Title: Girls @ Play

Author: Major_Sam

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Rating: R

Pairings: Sam/Shelley

Category: Slash

Date: 15/10/03

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to MGM, Gekko and their creators, i am not making any money from these fics.

Notes: Hasnít been betaíd. So sorry for spelling mistakes, if there is any. Was inspired by a picture of Amanda Tapping from the film The Void. Which was well received from my friend, Becca. The picture, I mean J

Summary: The two girls just have a little fun.

Warnings: None

"You are SO gonna die."

Sam's voice boomed around the room, bringing a look of terror to the person it was aimed at. That look of terror brought about a gleam in her eyes as Shelley ran through the house being chased by her lover.

"What, what did i do?" She asked innocently.

"You know what you did."

Sam stared at her as she made her way into the kitchen from the living room.

"You looked a little hot outside. I thought you could do with some cooling down." Shelley said.

The blonde put on the shirt she had recovered from her bedroom. It was one of Shelley's. For some strange reason she liked to wear menís shirts for hanging around the house in. Just as she was wearing now. Sam had chased her through the house, only one thing on her mind when she caught her. She headed towards the sink and filled up a glass that had been left out from lunch and filled it with water. Sam grasped it in her hand has she was chasing Shelley through the house.

"You keep away from me with that." Shelley said.

"You try and stop me."

Shelley turned and ran into the living room, Sam following eagerly behind her. The redhead turned quickly, breathing heavily.

"You getting excited there, Shell?" Sam asked.

"No, course not."

But she was lying. Her eyes fell on the shapely legs of her lover that was clearly visible under the shirt she had borrowed. Sam moved towards her slowly, surveying her prey. Trying to guess her next move.

"Come on Shelley. It's only fair. You shouldn't have soaked me if you couldn't take your punishment."

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. You should be wet on a day like this, especially when Iím around."

"Baby," Sam said. "I'm always wet when youíre around. So come on and take your punishment."

Shelley shook her head and was ready to move when Sam managed to rush her before she had a change to move. The blonde's arm wrapped around her waist, her thigh pressed in between Shelley's legs. She wriggled in her arm, trying to avoid the soaking that was about to happen to her. Sam positioned the glass above her head, then moved it slowly to her body. It trickled out, drip, drip, drip over Shelley's shirt covered breasts.

She shivered at the coldness of the water but thrilled at the feeling of Sam's other hand moving in between her legs.

"See baby, you were already wet." Sam cooed.


The blonde's hand rose and dropped the glass on the floor then pushed Shelley back on to the sofa behind them. Shelley looked up at her, eyes burning with need. Sam moved onto her lap, straddling the redhead between her well-toned thighs. Shelley immediately ran her hands her legs. Sam leaned forward and removed the wet shirt from Shelley by ripping it from her body then began to lick the water from her breasts that had seeped through the shirt. Shelley took the initiative and un buttoned the buttons instead of ripping it. It was he favorite shirt and Sam did look exceptionally hot in it. And not the heat kind of hot, the drop dead sexy kind of hot. Sam tried to wriggle out of it, but it was difficult as she was feasting on Shelley's breasts.

"God Sammmmmmmmmmm."

The blonde looked up and smiled and pounded her lips against hers. They kissed heatedly, passion making them breathless, the contact from each other's bodies making them horny. Shelley ran her hands up to Sam's thighs, only inches away from her wet core.

"No baby, you first." Sam said.

Shelley couldn't help but grin wildly.

"You know what I want."

"Of course, what you always want and Iím more than happy to give it to you."

Sam got off her lover, kneeling between her spread legs. What she saw just made her more horny and hungry for the redhead in front of her. She licked her way up her thigh, towards the glistening wetness of those succulent lips. Shelley groaned and arched her back as she felt a pair of hot lips against her nether-lips. She balanced her hand on Sam's head, running her fingers through the drenched hair. Soft, then harder licks and nibbles made Shelley cry out in desire and need and she forced Sam deeper. She thrashed her head against the back of the sofa as everything around her turned different colours as her orgasm sped through her.

"Ohhhhhhh baby."

Sam got from her knees and sat next to Shelley on the sofa and held her. She wrapped her legs over Shelley's and kissed her deeply and softly. They parted slowly, and felt relaxed after running through the house trying to out run each other.

"So, it looks you finally caught me?" Shelley said.

"You weren't really running that hard Shell. You would have let me catch you eventually."

"For you Sam, you can catch me, anytime."

Major Sam

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