Title: Blind Date

BY: Major Sam

EMAIL: funky_chicken88@hotmail.com

Rating: NC17

Pairings: Sam/Shelley

Date: 20/10/04

Series: Alternate Realities

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There were certain things in her life that she had accepted pretty early on. One that she and her father would never get on. Two, that she would always have a closer relationship with her brother because of reason number one. But number three, had always made her the most confused. Even though she had learned to accept it. That she fancied women as much as she did men.

Shelley sat in the commissary, picking at the ice cream that had melted an age ago. Her friends had moved into town a few weeks ago and were having a little house warming party. But a house warming with a difference. It was more like, a singles mixer. And she was there new pet project. Shelley had spoken with Mindy a few hours ago and had tried to worm her way out of it. But Mindy had been more than insistent that she attended. Shelley had been even shyer around women that she had been with men. Certain men, she was comfortable around. Well only one of late. That had ended when he had left the SGC.

Shelley lifted the spoon to her mouth and licked off the ice cream. Her eyes looked up, seeing someone standing at the edge of her table, holding a bowl of blue jello.

‘Hey Shelley." Sam said as she sat down on the chair in front of her friend.

Shelley had been at the SGC for nearly three years now and got on with everyone, including Sam Carter. But there was just something she couldn't explain. Most of the time she felt as though she was missing out on things. There was closeness between her colleagues that she could never be apart of. Especially where Sam was concerned.

'Where you been the last few days, I haven't seen you around?' Sam asked.

Shelley lowered her spoon and shook her head.

'Yeah. I was on a mission with SG7 for a few days. It's kept me pretty busy.'

Sam nodded, awkwardly. She found it hard to talk to Shelley. They didn't have that much in common apart from work. Even if their work occasionally crossed. Sam still didn't know how to talk to her. When Shelley first arrived, everyone treated her like the s.i.c's little sister and not a person with their own personality and ideas. Everyone that is apart from Sam. Maybe that's why it was difficult to talk to her.

'You got any plans for the weekend?' she managed to ask.

The redhead nodded slowly.

'Yeah, a friend of mines having a party and I’m being forced to go.' Shelley said. 'Jack even brought me this stupid dress to wear.'

Sam smiled and giggled to herself.

'The Colonel doesn’t seem the kind of man who'd have any taste in women's clothes at all.'

'He doesn't. I took it back and brought something I did like. But definitely not a dress. I'm not a dress kind of woman. I prefer skirts, especially if it's....'

Shelley made herself stop before she finished off her sentence.

'If it's what....' Sam asked.

'It doesn't matter.' Shelley said smiling.

Shelley looked at her friend as she took a spoonful of blue jello into her mouth.

'Now I know why there's never one of them when I want one. You've eaten them all.'

'I can't help it,' Sam said with a mouthful of jello. 'I like sweet tasting things.'

The redhead blushed slightly. She too liked sweet tasting things.

'Then you should try vanilla and chocolate fudge ice cream. It's like having an orgasm with every mouthful.'

'I should definitely try it then.' Sam said.

They sat for half an hour, managing to find more interesting things to talk about than ice cream and blue jello. Although, Shelley's mind wandered on to those subject as she sat talking to Sam.


Shelley had got to Mindy's house well before the other guests were due to arrive. Mindy wanted help with the decorations. Her girlfriend Janice wasn't really interested in getting their house decorated. She was much more interested in making sure there was enough to drink. Especially for Shelley. Both of her friends knew how much fun Shell was when she was drunk and how much she came out of her shell, so to speak.

'So who's coming to this thing, tonight?' Shelley asked.

Shell was standing in the kitchen, mixing the latest batch of punch. Very alcoholic and very much the kind that makes people open up. Mindy shook her head.

'I've no idea.'

Mindy was about the same age as Shelley, around 30 years old, pretty, blonde, about 5ft 6in. The kind of women Shelley would go for if she weren’t her friend or in a serious relationship with one of her best friends.

'Janice made up the guest list. I just licked all the invites.'

'If I remember, that wasn't all you licked that night, sweetie.' Janice said as she entered the kitchen.

Mindy was in the living room, adding the finishing touches to the tables. Shelley laughed. She loved being around her friend. She felt relaxed and comfortable. Not at all like she did when she was at work. She did love her job and the people she worked with. But most, except for Jack knew about her sexuality and she didn't want it advertised all over the base. Even though she wasn't military, she was still worried that she'd been dismissed.

'So, who is invited, anyway?' Mindy asked.

Janice poured another bottle of gin into the punch bowl.

'Some friends from work. There is this great girl Shell. She'd be perfect for you hun.'

'I thought this wasn't a blind date?' Shelley asked.

'It's not. I just think the two of you would hit it off.'

Shelley sighed, deeply.

'Come on. You're worse than my brother,' she whispered.

'We just want you to be happy Shell. We know you've been a bit lonely since that friend of yours left town.'

It had been nearly two years since she'd found herself without the other man in her life that made her feel that she was worth anything. But he'd been gone for so long now.

'I know I haven't dated much lately. I've been busy.'

'Yeah,' Mindy said. 'This job that keeps you away for days and works strange hours. I'm surprised you're even here tonight.'

'So am I.' Shelley quipped.

It wasn't a big surprise to Shelley that most of the women Mindy and Janice had picked out for her were brunettes. There were her preferred type; except for the little crush she used to have on Mindy.

The woman, Catherine, Janice had tried to set her up with turned out to be the most boring woman on the planet. But nice. Shelley just didn’t see the attraction there. She wanted something exciting, something full of passion with a hint of forbidden longing. Not that it had ever happened to her and doubtful that it ever would. That just never happened to her.

There were just so many people around, getting on that she felt left out. She stood in the living room, watching as everyone got on with each other. Mindy and Janice had left a few minutes ago, sneaking into their bedrooms for a little r and r before the party really got started. Deep down, Shelley wanted what they had. So much in love and so full of passion that made for incredible sex.

An hour after the party started, people were still arriving, fashionably late just as Mindy loved.

Catherine saw that Shelley was alone and moved across the room to talk to her. Shelley stood on the spot. Too tired and weary to want to move and start another new conversation with someone else. For the mean time, this felt safe and comfortable and totally lacking in excitement, passion and forbidden longing.

'So, do you work here in Colorado?' Catherine asked.

Shelley nodded.

'Yeah I do. But I worked in Washington for a few years before I was transferred here.'

'What kind of work is it you do?'

'I'm a botanist and a computer systems analyst.'

'How do those go together?' Catherine asked.

The redhead shook her head, slowly.

'They don't. I did majored in botany first and then got my degree in computer science.'

'You must be very intelligent.'

'Not as much as some of the people I work with.' Shelley added.

Catherine's smile got wider as she leaned in. She brushed back a strand of hair behind Shelley's ears.

'You're very beautiful Shelley.'

'Thank you.'

'Why don't we, find somewhere more private to get to know each other.'

'Erm... well..'

Shelley's eyes looked up as she noticed her enter the house. She couldn't believe it was her. What was she doing there? Catherine looked around, seeing the tall blonde standing a few feet in front of them, looking at Shelley.

'Typical,' she muttered. 'Always interested in blondes.'

Shelley didn't even notice her walk away; she just kept looking at Sam. Yeah, Sam Carter had walked into her life. Her world. The world that was separate from work and everything else. The world she chose to keep private.

'Shelley!' Sam said as she moved closer.


Shelley's hands began to shake. How was she going to explain this?

'Hey. If I’d have known you were coming I would have given you a lift.'

Shelley found herself laughing through the embarrassment. Sam smiled at her, softly.

'She seemed nice.' Sam said.

'Well, I’m not really....'

Sam looked at her, more deeply than before.

'It's okay. You don't have to pretend Shell. I kind of figured it out. It’s pretty obvious. I think most people here are… gay.’ Sam said.

Shelley’s face reddened further and found it difficult to laugh this time.

‘I just don’t like to talk about my private life.’

‘Me either.’

‘And I never said I was gay.’

‘That’s right. I remember you went out with Daniel for a while.’

Both of them eased into a comfortable conversation, finally finding it easier this time to talk than they had been able to do at lunch that afternoon. They talked about so much in such a short space of time. Fearing that they needed to pack everything in before they went to work the next day. Then they would slip back into the uncomfortable silence and small talk.

Shelley looked at Sam differently for a moment. Not as a friend but as a possible love interest. It was a stupid notion. How could a beautiful woman like Samantha Carter be interested in a computer geek like her?

The continued to talk, under Mindy’s watchful eye. The woman smiled to her self as their body language began to show what they were feeling. Sam laughed lightly at a stupid joke Shelley made and ran her hand up and down the redhead’s bare arm. Shelley smiled at the touch, her face blushing for a moment. Their eyes locked together and neither spoke for a few seconds.

‘Sam, there you are.’ Janice said, butting in.

Sam turned around slowly, seeing Janice standing behind them, trying to drag her away from Shelley.

‘I have the perfect guy for you.’

‘Well actually, I….’

‘Come on. It’s why you’re here. And he’s gorgeous.’

Shelley sighed heavily at seeing Sam being led away. Sam turned back, one more time to look at Shelley. There was a look of disappointment on her face and being ripped away.

Shelley sulked back into the kitchen where Mindy caught up with her, unable to contain herself any longer.

‘The two of you seemed pretty cosy.’ Mindy said.

Shelley smiled and nodded.

‘Me and Sam, yeah.’

‘You looked like you knew each other.’

‘We do. We work together.’

‘Now she knows about you.’

‘I guess so.’ Shelley said.

Something clicked inside her head and she turned around to face Mindy. A sudden realization hitting her.

‘How do you know her?’ Shelley asked.

‘A friend of a friend of a friend of Janice’s.’

‘Oh. And you’re setting her up with a guy. Damn my luck.’

Shelley hissed as she moved out of the kitchen and out into the back garden.

The redhead emerged twenty minutes later having been driven out of the garden by Catherine. Her conversation about her butterfly collection made her squirm. She hated butterflies.

She stood in the middle of the living room, her eyes scanning everyone, searching for someone in particular. Someone she’d found herself thinking about all night. Even though it was unexpected, Shelley couldn’t deny that she was attracted to Sam. She was only human and one who fancied women too.

Shelley heard the beat of a very erotic song fill the house. It made her want to dance. But no one else was dancing and she didn’t want everyone to look at her. Even if the rhythm of the song was making her very aroused. She sat down on the sofa and watched everyone chatting. Her eyes landed on Sam who was standing in the corner of the room, chatting to the guy Janice had tried to set her up with. The redhead’s eyes drifted up and down her legs.  Her comment earlier that morning about her being more of a skirt woman than a dress woman was so true. Especially now, seeing that skirt on Sam Carter.

Sam turned her head slowly, seeing Shelley looking at her, and smiled back. Her conversation was just as boring as her friend’s had been with Catherine the butterfly catcher.

The major began to creep away slowly.

‘Look there’s someone I really have to talk to. It’s been… fun.’ Sam said, making her escape.

The guy looked as though he’d been kicked in the groin at being turned down. He just wasn’t used to that kind of thing happening.

Sam placed herself on the sofa next to Shelley.

‘Lets get out of here. If I have to hear one more story or one more quip about how hot women look in uniform’s, they’ll have to refer me to Dr McKenzie.’

Shelley laughed. The kind of laugh that most women did when they were flirting. Or in this case, trying too. She was an absolute hopeless flirter.

‘Come on Shell, he’s boring me to death. And he ate the last blue jello, Shell, the last blue jello.’

Sam buried her head in Shelley’s shoulder. The redhead bent her head to look at her. It felt nice, having her practically sitting in her lap, her head on her shoulder. And she smelt SO good.

Shelley’s hand made an involuntary movement and ran down the blonde’s back. Sam looked up quickly and pulled back.

‘What do you say, we get out of here?’ Sam asked again, smiling.

She caught Shelley’s flushed face and stood up.

‘I have just the thing.’

Shelley was curious as to what Sam had in mind. But she stood and followed her to the front door of her friend’s house.

Mindy was in the kitchen, watching them both, giggling to herself. A hand appeared on her shoulder and a kiss on her cheek made her turn.

‘Where are they going?’ Janice asked.

Mindy turned and smiled.

‘Where do you think?’

She gave her girl friend a knowing glance and watched the expression change on her face.

‘Go Shelley!!!’


Shelley's car pulled up outside the 7/11 and Sam disappeared inside.

Shelley sat in the car, not exactly sure why they had stopped there on her way home. Shelley had agreed to take Sam home but had to make a stop off first.

After a few minutes, Sam emerged from the shop and got back into the car. There was a brown bag in her hand and she handed it to Shelley as she clipped back on her seatbelt.

‘What’s this?’ Shelley asked.

‘Take a look. You did say I should try something more sweet.’ Sam said.

Shelley opened the bag and lifted out the container. Her lips smiled and she laughed.

‘Vanilla and chocolate fudge ice cream!’ she stated.

‘I thought being as you suggested it. I thought it was only fair of me to share it with you.’

The redhead smiled and opened up the lid. She dunked in her finger and scooped out a bit and took it into her mouth.

‘It’s so good.’

Sam watched her take another finger to her mouth and lick off the ice cream. The evening had already begun to take a rather unexpected but fascinating twist.

Shelley moved closer, offering one of her fingers to Sam. Now she was definitely getting better at flirting.

The blonde accepted it willingly. Her lips wrapped over the digit and Shelley slid it in further. Sam’s tongue ran over it slowly, taking all the ice cream off.

‘Mmmm, doesn’t that taste, good?’ Shelley breathed out, slowly.

Sam took hold of Shelley’s hand and slowly removed her finger.

‘You were right. I’ve never tasted anything so sweet.’ Sam said.

Shelley closed her legs, trying to ease the heat beginning to build within her. She had no idea what was happening. But the signs were all there. Sam wanted to leave the party early, and with her. Then there was stopping off for ice cream. Sure it was a very girly thing to do. But licking ice cream off her finger. That was just too erotic to come to only one conclusion.


The blonde stood underneath her front porch light, holding the remainder of the vanilla and chocolate fudge ice cream. Shelley stood directly in front of her, the lighting shining off her red hair.

‘Thank you for introducing me to the ice cream! I’ll make sure that the chef orders some tomorrow.’ Sam said.

Shelley smiled.

‘It’s my pleasure. I told you it was the sweetest thing you’d ever taste in your whole life,’ she said.

Sam moved closer, so close she could practically feel Shelley’s heart pounding.

‘I wouldn’t say that. The ice cream wasn’t the only thing I wanted to taste.’


Shelley felt like she was on fire... her lips tangled with Sam's as they moved through the hallway.

Her hands roamed everywhere, wanting to touch every part of her.

'Sam...are you sure you want this?  We... we can... stop..' Shelley murmured.

Shelley vaguely heard something crash onto the floor as she felt the hard cabinet at her back, signalling Sam's answer, but she didn't care, and it seemed neither did Sam, because the blonde didn't even stop to see what it was.

Her hands drifted down to Shelley's thighs, lifting one leg around her waist. The redhead groaned, trying to pull Sam's top out of her skirt. Shelley pushed Sam around, stumbling forward, Sam stumbling back, both of them spinning around until Shelley once again had her back against something, something that she was relieved to discover was Sam's bedroom door, when the blondes hand slipped past her to turn the handle, sending them both stumbling in at such a rate that they didn't stop till they crashed onto the bed, lips finally forced apart by the shear need for oxygen.  Sam's eyes were dark with passion, and Shelley could see her own need reflected in them... Sam looked stunning, her lips kiss swollen, and her hair carelessly messed up where Shelley had frantically run her fingers through it.

"You look beautiful." she told Sam, and meant it.

Shelley had never seen a more beautiful sight in her whole life. Sam Carter, kneeling on her bed, trying to get her skirt off before she decided she couldn't go through with this.

Sam pulled Shelley towards her by the rim of her skirt having managed to successfully deprive her of her blouse earlier as they made their way to the bedroom and pushed her onto the bed. Now she lay beneath her, in matching purple bra and panties.

'So sexy.' Sam cooed.

She leaned over, hooking her fingers in the straps of the delicate lace panties and pulled them down, quickly. Shelley lifted her ass, letting them go without resistance.

Sam kneeled between her legs, letting the redheads roam her body. She'd wriggled out of her skirt practically from the moment they'd entered the house, knowing where this was headed. Shelley's heart pounded and her face was flushed. She looked up at Sam who was looking down on her, that lust in her eyes she had seen when they'd kissed in the hallway.

The major unclasped her bra and let her lover see the rest of her body.

'WOW.' Shelley said, drooling.

'Down girl.'

Shelley giggled. Sam covered her body against Shelley's and kissed her deeply, thoroughly, letting her hands glide over the redhead's body. She parted Shelley's thighs, finding her way to her wet heat.


The blonde moved from her lips and moved further down Shelley's body. Now her breathing grew harder as lips kissed her thighs. She raised her hips to meet Sam's lips. Shelley rode against Sam's mouth, gripping the bed sheet with her fingers.

'Yeeeessss, thank god.... You've done this before.' she groaned, happily.

She was getting closer, and rested one hand on Sam's head.

Shelley was moaning, uncontrollably, unable to think about nothing more than having Sam get her off quickly and she wasn't disappointed. In a matter of seconds, the redhead screamed out Sam's name into the room, her body convulsing, in ripple after ripple of pleasure that was surging through her body.

Sam's body rose, her eyes looking at her, still needing her....


Next Morning

Shelley stood in the kitchen of her lover, unaware that Sam was standing behind her. The blonde’s arms hugged her tightly, her hands slowly slipping under the short blue silk robe that she had brought a few days ago. Shelley moaned lightly, sliding into her as Sam swept away the hair and kissed the back of her neck. Shelley shivered at the kiss.


“Morning.” Shelley replied.

She turned in the blonde’s arms, meeting with her lips, sharing a deep kiss.

“I should get ready, I’m going to be late for work!’

Sam looked at the clock above them and shook her head.

“No, that’s not for another hour. And I,” Sam said, her hand reaching down, untying the straps of Shelley’s robe. “…Can think of something much, much more interesting to do till then.”

The redhead smiled. Sam looked down seeing Shelley’s soft full breast’s under the robe as she opened it further. Sliding in her hand around her waist she pulled her close for a deep searing kiss. Shelley moaned into Sam’s mouth as the blonde forced her back to the counter. The robe fell open fully, and Shelley couldn’t see why she was the only one who was half naked and playfully ripped open Sam’s robe. Sam moaned at feeling Shelley’s warm hands running all over her body. God, she couldn’t get enough of this woman. Without warning, Sam lifted Shelley up onto the counter, letting the redhead’s legs grip her waist, making her grin widen. Her hand’s moved higher, cupping Shelley’s rounded flesh.

Shelley’s legs rubbed up and down Sam’s back, rubbing against her ass. Her hand caressed both side of the blonde’s face, bringing her in for a deeper kiss. They finally broke, both panting heavily. The lust grew in both of their eyes, wanting more. Sam pulled her closer, her lips making a trail down her neck. Shelley groaned in appreciation increasing her grip around her lover. One hand kneed her breast as Sam continued to kiss her neck. Shelley felt as though her body was on fire and having her robe dangling off her didn’t seem to be helping. She knew the reason why she felt like this, because of the gorgeous blonde standing between her legs, torturing her, making her more and more horny for such an early morning. But something made Sam stop, made both of them stop.

Their heads turned, hearing Sam’s cell phone ringing in her jacket pocket, which she had flung on the floor the night before.

‘Damn, where is it.’ Sam said.

Sam looked around the room, searching for her cell phone. She found it in her jacket, near the front door. Shelley appeared from behind her, wrapping her arms around her.

Sam broke free, her face pale as she saw the caller id on her phone.

‘It’s… it’s the colonel.’ Sam said, pressing her hand against the phone.

‘So, he can’t see I’m here, Sam.’

‘Oh yeah, that’s right.’

Sam sat on the edge of the nearest sofa and answered the call.

‘Hello. Sorry sir, I broke my phone last night. Right away? Yes sir, half an hour.’ Sam said.

Shelley knelt on the floor between Sam’s legs, gently opening the blonde’s robe. She leaned in, kissing her neck. Sam had to switch her phone to her other hand to avoid any unnecessary noise drifting down the phone.

‘Is it urgent, sir?’ Sam asked, her free hand pushed Shelley’s robe off her shoulders.

Shelley wriggled out of it, letting it fall on the floor behind her. She giggled and was nearly tempted to whisper hello down the phone to her brother.

‘I’ll be there as soon as I can.’

And Sam switched off her phone.

‘Which will be in an hour,’ Shelley added, taking the phone off her and pushing her back onto the chair.


When Shelley had tried to start her car, she found that her battery was flat. Because she'd left her car lights on all. She was only supposed to drop Sam off and then leave. But it obviously didn't turn out like that.

Sam dropped Shelley off at her apartment for a change of clothes. Shelley went inside, still feeling unsure about what was going to happen next.

When Sam had pulled up outside, Shelley had tried to kiss her and she backed off. And Shelley ended up kissing her cheek. Only an hour ago they were having sex in the blonde's shower. All heat and passion hung over from the night before.

Shelley checked her answer phone message before she called the base for a car to pick her up. There was no way she would have been allowed to take a cab. One message was from her father, which took her totally by surprise. They hadn't talked in over a year, since her move from DC to Colorado Springs. It was then she'd told him about her sexuality. And his re-action hadn't been one she wished to relive. The other was from Jack about the fore-mentioned call. He'd had one too, calling to ask about how Shelley was doing. And another from Mindy, wanting to know about what happened after Shelley and Sam left the party. But it was all going to have to wait, cause she was late for work.


Shelley stood outside in the corridor, watching Sam working quietly. The blonde's mind seemed to wonder for a moment.

'Hi, gorgeous.' Shelley said, wrapping her arms around the major.

Sam pulled away, trying to distance herself.

'What's wrong? You didn't seem to mind earlier.'

'That was earlier. We're at work now. We can't do that here.'

'Do what here.'

A voice asked, puzzled from behind them. They turned, seeing Jack in the doorway. Shelley struggled to come up with an answer that wouldn't expose them. But couldn't think of anything, except.

'Goof off,' Shelley said. 'Sam thinks I shouldn't take off early.'

'Well Carter's right. Don't do that Shell. Now lets go. You're late as usual.'

'Yes sir!' Shelley said, with a sarcastic tone in her voice that made her brother smile instead of the usual O'Neill scowl.

Jack turned and left them as quickly as he had arrived.

'Look, Sam. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.'

Sam sighed.

'It's okay. We'll talk about it later.'


Shelley wasn't sure what they had to talk about. Something was definitely bothering Sam. Was she having second thoughts about them?

The briefing was a post-mission briefing for SG1's last mission, which Shelley had been a part of, in a very small role. She sat next to Sam, finding it hard not to touch her. Her hand hovered about the major’s leg. Sam turned to glance at her and smiled, the smallest smile.

The briefing was boring and made Sam's mind wander to the night before and how she'd been overcome with lust. On the way to the bedroom, she'd pushed Shelley against the cabinet where she kept her phone. Now it lay in the bin, in pieces after it smashed onto the ground. Sam had never felt anything like that before. Not even with guys. She'd only slept with a few women, including Shelley, which had been incredible. But there was one thing, just one thing she hadn't been comfortable with and that's why she had backed off in the lab earlier.


Out of her entire work she did, being a botanist wasn't that great. But since joining the SGC she had come across several new species that just her head explode at the possible uses and medical properties they could hold.

Two days ago she'd been at the Alpha site, upgrading sites computer systems. And had managed to survey the surrounding areas whilst she was on her break. She'd just picked random flowers and taken soil samples. Nothing much of interest.

Shelley was now sorting them whilst she'd tried to keep her mind off Sam. The small matter of wriggling out of her hug and back off had rattled her. All sorts of stupid thoughts running around in her head. This morning, things had been great. They'd woken up in each other’s arms, all warm and cosy. Not really wanting to get up. Then Sam had fallen asleep and Shelley had seized her chance to make some breakfast.

What had changed in a few short hours?

She stared at the screen on her laptop, her eyes getting blurry and her mind still unsure.

'Your eyes are gonna go square looking at that thing all day.'

The voice was instantly recognisable as her brothers. Her head looked up and the frown grew on her face.

'You don't think square eyes would be a good look for me?' she asked.

'Huh huh,' Jack mumbled, shaking his head.

'Well, it must be something else then. Cause I seem to have no luck lately.'

Jack perched himself on a stool next to his sister, not entirely sure what she was talking about. But he'd known her for 32 years and not understanding her was nothing new.

'What are you talking about, Shell?' Jack asked.

Shelley stood off her stool and paced her very tiny lab.

'I met an incredible woman last night. I've known her for a while, but.. '

'Last night something happened?' Jack finished.

The redhead nodded, blushing in front of her brother.

'Oh yeah. I drove her home and it was... it was the kind of sex when you have to have each other and you don't care. It was so crazy that when we crashed through the hall, we smashed her phone on the floor.'

Jack's eyebrows rose slightly, doing his best impersonation of Teal'c.

'But this morning when she dropped me home, I tried to kiss her, she backed off. An hour before we were having sex in her shower, incredible sex. And I mean, incredible. It was nice to finally have someone know what they were doing and not those naive 20 something’s I usually go for when I go out. She made me feel something..'


'That this could be it. That she could be the one.'

Jack followed his sister, making her stop pacing for a moment.

'She must be special.'

Shelley smiled.

A figure stood in the hallway, smiling and turned and walked away….


Shelley didn’t see Sam for the rest of the day, hearing that she went home earlier to work. Shelley desperately wanted to see her. To ask her why she’d rejected her earlier.  But Shelley didn’t want to push her. If nothing came of their night and morning together, then she would have to move on.

Her apartment was half an hour away from the base and she’d asked a driver to drop her off because her car still hadn’t been fixed.

Shelley loved her apartment, two bedrooms and a study. The best the SGC could afford. When she first arrived, she’d been a bit lonely. Despite having Jack around as often as he could, it still wasn’t enough to cure her lonesome blues. So she decided to get a cat. When she first saw him at the cattery, she’d just simply said ‘hello kitty.’ So the name just stuck, Kitty. Kitty cat, Shelley thought it was very cute.

She kicked off her shoes and placed them by the door. Instantly, Kitty began to fuss around her feet, brushing up against her legs. A little bundle of black and white fluff.

‘Hey you. Guess your hungry after last night. Let’s see what we can find then.’

She bent down, picking up the cat in her arms as they moved from the living room to the kitchen.

Her apartment was filled with photos and nicnaks. Several photos were scattered around. Photos of her family and one of her most treasured pictures. The only one of her mother, her father hadn’t destroyed when she’d die. Shelley was only five years old when she died and she had little to remind Shelley of her.

Then there was the usual stuff, pictures of her and Jack when she was younger. She’d lived with him from the ages of 5 to 11. There were also pictures of Jack, Charlie and Sarah. And even one of Sg1, taken informally of course. Every time Shelley saw Teal’c in that cowboy hat, she would just smile.

Shelley dropped Kitty on the kitchen counter and searched for the last tin of cat food. Bit it was gone.

‘I’m sure you had a tin left, kitty.’

The cat looked up at her and began to purr softly. Shelley looked down at his bowl, seeing that it was half empty.

It was a quarter full when she had left for work that morning and she’d forgotten to feed him.

‘Have you been helping yourself,’ she asked. ‘Oh well! You’ve got enough until tomorrow.’

She picked Kitty off the county and placed him at his bowl, who tucked in happily.

Shelley made herself a snack and decided that it was best if she relaxed in the bedroom. It meant she could veg out in front of the television, because it was bigger than the one in her living room. She loved to just fall asleep in front of it.

First of all she wanted to have a shower and put on something silky and sexy. Which made her keep thinking about Sam. Why hadn’t she called?

She opened the door to her bedroom. The room glowed with candles on every available surface, including her bedside tables.

‘Well that’s something you don’t see everyday,’ Shelley commented. ‘A half naked air force major lying on your bed.’

Sam lay on Shelley’s bed, wearing a light pink, baby doll with a pink ribbon tying it together.  Shelley didn’t even  try and ask her how she got into her apartment. And realised that it must have been her who had fed Kitty.

‘What are you doing here?’ Shelley asked, moving towards her.

‘Why do you think? After last night, I want more. I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day.’

Shelley shook her head as she sat on the edge of the bed.

‘But this morning, you practically pushed me away.’

‘Because we were at work! If someone saw us, you could have gotten fired and I’d be court marshalled.’

‘So when we’re not at work…’

Sam looked at her, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed. Shelley’s eyes roamed over the blondes half naked body. Her hand reached out, running along Sam’s bare leg. It slipped under the think garment to her waist.

‘Shelley.’ Sam groaned.

The redhead’s other hand, reached up, brushing Sam’s hair behind her ear. She moved closer, her lips opening, seeking out the blondes. Shelley’s tongue, traced Sam’s lips, before entering the warmness of her mouth. The kiss was softer than the kisses of the night before. Neither feeling the need to rush.

Sam fell back onto the bed, bringing down Shelley with her, lips still locked together. Finally, they broke free, panting heavily. Sam pulled the t-shirt that Shelley was wearing up over her head and managed to unclasp the hooks. She deprived her of her skirt soon after and smiled as Shelley, pulled down her own panties. Although Sam never took her eyes off her for one second! She wrapped her arms around Shelley’s neck and pulled her closer to her, covering her body. Their breasts rubbed against each other and Shelley felt Sam’s hands, everywhere.

Shelley leaned back on her heels and untied the straps of Sam’s lingerie.

‘So beautiful.’

Sam blushed, her face turning a little red. Shelley pushed open the garment, getting the full view of Sam’s body. Shelley had failed to see the matching pink bra and panties that had lay underneath the skimpy over garment. The bra being gone in a moment.

Her body leaned over and Shelley kissed the blonde’s stomach as her hands parted her thighs. A wet tongue entered her naval. Sam rested both hands on Shelley’s head, running her fingers through her hair and pulling the redheads hair back.

Sam had never felt anything quite like this before. Not even with her previous female lovers. Shelley wanted to tease her, make her beg for it a little.

She moved lower, kissing the soft flesh of her thigh, switching from one to the other. Her hands roamed the rest of Sam’s body, up her stomach to her breasts.

Sam moaned softly, one of her hands, taking hold of Shelley’s, rubbing them both against her own breast.

Shelley’s oral assault on Sam continued for another ten minutes. Leaving the blonde, writhing and squirming beneath her.

‘Mmmm, so good.’ She cooed.

Shelley looked up for a moment and smiled, then dipped her head back down. Now she was face to face what she wanted.


It was like a statement as Sam spoke her name. She couldn’t take it anymore.

Sam bit her lip and groaned into the bedroom as Shelley planted soft, tender kisses on the lace panties she was wearing.


Shelley gave them one last kiss and gripped the straps and began to slip them down. She rose up to meet Sam’s lips whilst her fingers travelled to that wet place between Sam’s legs.

The kiss was heat, passion, desire and need as Shelley teased her still with her fingers. Two fingers, inside her lover who thrusted her hips to meet the thrust of her fingers. All the time, they never broke the kiss.  Still growing in intensity.

Sam’s own fingers were running frantically through Shelley’s hair, pulling her deeper. Their bodies writhed together, the heat between them making beads of sweat form. This just adding to the intensity of the moment.

The blonde began to close her eyes when Shelley began to thrust a little slower, but deeper. This pace continuing for a few minutes as the situation began to increase. Sam could feel it, getting closer. All she could think of was how incredible Shelley was and how much of a fantastic lover she was.

Sam wrapped her arms around Shelley, running her hands down her back. Tracing her skin with her fingers.

Shelley felt her lover tense around her fingers and her body began to shake.

‘Yes, Shelley. Yes, oh god yeesss.’

Shelley rode it out with her, still kissing her softly. She moved down, kissing her breasts and then moving further.

‘Oh god, yesss.’

Sam screwed her eyes shut as another oral assault began.


Shelley awoke to the sound of clattering coming from her kitchen. Her eyes traveled to the empty warm space next to her. She smiled, remembering last night. How after they'd made love several times they had spent the rest of the night talking. Finally falling asleep in each others arms.

She got out of bed, naked from the night before and wrapped herself up in her favourite sexy silk robe and ventured out into the kitchen. Shelley leaned up against the kitchen door frame, watching as Sam fed her cat. She smiled to herself as the blonde moved to the table where a breakfast tray waited for her. Sam picked it up and turned, seeing Shelley standing behind her.

'Hey, morning sleepy,' Sam said as she kissed her quickly. 

'Morning to you too.'

Sam moved passed her, in to the bedroom and placed the tray down on the bed. Shelley turned around and noticed that she was wearing one of her shirts. Or more to the point, the shirt of an old boyfriend, she'd taken it from as a souvener when they'd split up. It looked much better on Shelley anyway. Now it looked even better on Sam.

'You hungry?' Sam asked.


Shelley rested her head on the door frame and watched Sam pour her orange juice. Atleast, this time, the next morning and been more than just a peck on the cheak and a, i'll call you sometime. There had actually been contact and even food. This was the start of something, major.


Two Weeks Later

Shelley sat in a small cafe in Colorado Springs, the smile on her face unmistakable.

Mindy and Janice sat in front of her, their smiles matching hers.

‘So I take it, things are going well?’ Mindy asked.

Shelley nodded slowly, grinning for ear to ear.

‘Its so nice to be in an adult relationship! With adult, sex.’

‘Adult sex?’ Janice asked smirking.


The redhead nodded slowly.

‘Yeah. Most of the relationships I’ve had with women have just been able wanting to try something new. Cause their boyfriends aren’t giving them what they want.’

‘Well, that’s your own fault Shelley for dating 20 year olds.’

‘That’s true Shelley,’ Janice said. ‘Shame on you.’

Shelley’s thought’s drifted to Sam and much fun they’d had over the last two weeks.

Sure it was hard, trying to keep their relationship a secret, whilst all the time, trying to have a relationship. But they’d managed it pretty well so far. And it had been fun, sneaking around. Although Shelley didn’t like keeping her life a secret from her brother, she abided by Sam’s decision to wait for a while, whilst they enjoyed being a couple.

‘And does Sam, give you what you want?’ Mindy asked.

Janice spit out her drink, spraying it over the cloth on the table.

‘Oh yeah. She definitely know what do to. And believe me, its been a while since I’ve dated someone who could do that.’

Mindy smiled, reaching across the table to her friend and clutching her hand.

‘Well, you deserve it hun. And it looks like, you’re in love.’

Shelley had never considered the possibility that she and Sam could be falling in love. There was just so much, passion and lust between them. That at the end of the day, when they needed more. Would the love be there?

‘We’ll see, Mind, we’ll see.’

The End? NO

Major Sam


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