Title: Doing What My Heart Tells Me

BY: Major Sam

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Rating: NC 17

Pairings: Sam/other

Category: Slash, First Time

Disclaimer: All characters belong to MGM and use of them here is not intended to infringe, nor to make any profit. This story depicts a loving relationship between women. If you have objections, don't read it.

Notes: Thanks to John for the beta, again, and thanks to Charlie for the title. Feedback is always well received. Going POV mad at the moment.

Summary: Shelley re-lives her first time with Sam. Shelley's POV

Warnings: None

I look at her face and it leaves me breathless. I'm trying not to let her see how nervous I am. Her body is below me, her flesh against mine. My eyes survey every inch of her. Although this isn't the first time Iíve seen her naked. She's made love to me so many times over the last two weeks. But this is the first time. I kept putting it off, until this afternoon. She'd asked me, "How?  Why? There was so much pain and hurt in her eyes.

I still can't believe how much I want her. How could this have happened to me? How could I love her? Love this woman, my friend. But I do. She's released something inside me I never knew existed. Her eyes, clear blue, calling for me, needing me.


My love sees how nervous I am. Her hand against my cheek, moving it slowly through my hair. Smoothing away my nerves.

"It's okay, baby."

She whispers softly to me, making my body relax again. I want to make love to her but Iím afraid that I won't be good enough or I won't satisfy her. I never knew I could feel like the way she makes me feel and I just want to repay her. Show her how she makes me feel. Those eyes pierce into me again. So deep I could drown in them, but I know she'd save me. I begin to kiss her slowly, lips touching, my tongue slowly entering her mouth. I'd never kissed another woman before Sam and never wanted to. And it's so different than kissing a man. Her body is so soft against me and I can feel her arousal against the skin of my thigh.


She pants, calling my name. She's my siren, tempting me, teasing me, begging me to please her. My hand slips to her thigh, running up and down her. I hear soft moans beneath me. Am I really pleasing her? I release her lips and move down her neck, tasting her. My eyes land on her breasts, round, firm, soft. Her nipples, pink and erect. I kiss my way down the recess of her breasts, licking and nipping. I move to the soft peaks, suckling her nipple into my mouth. A hand moves down her body to her wet core. She gasps as my fingers make contact. I tongue her slowly, finally understanding how she must feel when she makes love to me. I look up at her as I change breasts. Her fingers running through my hair, fingers binding tightly. I manage to free the kiss and make my way down that flat of her stomach. My tongue swirling around her naval. I hear soft laughing coming from her, she must be ticklish. My tongue slides through her dark blonde curls. Her hips buck against and I slip a h! and under her. But I let go, as I smell her. That unique aroma that is my lover. It makes me feel lightheaded for a moment. Then my eyes see her licking her lips, I do too. I let my finger slip down her wet lips and I feel her body shake against me.


She cries again.

I don't want to hold back any longer. My tongue slides again down the soft pink aroused flesh. I've never tasted anything like her. My eager mouth take over and I explore her wet folds. She thrusts against me, writhing and bucking. Her hand's now on my head, forcing me deeper. My tongue's finished outside and it enters her hot cavern.

"Oh...oh.... baby."

My mind's racing. My body trying to control the intense burning and throbbing heat between my own legs. She's going to have to take care of that later. Another hand caresses the skin of her thigh and prize her legs further apart. She doesn't seem to be resisting me. Her head's thrashing around on the pillows, mumbling something I can't understand. I move my hands. Do I dare? I'm scare Iíll hurt her. I look up at her, awaiting instruction.

"Please...." She demands softly.

I comply with her wish and remove my tongue, giving her one last lick as I leave. My finger slides in easy as I feel her velvet walls entrap it, I add another and she cries out.

"Did I hurt you?" I ask.

"No.. baby, no." She purrs.

I slowly thrust in to her, caressing her inner self with the tips of my finger, trying to find that spot. My tongue seeks out her erect clit, suckling and licking the bundle of nerves. Warm juices flow from her and I lap them up, hungrily, like a starving kitten taking it's first milk. It trickles down my chin as I struggle to keep up. I swipe the clit faster as she bucks against the flat of my hand. Her walls clench my fingers as I hear her scream out my name and feel her body shake. I take more of her essence in my mouth, taking as much as I can. I lick my lips and fingers. She lies panting beneath me, her eyes full of love. She opens up her arms and I fell into them as she cradles me softly. We kiss, our mouths, body's melting in to each other. I feel her lips on my forehead as she whispers...

"You were worth the wait."

Major Sam

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