Title: Caught

BY: Major Sam

EMAIL: funky_chicken88@hotmail.com

Rating: NC17

Pairings: Sam/Shelley

Date: 07/03/05

Sumary: Whilst Shelley is alone, she decides to have a little fun, for one.

The house just seemed so quiet. Mia had gone out like a light after running around the house all afternoon. They'd re decorated her bedroom. When they moved into the house her room hadn't looked right and now it looked fit for a princess. Well a 3 year old princess.

Shelley lay on the bed, turning her head to look at the clock. She didn't know when Sam was going to be home. Usually she'd phone her to let her know she was on her way home, unless it was too late. Now it was 1am and Shelley couldn't sleep.

The redhead picked up the remote on the bedside table and switched on the tv. She browsed for 10 minutes, through channel after boring channel. Ten minutes of info-mercials and loud rock videos. Then her finger stopped, seeing something she actually liked. It was one of those late night movies that they couldnt show during the day, well not before 12am and on certain pay per view channels. Shelley smiled, seeing the two women on the screen. Before Sam, she had never thought that seeing to women together would turn her on so much, let alone make her feel so horny. She wished that Sam was here, watching it with her, kissing her, touching her.

She closed her eyes for a moment, her hand unconciously slipping down her belly, moving down between her legs. Sometimes she'd sleep in pj short's and a top but tonight she had decided to sleep naked. But she was still wearing that silk robe Sam had brought her. It flapped open a little. Her eyes stayed on to the television. The film itself seemed to have a plot, not that Shelley was interested in it at all. It was also the kind of film that had a plot and had sex scenes that went on for 10 to 20 minutes. it was all that Shelley wanted, to watch someone else have sex whilst pleasuring herself. She didn't feel guilty about it.

Shelley bit her lip as her finger slipped between her other wet lips. She moaned into the room, trying to keep her eyes on the tv. The two women were on the coach, touching, kissing, getting all hot and heavy with each other. Incidentally one was blonde and one was a redhead. Shelley smiled at that, imagining that she was waching herself and Sam fucking on the couch. Shelley gasped as her finger began circling her aroused clit. The two women began take each others clothes off. Then came the cheesy music, making Shelley laugh to herself. But she wasn't about to stop. Her hand began rubbing her breast, playing with her nipple. 'Oh that feels good' The redhead on the tv said. Shelley echoed her sentiment and slipped her fingers deep inside herself. Her eyes watched the tv. They were now naked, on the floor amongst some pillows. The redhead lay on her back whilst her lover knelt between her spread legs. Shelley loved it when Sam went down on her. She had an incredible talent.

Shelley began to thrust her fingers slowly, watching as the blonde on the tv slipped her tongue into the redhead's wet heat. This redhead began to breathe hard. She'd never done this before. Well she had, but never watching lesbian porn. But she was in desperate need of a release and coming across this film had been a lucky streak.

But in the midst of her pleasure she was shook from her tv gaze as the door to the bedroom opened. In the middle of it stood on very shocked, happy colonel.

'What ya doin?' Sam asked, her eyes wide at the sight before her.

Shelley didn't say anything, instead she turned up the tv and continued thrusting her fingers. Sam moved across the room, taking off her clothes. As she got to the bed, her bra ended up on the floor.

'Why don't i take care of that." she said.

Shelley smiled as her eyes were taken off the tv and onto the woman in front of her. There was no need for foreplay and Sam placed her hands on the inside of Shelley's thighs, parting them.

'You've done good work, but it's time for you to have the best.'

'Oh god yes...'

The redhead rested her hand on Sam's head, forcing her down between her legs. A wet, warm tongue came into contact with a warm, wet pussy. She thrusted her hips against Sam's mouth. The redhead looked back at the tv, seeing the two women in the 69 position. That warm feeling in her stomach rose as Sam brought her to one very loud orgasm...

'Yessss. Oh my fucking godddddd.'

Sam moved to lie next to her lover, kissing her sweetly.

'I can't believe you. That was so hot.' Sam said.

'I don't know what came over me.'

Shelley, picked up the remote and turned off the tv. She had never done anything like that before in her life. But when the times right, you just have to do it. Even if you get caught.

Major Sam

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