FIC: A Major Distraction

BY: Major Sam

PART: 1/2



PAIRINGS: Sam/other

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SUMMARY: A night on the town proves causes Shelley and Sam's secret to be revealed.

AUTHORS NOTES: Thanks to John and everyone's support in helping me write these fic's. And feedback is always appreciated and want to know what people think of my stories.

For the last three days Shelley had been in a daze. She knew why and it felt as though the whole base knew why. But no one really knew, apart from she and Sam. She’d spent the last two nights with her but now it was at an end and Shelley had to go home to her own apartment. For an hour she had been battling the traffic to get back after picking up Mia from her father’s. One point she believed she would never get home and back to her. The drive back had been long and boring and Mia had been asleep for most of it. Shelley’s mind had been filled with thoughts of the last three nights, of Sam. All of her doubts had seemed to disappear. She still felt guilty about cheating on Daniel, but Sam had been right. He wouldn’t have wanted her to be alone forever and it had been 14 months since he had gone. Now for the first time since her daughter had been born, Shelley was finally happy.

“Shelley is coming back from her father’s this afternoon, bringing Mia with her. I was hoping to have her all to myself for a little longer. But, she had to go home sooner or later. Maybe this will turn out to be a good thing. We can’t hide out at my place forever. And I think her bed is bigger than mine. That’s not the only thing I hope’s going to change soon. She already drives me crazy, I just want her to do it the only way a woman can.”

Sam’s head appeared around the door of Shelley’s lab, watching her as she continued to work, oblivious to the fact that she was being watched. She sneaked up behind her, running her hand along the base of Shelley’s neck. Shelley began to shiver at her touch, turning her head to look up at the blonde standing behind her.

“You’re working late.” Sam asked.

“Yeah, I wanted to finish this before I went home.”

A huge grin appeared on the major’s face.

“Mmm, home, that sounds good to me.”

Sam leaned forward, gently kissing Shelley’s neck. The redhead squirmed in her chair, pushing it back towards her and stood up.

“I really can’t tonight. I should spend some time with Mia. I haven’t seen her for four days.”

“That’s ok,” Sam said. “I’ll come with you.”

“You don’t have to do that. You wouldn’t have much fun anyway.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.”

Shelley smiled at Sam’s intentions as she moved closer, biting on her lower lip. Her heart pounded as she felt Sam’s hand slipped down her regulation SGC trousers. Shelley moaned, feeling the uncontrollable desire to deprive Sam of her clothes. Sam sighed as she broke off the kiss.

“We can’t, not here.”

“Don’t worry, there’s no one around.” Sam said, leaning in for another kiss.

She began to lift up Shelley’s t-shirt, almost ripping it from her body. Sam forced her back to the table, smiling as she rested against it. Shelley’s shirt was half way up her body, Sam’s hand underneath. A soft groan fell from her lips, but was short lived as Shelley heard footsteps coming down the corridor towards her lab. She pulled down her shirt, sitting back on the chair next to her.

“Hey Shell.”

Both of them turned, hearing Jack’s voice coming from the doorway.


Sam looked at Shelley, seeing her face returning to its normal colour after being flushed with excitement a few moments earlier. Why did he have to interrupt them?

“You want to go out for dinner?” Jack asked.

“Sorry, I cant. I’ve got work to do. Then I’m gonna go home and spend some quality time with my daughter.”

“Oh, ok. Well, maybe another time.”

Jack turned, moving slowly out of the lab.

“Colonel,’ asked Sam. “Maybe you could help me out. I’m trying to persuade your sister to come out for a drink. She deserves to let me give her one.”

Shelley’s head rose to look up at Sam. She couldn’t believe she said that.

“What’s the problem?”

“There’s no problem.” Shelley insisted. “I just don’t want to go out.”

The logical part of Sam was angry, how selfish could she be? Shelley wanted to see her baby, but Sam, the emotional Sam, wanted to see Shelley.

“She needs a baby sitter.” Sam said.

“I see. Well I could look after my niece for a few hours.”

Shelley shook her head.

“No Jack, it’s ok. I don’t really want to go out anyway.”

“Yes she does, she does needs a little persuading.” Sam said.

She looked down at Shelley, feeling her heart beating faster.

“Then I insist Shell.” Jack said. “I’ll take over from the child minder and you and Carter can have a good night out.”

Shelley sighed, finally giving in. She wanted to spend the night with her daughter but her body was yearning for something more.

“Ok. Only for an hour! I don’t want to be out too late.”

Sam smiled, finally getting her way and she had the perfect place where to take her.

Shelley had never been to a bar quite like it before, a mixed couples gay bar. She knew they existed but never thought she would be drinking in one. The redhead sat at the bar, sipping her drink, waiting.

“Is someone sitting here?” A voice asked.

Her head turned slowly, seeing a small dark haired women standing behind her. The woman smiled at Shelley, staring at her breasts. Why on earth had she worn that dress? If she had known where Sam was planning on going, she would have worn something less, revealing.


Before Shelley could finish, the woman sat beside her.

“Hi, I’m Nancy. I don’t think I’ve seen you here before? Can I get you a drink?”

Shelley looked around the room, wondering where her ‘date’ had gotten too.

“I’ve never been here before and I’ve got a drink, thank you.”

Shelley looked at her. She didn’t want the attention that Nancy was placing on her. She didn’t even find her remotely attractive. It was strange. She’d been sitting there for ten minutes and she had looked around the bar at the various women that were around her. And not one had she fancied. They were all pretty enough, but she didn’t get the same tingle that she did when she was with Sam. Shelley had thought about it a lot whilst sitting there and began to realize that maybe she wasn’t gay after all. She just wanted to be with Sam.

“You’re very beautiful.” Nancy said, leaning over, running her fingers through Shelley’s long hair.

“Thank you.”

Nancy ran her other hand along Shelley’s thigh, reaching up higher. The redhead smiled as she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“Excuse me, I think you’re sitting in my chair.”

Both of them turned, seeing Shelley’s blonde beauty behind them, wearing an equally revealing outfit. Shelley’s eyes widened at the sight in front of her. God, she looked incredible, Shelley thought. Sam leaned over, planting the wettest kiss on her lover’s lips anyone had ever seen before.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t know.” Nancy said, standing from her chair.

Finally Sam released her, watching as Shelley licked her lips tasting Sam’s lipstick.

“Mmm, strawberry,” she stated.

Sam nodded, with a seductive smile. She sat on the stool next to Shelley, watching as Nancy scuttled away in to the darkness of the dance floor in the middle of the bar.

“Thank you.” Shelley said.

“For what.”

“Rescuing me from that woman.”

“Any time hun.”

Sam’s ears pricked up, hearing her favorite song of the moment and grabbed Shelley’s arm.

“I wanna dance!” She said.

“I... I err don’t dance.”

“Maybe not. But you will when you see the way I dance to this.”

They stood in the middle of the dance floor. Shelley was nervous. She felt as though they were all looking at her. But there were no eyes on her apart from Sam’s. She stared at her, a lust filled gleam in her eyes. She took Shelley’s hand, pulling her towards her, turning her around before she had a chance to know what was happening.

The door to the bar opened and a tall good-looking man with fair hair and a woman with dark hair entered.

“Are you sure you don’t mind having a drink here.” He asked.

“Of course not. This doesn’t bother me. Anyway I promise to stay for no more than one drink, you might pull.”

The man smiled at his companion. He’d forgotten that this had an upside.

“You’re such a good friend, Janet.” He said.

“I am aren’t I? Now, let’s get a drink, I’ve had a hard day.”

Shelley's smile widened at feeling Sam's arms around her waist. She pulled her back to her, resting her hands on her hips.

"I love this song." Sam said. "It's so seductive. You just have to move your hips to the music."

Sam thrust her hips against Shelley, feeling the redhead’s body writhing next to her.

“And you said you couldn’t dance.”

“I don’t think you can call this dancing Sam, more like foreplay.”

“So that's why you like it.”

Sam ran her hand up Shelley’s hips, pulling up her dress way above the knee. Shelley moaned at feeling her hands over her body. The temperature in the bar began to rise as their bodies rubbed together. This dance of seduction was definitely working on Shelley, which pleased Sam a great deal. Sam had never felt so horny before. But having this redhead in front of her was just too much. The heat between her legs was at a dangerous temperature and needed to find some kind of release.

“Shelley,” Sam groaned. “I want you.”

She pulled Shelley tighter against her, grinding her hips against her. Shelley relaxed into her. She looked around as two other couples in the corner had their tongues down each other’s throats. Sam’s head rested on Shelley’s shoulder.

“You want some of that?” She asked.

“I do.” Shelley responded, out of breath.

Sam kissed her neck slowly, smiling as her body trembled.

“Tell me something!”

“Anything?” Shelley said.

“Tell me what you’re feeling right now. And where are you feeling it.”

Shelley could feel Sam’s hand raising her dress a little bit higher. Now she was sure people were watching. But she didn’t care, it felt so good, Sam felt so good.

“I’m excited and nervous too. People are watching us?”

“Why does it make you nervous. They’re just doing the same thing.”

“I know. I just never thought I’d be doing this.”

“You want me to stop?”

“Don’t you dare!” Shelley said, smirking.

Sam’s hand moved dangerously close to the center of Shelley’s heat.

“What else are you feeling?”

“I feel like I’m on fire.”


The blonde’s grin widened as Shelley took her hand. Both moaned as it slid down inside Shelley’s wet panties. Their erotic dance had soaked them . Sam looked around seeing several pairs of eyes on them, feeling the need to escape.

“Let’s go somewhere more private.”

She took Shelley’s hand, leading her towards the bathroom. Shelley got there first, panting breathlessly, waiting for Sam. She leaned against the row of sinks as she appeared in front of her. Sam kneeled in front of her lover, slowly pulling down her panties.

“God Shelley.”

The redhead smiled as Sam’s fingers slowly ran down her wet slit, making her groan out loud as she watched Sam lick her fingers.

“Mmm, I love your tongue.”

“And it loves you. It wants to taste you.”

Both looked around, realizing that against the sink wasn’t the best place for this. Sam smiled, seeing the couch behind her. Sam never understood why every female bathroom had a couch.

“Maybe it’s for fainting spells?” Shelley asked.

“You feel faint?”

“I do actually.”

Sam stood next to Shelley, touching her forehead with her hand.

“You’re burning up too.”

She took her hand again, leading her to the couch. Sam stood behind her, unzipping her dress then her bra. They fell down and Shelley stepped out of it. She lay down, watching as Sam stripped in front of her, almost in time to the music that was still blaring outside the room. Not for one moment did Shelley look away.

“You’re so beautiful Shelley O’Neill.”

Shelley didn’t respond instead she parted her legs, waiting for her lover. Sam smiled at seeing what she had craved for the last ten minutes.

“You are such a tease.” Sam said.

Sam positioned herself between them, running a hand up the soft skin of her thigh. Every time Sam touched her, Shelley would groan deeply all most like a growl. The redhead bit her lip, releasing it slowly as Sam’s tongue licked her own lips.  The heat between Shelley’s legs was worse then ever now. One of Sam’s hands reached up, rubbing her hand against a now erect nipple. Her head lowered sending a gasp to Shelley’s mouth as her tongue slid down her slit, licking her softly. God she loved this moment, that first touch of her lover. She loved the way Sam made her feel. Being with her made her wet with excitement. Shelley’s body writhed under her, running her fingers through the blonde’s soft hair. Her head looked up, accepting Shelley’s finger in her mouth, letting it slide in and out. But her attention was quickly drawn back to her lover’s dripping pussy, lapping up everything she could. She teased Shelley with her finger, running it up and down her wet hole.

“Please Sam, please.”

“No need to beg Shelley.”

Shelley gasped as Sam’s finger delved inside her, followed by another, making her rise off the couch. Her tongue slid around the erect clit, prompting cries of pleasure from the redhead. Shelley came quickly thanks to Sam’s talented fingers. But she was still writhing beneath her. Feeling an even bigger orgasm was about to take hold. Sam began to swipe at the clit, applying more pressure, giving Shelley so much pleasure. Another orgasm ripped through her, cumming against Sam’s mouth with a huge scream.


Janet stood in the doorway, not seeing them first hand but their reflection through the mirror in front of her. She couldn’t believe this, watching as Sam crept up to Shelley, lying next to her, sharing such a passionate kiss.

Sam lay in Shelley’s arms, running her hand down her firm stomach. Even after having a baby she still had such a beautiful body. Her fingers ran down between Shelley’s legs, running them through the soft curls. They kissed deeply, thoroughly exploring each other. Sam broke away, moving back down her lover’s body, taking a nipple in to her mouth. She flicked it with her tongue, pressing a thigh against Shelley’s throbbing heat. She continued to rub her mercilessly, grinding against her. Shelley’s hand reach up beginning to touch her own breast. Sam noticed what she was doing and stared at her, releasing the erect nipple from her mouth, slipping her tongue into Shelley who accepted it willingly.

Janet to continued to watch, feeling shocked by what she was seeing. She was most shocked by Shelley’s behavior. But there was no doubt that she looked totally relaxed during her encounter.

Sam’s thigh ground into her, producing Shelley’s third climax. Instead of screaming, she kissed Sam hard, throwing her arms around her, grabbing her ass, pulling her down closer to her, wanting to feel her body. The blonde writhed on top of her being swept away by Shelley. She recovered, panting, her body still shaking.

“OH MY GOD.” Shelley panted.

Sam looked up at her, not being able to stop smiling.

“I think we should go home. I want you to do that to me!” Sam said.

Shelley stood up, searching for her clothes.

“I can’t, I should get back. Jack will be wondering where I am.”

“I’ll go with you.” Sam said.

“You don’t have to. I’ll get a cab.”

Sam stood behind her, not sure what was going on. She reached out, trying to hold her hand.

“What’s wrong? Are you ok?”

Shelley turned smiling.

“I’m fine. I just want to get home. I haven’t seen her for…”

“I understand. But you don’t have to take cab; I’ll take you home. Want to spend as much time with you as I can.”

She ran her hands over Shelley’s stomach, around her waist. The redhead’s eyes closed, feeling that all too familiar tingling between her legs.

Janet watched as Sam forced Shelley up against the wall running her hands over hot flesh. They continued to kiss, hot, wet and so very passionate. Janet turned, heading back towards her friend not sure what she was going to do about what she had seen.


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