Title: First Date Kiss

BY: Major Sam

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Rating: PG:13

Pairings: Sam/Shelley Established Relationship

Date: 12/07/04

Summary: After their first proper date. A kiss seals Shelley's love.

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It had been our first date. Our first proper date since i came back from visiting my dad. And since i accepted our relationship.

The meal was nice. Italian ofcourse. She seemed to enjoy it. Sam said she'd have been happier with a burger or a pizza. But she wanted to treat me to something special.

We're at my front door. I don't really want the night to end. But Jack will be here soon with Mia. And i don't want him to find her here, just yet. I'll have to tell him soon. Just not yet.

I can feel her standing behind me as i unlock the door and open it.

'Thank you for tonight. I really had a great time.'

I had more than a great time. I want to tell her. But i seem to be acting like a teenager on her first date. Hanging on her every word, laughing at her jokes in all the right places.

'It's my pleasure, sweetheart.'

She's looking at me, what's she waiting for? Why doesn't she just kiss me already. It's not the first time we've kissed. Do i really want to do it here. In the middle of the hallway, infront of my neighbours?

Will they look at me differently if one of them catches me kissing my.. girl friend.

I look down for a moment, seeing her hand slip into mine and she moves closer. Her other hand rises to my face, fingers stroking, sliding through my hair, finally cupping my cheak.

Sam pulls me closer. I feel her lips against mine, warm and soft. Her tongue enters my mouth and dances with mine. My hearts racing so fast. She keeps kissing me and i'm too weak to resist.

She's not just kissing me now, i'm kissing her.  I hear the door open behind her, but don't care.

I'm amazed that someone so feminine and graceful can kiss with so much passion and heat. Then soft and tender. I can still taste the wine on her lips.

I let out a whimper as she pulls away. Her head looking round, seeing my neighbour in her doorway.

'I'll see you tomorrow.'

My face is flushed with satisfaction from the kiss and embarrasement at being caught out.

I nodd slowly. Not wanting her to leave. Her hand slips from mine and i watch her enter the elevator. Still tasting her on my lips.

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