TITLE: Zelda’s Queen

AUTHOR: Jos Mous

Email: wotan_anubis@yahoo.com

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters, nor am I making a profit.


PAIRING: Zelda/Ruto

NOTE: The following is all fairly hard-core stuff of the D/s variety. If that’s not to your liking, don’t read this story. The actual sex is rather short and simple, though, since I’m not good at writing that.

Zelda rushed through the corridors of Hyrule Castle while trying to look like she wasn’t hurrying. She was the princess of Hyrule after all, which meant that a certain manner of elegance was expected of her and that she really should not be seen running through the hallways like some serving girl who was supposed to serve dinner five minutes ago. But when she could feel the air becoming warmer and more humid all around her, she really had to struggle to keep up her air of refinement.

She was in the special Zora wing of the castle. It was a designed to make any Zora visitors feel at home during their stay at Hyrule Castle. Most of the year it was completely unoccupied, but there were visitors now, one of whom princess Zelda was anxiously dreading to see. Once Zelda reached the door of the Zoran princess temporary personal chamber, she took a moment to compose herself before entering.

The room was massive, the air thick with heat and humidity. Dominating the centre of the room was a huge bath, which got only called a bath because you don’t usually get lakes inside castles.

There was a soft splash of water, a gentle, familiar laugh.

“Hello Zelda.”

Zelda spotted Ruto swimming on her back some distance away. Her naked breasts occasionally appeared above the waterline and Zelda tried not to look at them.

“Hello Ruto,” said Zelda.

“I’ve been wondering when you’d come to visit me,” said Ruto. “We didn’t really get a chance to talk during the official welcome, didn’t we? You just stood there like a pretty little doll, not saying anything like a true Hylian princess.”

“I do not recall you making any remarks,” said Zelda.

Ruto chuckled. “True. But at least I didn’t look like I was supposed to stay silent. But come on, I don’t want to argue. Why don’t you join me? The water’s lovely.”

“No thank you,” said Zelda.

“There was a time where you’d have stripped naked and be in here with me before I could get the entire sentence out,” said Ruto.

“Yes,” said Zelda. “When I was five. Things have changed since then.”

“Yes,” said Ruto. “They have.”

Ruto climbed out of the bath and stood next to Zelda, water running down her naked body. It was a perfectly natural state for a Zora to be in, of course, but Zelda kept her eyes fixed on Ruto’s face in any case. The Zoran princess looked terribly amused by this.

“Is my face that interesting?” she asked playfully. “Or is my body so repulsive that you can’t look at it?”

Zelda looked away. “I was trying to be polite.”

Ruto laughed, a pleasant sound that made Zelda shiver all over. “Polite. Of course, why didn’t I think of that? You’re a very proper young lady, aren’t you?”

Zelda could feel Ruto’s wet body suddenly pressing against her back. She knew she really ought to step away, but didn’t.

“You can’t fool me Zelda,” Ruto whispered in her ear. “We’ve known each other for too long. You want me, I know you do. Ever since that day when we were twelve and you wondered what kissing felt like. Maybe you wanted me long before that.”

Zelda didn’t answer. There was no use denying it, but she couldn’t bring herself to confirm it. She could feel Ruto stepping away from her again.

“You Hylians and your moral codes,” Ruto said loudly. “It’s the clothes, I think. They make you think strange, unnatural things.”

Zelda turned around and was both relieved and disappointed that Ruto had her back turned towards her.

“There is nothing unnatural about being pure,” said Zelda.

Ruto looked over her shoulder at Zelda and laughed. “Pure? History’s greatest atrocities come from so-called purity. Come on Zelda, why won’t you just admit it? Why do we have to go through this stupid dance every single time?”

“To… to prove to myself that I’m not a prisoner of my lust and that I’m not subject to your every whim.”

Ruto turned around, smiling. “Well now, a bit of honesty at last. That should be rewarded.”

With a few quick steps, Ruto was pressing her body against Zelda’s again, her arms wrapped around the Hylian princess, their lips firmly pressed against each other. Zelda could feel herself melting in Ruto’s embrace, could feel the fire coursing through her body as she eagerly accepted Ruto’s tongue into her mouth.

At that moment, Zelda knew the game was over. She was Ruto’s once again, but then again she’d always been Ruto’s ever since that moment so many years ago that Ruto suggested sneaking out of the castle and having some fun out in the field. Ruto had always come up with the good games and Zelda had always followed her. The only time Zelda had taken the initiative had been the day they first kissed.

Zelda whimpered with disappointment when Ruto let go of her completely.

“Strip,” said Ruto simply. “But leave the tiara. A Hylian princess has standards, after all.”

Obediently Zelda took off her gloves, then undid the straps of her dress and let it fall to ground.

Ruto smiled appreciatively. “No undergarments I see.” She reached out and ran a finger over Zelda’s slit, making the blonde princess moan with pleasure. “And so very wet already. You’re a slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes, my Queen,” said Zelda.

Ruto turned around. “Follow me, then.”

Zelda hadn’t taken two steps before Ruto’s voice interrupted her.

“And crawl like the bitch in heat that you are,” she snapped.

Zelda got down on hands and knees and crawled after Ruto. The stone floor was cold and hard against her skin, but the humiliation of Ruto treating her like a dog turned her on so much she didn’t feel it. Gladly, joyfully, she crawled after her Queen on all fours into the bedroom. The room was lavishly furnished as was befitting of a Zoran princess, but to Zelda there was only the four-poster bed and, of course, her Queen.

“Lie down on the bed on your back,” Ruto instructed.

Zelda eagerly did so, unconsciously arching her back slightly and spreading her legs, offering herself to Ruto.

Ruto smiled faintly. “What were you again?”

“A slut and your slave, my Queen,” said Zelda, the sentence coming directly from her subconscious mind where it had engraved itself in fire some years before.

“Oh yes,” said Ruto.

Zelda lay patiently and let her wrists and ankles by tied to the posts so that she was lying on the bed, spread-eagled and helpless.

For a moment, Ruto loomed over her, then lowered herself onto Zelda’s face. Zelda needed no encouragement, no instruction and eagerly poked out her tongue to lick Ruto’s pussy. She licked Ruto’s slit up and down, sucked hungrily on the Zora’s clit, thrust her tongue into her. Zelda could taste the juices, smell the heady arousal and her Queen’s blissful moaning, making the Hylian princess so horny she was certain her own pussy was gushing, staining the bed with her juices. She licked and sucked until Ruto grabbed her hair and pressed her against her Queen’s pussy. Ruto screamed, her body quivered when she came, her juices flowing into Zelda’s mouth. Zelda tried to drink it all, wanted to lap up every last drop, but knew that some of it was running from the corners of her mouth down her chin.

Ruto stood up and stood next to the bed. Zelda let her head fall back onto the bed, panting, burning, aching for her Queen to touch her, to reward her for her service.

Suddenly Ruto slapped Zelda’s breasts hard, making the tied down girl cry out in pain.

“Did I tell you you could lick me?” Ruto demanded.

Zelda looked at her through a confused haze of pain and arousal. “No, my Queen.”

“Then why did you?”

“I thought that was what you wanted, my Queen.”

Ruto slapped Zelda’s breasts again. “You are my slave. You are not allowed to think. In fact, I don’t think you were thinking at all. You’re such a horny slut, any pussy would do. You’d like your own mother given the chance, wouldn’t you?”

“No, my Queen,” Zelda said shocked.


“Of- of course not. I love you, my Queen. You are the only one for me.”

“How can I be certain?”

“I’m at your mercy, my Queen,” said Zelda. “You can do with me whatever you want. Please, I implore you, mark me, brand me, claim me yours forever.”

Ruto looked almost surprised. “Brand you? Are you certain?”


Ruto leaned over and gently kissed Zelda on the lips.

“I love you my slut.”

Zelda nearly came with the joy of hearing those words. Ruto let a hand wander down across Zelda’s breasts, down her stomach and then caressed her slit. Zelda gasped.

“Do you want this?” Ruto whispered.

“I need it, my Queen,” Zelda said.

Ruto let her hand wander over Zelda’s pussy, knowing exactly how to keep the blonde princess teetering on the edge.

“Then no more games, Zelda. No more trying to pretend that we’re not lovers, no more building up walls that have to be broken down first. Understand?”

Zelda was about to respond when, through the mists of her want, her brain sent off warning signals. This was serious – she would be Ruto’s even in public.

Zelda looked at Ruto’s smiling face and almost didn’t feel the hand fondling her clit.

“I’m yours. Now and forever.”

Ruto’s smiled simply widened and with a sudden burst of pleasurable pain, could feel the Zora’s hand thrust into her. Ruto fisted her roughly until she came in a screaming, shuddering orgasm, her body quivering uncontrollably within its restrains.

Ruto pulled out and presented her hand to Zelda. It was glistening with Zelda’s juices. Quickly looking at Ruto for her unspoken approval, Zelda licked the hand clean, loving the taste of herself on her lover’s flesh.

“Well, since you’re mine now and forever, I have a little something for you,” Ruto whispered.

Zelda craned her neck to see what her Queen was doing. Ruto opened a nightstand, pulled something out and showed it to Zelda.

“This is for you… my slave.”


Princess Zelda entered the dining room late that morning. Her father and mother were already there, as were King Zora and Ruto.

“Good morning Your Majesty, Your Highness,” princess Zelda greeted the two Zora’s as she sat down. “Good morning father, mother, I’m sorry I’m late.”

King Hyrule briefly interrupted his conversation with his Zoran colleague. “That’s quite alright my dear. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“Of course not, father.”

Smiling, Zelda started on her breakfast. She shyly glanced up Ruto, who smiled at her and nodded.

Around Zelda’s neck, made from black leather, was a simple dog collar with a tag saying “Ruto’s”.

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