. It was nearly $10,000 over their budget. Sam had seen the disappointment on Shelley’s face when they’d left that afternoon after viewing it. It had broke her heart knowing that the home that they’d imagined living in for the rest of their lives was going to slip through their fingers and have someone else living in it.

For the last few days, Shelley had tried to hide how disappointed she was that they couldn’t afford their dream home. Sam had asked her to come home early because she had a surprise waiting for her.

Sam stood by the front door, smiling as Shelley’s car pulled up outside the house.

‘What’s all the rush for,’ Shelley asked.

‘You’ll find out.’

Sam pulled her towards her, leading her back towards the redhead’s car.

‘What are you doing?’

Sam laughed.

‘I want to show you something.’

‘And you want me in the car for that. Isn’t that a little too….In public?’

‘You’ve got a dirty mind Shell and I like it. But this time, I’ve got something more important to show you.’

Sam got in the drives seat and ushered Shelley into the passenger side. She leaned towards her, placing a blind fold over her eyes.

‘Saaaam, I thought you said that…’

‘Stop it,’ Sam said laughter in her voice. ‘Plenty of time for that later!’

Shelley smiled. Now that was something to look forward too.

They drove for about fifteen minutes before coming to stop. Shelley had quizzed her wife on where they were going but Sam had refused to give her the slightest clue. She loved to tease her.

Sam got out and opened the passenger door. Shelley tried to see if she could figure out where she was. Hoping that there was something familiar that would make her whereabouts known to her!

‘What’s all this about.’

‘You’ll see.’

Sam stood behind her, reaching up her hands to untie the blindfold around Shelley’s eyes. She rested her head on her shoulder, wrapping her arms around her.

‘Well, what do you think?’

The two of them were standing in the driveway of a house. Not just any house but the house they had seen a few days ago.

‘I don’t understand, Sam. Why are we here again?’

‘We brought it.’ Sam said, stepping out in front of Shelley.

There was a look of confusion on Shelley’s face.

‘We talked about it. Its way out of our price range.’ She said.

‘I know. But it’s so perfect, Shell. You said it yourself, that you saw us spending our lives in this house. Watching Mia grow up, bringing home her boyfriends, having the grand kids come over.’

Sam smiled, holding Shelley’s hands.

‘I spoke to dad and he’s put up the rest of the money, as a late wedding present.’

Shelley shook her head, refusing for a moment to believe that this was actually happening.

‘This can’t be… You can’t be serious.’

‘It is happening and I’m deadly serious. He wanted to do this for us. All you have to do is sign the papers and it’s ours. I even have the keys.’


‘Look at this place. Mia is going to love it. The gardens are huge and the park isn’t far away so…’

‘I can’t believe it.’

‘Believe it hun.’

Shelley was in total shock. She’d fell in love with the house as soon as she’d seen it. Almost instantly, knowing that it would be the home that she and Sam would make their own and live the rest of their lives with each other!

‘Let’s do it. I want to spend the rest of my life in this house, with you.’ Shelley said.

Sam grabbed hold of Shelley’s hand, pulling her towards the front door. She pulled out the key from her pocket and unlocked the door, smiling.

They stepped into the house, loving it more than they had done the first time.

‘This is going to be our home.’ Sam said.


Sam pulled Shelley towards her, sliding her fingers through her hair, pulling her in for a deep, lingering kiss.

‘I love you so much,’ Shelley said, falling into Sam’s arms.

‘I love you too hun.’

Sam grabbed hold of Shelley's hand, pulling her into the house.

'Come on, let have another look at this place.'

Shelley smiled, happily, following behind her.

On their way home, they dropped into the realtor and signed the papers. They were the proud and very happy owners of one house, all to themselves. A home of their own.

Major Sam

Stargate SG1

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