Fic: Exposed

Author: MajorSam

Pairing: Sam/Shelley

Rating: PG13... Adult themes

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Summary: Sam is finally forced to reveal her and Shelley's relationship to her colleagues on Atlantis.

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Sam swiveled around in her chair, looking at the collection of photographs behind her. The one, the most important photograph at all was hidden in a drawer in her desk! She didn't know why. Especially when the person in question was there, on Atlantis.

Shelley had asked her about it. But Sam had laughed it off. Deep down, she didn't know why she hadn't put that picture with the others. It went deeper than just a photograph. Sam hadn't told many people about their relationship. Only the ones who had known them at the SGC knew!

When they had first started going out, almost 6 years ago, it had been Sam who had wanted to tell everyone. Now it was Shelley. But she did understand why Sam continued to hesitate and put their relationship to the back of her mind.

Sam sat back in the chair, her hand reaching out for the drawer, then stopped.

"Colonel Carter!" a voice called out in front of her.

The chair spun back around, seeing Chuck in the doorway.

"Yes," Sam said, her hand finally moving from the drawer. "What is it?"

"Doctor Brown wants to see you about the mission to the mainland!"


Chuck moved out of the way, letting Katie Brown enter.

"Doctor, please sit," Sam said.

Katie smiled nervously, sitting on the chair in front of Sam. In her hand was a file. She placed it on the desk.

"I've put together an away team for the main land assignment. It should take a few days."

Sam reached out, picking up the file, reading the names one by one.

"Shelley O'Neill?"

Katie nodded.

"I know she's only been here a few weeks, but her credentials are amazing."

There was a rye smile on Sam's face, knowing all about Shelley's credentials.

"Yes i know, it's just that.."

The reasons why she didn't want Shelley to go went through her mind. She hadn't been on the mainland before. And mainly because Sam was worried she might get hurt. It was irrational and totally against how she'd normally react. On the one hand she was Shelley's commanding officer and on the other she was her girl friend! The woman she was totally and utterly in love with. How could she want her to go to somewhere they had only explored a fraction.

"Is there something wrong?" Katie asked.

"No, no, it's fine. Everything looks fine."

Sam said, handing back the file. She never felt like this back on Earth! Maybe it was easier back then, everyone knowing about their relationship. When she used to go off world with SG7, Sam felt comfortable in the fact that they would look out for her, not just because she's a member of their team but that was Colonel Carter's girlfriend, not forgotten General O'Neill's little sister. Even on Atlantis, Sam knew that Shelley would be looked out for.


Several Hours Later

The Botany away team to the mainland had been gone several hours and Sam had started to relax about it. Sometimes she forgot that Shelley was a confident, intelligent woman who knew what to do in a crisis.

Sam lay on the bed, trying to relax, computer tablets scattered on the bed, at least 3 or 4, each with a different mission report. Tonight, she and Shelley had planned on relaxing together. They still hadn't moved into the same quarters, yet. Sam wanted her too, she wanted to wake up with her every morning again, like they did on Earth. They lived together for 4 years. Sam looked around her room, missing Shelley's niknaks around the place. There were still photo's of her, everywhere. But not in her office.

Finally, Sam finished the reports, stacking the tablets on the desk next to the bed. She'd slipped into something more comfortable, laying on the bed. Sam closed her eyes, remember that last time she and Shelley had been together. It had been a few days ago, right there on that very same bed. Shelley had sneaked into Sam's quarters late one night, but had to creep back the next morning. Sam hated that, the sneaking around. She'd hated it 6 years ago and she hated it now! It had to be put right. Sam's eyes closed, finally drifting off to sleep, thinking about Shelley.

Sam lifted bolt up right from the bed as she heard her name being called..

"Colonel Carter, Colonel Carter."

Sam's eyes opened, blinking several times, yawning. She reached over for her headset, picking it up.

"Go ahead,"

Her eyes looking at the clock. Wondering why she had been woken up at 3am.

"It's the away team on the mainland Colonel, there's been an accident."

She shifted quickly from the bed, getting up.

"I'm on my way,"

Sam grabbed the nearest clothes she could find, jeans and a shirt. Her mind was all over the place. What was happening? Was it Shelley? Was it Katie Brown?

Luckily during her morning dash to the infirmary, there had been no one around. No one to see the utter panic on her face, the terror she was feeling. She'd felt it several times before on Earth, but nothing like the way she felt now. Having denied Shelley being her girlfriend, Why couldn't she have just put that photograph on her desk, and then answered the awkward questions. Yes she's someone special. Yes she's her girlfriend, yes they were in love and yes, they were very happy. It was simple! Just tell people how she felt.

Sam entered the infirmary, Katie Brown on the bed near her, a few cuts and bruises on her face, Rodney McKay at her bedside, looking just as concerned as Sam was. The Colonel looked around the room, searching for Shelley. Her eyes stopped as she noticed the redhead on the bed next to Katie, looking as though she was asleep.

Doctor Keller walked up to her.

"What happened?" Sam asked.

As Jennifer explain, Sam found herself drifting in and out, not really understanding what had happened.

"Doctor Brown sustained just cuts and bruises. She'll be fine. I want to keep her here for a few hours,"

Sam nodded, turning her attention toward Shelley.

"Doctor O'Neill sustained a concussion. She's drifting in and out. I want her to stay for a few days. I've done a catscan and there isn't any damage."

The Colonel tried to hide her relief.

"Thank you," Sam said, shaking Doctor Keller's hand.

McKay looked up for a moment, wondering why Sam was there. Sure she'd been informed, but why the trip to the infirmary. She could have easily read Dr Keller's report in the morning. Maybe it was because Sam was Sam and would always be there whatever the crisis. But they had all heard the rumours.

Sam stood next to Shelley's bedside. The redhead looked up, still a little groggy.

"Baby!" Sam said softly, kissing her forehead.

"I KNEW IT," McKay shouted from behind her.

Doctor Keller looked at him, then at Colonel Carter. So the rumours were true! Sam turned around. Now they knew. And she wasn't really that bothered. She hadn't kept their relationship a secret on purpose. It was just the way it had happened! At the SGC everyone knew about them. They couldn't really keep it a secret, being as they were living together, raising a child together. Sam's name was her emergency contact person, as was to be called if Shelley wasn't available when anything happened to Mia. They shared bills, a bed, everything together. Sam didn't want to hide that part of herself any longer! It was who she was, in love with Shelley.

Sam took her hand, sitting on the edge of the bed, reaching out her hand to move the hair from Shelley's eyes.

"You scared me,"

"Sorry," Shelley whispered.

Her head turned, seeing Katie on the next bed.

"Is she okay?" she asked.

"She's gonna be fine. You're going to be okay too." Sam said.

Shelley looked down, seeing Sam's hand in hers, then looked behind her at McKay and Doctor Keller.


The Colonel smiled sweetly, brushing Shelley's hair away again, letting her hand linger on the redhead's cheek.

"I think they know already Shell."

"But you....?"

"I was wrong! I getting too old to hide who i am, who i love!"

Doctor Keller looked away. It was kinda sweet, declaring her love for another woman in front of those she was in command over.

"I told you didn't I," McKay said to a not surprised Katie Brown. "I knew she was a lesbian."

Katie shook her head at his insensitiveness. She already knew and now the whole of Atlantis would know.


Two Days Later

Shelley and Katie Brown had been released from the infirmary with just bruises to take care of. The news of Sam and Shelley's relationship had spread through Atlantis like wildfire. The news emanated from Rodney McKay, claiming that he always knew that Sam was a lesbian. Why else would she turn him down!

Sam had decided that they had spent enough time apart and the time was right to finally move into the same quarters. It was why Shelley had moved to Atlantis in the first place, to be with her.

Shelley struggled through the door, holding a chair in one hand and her laptop in another. Sam shook her head.

"Hey, you shouldn't be carrying those. Doctor Keller said to take it easy."

"I am Sam, it's just a chair."

Sam walked across the room, taking the chair off her, placing it down in their now cluttered quarters! Their hadn't been any double beds in Atlantis so they had to make do with 2 singles pushed together. Shelley stood next to her, scratching her head, wondering where they were going to put all of their stuff now.

"You two need a hand," someone called from behind them.

Both turned, seeing Ronan, Colonel Sheppard and McKay standing in the doorway. Shelley looked around the room again.

"Just a little," she said.

Sam nodded in agreement, a little surprised that they had offered. They hadn't offered before! Shelley moved out of the way, letting Ronan pick up the chair she had been carrying, moving it in the direction Sam had been looking at. McKay shoved a potter plant in Shelley's arms.

"Thank you," she said. "Just what a botanist need, another plant."

McKay looked at her, kind of insulted.

"Katie said that you'd like it!" he said.

"I do, thank you both."

Shelley put it down on a nearby table, where Sam had finally put their wedding photo. Sam watched as Shelley brought in some other bits and pieces from outside. They were finally together! And seemed to have their new friends blessing.

Major Sam

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