FIC: Cabin Fever

BY: Major Sam


RATING: R for the sex and angsty.

PAIRINGS: Sam/Shelley

DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer: All characters belong to MGM and use of them here is not intended to infringe, nor to make any profit. This story depicts a loving relationship between women. If you have objections, don't read it.

ARCHIVE: Just ask

SUMMARY: A weekend in Jack’s cabin prompts Sam to ask questions about their relationship.

AUTHORS NOTES:Thanks to John and everyone's support in helping me write these fic's. And feedback is always appreciated and want to know what people think of them.


“…A weekend by the lake, sounds fun.”


Shelley smiled to herself. Those were the last words she had heard Sam speak. Now a day later she was waiting patiently for her to arrive. Shelley's eyes traveled up to the clock in the small kitchen. It was only 5pm and knew that she hadn't set out until 11am. Sam was still going to be at least another two hours, giving her plenty of time to get things sorted and to prepare herself. The usual pre-date ritual had changed somewhat since her days of dating Daniel. She'd spend most of the day trying to decide what to wear. Then when she'd get home, she'd have a shower, do her hair and try and decide what to wear yet again. But with Sam she didn't mind what she wore. At the moment she was just wearing her normal jeans and a cropped t-shirt and would probably stay that way till Sam arrived. Her eyes moved towards the window. It was getting dark outside and she was still on her way. Shelley just wished she'd get there already. This was the first quality time they'd spent together. There were the usual nights. Most of the time they were both too tired and would just fall asleep in each other’s arms. The first time she'd woken up next to her, Shelley had been so relaxed and had snuggled back against her. That had been two months ago now since Shelley had realised that they could make a go of their relationship and that her feelings for her friend were more than she realised.

Shelley looked up on hearing a car pulling up outside. Her heart pounded loudly inside her chest. She was excited at the thought of seeing Sam, of them being together. Not so much sleeping together, just being together. Shelley smiled at herself as the image of being held softly by her blonde lover ran through her mind. The door in front of her began to open slowly.


"You're here." The redhead responded.

Sam stood in front of her, dropping her overnight bag on the floor and looking around the cabin in amazement. The light was dimmed to close to darkness. Only lights from flickering candles made it possible for them to see each other. Shelley moved towards her, bending down to pick up Sam's bag.

"Leave it," Sam whispered.

The blonde reached down, taking Shelley hand. Her head looked up staring into Sam's shimmering blue eyes.

"Come here."

Sam's arms grabbed her waist, pulling the redhead close. Shelley flung her own arms around her shoulders, enjoying the first contact. Lips touched briefly as Sam's tongue entered the redhead's mouth. Shelley groaned as a deep kiss made her legs grow weak. They parted breathlessly, Sam breaking the kiss for fear that Shelley was about to faint.

"I missed you last night," she said.

Shelley smiled, taking hold of Sam's hand.

"Well, we've got two nights to make up for that."

"Where's Mia?" Sam asked.

"With her uncle Jack. I don't know who I feel more sorry for."

The redhead giggled as she led Sam into the kitchen.

"You hungry?"

"Yeah, didn't even have time for lunch. I wanted to get here as quickly as I could."

Shelley smiled.

"Good, dinner won't be long."

They watched each other through the whole time they ate, wanting to consume each than the food. Shelley had prepared the ribs for most of the day, letting them bask in the sauce. Sam looked up seeing some of the sauce drip down Shelley’s chin. She stood slowly, her hand reaching out and her thumb wiping it off gently. Without even a second thought, Shelley grabbed Sam’s hand, guiding the thumb into her mouth. The redhead sucked on it slowly. They stared at each other across the table, the heat bubbling between them. Her tongue slid along it, her lips suckling. Sam stared at her as she gently sucked her thumb. Shelley had never had so much sexual pleasure from it before. She could feel the heat between her legs throb. The act was having the same affect on the blonde too. Shelley was still holding Sam’s hand as she continued to suckle the digit in her mouth. She thrust it in slowly, in and out, letting her tongue slide along it. Now she was as horny as hell. Sam’s free hand ran up her leg, moving up to the source of the heat building within Shelley. The redhead gasped loudly, releasing Sam’s hand and the erotic thumb. She stood panting heavily by the sink.

“You ok Shell? You look a little flustered there.”

“Huh, yeah, yeah.”

“You sure?” Sam asked, with a wicked grin on her face.

Shelley nodded, partly in frustration and deep sexual arousal. All Shelley wanted to do was let her blonde lover carry on with her seduction. The redhead turned her back, still feeling the throbbing deep in her aching pussy. She dipped her hand in the sink, starting to wash up.

Sam sat at the table, watching as Shelley's every movement made the cropped t-shirt rise upward. Sam stared as the perfectly rounded breasts gently bounced in movement. The heat between her legs began to grow, making her pussy throb. She licked her lips, still tasting the sauce from the ribs and moved from the chair silently and stood behind Shelley. The redhead groaned as two warm hands cupped her breasts. Shelley’s body rose against her. Her hand rose high behind her, caressing the back of Sam’s neck. One of Sam’s arms lowered to Shelley’s waist. She could sense that her love was still in need of a release thanks to their earlier encounter. Sam had never seen her so turned on by such a simple act. It was usually her. Sam had loved the expression on her face as she had tried to hide her obvious arousal. Even thinking about it was making her a little horny herself. Sam leaned over her, burying her face in the back on Shelley’s neck.

“Oh baby, you need this?” she asked, whispering in her ear.

“Oh god yes. Please Sam.”

Shelley body writhed against her, rubbing against Sam’s own arousal. The plate Shelley was washing, slipped from her hands and dropped back into the sink, making the water splash against her, causing the t-shirt to stick to her body. Sam smiled, rubbing her hand over Shelley’s wet breasts, making both of them shudder in excitement. Her other hand wasn’t idle either and was moving slowly down her front of her jeans, trying to unbutton them from behind Shelley. The redheads’ breathing was raspy. Her arousal was now evident as her nipples began to harden under the wet t-shirt. She turned quickly, coming face to face with Sam, a lusty gleam in her eye. Sam's head lowered, staring at the soaked t-shirt. Shelley's breasts were clearly visible through the wet fabric. The redhead caught Sam's eye for a moment as her head moved towards them and began suckling on the hard nipples through the wet shirt. Sam smiled, as she could almost smell Shelley's arousal. That sweet aroma that only Sam knew about. It filled her nostrils making her want Shelley more and more. In deep lust, Sam pulled the shirt over her lover's head, feasting on the tender flesh.

“Want you Shelley,” Sam groaned.

Shelley began to pant as Sam kneeled down between her legs. Sam’s hands moved up around her waist and unzipped her jeans, sliding them down over Shelley’s hips. A gasp escaped from Shelley’s mouth as Sam’s lips began to kiss the soft lace of her panties. Her teeth nibbled on it, emitting a sigh of frustration. Shelley bit her lip as Sam slipped them down. She exhaled deeply as her tongue slid between two heated, wet lips.

“Oh Sam.”

Shelley’s eyes closed as her hand balanced on Sam’s head, softly stroking her hair. The redhead smiled as Sam tried to bring her to the brink of an intense orgasm….

…. Which she succeeded in doing several times for the next several hours. But Shelley wasn’t selfish and happily reciprocated.

The logs on the fire crackled and sparked, making Shelley jump from time to time. The fire bathed the two lovers in a warm glow, but not as warm as the feeling they felt in each other’s arms.  All the pillows from the bed lay under them. The wind began to howl outside as the two snuggled under a huge blanket Sam had pulled off the bed. Both were still naked from their escapade in the kitchen. Shelley sat in between Sam's legs feeling the warmth from the blanket and her body. She still felt her hands roaming her body. Warm lips began to caress her neck, making her giggle.

"Stop it Sam!"



"What kind on an excuse is that?"

Sam's soft laughter filled Shelley's ears. But the blonde still wasn't taking no for an answer and carried on teasing Shelley's neck. She softly nibbled on the tender flesh. Sam's hand traveled down her spine. Fingers sliding up and down her skin. Shelley shivered under the warm blanket. Sam moved her arms around her, holding her tightly over the blanket. Shelley sighed softly and managed to slip from her grasp and fell back on the floor and onto the pillows beneath her. Most of the blanket fell with her, trapped underneath her body. It pulled off Sam. Shelley smiled at seeing the naked blonde above her.

"What did I do to deserve you?" Shelley whispered.

Her hand reached up, cupping her cheek. Sam looked down at her, her eyes conveying her love for the redhead. Sam melted at Shelley's touch, her head turning to kiss the palm of her hand. The redhead's eyes began to close slowly.

"You look tired." Sam said.

"I am, it's been a long day."

"Let's go to sleep then."

Shelley smiled. For the last few hours, sleep had been the last thing on Sam's mind. She nodded in agreement. Sam lowered herself, lying behind her love. The pillows were soft and she sighed as soon as her head it one. Shelley lifted herself, pulling the blanket from underneath her, letting Sam wrap it around them. Sam nuzzled against her neck. It didn't take long for Shelley to fall asleep. The heat from the fire helping her on her way. Sam resisted for a little longer. The blonde smiled as Shelley rolled over in her sleep, her arms reaching out for the woman next to her. Sam had never seen her look so beautiful. The glow from the fire, accentuating her beauty. The woman was just incredible. So willing to offer her self to their love. There was a passion now that she didn't try to hide. The heat from the fire was now getting to her, making her drowsy. Before her eyes closed, the smile on her face disappeared as Shelley spoke a name in her sleep. A name Sam wasn't expecting to hear.



The Next Morning: Saturday

Sam had tried to put it to the back of her mind all morning. Shelley moved around the kitchen, looking stunning in old jeans and a quirky t-shirt Sam had brought her 'My other boyfriend's a girl'. Sam thought it was cute and Shelley decided only to wear it when they were together. The redhead stacked the breakfast plates away as Sam made the bed, putting the pillows and blankets back as they'd spent the night on the living room floor, snuggled up against each other in front of the fire. Shelley was whistling to herself, something Sam had never seen her do before. 'Maybe she dreamed of him last night,' Sam thought to herself. 'That's why she's whistling.' She knew that there were still three people in this relationship, herself, Shelley and Daniel. Not to mention the little one who Sam loved as though she was her own. Sam smiled for a moment as her lover caught her eye. The two of them smiling sweetly at each other. But Sam's jealousy was getting the better of her. She wanted to know, needed to know.

"Did you sleep well last night?" Sam asked.

Shelley turned, closing the kitchen cupboard and smiling.

"I did actually. Must have been all the fresh air and exercise I got."

"You certainly seemed to be sound asleep. Did you.... dream at all?"

The redhead shrugged her shoulders, not entirely sure what Sam was trying to say.

"I don't know. I can't remember. Why? Did I talk in my sleep again?"

Sam didn't say anything. She wanted to, wanted to ask her the truth.

"You did a little."

"Hope I didn't embarrass myself, Daniel used to...."

Shelley stopped in mid-sentence, her dream coming back to her in an instant.

"Oh honey, it was just a dream."

"It sounded more than a dream to me."

Shelley began to move towards her. Sam moved away from the bed and moving out of her reach.

"I can't even remember it."

"Well I do. Every word." Sam said.

Her blue eyes stared at her, trying not to fill with jealous tears.

"So, do you dream about him a lot?" she asked.

"What kind of question is that?"

Shelley moved out of the kitchen and into the main room of the cabin. Sam was positioned by the still roaring fire, although it had died down a little during the night. It was still warm enough for Sam to move from time to time.

"It's reasonable enough. Why, don't you want to answer it?"

"It's a stupid question, Sam." Shelley shook her head, refusing to answer it.

"Answer the question."

The redhead stood in the middle of the room, hurt evident on her face.

"No, I’m not gonna get drawn into this Sam."

She turned to walk away but was drawn back as Sam's hands reached out and grabbed her arm.

"Why not? You scared that I might find out the truth?"

"What truth? There is no truth Sam. It was a dream, that’s all."

"Then just answer the question."

"No." Shelley said.


“OK,” Shelley shouted.

She broke free from Sam’s grip and began to pace the room angrily.

“You really wanna know. You want to know that I dream about him nearly every night. That I think about him every minute of the day…”

Sam stared at her; her eyes finally off-loading her unshed tears.

“…Because it’s true. I can’t help that. He’s a big part of my life. It’s not going to change just because he’s not here. He’s Mia’s father.”

"Yeah I know. What does that make me? I'm not her father or your husband, what am I?"

Shelley shook her head.

"Where's all this come from, Sam? Just cause you heard me mention his name in my sleep?"

"No. I've just been thinking about it. So what am I Shelley?"

The redhead looked at her, reaching out for her hand.

“Does it matter?”

“Of course it matters. So what is it Shell. What am I? What is our relationship?”

Shelley was frozen to the spot, words not being able to come out of her mouth.

“I thought so. Now I know where I stand.”

Sam turned quickly, heading for the cabin’s front door.

“Where are you going?” Shelley shouted, tears falling down her face.

Sam stood in the hallway, the rain outside dripping down the frame. Her head turned slowly, her tear stained face matching Shelley’s.


And disappeared out into the morning storm.

“Sam.” Shelley shouted again.

But she didn’t answer. The redhead fell to her knees, gently sobbing, sniffling out Sam’s name. She shook her head over and over again. It was all going wrong. The weekend had all been planned. They’d planned on spending the whole weekend together, preferably curled up in each other’s arms. But it had all turned to nothing. She’d run out of the cabin into the pouring rain and raging wind. Shelley got to her feet quickly, rushing towards the door.


The wind and rain blew against her face, making her eyes water and sore. She couldn’t take the pounding for long and shut the door. Shelley opened the curtain but couldn’t see due to the heavy rain and closed them. Shelley headed back towards the bed, pulling out a jumper from the drawer and wrapped it around her. She moved towards the fire and picked up the poker from the hearth and stabbed at it. Her head rose up, her eyes coming eye to eye with Jack’s collection of family photographs on the mantle piece. She looked along them, stopping at her wedding photo a small smile appearing on her face. Daniel looked up at her, smiling that smile that always made her so happy.

“When are you going to let her in?”

Shelley turned slowly, seeing Daniel standing behind her, wearing that white jumper she had grown so fond of.


He smiled back at her, just like the smile in the photograph.

“It’s me. You’re not dreaming or hallucinating. It’s really me.”

Shelley moved towards him wanting desperately to hold him.

“It’s okay Shelley. I wish I could let you. You don’t know how much I want you too.”

“But you’re not really here, are you.”

“Kinda. It’s complicated.”

Shelley smiled at him.

“It’s so good to see you Shelley. To let you see me.”

“You’ve been here before?”

“Yes. To do other things! But I didn’t come here to talk about that. I came to talk to you, about Sam.”

Shelley moved around him, sitting down on the edge of the bed, nervously tidying up the sheets.

"She's so angry at me."

"Not you Shell. The situation. She's hurting."

"Well she's not the only one. I didn't know what to say to her."

"I know. You don't have to hide the way you feel Shelley, especially not from me. I know."

Shelley was more than a little confused. Daniel sat next to her on the bed. The redhead smiled, she could actually feel him next to her. His energy or whatever they called it. It made her skin tingle.

"You have to tell her Shelley. Before it's too late."

Her eyes looked up at him, her lips curling into a smile.

"Why, what's she planning on doing? Do you know?"

"She's thinking about ending your relationship, cause she doesn’t know what your relationship is."

"That’s crazy."

"Is it? How could she know when you haven't told her how you really feel? Why are you holding back?"

Shelley stood from the bed, pacing around the room nervously.

"I'm not holding back. Maybe I just don't know how I feel myself."

Daniel shook his head, matching Shelley's pace, step by step.

"You're lying to yourself Shelley. You know exactly how you feel. You're just scared to admit it to yourself. You think that if you lie to yourself about it that you'll stop feeling guilty about loving her rather than me." Daniel said.

"I can't help but feel guilty Daniel."


"Because I only ever thought I could love you. That I couldn’t let myself fall in love with someone else."

"And you are. You can't lie to me. I know."

"It doesn't change the way I feel about you."

"I know.

Daniel moved towards her, smiling that smile.

"You have to tell her Shelley, before its too late."

Shelley turned back to face him, but he was gone. She felt her soul cry out again as it did on the day he ascended and the day Mia had been born. Shelley wiped the tears from her face. Had he really been there? Or was he just her mind telling her what she already knew?

Her eyes looked up at the clock, Sam had been gone nearly two hours now. She couldn't have gone far. Her car was still parked out side. The redhead smiled, realising that she hadn't been that far away at all. She peered out of the window. It was still raining but it was clear enough to make her out in the front seat, her head in her hands. Shelley moved out of the way and back into the main room of her brother's cabin. Then the sound of the car door slamming made her turn quickly. The front door opened slowly and Sam stood in the doorway, the rain and her tears having soaked her face.

"I'm sorry." Sam said.

"For what?"

"For acting like a child."

Shelley shook her head, moving towards the bed and sat down on it.

"It wasn't your fault. You were upset."

"Over a dream Shelley. How insecure does that make me?"

The redhead looked up at her.

"You were right to feel like that. I guess I haven't made this relationship any easier by not telling you how I feel. About how important you are to me. About how much I love you."

Sam stared at her. She’d heard the words come from Shell’s mouth, but she was still shocked. No, shocked wasn’t the word, more like surprised. The blonde moved towards Shelley, sitting on the edge of the bed, tears falling down her face hoping that she’d say it again.

“What did you say?” Sam asked.

Shelley swallowed hard. She couldn’t believe it herself. That she’d actually spoken those words. The words that she’d only ever said to Daniel.

“I love you. I didn’t mean to fall in love with you,” she whispered.

Sam couldn’t contain her smile any longer as it burst on to her face, practically lighting up the entire room. She kneeled before Shelley, her hand reaching up and wiping the tears away from her face.

“Please Shelley, tell me you mean it?”

The redhead smiled warmly, tears still falling.

“I do,” she whispered softly. “I love you. I wasn’t expecting this to happen.”

“Neither was I honey! I’m just happy you finally realised it.”

Shelley’s hand reached out to touch Sam’s face. It was still wet from the rain outside. Her body turned, picking up a small blanket behind her and began drying her lover’s face.

“You should get out of those wet clothes.” Shelley said, a mix of concern and desire.

The redhead stood, letting Sam take her place on the edge of the bed. Sam watched her as she disappeared in to the living room, picking up a warm towel from in front of the fire. Luckily she had the forethought the dry some. Knowing that when Sam eventually came back she would be drenched. The blonde watched her every move as Shelley positioned herself in between her legs. Her hands reached down slowly, taking off her boots and her soaking socks. Placing them under the bed, Shelley’s head rose to make eye contact. She snuggled up to her on her knees, getting as close as she could. Her hands disappeared under Sam’s shirt, lifting it off her body. Shelley’s eyes widened and smiled at seeing that Sam hadn’t been wearing her bra underneath. It took every fibre in her body not give into her impulse and take a nipple into her mouth. Instead she drew her attention to her jeans. She began to pop open the buttons. Sam’s grin widened at the sight in front of her, She couldn’t believe it. Usually it was she who made the first move. But here she was, letting Shelley seduce her and she was loving every minute of it. Sam had no idea what she was planning and couldn’t wait to find out. Her body was crying out for Shelley to touch her. For her to kiss her to make her pussy wet. Sam rose slowly off the bed, letting the redhead pull down her jeans. Every inch of her body was soaking wet. Shelley’s eyes drifted down to the ‘non’ rain soaked panties. God, Shelley wanted to taste her.

“Lie back,” Shelley whispered.

Sam smiled and obliged her lover. Pulling herself up on the bed, Sam watched Shelley strip slowly in front of her. The blonde’s mouth watered and felt a sudden rush of wetness in her panties. This was incredible. Watching Shelley tease her by taking her time. Her own panties were the last to slip from her body. Shelley positioned herself at the foot of the bed, with the warm towel in her hands.  With her back arched, she softly dried Sam’s feet and made her way up to her calves. The towel was getting higher, now caressing her thigh. Sam moaned as Shelley kissed the soft skin. Her mouth inches away from Sam’s wet centre. Now the bottom half was dry, Shelley turned her attention to her top. She ran the towel over her breasts, smiling as the nipples began to harden. Sam couldn’t take any more. She pulled Shelley towards her, forcing her tongue in to her mouth. The redhead moaned in appreciation her hand moving in-between Sam’s thighs. The kiss was deep. Their bodies pressed hotly against each other. Shelley rubbed Sam’s wet panties, trying to fight off the urge the slip her hand inside. The redhead let herself get carried away in the kiss, forgetting her main objective. She pulled back, moving down Sam’s toned body. Shelley looked down at the gorgeous woman in below her.

“Take them off.”

Sam smiled and followed her lover’s direction. Her fingers slipped through the straps, pushing her panties down. As she reached her knees, Shelley leaned forward, taking them the rest of the way. As soon as they left her ankles her hand travelled up her thigh, sliding up and down, making Sam groan. Her eyes firmly fixed on Sam’s mound. However much she wanted her, she was going to make her wait. Shelley crept up to her, positioning herself on Sam’s lap, her knees making contact with the bed. Their wet pussy’s connected. Sam groaned, feeling an exquisite tingle pulsing through her groin. Sam’s eyes stared deep into the as her hands rested on Shelley’s thigh, running up and down. One moved up her stomach up towards her breast. Holding the soft mound in her hand her fingers tweaked her nipple.

The top half of her body rose as her arms held her tightly and she took one of the breasts into her mouth, suckling them. The redhead fell into Sam’s waiting arms. She sighed in frustration as her arms dropped to her sides. Shelley thought she was going to fall back. Just in time her own hands fell back, propping herself up. Shelley groaned out loud in a lust as Sam’s finger managed to trace her outer lips, sliding her finger in slowly. The redhead gasped as it slid up and down, getting all the moisture she could. Her sleek finger left Shelley slowly, rising high into Shelley’s mouth. She sucked on it eagerly, tasting herself. It may have tasted heavenly but it didn’t taste anywhere as delicious as her lover. Shelley moved faster, grinding her pussy into Sam’s, feeling their hot juices mingling together. It felt blissful. Shelley had never felt so at ease whilst making love to her before. It was as though all of her inhibitions and been washing away by the storm outside.

“Oh god,”

The redhead panted as she began to feel her orgasm begin to build inside her.


The blonde smiled up at her, seeing the look on Shelley’s face. She was biting her lips, licking them. Sam knew that Shelley wanted this to be for her, but nothing was going to stop her from climaxing.

“It’s okay Shell. Cum for me baby, cum for me.”

Sam leaned over again, kissing her softly has her hands moved down the caress her back. Then moved grabbing her ass, forcing her to move faster. Shelley came quickly, collapsing on top of her lover. Luckily it didn’t take her long to recover and slipped back down Sam’s body with a hunger in her eyes. She inhaled deeply, smelling the soft smell of Sam’s perfume combined with both arousals. Turning her attention quickly to her thighs, she spread them slowly with her hands. Sam writhed under her, hips bucking, tempting Shelley, and begging her to taste her. Shelley dipped her head, her tongue snaking out, licking the moisture from her inner thigh. Her fingers caressed the other, her nails gently scratching down the skin, making Sam groan at the sensation. Another sudden rush of wetness appeared in her pussy, alerting the redhead to her lover’s arousal. Her tongue ran up and down the wet lips, her lips kissing the soft curls above her dripping slit.

“Oh baby,” Sam moaned softly.

Shelley smiled; she wanted to suck the woman dry, until there was no more. The sensation was overwhelming. Her tongue delved deep into the hot channel then licked around the erect clit. Sam grabbed Shelley’s head, her fingers entwined in her hair, practically forcing her head against her wet heat. The blonde began to moan out loud, practically screaming the cabin down as two sleek fingers entered her.

“Yes, Shelley. Oh god yes.”

Her hips thrusted again, wanting so much contact. Shelley felt her muscles contract, trying to do everything she could to keep them inside her, teasing her. Instead, they slid in and out, slow and fast, trying to make Sam’s pleasure last. Shelley’s warm tongue swiped at the clit, sucking the nubbin into her mouth.

“Faster baby, faster.”

With that, Shelley thrusted her fingers faster, deeper into Sam.

“Say it, Shelley. Say it.”

The redhead looked up and smiled.

“I love you.”

Shelley let out a small sigh and carried on mercilessly. With an uncontrollable groan, Sam came hard against Shelley’s hand, her fingers dripping with her honey. The redhead removed them slowly, moving up to lie against her lover. She licked every last drop, still being able to taste herself from earlier. Sam rolled on her side, placing her thigh in between Shelley’s leg. Shelley in return wrapped her legs around her and kissed her deeply. Hands touched, caressed every inch of each other’s body. They lay together for several hours, kissing, touching, bringing each other to orgasm several times just by touching. It was the most pleasurable sensations that either of them had experienced before. Neither of them knew how long they'd lay there, just holding each other. Or who fell asleep first. There was a calmness surrounding them, a peace. Shelley knew where it came from. But wasn't gonna bring up the subject of her conversation with Daniel, just yet. And, maybe never. Green eyes stared at her love who kissed her forehead softly. Both listening to the soft raining against the window. It was only late afternoon, but neither felt like getting out of bed and would probably stay there till morning.

"Shame we have to go home tomorrow." Shelley said.

"I know."

"I just want to stay like this forever. It's so quiet here."

Sam held her tighter under the blanket, her fingers gliding along Shelley's soft milky skin.

"Let’s just enjoy it whilst we can."

Shelley smiled up at her, raising her head a little to kiss her softly. She moved back down, resting her head on Sam's chest. After a few minutes, both were sound asleep.


"......So how was your trip?"

Shelley looked up at Jack.

"Did you get any work done?" he asked.

"Yeah, I managed to work out what I’ve been trying to say."

Jack had no clue what Shelley meant. Which lately had been nothing new.

The End

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