Title: Close To You

Author: Major_Sam

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Rating: G

Pairings: Sam/Shelley

Disclaimer: All characters belong to MGM, Gekko and their creators, i am not making any money from these fics.

Notes: Thanks to John and everyone's support in helping me write these Fics. Feedback is always appreciated. I'm going through a smushy, sappy phase at the moment.

The music in the club was low and soft. Everyone gathered on the dance floor. Their eyes met from across the room, just barely able to make each other out. Sam had been standing by the bar and Shelley had disappeared into the ladies room. She'd had a bad week. An argument with her father. Mia had been sick and her duties at the base had been limited. Which meant she didn't get as much time with Sam as she wanted, which was the entire basis of her argument with her father. This was the only time they'd spent together for the entire week. Hopefully things would settle down.

Sam stood from stood from her stool and moved towards her. She smiled at her, not being able to take her eyes off her. Sam still didn't understand why someone like Shelley would love her. From the moment she'd met her, Sam had known that Shelley was special. A true heart, a pure soul and that's why she loved her.

They looked at each other as they moved closer. It seemed the crowd of other dancing people parted for them. An arm outstretched, seeking out the redhead in front of her. Soft green eyes looked back at her. Filled with so much love and devotion that it made Sam's heart soar. Shelley's arm swept around Sam's waist, pulling her close. The blonde sighed, brushing her hand against Shelley's face then letting it fall to her side. Another song began to play around them....

...I've been searching along time, for someone, exactly like you. I've been traveling all around the world. Waiting for you to come through. Someone like you, to make it all worthwhile. Someone like you keep me satisfied. Someone exactly like you...

Sam smiled, breathing the soft aroma of her lover's perfume. It filled every fiber of her entire being. Just like her love for Shelley did.

"You're so beautiful tonight," she whispered low, low enough for just Shelley to hear her.

The woman in her arms blushed. Then another touch of Samís hand made her smile. She rested her head on the blondeís shoulder as they both swayed gently to the music around them. It made a change from the lively bumping and grinding that usually went on. And most of the time it was them doing it. Just on the odd occasion that they wanted to be close to each other. Shelley nuzzled against Samís neck, feeling her hands running up and down her back. She pulled back for a moment, softly brushing her lips against that of her lover.  It was soft and tender and over before it began. But it was just the contact that made them pull each other closer. Neither felt the need for anything more than being close to each other.

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