Title: Even Geeks Fall In Love

BY: Major Sam

EMAIL: funky_chicken88@hotmail.com

Rating: R

Pairings: Sam/Shelley kinda

Date: 07/030/05

Series: Alternate Realities

Notes: I saw Moebius and couldn't help myself.

Spoilers: ****** Moebius*****

Summary: Samantha Carter has an interesting evening with her friend

Inside there wsas a crazy wild woman trying to get out, but it never seemed to appear. She was stuck in a 9 to 5 job that she was beaten into. They stole her work, taking at for their own. Of course it drove her crazy but what could she do? Very little. She just didn't have it in her to be agressive. Samantha Carter wasn't even agressive in her personal life. Not that she had one. Mostly, she kept herself to herself, hardly venturing out at all. It was hard for her. She knew what she wanted but was just afraid to ask for it.

Samantha thought that he friend Shelley was smart and funny. They always laughed when they worked together. Shelley always found a way to pop into the office for a chat once in a while. It was highly confusing. Especially for Samantha. She was very attracted to her. Then two days ago, she got an email from her asking her for dinner, which she promptly excepted.

Samantha knocked on the door several times to Shelley's apartment and then rang the bell. She was more than nervous. Was it a date or just two friends have dinner. She didn't even know how Shelley had realised that she was even gay, Samantha never told anyone.

The door opend and Shelley stood infront of her. Her red hair was down around her shoulders and a red dress.

"WOW." Samantha's inner monologue told her.

"Hey, you made it." Shelley said.

The redhead ushered her friend into her apartment, making her stop for a moment to take off her coat. Shelley smiled as she hung it up. She turned to look at Samantha, who looked a little nervous.

"Dinner won't be long. I hope you like pasta?" Shelley shouted as she disapeared into the kitchen.

"It's fine, whatever your having."

Shelley appeared in the living room, holding two glasses of white wine.

"Sit down and we can.. talk."

Shelley had never been this forward before, but she liked her and wanted to get to know her better.

Samantha sat on the couch, smiling as Shelley sat next to her after she placed the glasses of wine on the table next to them. They sat in silence for  few moments, both a little nervous. Shelley picked up her glasses taking a quick sip.

"You look, very.. pretty." Shelley said.

Samantha looked at her friend over the rim of her glasses and blushed.

"St.. sto... stop it. No i don't."

For weeks now, everytime she found herself alone with Shelley, Samantha would stutter slightly. Thinking it was a mixture of nervousness and attraction.

"You're so beautiful."

"Am not." Samantha laughed, nervously.

Shelley looked up, wanting to take off Samantha's glasses, but stopped herself. Her hand moved slowly across the couch towards Samantha's knee. The blonde's eyes widened.

"Oh.. oh.. erm..."

The redhead shifted up to her, moving her hand up Samantha's thigh.

"You must know that..."

Without a warning, Samantha pounced, pushing Shelley back on the couch. Shelley was a little more than surprised. She felt nervous lips against her own and a wandering hand.

"Woh, woh, take it easy." Shelley said, gently pushing Samantha away.

"Oh god, i'm sorry." she splutterd.

Samantha went to get off the couch until Shelley pulled her back.

"Wait, wait, there's no need to rush."

Shelley held Samantha's hand as she sat back down.

"You okay about this?" Shelley asked.

"Oh yeah, its... just been a while."

The redhead smiled, running her hand higher on Samantha's thigh as she had done before. She leaned in, taking her lips quickly. Her other hand cupped the blonde's cheek. Shelley moved her attention from Samantha's lips, to her neck, nuzzling for a moment. All the time, her hand rose higher bringing a groan from the woman beneath her as her fingers made contact.

"Ohh. ohh ahhh." Samantha murmured.

"Does that feel good, baby."

"Yes, oooh yes."

Samantha was so nervous that she sat on the couch motionless.

"I wanted you for so long." Shelley whispered.

"You.. you you have?"

"Oh yeah. You're so... sexy."

Samantha smiled. No one had ever called her sexy before. Shelley smiled as she felt her begin to tense around her fingers. She also felt Samantha's hand on the back of her head as they kissed.

Shelley held her softly, kissing her softly, thinking back on how they first met.....

Major Sam

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