Title: Where do we go from here

BY: Major Sam

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Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Teyla/Weir

Spoilers: Suspicion

Disclaimer: I was bored, so i thought i'd write something

Summary: Weir has a late night visitor

It looked as though we had a spy in Atlantis. I didn't know who to believe. I wanted to believe them all, even if that seemed a stupid notion. It was hard to believe that anyone would give out information to the Wraith. That they would put themselves and everyone at risk. What were they getting in return? Amnesty from death. Were they doing this purely out of self preservation? There gonna save their own ass and sacrifice the rest of us. That's just not going to happen, not whilst i'm in command.

We spoke to everyone, my people and Teyla's. As far as i could tell, it didn't appear to be any of them. Which was hard to accept. It was harder to talk to Teyla than the others. I didn't think for one moment that she would betray us or her people. She strikes me as being very loyal to those she cares about. And from what i've seen of her lately, i like what i see.

It was earlier in the evening, on the night i had to question her. I didn't think it was her who was giving away our mission position to the Wraith. I'd had a busy day, questioning practically everyone and retired to my quarters. There was no mission planned until we had discovered the mole, so to speak.

I heard knocking on the door. It was Teyla. She was worried that her people were going to leave the city. She wanted me to talk to them, get them to see that them leaving won't solve anything. But i'd already tried. They wouldn't listen to me. If they wouldn't listen to one of their own leaders, how would they listen to me.

She was upset, but there was something else that she wanted, i could tell. You don't negotiate treaties without seeing the truth on people's faces. And i could tell that she wanted something. I just was never expected what.

Teyla sat on my bed, her long hair brushed over her shoulders. She looked up at me, asking me to sit next to her, which i did. I don't know why, but my hands were shaking. I flinched a little when i felt her hand on my bare knee. Her fingers stroke my thigh and i was just dumbstruck.

"In my people it is customary for the woman to make the first move," she whispered.

My heart pounded. What was she doing? She started to push up my robe. The palm of her hand, moving all the way up my thigh. All i kept thinking was that if she was the spy, was this just a way to find out what i know! By seducing me. But there i was, still sitting with her hand moving up between my legs.

I turned my head, my lips coming into contact with her own. Her tongue invaded the warmness of my mouth. I heard her moan as her hand moved to my waste. Her lips felt so soft, her tongue wet and warm, matching my own. She pulled open the straps of my rob, letting it fall open. I was only wearing bra and panties underneath. I don't like to be too hot when i'm in bed. Teyla smiled as she pulled back, looking at my half naked body.

"You're incredibly beautiful."

I must have blushed, because i felt my face become warm. She moved closer again, this time kissing my neck. And i was letting her. Me who's only ever had one other female lover and that was back in college. It as always something i wanted to repeat. But now, whilst i'm so far from home? Maybe it's the perfect time. But why me? There are plenty of other women on the base and in her own people.

"Wait," I murmured as she removed my robe completely.

She looked up.

"Why me?" I asked.

Her lips curled in to a smile as she simply said...

"Cause i want you, Elizabeth."

"Call me Liz."

She practically purred my name as she dropped the robe on the floor. I fell back onto the bed, feeling her fingers in the straps of my panties. My head was swimming. Just ten minutes ago i was reading a most boring book that i'd brought with me. Now i was half naked, being made love to by this beautiful woman. There was something about her that was just letting me want her to carry on. I know people think of me as being a little boring and rigid, but they don't know me. But she, Teyla was seeing the real me, feeling, tasting the real me.

Her mouth teased my stomach as her fingers gently grazed the skin of my thigh. Teyla used her tongue to make me moan harder as she licked my navel. She moved back on her heels and began taking her own clothes off. I just stared in disbelief in what i was seeing. She looked perfect. My hands reached out, finally resting on her breasts. They fitted my hands perfectly and squeezed them gently. My thumbs rubbed her aroused nipples and felt the vibrations from her moaning moving through her body. I let one hand moved down her body as she began to straddle me between her thighs. She popped open my bra, revealing myself to her. Teyla smiled. No one's ever smiled at me like that before, especially not whilst we were having sex. My hands rested on her hips as she moved down to meet with my lips again. They moved, up and down her back. Her skin felt incredible under my touch. God knows just how good she was going to taste. I arched my back as her mouth finally enveloped my breast, her tongue flicking my nipple, suckling on it. I didn't know my body could feel this good. She didn't waist much time in getting what she wanted. Her body moved quickly, now positioning her self between my legs. Teyla licked my thighs, her tongue seeking out my need. I grabbed her head, making sure that she wouldn't move. There was no way i wanted her to move. She teased me for several minutes, before letting me have my release. My body shivered and shook in pleasure. She fell into my arms and lay besides me. We kissed, our mouths getting lost in the moment. I could taste myself on her lips, it was so erotic. Just like she was.

One thought kept crossing my mind. Where did we go from here?

Major Sam

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