FIC: Cross Roads

BY: Major Sam



PAIRINGS: Sam/other

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SUMMARY: What If…. Sam met Shelley somewhere other than the SGC?

AUTHORS NOTES: Thanks to John and everyone's support in helping me write these fic's. And feedback is always appreciated and want to know what people think of my stories.


They'd been drinking for most of the afternoon. Both of them had been given time off. Sam had been on stand-down for forty-eight hours and Shelley had finished most of her work and had wanted to spend some time with Sam.  Shelley lay on Sam's couch, giggling to her self as the blonde entered the room. Sam smiled at her, laughing along with her and not knowing why.

"What are you laughing at?" she asked.

"Just thinking about the last time I got drunk here."

Sam moved towards her across the room, lifting up the redhead's legs and sitting down.

"As if I can forget that. You were my birthday present."

"And you unwrapped me."

Shelley giggled again as her lover’s hand traveled up the inside of her thigh. The redhead took a sip of her wine as Sam's fingers danced across her panties. Most of the wine spilled out of the glass down Shelley's chin and her blouse. Sam grinned to her self, leaning over, her tongue slid out, licking the wine from Shelley's face. Sam licked her lips letting her love taste it for her self. The redhead’s mouth opened, welcoming the tongue happily. A deep wet kiss made both of them more than excited. Sam's mouth moved down the soft flesh of Shelley's throat. Shelley's hands disappeared under Sam's top, playing with the soft mounds.

"Oooh Shelley."

The redhead smiled as Sam began to unbutton her blouse, practically sending the buttons flying across the room. She wet her lips, tasting the wine once again. Sam unfastened the redhead’s front opening bra, tasting the soft flesh, wrapping her mouth around an erect nipple. Her tongue painted around the soft breast. Shelley's head rolled back onto the pillow behind her. Sam's continued to tongue the mounds as her had slid between Shelley's thigh's parting them. She positioned herself between her legs. Suddenly Shelley realized that she was half naked. Her blouse was open wide and her skirt was high above he waist. Shelley lifted her ass, letting Sam slide her panties down. Sam's fingers ran through the soft curls, running up and down the outer wet lips. She continued to feast on Shelley's breasts, changing from one to another, licking and biting the hard nubbins.

"Sam," Shelley groaned.

Her head rose up, capturing Shelley's mouth again, they're tongues dancing with each other. Before Sam, Shelley had never been kissed by another woman but it had become a feeling she had become addicted too. Only another woman knew how to please another woman and Sam was no exception. She lowered her head again, kissing Shelley's stomach, finally arriving at her goal and slid her tongue through the already moist curls. For a moment Shelley lifted her body off the sofa as it slid further down the pink lips.  Sam's hand slipped underneath holding both asscheeks in her hands. Shelley's legs widened further apart, one foot landing on the floor and the other high over the top of the sofa. Sam feasted on her lover, thrusting her tongue deep into Shelley's dripping pussy.

"Oh god Sam." Shelley moaned lightly.

Shelley's arms reached out, holding the blonde's head in place, running her fingers through her hair.

"Feels so good."

Sam gave her one last lick and looked up smiling.

"Glad you like it honey."

And with that, Sam resumed tongue-fucking her lover.

An hour or so later, Sam's eyes opened quickly, hearing a knock at her front door. Sam smiled, seeing the redhead laying against her breast, fast asleep, her arms draped over her. Both were still naked apart from a comforter around their waist. Sam slipped from underneath her, resting her head back down on the pillow, kissing her forehead tenderly. She looked around the room searching for her robe, as the noise from the door got louder.

"Okay, okay I’m coming."

She stepped through the house, closing her bedroom door behind her. Sam opened the front door slowly; shocked to see who was standing in front of her.

"Colonel," she said.

Jack's eyes drifted over the major in front of him.

"Carter, aren't you a bit under dressed."

"I err." Sam's face grew red as she tightened the straps on her robe, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

"Do you, have someone in there?" Jack asked.


Sam looked behind her as she heard movement coming from her room.

"I'm sorry sir, I really should."

"Oh yeah sure Carter."

The blonde's gaze drifted back towards her room. It felt strange knowing that she had just left his sister lying naked on her bed. They'd made love again twice after Shelley's encounter on the sofa and had moved to the bedroom where it was more comfortable. Sam had seen a change in Shelley since the time in on P2X332. There had been a hurt in her eyes when she had found Jack kissing her. When they had come back Shelley hadn't been able to get enough of her. Sam finally believed that she had let go of her guilt about betraying Daniel. She still loved him and that would never change. But when she was with Sam, she felt a whole person again. A part of her life had been missing until Sam's birthday party.

"Was there something you wanted sir," Sam asked.

"Oh yeah, I was looking for Shelley. She's disappeared again. She's been doing that lot lately." Jack said.

Sam smiled nervously, hearing rustling behind her. "Well I haven't seen her sorry. Was it important?"

"No, not really."

"I'm sorry sir, I should get..."

Jack's head moved looking behind the robed major, trying to see who she was spending the afternoon in bed with. Sam just closed the door a little further.

"It's ok Carter. You go and enjoy yourself. I hope they're worth it."

The major's grin got wider as she pictured Shelley still lying on her bed.

"It's definitely worth it."

"Then, good for you."

He smiled at her and turned around. Sam watched as he got in his car and drove away, before turning around and heading back towards her bedroom. Shelley still lay on the bed, half asleep and half awake.

"Who was that?" Shelley asked, rubbing her eyes.

Sam laid on the bed besides her, letting her rest her head on her chest.

"The colonel."

Shelley's eyes widened, struck with startling realization.


Sam smiled.

"Don't worry, he was suspicious. I think he was a little embarrassed about catching me in my robe in the middle of the day."

"At least he didn't come in."

"I don't know who'd be more embarrassed, us or him."

Shelley began to giggle again.

"Him," They answered together.

Sam brushed away Shelley's hair and kissed her softly. Shelley wrapped her arms around the blonde, snuggling up closer.  She sighed heavily, smiling to herself. She'd been doing that a lot recently.

"I could have been just like him you know."

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

Shelley moved slightly, looking up Sam.

"When I was in college he wanted me to join the Air Force."

"Why didn't you?"

"Just wasn't for me I guess. I saw what it meant to Jack but I just couldn't handle all those rules and regulations."

Sam kissed her slowly, sliding her hand between the redhead’s legs.

"I wonder what would have happened if you had?" she asked.

"I don't like to think about it."


"Because it might have taken me off the path I chose. Taken me away from the people I love."

Sam rested her head on Shelley's shoulder.

"But you never know what might have happened,"



Shelley didn't know why she was there. She never wanted to go and had been forced to by her brother. It was a tradition. He'd gone, so had their father. It wasn’t that she minded more the fact that everywhere she went when people would hear her surname, they would all say the same thing, any relation to Jack? Then she would nod slowly, her face going red. She wasn’t embarrassed by her brother, just the fact that she had already started to be compared to him. Her friends had been few and far between since arriving a few months ago. They knew who her brother was of course and they didn’t mind.

They liked Shelley for who she was and had already attracted some attention. Some was unwanted and some not so unwanted. There was someone she had her eye on but it was just something that she wouldn’t take any further. Despite wanting too, the thought of it not only turned her on but also made her slightly embarrassed. That’s why she hadn’t told anyone about who her little crush was on. She’d seen them about, visiting colleagues, making the occasional presentation and Shelley had liked what she’d seen, had liked it a lot.

Shelley sat in the courtyard surrounded by her two friends. Their next class wasn’t for another half an hour and had wanted to relax. Her two friends giggled to themselves as they saw Shelley’s face as her not so secret crush appeared on the other side of the courtyard.

“Your crazy,’ Helen said. “There out of your league Shell.”

The redhead looked up, startled.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah you do. I’ve seen the way you look…”

Their other friend Beth smiled.

“She’s right Shell. Your eyes widen and you get this little grin on your face.”

Shelley looked up at them, shaking her head slowly.

“Tell me I’m crazy. If I…”

“Well they won’t here it from us,” Helen said.

"I'm not, I just think that."

All three of them looked up as 'she' walked past.

"Cadet's," she said.

The redhead sitting in the middle of her friends grinned stupidly. Shelley watched as she past by them, her eyes slowly drifting up her legs. Beth caught her friend’s stare, nudging her.

"You've got it bad Shelley."

"Do not. So, not that I’m totally avoiding conversation here. What you guys up to during the weekend?" the redhead asked.

Beth and Helen looked at each other.

"Going home, how about you?"

"Not so lucky. Gonna be staying here, working probably."

"Well, don't work too hard."

Shelley began to laugh.

"Not gonna be a problem."

All three young women stood from the bench heading back into the building for their next class.


Shelley hated the weekends. Most of her friends would go home, leaving her on her own. Usually she worked the weekends but this weekend she had phoned in sick. She just couldn't be bothered and had been thinking about giving up her job. Shelley only worked there to help pay her tuition. Her brother had offered and was on the verge of finally accepting. The job was getting her down and she wasn't a waitress kinda girl anymore.

Since arriving Shelley had frequented some of the local nightlife bars during the weekend and had come across on in particular. She never thought about going in there before, not until a few days ago.  One of the reasons she'd avoided going in was that she wasn't actually sure if it was the right place for her. But feeling the way she had over the last few days, she decided to venture inside.

Her eyes traveled around the room quickly, trying not to avoid eye contact with anyone. She still felt uncomfortable about being in a gay bar. Not being totally sure that she was gay. It was just a little crush, that’s all. A stupid infatuation and it hadn't been the first on a 'teacher' but the first on a female one. Maybe that’s why this bar looked so appealing. To see if she was actually attracted to other woman and not just her 'teacher'. God, she'd only been there a few days and would be gone by the end of next week. Not seeing her again after this made Shelley feel depressed. The redhead moved towards the bar and sat down on a stool.

"Can I have a beer please?" Shelley asked.

The bartender looked at her, checking for i.d. Shelley opened her purse, showing it to the strange looking woman behind the bar. To her, everyone in the bar looked strange. There was a female couple in the corner kissing. It wasn't a totally unpleasant sight. In fact, she was quit aroused by it. She woman behind the counter frowned as she placed the glass in front of Shelley.

"You're a little young to be in a place like this, aren't you," she asked.


"You just look a little lost that's all."

The woman smiled softly at her customer.

"Are you sure you want to be here?"

Shelley shook her head slowly.

"Not really. Just thought I’d try it out. I've come past this place five times in the last week."

"And you thought you'd just wonder in?"

"Yeah." Shelley said, taking a quick look around the bar.

"You like what you see?"

The young woman shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't really know. I don't know why I’m here. There's this woman and."

Realization struck the bartenders face.

"Oh and you have feelings for this woman?"

"I wouldn't say feelings. More like lustful desires," Shelley said with a giggle.

"Why don't you tell her?"

Shelley shook her head quickly.

"The thought of telling her makes me feel sick. Besides it's more complicated than that."

"What complicated about having lustful thoughts for someone?"

The bartender reached out for Shelley's bear glass and replaced it with a cocktail.

"Here, drink this. It'll make things seem a lot clearer."

Shelley's hand reached down and picked up the funny looking glass and took it too her lips, taking a sip of the green liquid. The strong taste made Shelley cough from the pit of her stomach.

"That's... strong stuff."

"Did you like it?"

"Yeah I did."

The woman behind the bar smiled at her new friend.

"See you didn't know what was gonna happen before you tasted it. But you took a risk and it paid off. You enjoyed it and will probably have another."

"So you're telling me that I should stop being so stupid and take a risk."

"Yes. You want another drink."

Shelley nodded, smiling.

"Yes please."

"I'm Terri by the way."

The redhead's eyes looked across the room at the kissing couple again. She'd never seen anything so sensual and passionate before. That sight created a tingling sensation in her pussy and began to feel her panties dampening.

"You know we get a lot of your types in here."  Terri said.

"What do you mean my type?"

"Air force, military. We're not stupid you know. I know for a fact that 4 of the people in here right now are in the Air Force."

Shelley's eyes darted around the room, trying to see if there was anyone she recognized or anyone who could recognize her. But there was no one she could clearly make out through the darkness of the bar.

"Oh, how'd you know I was...?"

"The whole its... complicated speech. Heard it so many times before. So this other woman is also?"

"Yeah. It doesn't matter anyway, she's only here for a few more days."

"Then what’s stopping you?"

Shelley pulled her stool up to the bar, closer to Terri.

"I don't know. Being with another woman I guess. I've had a lot of boyfriends and never felt attracted to another woman before."

"Maybe she just brings out the best in you. What does she look like?"

The grin on Shelley's face widened as she described the woman that was tempting her to 'the other side'.

"Wow." Terri said.

"Oh yeah."

The two of them continued to talk until Shelley had one too many cocktails and had to go to the bathroom. When she arrived back a few minutes later she noticed a glass of champagne on the bar where she was sitting.

“Hey, I didn’t order this.”

“I know,” Terri said. “She did.”


Terri raised her arm, pointing to the woman sitting on the opposite side of the room. Shelley stay at her seat, not even turning around.

“She’s coming over,” the bartender said. “I’ll leave you to it.”

“No, wait.”

Terri moved down the other end of the bar serving someone else. She looked back for a moment seeing as the woman who had brought her another drink joined Shelley. The redhead was still frozen to her stool and made no attempt to see who had joined her.

“Hi, Shelley.”

A confused look appeared on her face. She knew who she was and must have known that she shouldn’t be in a bar like this. In fact, neither of them should be. Her head turned slowly, eyes connecting with the blonde woman sitting next to her. Now she was even more confused as she recognized her instantly.

“Captain Carter,” she mumbled. “I was err, just waiting for a friend.”

Her pathetic excuse at a cover didn’t seem to be working.

“Well I don’t think they’re coming.” Sam whispered softly at her young friend.

Shelley’s eyes trawled over the woman, not being able to look away. Only one thought crossed her mind.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Why are you wearing your uniform?” Shelley asked.

Sam smiled, letting out a small laugh.

“I came in here by accident once. They thought it was a costume. Besides, it certain gets me attention. Don’t you like it?”

The redhead was dumbfounded and a little shocked for words.

“Well…I… err, I do. It’s very…”

By now Shelley’s face was as red as her hair. After a week of lusting after this woman, the two of them were in the same bar and the Captain was coming on to her. Or that’s what it seemed like to her.

“I saw you staring at me in the courtyard yesterday,” Sam said.

“You did, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“That’s ok. You can look anytime.”

Shelley began squirming in her chair as the captain’s hand rested on her knee. Then Shelley felt it again. That burning heat between her legs as she felt those fingers ran up her thigh.


“Please call me Sam.”

“Okay Sam. I’m sorry, I really don’t think I should be here.”

She stood from her stood standing in front of the blonde. Shelley stared for a moment. God she looked incredible in her uniform. It just suited some people and it definitely suited Sam Carter.

“Then why don’t we go somewhere more private?” Sam suggested.  “Where we can … talk.”

Blues eyes stared deep into the redhead. Shelley knew what she was suggesting and couldn’t believe it. Sam looked the young woman up and down. She was stunning, even in a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt. The captain jumped off her stool quickly, having been surprised by her own forthrightness. Sam had seen Shelley around and had seen the way she had looked at her. How her eyes would start from her legs and work there way up. It had excited her. The thought of having this gorgeous young woman excited her. Even now her panties were soaking.

“Okay,” Shelley said, somewhat nervously.

The redhead stood in the middle of the hotel room Sam had been staying in for the last few days. Her eyes stared at the double bed in front of her. It was the biggest bed she’d ever seen in her life before.

“Do you want another drink?’ Sam asked from across the room.

Shelley shook her head slowly. She was already nervous enough about what was going to happen without being drunk too.

“No thank you.”

Sam nodded in agreement, placing the gin bottle back down on the table.

“Maybe you’re right. We can have a drink later.”

She moved towards Shelley slowly, unbuttoning her collar.

“That’s better,” she said. “Those things suffocate me after a while.”

The redhead smiled nervously, not sure what she was supposed to say. Sam sat on a nearby chair, raising her legs and placing her foot on the seat. Shelley watched intently as she began to roll down her stockings. The young woman felt that heat again, only this time is was worse than before, which was accompanied by a throbbing in her pussy. Sam’s head rose, watching Shelley become aroused by her actions.

She began to roll down the second slowly, letting her fingers glide down her legs, still keeping a close eye on her young friend. Shelley wet her lips slowly as the blonde stood and began to move towards her. She circled the cadet slowly, finally stopping behind her. Shelley felt her breath on the back of her neck, warm and soft.

“You’re trembling,” Sam said.


“You’re not nervous are you Shelley?”

“I’ve never been with a woman before,” Shelley whispered.

Sam’s arms hugged her softly, trying to stop the poor girl from shaking.

“Don’t worry. I’ll look after you.”

Sam lifted Shelley’s t-shirt up slowly, throwing it on the floor behind her. She began nibbling on her neck, licking the tender flesh. Shelley moaned softly, making Sam smile. The blonde captain broke away, turning her attention to the girl’s bra and unbuckled it. Sliding her fingers under the straps, she peeled it down slowly over her shoulders, kissing as she went. Her hands moved around the front, cupping both breasts in her hands, kneading them. Shelley’s head fell back against her seductress, her anxiety seemingly lifted. She groaned again as lips, tongue and fingers caressed her body. This wasn’t the way she pictured this moment it was better. Sam moved around the front of the woman, smiling at seeing the girl’s breasts for the first time.


Her eyes wanted more than to look as her lips wanted to taste. She arched her back, leaning forward. Kissing one breast she continued playing with the other in her hand. She took a hardening nipple into her mouth, biting it softly. Sam felt Shelley’s ragged breath in her hair and looked up. It was about time she tasted the young woman. She stood, eye to eye with the redhead, moving in closer. Her lips ran across Shelley’s mouth, waiting for entrance. She opened slowly, taking her tongue into her mouth. Shelley groaned as they kissed deeply. She'd only ever kissed men or boys but never a woman and not one as gorgeous and sexy as this. The kiss was intoxicating to Shelley and hoped it would continue. Finally Sam pulled away a cheeky grin on her face. She kneeled in front of her unbuttoning her jeans and began sliding them down her thighs and legs to just below her knees. Sam bit her lips as she began to experience the same feeling in her own pussy that Shelley had been. Her tongue licked the soft lace of the panties. Shelley groaned out loud as it made contact. Sam nibbled on the lace a few times before standing in front of the aroused redhead. She took her hand, leading her to the edge of the bed. Shelley sat down, watching as Sam began to strip in front of her. It was a shame really, cause she had been so turned on by that blue uniform.

"God, your more beautiful than I imagined," Shelley blurted out.

Sam smiled back at her as she kneeled back down in between her legs. She reached out, taking of Shelley's shoes and tugging down her jeans.

"That's much better." Sam said, a lustful gleam in her eyes.

Shelley's body began to shake in anticipation as she lifted herself up off the bed, letting Sam pull down her panties. The blonde parted her thighs slowly, leaning down and kissed the soft flesh as she made her way up to Shelley's wet pussy. Sam breathed in the scent of the aroused young woman, feeling pleased that she had been allowed to do this. Letting her be Shelley's first. Sam tongue snaked out, licking the stray juice. Her eyes stared at Shelley's sex wanting to taste as much as she could.

"Mmm, I love a wet pussy and yours is so wet."

Shelley grasped the sheet next to her as Sam's tongue began to probe her dripping slit. The redhead was no stranger to being tongue-fucked and knew exactly what to do. But with a woman, it felt different. There was so much care and softness and a thrilling passion. Shelley's hand rested on Sam's head, forcing her to stay. Her whole body felt a soft tingle like a small electric charge running through her groin.

"Sam," she groaned.

She licked all around Shelley's pussy, collecting as much of the woman's honey as she could. Sam began to nibble on the outer lips, hearing Shelley's cries of ecstasy as she began thrusting her tongue deeper into the girl's pussy. Shelley gripped the sheet harder. Her free hand still rested on Sam's head, her fingers running through her hair. Shelley bit her lip as Sam began to swipe at her erect clit, sucking it into her mouth. The redhead felt a rush of heat rush through her body. She closed her eyes, screwing them shut as her orgasm made her body shake. She collapsed back onto the bed, panting, her whole body pulsing in pleasure. Sam crawled up besides her, smiling.

"Wow, that was..."

Sam kissed her slowly, sharing the taste of the redhead on her own lips. "I know,"

Shelley began to grin as the effects of her orgasm began to subside.

"I think I should thank you."

"Go ahead. It's been a long time for me too," Sam said.

"You mean that wasn't..."

Sam shook her head slowly as she began kissing Shelley's neck.

"God, I can't keep my hands off you," Sam growled. "My lips, my tongue."

Shelley giggled as she carried on down her body, sucking on her nipples.

"You're so incredible Shelley. Want you to please me."

The redhead smiled. Not needing to be asked twice, she rolled Sam on her back. The blonde looked up at her, seeing a lust in her eyes she'd seen back at the bar. Shelley was still a little unsure what to do and hesitated for a moment.

"Don't worry honey, it'll be worth it, I know it will."

Shelley smiled and lowered her head and began suckling on the blonde's erect nipple. Sam moaned as the redheads tongue licked and sucked on it. . The redhead slipped between her legs, staring at her sex with desire.

"Take it, oh god take me." Sam groaned.

Shelley kissed her way down her body, sliding her tongue through the soft dark blonde curls. She'd never tasted anything like it, salty and sweet all rolled into one unique taste and she wanted more. She slipped her tongue through the moist slit, feasting on the hidden flesh underneath. Sam writhed on the bed, hips bucking. This was unbelievable. She may be Shelley's first pussy but there was no doubt she was good at it, in fact she was incredible. Her fingers ran through the redhead's long hair, smoothing it down.

"Oooh Shelley."

The redhead's tongue licked around the erect nub. Suddenly Shelley began to remember a film she'd seen in college about two women. Maybe that's when it started for her. But seeing Sam Carter a few days earlier had brought it all back for her. One scene in particular came to mind. Her head looked up for a moment, seeing Sam's eyes staring down at her as she continued to writhe on the bed. It lowered for a moment as two fingers slid into the hot hole. She looked up again seeing the blonde's face as she began thrusting harder.

"OH GOD," Sam shouted. "Please Shelley, make me cum, it's been too long."

Shelley lowered again, resume tongue fucking the blonde. Her fingers began matching the earlier speed of her tongue as she took the clit into her mouth. Swiping it with her tongue she felt the blonde's pussy tense around her fingers as she came hard. Shelley collapsed on the bed besides her, licking her fingers.

"My god, where did you learn to do that?" Sam asked.

"College porn film." Shelley chuckled.

"Well thank goodness for porn."


Back in 2002

"You really think that could have happened?" Sam asked.

A pair of bright green eyes looked up at her.

"Could have, you never know what would have happened."

Sam leaned down, kissing the redhead's nose.

"Glad it happened this way. One night stand's are not my kinda thing."

"Who said it would have been?" Shelley asked.

"Your right about that too, you're always right."

Sam wrapped her arms around her lover, watching her as her eyes began to close and she drifted off to sleep.

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