FIC: Burning Love

BY: Major Sam



PAIRINGS: Sam/other

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SUMMARY: A trip to a remote planet leaves everyone feeling hot under the collar.

AUTHORS NOTES: Thanks to John and everyone's support in helping me write these fic's. And feedback is always appreciated and want to know what people think of my stories.

The five of them stepped through the gate, arriving on P2X332. One of them lagged behind as usual, dropping one of her cases on the stone steps. Jack sighed at hearing that familiar noise again and turned to stare at his sister.

“God, Shelley. Do you have to do that every time?”

Shelley stood open mouthed, feeling embarrassed by his comment. Major Carter looked back, giving her a warm smile, hoping that it would make her feel better. Shelley smiled back, remembering what had happened between them the afternoon before. Usually when there was a mission coming up, they would spend the evening apart but things had gotten a little heated between them after the afternoon briefing in Sam's lab. They had been very lucky they hadn't been caught. In fact, it had excited Shelley knowing that they might have been. After seeing Janet watching them a few weeks ago, Shelley had begun to like the thought of someone watching them, catching them in the act, such a wonderful act of passion and desire. The redhead loved to feel like that. She was feeling it now, her pulse was racing and her heart was beating faster than it did when she came through the gate. For the last month she had seen Sam in a whole new light as was usually naked too. She never imagined she could !be happy with another woman and feel so aroused by her. It wasn't just lust, Shelley loved her.

“Sorry,” Shelley shouted.

She caught her brother's scowl again. He never really got used to having her tagging along on missions. This had been the first one for weeks and Shelley had practically begged to go along. As she reached down to pick up her case, she noticed another pair of hands grabbing hold of it.

"Here you go!" Jonas said, handing her back the case.

"Thank you."

Shelley took the case staring at Jonas. It had been hard for her to work with him at times, remembering what his people had tried to do to Daniel. To hold him responsible for that lab accident. But a lot of things had changed since then, especially in her life. She still missed Daniel terribly and knew that she wasn't the only one. But she didn't feel as alone as she used to. Not that anyone else had seemed to notice, which she didn't mind. The last thing she could cope with would be someone else finding out about her relationship with Sam, especially Jack. He'd never understand. It was bad enough knowing that Dr Fraiser knew. Although she hadn't said anything to either of them, it was pretty clear that she was a little surprised by what she had seen. Janet had avoided as best she could, being alone with them. She just didn't know how to handle such a situation and hadn't confronted them about it yet. It didn't matter to her of course; she had been at that bar with a gay fri!end. Not that she was sure that they were gay of course. Shelley didn't really know what Janet thought of their relationship and there was no way she was going to bring up the subject.

Shelley raced down the steps, catching up with SG1, noticing everyone's discomfort at the heat. 

"God, it's hotter than hell," Shelley remarked.

"Really, I hadn't noticed," Jonas said.

The remaining four turned and stared at him. What was wrong with him?

"Are you kidding?" Jack said.

Jonas shook his head.

"No, why? Is it hot."

"Just a little," Sam said.

Her gaze moved across to Shelley, smiling. The redhead turned away slowly, but not before giving a little smile back.

"Carter, you care to explain this!" Jack said.

“The probe indicated a temperature about eighty-five degrees but my instruments are indicating a temperature of over one hundred.”

“That is hot,” Jonas commented.

Shelley shook her head in dismay; sometimes he could be so… stupid. 

“Ya, think,” she added.

Jack looked up at his sister stifling a laugh. He’d never heard her say that before, must be a family trait. Even Teal’c raised a smile at the redheads comment. But as usual Jonas was oblivious to Shelley’s sarcasm. Surely he would have gotten used to it by now?

“We’d better get inside, things could get a little hotter,” Sam said.

Shelley wasn’t sure but she had a feeling that comment was directed at her. Whenever they were alone together, it certainly did get a little hotter.

They took shelter in a nearby building where the natives of the planet were waiting for them. Two days ago, SG7 including Shelley had traveled to the planet and met the Setans and hadn’t reported any weather anomalies. And Shelley certainly didn’t feel so… sick.

“Dr Jackson,” a voice said from behind them.

Shelley’s head turned slowly. She still couldn’t get used to people calling her that. Every time someone spoke it, she would look around her for Daniel. She’d been thinking about using her maiden name again. It just made her feel more comfortable. Sam turned to look at her. She found it kinda strange too. Sam didn't think of her as Shelley Jackson anymore. It reminded her that she was still a part of Daniel's life and could never really be hers. The major turned away not wanting to make the situation any more awkward for Shelley. It was something they never spoke of. They never spoke about Daniel. Sam knew that it would just be too hard for Shelley to carry on with their relationship if they mentioned him. It was easier that way. But it never went away for Sam. She knew he was there at the back of Shelley's mind whenever they were together. She'd just learned to live with it or not to think about it.

"We thought you were not going to arrive so early. We did not expect you for two more days."

"Is that a problem?" Shelley asked.

The man in front of her was in his late thirties, kind of good looking with dark hair. The kinda guy Shelley would normally go for.

"Of course not. We were just not prepared for your arrival."

Jack snorted.

"I thought SG7 sorted all that out," he said, turning to scowl again at his sister.

Shelley mouthed her reply but nothing came out.

“If you would like to come this way, we have prepared a meal for our new friends. Dr Jackson we’ve also arranged somewhere for you to work during your time here. However, I must ask you not to venture outside the building.”

“Why?” Jack asked.

“The temperature can be quite high this time of year and we believed you will not be able to handle such a heat. Now come, let us eat.” 

All five of them followed Effan down the corridor towards the hall a few feet away. Shelley let the others pass as she propped herself up against a nearby wall.

“Are you ok?” Jack asked.

She looked up at her brother her face all red and blotchy.

“I don’t know. I err… don’t feel so good.”

“We should get you inside, you need to sit down.”

He leaned over, taking Shelley’s arm and leading her into the hall behind the others. Jack helped her sit on a nearby chair next to Effan. The alien turned to look at her, noticing the marks on her face.

“You have already been exposed to the sun for too long,” he said.

“How’s that possible, we were only outside for ten minutes.” Sam added.

Effan turned towards the rest of SG1, raising his hand, placing it on Shelley’s forehead.

“Her temperature is quite high.”

“Will she be ok?” The colonel asked.

Effan nodded.

“The affects on the sun do not last long. She will need to rest for a while. If you will come with me, I will show you where she can rest.”

“It’s so hot.” Shelley said. “So… so hot.”

Her eyes scowered the room, finally landing on Major Carter. The heat ran through her veins making her blood boil and the heat between her legs rise. Shelley unzipped her jacket, throwing it on to the floor next to her feet. 

“I can’t stand it anymore.”

She was about to lift up her t-shirt when Jack stopped her.  Sam watched in disappointment and kind of in relief. She didn’t want everyone seeing her go all drooly over the sight of the redhead’s bare flesh. 

“It’s okay. You’ll be okay.”

Jack helped her up again, following Effan out into the hallway. Sam followed behind the two of three of them, making sure that Shelley was ok.

The room was dark and cool and just the sort of place Shelley wanted to be. Her fever was still high but not dangerous. She lay on the bed; sweat still pouring from her body. Her mind was wondering with thoughts of yesterday and what had happened in Sam’s lab. How good it was, how good it felt. How good it always was between them. One question sprang into Shelley’s mind. Where was Sam now?

“Sun-stroke! Are you telling me she’s got sun-stroke?” Jack shouted at Effan.

The alien looked at the colonel in surprise.

“Yes, it is very common here.”

“It didn’t look like sun-stroke to me. You saw her she was practically tearing her clothes off. It looked like she was….”

“Was what?” Effan asked.

Everyone looked at each other, not actually sure how to put it. Then, Sam stepped forward.

“On heat,” she said.

Sam knew from pleasant experiences how the redhead looked when she was horny and earlier, she definitely looked as though she was. Unfortunately, Sam wasn’t able to do anything about that and offer her ‘support’.  Sam was beginning to feel the heat herself and it was such a pleasurable heat. The thought of Shelley lying in one of the darkened rooms alone, hot, made her feel the same way. She wanted to be in that room too, lying next to Shelley’s hot body.

“God, this place is getting hotter,” Sam said.

“You’re right,” Jack said. “Maybe we’re getting whatever Shelley’s got?”

‘I surely hope so,’ Sam thought to herself.

Sam’s head turned, looking out of the room. She wondered what Shelley was doing right now, if she’d fallen asleep or was writhing around on the bed in a fevered frenzy?

“Her symptoms will not last long, they do not normally.”

“What do you mean normally?” Jonas asked.

“As I said,” Effan said. “It is very common here, it is part of our…”

“What?” Jack asked.

Effan’s face turned as red as Shelley had been earlier.

“It is a personal matter for our people. It does not concern you or your party, colonel.” He said.

“I just hope Shelley sees it that way?”

As soon as Jack said her name, Jonas and Teal’c moved their attention towards the doorway. Shelley stood, having heard most of their conversation. But there was something different in the way she looked. Her read hair fell loosely around her bare shoulders thanks to her vest top. Sam’s eyes traveled down her body, her heart pounding at the sight of her bare legs. Whilst they had been talking Shelley had awoken and was still feeling the affects of the heat and hadn’t changed back into her uniform and had kept her vest and shorts on. A low throaty growl escaped from Sam’s throat. Her eyes drifted back up the toned body of her lover. That vest top was far too tight for her and she was sure that Shelley knew it.

“Wow,” Jonas said.

Sam turned quickly at her companion, scowling deeply in disgust.


Jonas’ stare was broken by Sam’s comment.

“I mean, Mrs. Jackson. I’ve never seen her look that…”

“That what?” Sam asked.

“…. Hot,” Jonas added.

Sam’s frown deepened. How could he think such a thing? But she couldn’t actually blame him, Shelley did look hot, in fact she looked gorgeous. Sam never saw her with her hair down that often but now, she wouldn’t have it any other way. The temptation to lick her lips was proving too hard to resist and she went her lips, making sure Shelley noticed. What the hell was wrong with her? Maybe it was the heat after all but she didn’t care. If the heat was making her feel like this, then she wanted to stay here forever.

Shelley smiled.

“You’re feeling better I take it?” Jack asked.

She nodded slowly, stepping into the room. Sam and Jonas’ eyes followed her all around the room as Shelley went to sit down. She lifted her leg, resting her foot on the seat and leaned over, pulling up the socks from her boots. Her breasts peeked over the top of her vest. The heat between Sam’s legs began to build at that sight. God, she wanted her. Shelley’s hair fell down around her shoulders, caressing the soft skin. Now Sam was on heat too. This was absolute torture.

“Is it getting hot in here?” Sam asked.

The colonel looked up at his colleague, seeing her face beginning to sweat.

“Maybe you should take Shelley’s lead.”


“It’s okay Major. It is getting rather, hot in here,” Jack said.

“Yes Sir.”

Shelley’s smile widened at the thought of seeing Sam in those tight shorts.

“Dr Jackson,” Effan said. “If you are recovered now, we are ready for you.”

“Thank you, I’d like to get started.”

Shelley moved past Jonas and Sam, not trying to look sexy but still failing in her attempt. Sam purred lowly as she past by, prompting a small smile from Jonas. He wasn’t exactly sure why the major had made such a noise, but wasn’t actually sure he wanted to know.

He followed behind her as he was going to be assisting her in her research for the next two days.

Day Two

Shelley stood in the lab feeling no escape from the heat that had tortured all of them for two days. The fans that the SGC had sent through the gate helped but weren’t helping enough. She and Jonas had spent most of the day in the lab, trying to cope with the heat as best they could. Jonas had decided not to change into his shorts and had settled on a t-shirt. The heat didn’t get to him and Teal’c as much as it did the others in their party. Shelley had been the one who had suffered the most, especially during the night. She and Sam had to share a room with 3 other women. Their beds were on opposite side of the rooms and having her so far away and so close had been agony. She’d woken up in the middle of the night and had nearly got into bed with Sam. But having to explain to one of the Setans this morning would have been awkward. They might have mentioned something to Effan and then he might have said something to Jack. Although thinkin!g back on it, on seeing Sam like that, it would have been worth it. To feel the softness of her body, the taste of her sweet lips again would be heaven at this moment. But she had gone off somewhere with the colonel and Shelley had been left alone with Jonas.

“God, why is it so hot in here?”

“Aren’t the fans working?” Jonas asked.

Shelley shook her head, her hair blowing in the breeze from the fan.

“No. I can’t stand it anymore. How do these people live like this?”

"From what I can see, they don't."

Shelley looked at him, more puzzled than usual.

"What do you mean?"

"They don't appear to suffer any affects from the heat. I was talking to one of them and she told me that this happens every four months."

"A hot sun?"

Jonas shook his head.

"No. Apparently they pump something into the air system."

"What? Does my brother know about this? If what ever they’re doing is dangerous...."

"I don't think it's dangerous. From what she said, its more of a....”

"Of a what?"

The alien was finding it difficult to put it politely.

"It a... mating thing."


Shelley's eyes rose at that comment. Now she knew why she felt so horny.


The redhead’s head looked around the room.

"Jonas, could you finish off here, I need to go and ask Major Carter something."

"Okay, not a problem."

Shelley practically ran out of the lab, in search of her blonde lover. Jonas' head cocked side ways watching as Shelley disappeared around the corner. He had been right in his assessment of the way she looked yesterday, she looked hot and not because of the heat.

Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter stood by the dhd, having just accepting another load of supplies from the base. Two of the fans they had sent yesterday had broken down and had to be sent back for repair. Sam leant over the dhd, feeling lightheaded thanks to the blazing sun.

"You okay, Carter?" O'Neill asked.

"Yeah, I..."

She turned back, face to face with her C.O. He looked at her strangely. For the last ten minutes he had watched her, picking up supplies, feeling the heat between them. He had been slightly affected by the affects of the heat too.

"Carter," he said. "Has anyone ever told you that you've got beautiful eyes?”

Without even thinking about it, Sam burst out laughing.

"I'm sorry, was that a pass?"

"Wasn't it a good one?" Jack asked.

Carter shook her head slowly.

"Not really Sir."

"How about this."

He leaned forward, pressing his body against the major's. As he moved closer, Sam's head pulled back. The colonel's lips brushed against hers as she resisted his kiss. But it was too late. Sam looked behind the colonel, seeing Shelley standing behind them in shock.

"Shelley...." Sam said.

The redhead stared at the scene in front of her, her heart pounding. How could she do this? She turned quickly, running back into the safety of the building. Sam pushed Jack out of the way, who was still unsure why the major was running after his sister.

"SHELLEY," she shouted.

Shelley raced into the building, nearly knocking down Effan over.


But she was gone before he could finish. Sam burst through the doors after her.

"Effan have you seen...."

His hand rose, pointing in the direction Shelley had ran in. Sam began to slow, knowing that the only route of escape for Shelley was out of the door behind her. As she got nearer to their temporary quarters, Sam could hear the whirl of the fans coming from inside. Sam opened the door, seeing Shelley across the room at her desk.

"Shelley, it's not what you think."

"I don't want to hear it Sam."

The redhead turned seeing Sam panting in the doorway after her run. The sweat pouring down her face. Shelley couldn't help but be turned on by what she saw. Seeing her hot and sweaty always made her horny and her wearing those shorts weren't helping. The blonde moved towards her slowly. Shelley could see that the sweat had made Sam's hair slick back. Finally she stopped in front of her, breathing slower than when she entered.

"He made a pass Shelley. I didn't encourage him."

"I don't want to know. I thought I...."

"What?" Sam asked.

Shelley's head lowered, her anger slowly subsiding.

"I thought I was the only one."

Sam's hand reached down, lifting up Shelley’s chin, staring deeply into her eyes.

"You are." She whispered seductively.

Sam's naked thigh brushed up against Shelley's sharing the heat between them. How could Shelley be angry when she made her feel like that?

"You're mine." Sam said. "You're mine. I don't need anyone else but you."

Shelley breathed heavily, trying to breathe in as much of the substance that was being pumped though the ventilation as she could. But having Sam that close, she really didn't need it that much.

"Then show me."

Sam smiled, moving closer to her love. For two days Shelley had worn her hair up in a ponytail but Sam had seen it down around her shoulder. Her hand reached up, pulling out the band, letting it cascade around the redhead’s shoulders.

“Beautiful,” she said.

She traced Shelley’s lips with her tongue, groaning in appreciation as the redhead let her in. They shared a deep, wet kiss making them both wet with arousal. Sam’s hand slipped under Shelley’s vest, feeling the sweat drip down her back. The vest was soaking, as was Sam’s, both clinging tightly to their bodies. Both kept up the heated kisses as Shelley ran her fingers through Sam’s hair. Their tongues fought against each other, playing an erotic game of cat and mouse. Shelley felt her panties dampening and not because of the heat, just the heat between her legs. Sam’s hand moved up, feeling for Shelley’s breast, realizing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She cupped the soft mound in her hand, tracing the nipple with her thumb. The redhead groaned. Sam writhed against her, still kissing, rubbing her leg against Shelley’s. Finally they parted, dizzy with breathless panting and Sam lifted up Shelley’s top over her head, throwing it on to the floor. The kissing resumed, short, quick, deep kisses.

“Mmm, you’re playful,” Shelley said.

“And don’t tell me you don’t love it?” Sam asked, making the redhead giggle.

The blonde’s hand lowered, peeling off Shelley’s shorts and panties, realizing that she had taken her boots off when she had come into the room. Which made it easier for Shelley to kick them away. Sam could feel the redhead’s heat pressed against her body. Shelley’s hand followed Sam’s lead, disappearing under her lovers vest. Sam’s playful kisses increased, sucking on the top lip, then the bottom, licking them, teasing Shelley. Her hand lowered into Sam’s shorts feeling the soft curve of her ass, forcing her closer and the shorts down. She ran her hand up and down the bare flesh, wanting more. Kisses were long and deep as the heat began to take its toll on both of them.

“I want you,” Sam groaned.

Shelley pulled back, staring at her as she pulled the blonde’s top off unable to stop staring at the sight in front of her. It wasn’t the first time she’d seen Sam naked but there was something burning inside her that made the sight look so more pleasing to her eyes. The redhead cupped both mounds making Sam groan widely in her ear. Sam leaned forward, licking Shelley’s lips, forcing her lips to part. She thrust her tongue into her mouth, tasting her love. Sam loved how this woman tasted. Her mouth trailed down Shelley’s throat making the woman purr in pleasure as her thigh ground against her wet heat. She licked the sweet sweat from Shelley’s breast as she ran her tongue around the erect nipple, sucking, nibbling on it. Sam moved further down the redhead’s body, in search of what she desired.

“No, no Sam,” Shelley groaned. “Not here.”

The blonde looked up, desire and lust making way for bitter disappointment.

“The bed?”

Shelley nodded furiously.


Sam stood up, grabbing hold of Shelley’s hand. She leaned in for a deep kiss, moving them towards one of the available cots. They continued to kiss as Shelley sat down on it, never breaking the kiss. Hands roamed over aroused, hot flesh. Their sweaty bodies pressed up against each other. Shelley dragged herself up on to the head of the cot, falling back onto the pillow behind her. Sam had already worked her magic on the top half of Shelley's body, now it was time to work on her lower lips.

“It’s so hot,” Shelley said.

Sam gazed down at Shelley’s sex, gently running her finger along the outer lips.

“You’re not kidding.”

“It’s your fault, you do this to me.”

“There’s no one else but you.”

Shelley’s head rose, looking down at the blonde between her legs.

“No more talking Sam, pleeeezze,” Shelley panted. “No more talking.”

Sam smiled, lowering her head towards Shelley’s inner thighs, licking the stray moisture that dripped down. The redhead groaned, wanting her to move further up. Shelley ran her fingers through Sam’s wet hair, making her move. Her tongue snaked out, licking the soft curls above the now erect clit.


Jack shook his head; not understanding why Sam had ran after his sister. From the way Shelley had bolted from the situation it was clear that something was wrong. He turned back from the dhd and headed back to the building in search of his sister.


Sam licked around every inch, avoiding the sensitive nub, trying not to bring Shelley too close too soon. She wanted to see her enjoy first. Shelley’s body began to writhe under her and Sam’s hand reached up, cupping Shelley firm breast in her hand, playing with the nipple.

The heat between her own legs increased, she couldn’t wait to be on the receiving end of Shelley’s hot, talented tongue.


Jonas dropped the beaker on the floor of the lab he and Shelley had been sharing for the last two days.

“Dammit!” He shouted. “I’m not cut out for this.”

He turned slowly after throwing the broken pieces into a nearby bin, and went in search of his lab partner.


With her spare hand, Sam licked three of her fingers, watching Shelley’s face with delight as she slid them into her dripping pussy. Sam rose upwards, meeting with Shelley’s lips, her tongue as her body began to shake. They kissed deeply as her fingers thrusted harder, quicker. Their bodies rubbed against each other, hot and sweaty.

“Make me cum Sam, make me cum.”

With her fingers deep inside Shelley’s throbbing pussy, the pad of Sam’s thumb began rubbing against her erect clit.

The door behind them was open slightly as Sam had forgot to close it properly when she had followed Shelley inside. ‘He’ stood in the doorway, watching in shock. He couldn’t believe this was happening.

Shelley was falling, deeply into the moment and there was no way to crawl back, not that she wanted too. Sam knew she was close and waited a moment before she began to thrust harder. Shelley began to shake as it ripped through her body.

“Yeeeeeeees,” Shelley screamed.

Sam slowly removed her fingers, letting Shelley watch as she licked them clean. The continued to kiss as Shelley’s orgasm began to subside. Finally she let her up for breath.

“The only one Shelley, the only one,” Sam said.

Shelley smiled, wrapping her arms around the blonde, kissing her forehead.


Jonas, Colonel O’Neill, Teal’c and Sam waited for Shelley to finish packing up her gear.

“She’s always late.” Jack said.

“Give her a break Sir,” Sam said. “She has been sick.”

He looked across at the major, slightly embarrassed by his earlier actions, and then turned away.

“Yeah, well….”

Shelley finally appeared, taking her last case from Effan’s hand.

“Thank you.”

He smiled warmly, bowing his head.

“It has been a pleasure to meet you. I hope your illness hasn’t not damaged your opinion of our people.”

Shelley shook her head slowly, chancing a quick glance at Sam.

“No it hasn’t. Despite the heat, I’ve enjoyed myself.”

“Then I hope you will come back, someday.”

The redhead nodded.

“I’m sure I will,” she said, smiling at Effan.

“Shall we go?” The colonel said.

Everyone nodded. Sam stood behind Jonas, Teal’c and Colonel O’Neill, walking towards the gate with Shelley. One of them turned, seeing their intimate conversation. He still couldn’t believe what he’d seen. He never thought that either of them were like ‘that’. But what was he going to do? Would he confront them or wait…?

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