Title: Today's Lesson

Author: Jos Mous

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DISCLAIMER: I own none of these characters, I'm not making any profit out of this, blahblahblah.

PAIRING: Brooke/???


NOTE: Yes, I know I keep saying I'm having a writer's block. But apparently that does not prevent me from getting weird ideas for even weirder stories. Also, this is just random PWP smut. There is nothing tasteful or even subtle about this. It's just weird. You have been warned. Oh, and I apologise to all Harrison-lovers out there. No wait, I don't.

Where Brooke was right now was very clear to her. How she had got here, on the other hand, was a question she didn't really know the answer to. Fact remained, however, that right now she was standing in front of the entire class. That in itself was not so big a deal. The fact that she was completely naked was the big deal. Brooke vaguely remembered promising Glass to help out in one of her classes, but obviously this was not what she had in mind.

"Miss McQueen!" Someone yelled.

Brooke snapped out of her reverie and looked at the person who had yelled. Who turned out to be Miss Glass.

"Yes?" Brooke asked a little dreadfully.

"Spread your legs a little please."

"Excuse me?" Brooke asked. Being naked in front of the class was one thing. One pretty big thing, but still one thing. Standing completely naked in front of the class with her legs spread was quite another.

"Brooke, you promised to help, so help."

Grumbling a little and being embarrassed a whole lot more Brooke put her feet a little further apart from each other. Glass used this opportunity to pat with her right hand on the spot that had just opened.

"Does anybody know what here is?" Glass asked the class.

Several hands were raised into the air.


Josh smiled a little when he answered. "Brooke's vagina, sir."

"Very good Mister Ford."

Josh radiated with pride. He Knew Something.

"Unfortunately that was not the answer I was looking for." Glass said. She then proceeded to walk over to the blackboard. There she wrote in very big letters:


Glass turned around to face the class again. By now Brooke was seriously blushing.

"Now then I suppose all you hormone driven bundles of human flesh knows what this does, but I still want to hear it. Lily."

"The clitoris, if properly stimulated, provides sexual pleasure." Lily answered dutifully.

"Normally, yes." Glass said. "But, as I will soon demonstrate, there are exceptions to this rule."

Glass walked over to Brooke. Then she started to work on Brooke's clit. Glass turned out to be a regular expert, which made Brooke wonder how much experience Glass had. But for some reason, even though Brooke knew this should be highly enjoyable, nothing happened. After a few minutes Glass gave up.

"Now then," Glass continued. "As you can see Brooke's breathing has not increased. Sweat has not developed. Her nipples did not harden. And also her, what we can euphemistically call, nether regions did not become moist. How did this happen?"

The class was silent. No hands were raised.

"Oh, come on." Glass said. "I know you're all thinking it and for once you'd be right. Carmen."

Carmen looked a deer caught in several very large headlights. Hesitantly she answered. "Because it was you doing it?"

"Very good. That is exactly the right answer. However, can anyone explain this even more?"

Now a few hands were being raised. Glass simply nodded to Harrison. Probably because she didn't want to say his name out loud.

"Because Brooke's straight." Harrison answered. "So only a man can do it for her."

Glass grinned evilly. "Really? Care to give it a try?"

"No!" Brooke yelled. "Anyone but him!"

"Yeah I should be doing it." Josh said. "After all I dated her."

"You are not having sex with Brooke, Josh." Lily snapped. "Even if it is for educational purposes."

"Oh, come on." Josh pleaded.

"Josh." Lily said threateningly.

"Well, it seems there are no further available candidates." Glass said. "I suppose you'll have to do."

Harrison grinned smugly and walked over to Brooke. Brooke crossed her arms in front of her chest and glared.

"Prepare to be dazzled." Harrison said as he unzipped his pants.

Among the many things that Brooke was when Harrison entered her, dazzled was not one of them. With all his might, which was in fact very little, Harrison pumped in and out of Brooke. Brooke yawned.

"Are you going to do something anywhere this millennium?" Brooke asked bored.

"You know you like it." Harrison panted. "Admit it."

"Not likely, One-Inch." Brooke snapped.

After several more futile minutes Glass took pity on Brooke.

"Alright Whatsyourname, give it up."

Defeated, Harrison slumped back to his chair, knowing that he would never be able to have sex again in his entire life.

"Now then, does anybody else think he knows the answer?" Glass asked.

Nobody replied.

"Alright. Samantha McPherson, could you please come up here?"

Brooke's breathing suddenly became shallow.

Sam looked surprised, but stood up from her chair anyway.

Brooke's nipples became harder than they had ever been in her entire life.

Sam slowly walked over to Brooke.

Brooke became wet all over.

Sam shyly smiled at Brooke.

Brooke came with the hardest orgasm she had ever experienced and knew that no matter what would happen in her life she would never experience one as great as that.

"I don't think Miss McPherson needs to demonstrate any more." Glass said. "Please, sit back down."

Sam nodded and walked back to her chair. Brooke whimpered softly.

Glass walked back over to the blackboard. "What we have here is a simple case of DENIAL." She said while she wrote down the word 'DENIAL'. "Brooke knows she is completely and desperately in love with Sam, but won't allow herself to admit it." She continued. "So, instead of actually doing something about it Brooke's subconscious continuously comes up with new and crazy ideas to act out in her dreams."

"What!" Brooke shouted. "That's not true."

"Trust me." Glass said. "It's true. If this were real you would've come long before Sam had even reached you."

"I'm not in love with Sam!"

"Class, say with me..." Glass started.


"I'm not in denial!" Brooke yelled.

"Oh please," Nicole said. "We all know you got the hots for her, why not admit it?"

"I'm not..."

"Sam, please come up here."

Brooke's thoughts managed to get derailed again as her body geared up for an even greater orgasm than the last time Sam had been in her close vicinity. Slowly, almost menacingly, Sam walked up to Brooke. But instead of a quick release the tension inside of Brooke kept building and building. Her body started quacking all over. Brooke grabbed Glass' desk to prevent her from falling. Then Sam reached her and with a large devilish grin on her face Sam held out two fingers and showed them to Brooke.

"Please." Brooke whispered.

Sam pressed Brooke closer to her and let her hand travel down. Brooke wasn't sure if she was in Heaven or in Hell, but wherever she was, she didn't want to leave.

Too bad for her, she did leave.


Brooke bolted upright in her bed. Sweat was streaming from every pore and there was a wetness between her legs that told her that other stuff had been happening during her dream. Brooke grabbed her head in frustration and sighed annoyed.

"This can't be happening." She muttered.

"What can't?" Nicole muttered sleepily.

Brooke looked down on the gorgeous blonde who was just as naked as she was.

"Nothing." Brooke said as she lay back down and gathered the other blonde in her arms. "I keep having these weird dreams."

"What about?" Nicole asked.

"About me being in denial. You know, that I really love Sam, but that I'm not willing to admit it."

"What a load of crap." Nicole said.

"I'll say." Sam said.

"I know, I know." Brooke said. "I'm a serious headcase."

"But that's why we love you, don't we Nic?" Sam said.

Nicole nodded smiling.

"But still... Brooke dreaming about being in complete denial, that just won't do." Sam said. "Don't you agree, Nicole?"

"Oh yeah." Nicole said grinning.

"Guys, what are you planning?" Brooke asked.

"Nothing." Sam said smiling. "Just proving a few things to you."

"No, wait, we already---"

Brooke's sentence was cut short as Nicole pressed her lips against Brooke's. Brooke struggled a tiny little bit at first. But that didn't last very long. After all, she was with the women she loved. And the fact that one of them was quite busy at the other end of Brooke's body helped a great deal to take away any argument she might have come up with. But, even though Nicole's tongue was now working on her nipples and Sam's fingers were tormenting her clit, Brooke still had enough brain power left to think one thing. That is to say, one coherent, non-sex-related thing.

((Denial. Yeah, right.))

The End

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