TITLE: See No Evil

AUTHOR: Jos Mous

Email: wotan_anubis@yahoo.com

UNIVERSE: X-Men: Evolution

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any of these characters and I’m not making a profit.

RATING: R to NC-17

PAIRING: Kitty/Rogue

NOTE: I’m not. . . quite sure if I’m happy with the speed of this fic, but, well, I hope you enjoy anyway.

Rogue ran into the Institute’s main hall, dripping water onto the floor. Muttering all kinds of profanity, she took off her coat which had not been able to keep most of the rain out. She swore some more when she noticed the gash in the jacket’s sleeve. She’d been running, apparently she’d got caught on a branch somewhere or something. She checked the sleeve of her blouse and, dammit, it was torn too.

OK, so they weren’t particularly big tears, but still, dammit.

“Hey Rogue, how’s it going?”

If looks could kill, Kurt would’ve been a small smear on the far wall.

“Utterly horrible,” Rogue snapped.

Kurt put a friendly hand on Rogue's arm. “Come on, it-” and froze.

Rogue quickly pulled away. “Kurt you idiot!”

Kurt blinked into the empty space where Rogue had been.

“Whoops,” he said.

He then started whistling innocently and casually sauntered far away as quickly as possible.


Rogue blinked twice. She was standing in the garage.

“Oh, that moron,” she muttered irritated.

Scott appeared from under the car. “Oh hi Rogue. How are you?”

“Even more terrible than a couple of seconds ago.”

“Oh,” said Scott. “Sorry to hear it.” He disappeared back under the car. “Hey, could you hand me that spanner over there?”

There was silence.


Scott got out from under the car again. Rogue was nowhere to be seen.

“Well, that was a bit rude.”


Rogue ducked immediately. She wasn’t sure where she was now or what was going on, but some instincts work without the need for empirical observation. A wooden block sailed through the space where her head had just been.

“Rogue!” said Jean. “I didn’t see you there.”

“Yeah, well, watch where you’re kineticing that thing, OK?”

Jean’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. “Is this Kurt’s doing?”

Rogue didn’t answer, she wasn’t there any more.

“Right,” said Jean.


This time Rogue ended up in the bathroom. She took great care to notice that she was in the bathroom because, that way, she wouldn’t have to pay much attention to the fact that she was standing in front of a stark naked Kitty who was standing with one foot on the floor and with the other in the bathtub.

“Uhm… hi,” said Rogue lamely. “Sorry to drop in like this.”

Kitty remembered herself and tried to use every available limb to cover up those essential bits of her body that hadn’t exactly been covered up a few moments before.

“Get out, will you!” she screamed.

“I don't think I’ll be long if that’s any help,” said Rogue.

In fact, it was less than a second.

But a lot had happened in that second.


Rogue fell down on the couch in the recreation room. If she’d landed a bit to the left, she’d have landed on Rahne. For some reason, Rahne didn’t seem the least bit surprised that Rogue had just materialised next to her. She lazily flipped to the next channel.

“One of those days, huh?” she said.

Rogue looked at her. “Err. . . yeah, I guess.”

“Are you going to be teleporting out of here again?”

“Not sure yet,” said Rogue.

“Well, at least waiting for that is more interesting than what’s on the television,” said Rahne, switching again. “Gods, there’s really nothing on.”

“Well, you get that when you only have a couple of thousand channels, you know,” said Rogue.

“So? Teleport?”

“Doesn’t look like it,” said Rogue.

“Shame,” said Rahne calmly. “Ah well, let’s see what’s on the fishing channel then.”

Rogue looked at the TV, but didn’t see it. Not really.

She saw Kitty, naked, shocked, getting into the bath, one hand moving towards her chest, the other downwards.

But she didn’t try to cover herself up.

And she didn’t really look all that shocked.

Oh yes. It really was one of those days.


Night inevitably fell and the moment Kitty had dreaded all day, or at least ever since taking a bath, was fast approaching.

She’d been avoiding Rogue the rest of the day, except at dinner time where she’d carefully ignored the girl’s existence and Rogue had done her the courtesy of doing the same.

It was stupid really. She’d dressed and undressed in front of Rogue dozens of time, so why should tonight be any different? OK, yes, Rogue did see her stark naked today, but it was only a flash and both of them had been too bewildered to really notice anything.

Why should she worry about Rogue leering at her trying to catch another glimpse of naked flesh?

Of course, that wasn’t what she was worried about, was it?

It was a horrible thought and Kitty had been avoiding it as well all day, but it hadn’t gone away quietly, it had just been biding its time and now it was flowering in the forefront of Kitty’s mind and she couldn’t do anything to stop it.

She wanted Rogue to leer at her. She wanted Rogue to be turned on by the sight of her body. And that was what worried her so. That was what had her so frightened and confused.

Kitty took a deep breath and banished the thought. It was obvious nonsense anyway. Besides, she wasn’t gay and if she was, which she most certainly was not, then, well, hello? Rogue? Yeah, right. And anyway, she wasn’t like, you know, like that either. It was all just stupid really.

Confident in her newfound non-sexuality, Kitty took off her shirt and deposited it neatly on the chair standing next to her bed. She reached back, took off her bra, and put that on the chair as well.

And then she turned around and completely failed to notice Rogue looking at her, because her head was underneath her bedcovers anyway.

Which was good, obviously. Of course Rogue had no interest in her and, come on, why would she care about her breasts anyway?

And all that strange disappointment she felt was all just in her head anyway and really didn’t mean anything. Honestly.


Night inevitably fell.

Rogue had gone to bed a little early, faking a headache. The plan had been that she’d go to bed so early that, by the time Kitty arrived on their room, she could pretend to be asleep.

The plan did have one flaw, though, which was that she found herself all alone in a quiet room, which meant that she had started to think.

Rogue was a-sexual. That is, she wanted to be a-sexual. For a gal like her, sexuality of any kind presented a really big problem so it was really best not to get involved in the whole bloody mess in the first place.

Unfortunately, she was now involved in the whole bloody mess.

It was the Lance in her, probably. Or the Kurt. Maybe even the Scott. Or maybe all the guys locked away somewhere in her mind had banded together and made her.

Which was the most moronic excuse ever.


She’d fantasised about Kitty.

OK, fair enough. It had been a stressful day and everything so she’d probably needed a way to mentally unwind or something. And, through no fault of her own, Kitty had, in a manner of speaking, presented herself.

It was probably just a one-day thing anyway. It’d be out of her head by tomorrow.

Yeah, and by the way, tomorrow the world would see the first aeronautical pig.

Rogue sighed. She wished she wasn’t so cynical. Or at least, she wished that cynicism wasn’t coupled to truth.

The door to the bedroom opened and Rogue quickly pulled the covers over her head. She could hear footsteps – Kitty’s footsteps.

She’d be undressing soon.

Rogue could see the treacherous images in her mind. Kitty undressing. Just undressing. Not stripping, not quite, although the looks on Kitty’s face suggested that she very well could be.

Oh Gods.

Rogue’s hand, seemingly acting on its own volition, slipped between her legs.

It was no good, she had to look. Just a glimpse, that was all. Just a harmless glimpse.

Rogue used her free hand to pull down the blanket just a bit, suppressing a gasp of pleasure.

Kitty wasn’t facing her, thankfully. But her back wasn’t completely turned her way either. She could make out a hint of curvature, just a hint. But it was enough.

Rogue groaned quietly.



“Hello girl, you’re looking moody today. Well, more so than usual.”

Rogue looked up. Risty was standing next to her, looking at her with that look of amused interest that seemed to be a permanent feature of the girl.

“Hey Risty,” Rogue said, closing her locker. “Yeah, I’ve got a. . . bit of an issue, kinda.”

“Oh, do tell,” said Risty, smiling.

“I’d rather not really. Got class.”

“Oh yes, because that’s always stopped us before, hasn’t it. C’mon, you can tell me, right?”

Rogue sighed. “It’s Kitty, alright?”

“Lord, what’s she done now?”

“Nothing,” Rogue said. “It’s me really.”

Risty titled her head to one side. “Really now? You fancy her or something?”

“What!?” Rogue all but screamed.

“She is pretty attractive,” Risty continued happily. “You know, for a girl with her mental attitude.”

“I’m not gay,” said Rogue.

“OK, fine, you’re not,” said Risty. “So are you bi then?”

“Urrgh! What is with you today?” Rogue said.

“Dunno. Seem to be having one of those days.”

“Well knock it off.”

“Fine. So what’s up then?”

“Nothing, alright? Everything’s alright.”

“Oh yeah, that’s convincing. Especially since you just said everything wasn’t.”

“Look, just forget I ever said anything, OK?”

“Well, if you insist.”

The girls walked in silence for a moment.

“So would you like to have a dinner and movie for your first date or are you more the romantic walk in the park kind?”

Rogue dramatically threw her arms up into the air. It was bad enough that her best friend was making those baseless accusations, but what was even worse was that part of her (a rather disturbingly big part of her) was agreeing with everything Risty had said.


School was over and Kitty was waiting just inside the main hall. She wasn’t sure what she was waiting for, except that the current sunny day wasn’t it. She wanted rain to fall so she could take a refreshing stroll.

And then she’d be soaked when she got to the mansion and she’d run up to her bedroom and Rogue would be there and her wet clothes would be so transparent that the girl could see Kitty had forgotten to put her bra on today.

Kitty shuddered. The scenario had unfolded before her before she had had any chance of stopping it. Kitty boldly and determinedly stepped out into the sunlight, which was completely devoid of rain or watery wetness of any kind. She breathed the clean air, heard the birds singing and wasn’t thinking any disturbing thoughts at all.

She’d done it again, hadn’t she?

Well, now she was thinking them again. And besides, what had she done, come on, really, what she done? It was just a harmless, little. . .

Fantasy. And more than fantasy. A scenario where, for some completely logical or at least explainable reason, she’d show herself to Rogue. She’d been looking for them all day. Maybe one night she’d be really tired and she’d just put on an oversized T-shirt that wasn’t too oversized and the next morning when she woke up with Rogue in the same room she’d get up and stretch herself quite innocently and then the hem of her not-quite-oversized T-shirt would hike up just so. Or maybe she’d spill quite a lot of chocolate on her favourite blouse when Rogue just happened to be around by sheer coincidence and she would really have no choice but to take it off at once and go put it in the washing machine. Or maybe all her clothes were in the wash and she really had no choice but to parade in front of Rogue stark naked for the entire day.

Harmless little fantasy?

Well, harmless, yes. She certainly didn’t come to any harm in any of them. Quite the opposite really.

Which, ironically, didn’t make them quite so harmless any more.


Rogue sat at her desk. There was homework in front of her. She wasn’t quite sure what kind of homework. She couldn’t think. Not about homework.

A naked Katherine Pryde dominated her every thought. It was ridiculous, not to mention pathetic. Rogue would be quite angry if she wasn’t turning herself on so much. As it was, she was bloody furious.

No, this had to stop. It had gone on too long already. She’d just confess a couple of her feelings to Kitty and then she’d shoot her down and call her a freak and she’d be completely crushed and then she could just go back to her life and be a normal teenager again. Or a somewhat normal teenager at least.

“Hey Kitty,” said Rogue, not looking up.


“You know that little thing yesterday? With the bathroom?”

There was a moment of silence. Then, “Yeah. What about it?”

“I’m sorry about dropping in you like that, you know.”

“It wasn’t your fault.”

“Yeah, but I, I stared you know. I should’ve looked away, do the decent thing or whatever.”

More silence.

“I- I didn’t mind,” said Kitty.

“You didn’t?”

“No, I. . . I don’t mind if you see me. . . you know.”

“Oh,” said Rogue. “That’s. . . that’s good.”

“You think so? Because, if you want, I could. . .”

The silence came back, thick and choking.

“You could what?” said Rogue.

“Nothing, forget it.”

“You’d take your clothes off for me?”

“Well it’s not like you’ve never seen me in a state of undress before,” said Kitty.

“That’s not what I asked.”

“Well, I got no problem with it,” said Kitty.

“So you would.”


“Even if I asked you right now?”

“I don’t know.”

There was a pause as if Kitty was taking a deep breath to strengthen her resolve.

“Why don’t you turn around and ask me?”

Rogue turned around and had to do a double take. Kitty was sitting in her chair, facing her. Her blouse had been unbuttoned from the top all the way to the bottom. She moved one hand up and down one half of the blouse, as if she was about to push it back and show what lay underneath.

“Well? Do you want me to?”

Rogue’s throat had become too dry to say anything, so she just nodded.

Kitty stood up. She was blushing, Rogue noticed, but determined nevertheless. Not looking Rogue in the eye, she slid the blouse off her shoulders and let it drop to the ground. Rogue wasn’t someone whose mouth easily fell open, but it nearly did so now.

“Kitty, you’re. . .”

Kitty looked at her proudly, almost defiantly. “I’m. . .?”


Kitty teasingly covered her breasts with her hand and began massaging them. “You really think so?”

“Oh yeah,” Rogue said, and now her ragged voice had undertones of lust.

“Would you like to see more?” Kitty whispered.

Rogue was taken by surprise. She couldn’t believe her ears. Then common sense, backed up by rampant lust, told her that yes, she could believe her ears and that now, in fact, was a very good time to believe them indeed.

“Of course.”

Kitty unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and hesitated for just a brief moment before using both her thumbs to take them off. She took a step next to the pile of clothing and stood proudly naked in front of Rogue, apart from her socks.

“Kitty. . .”

Kitty sat down, crossed her legs, then uncrossed them again. She spread her knees slightly.

“Is there something you would like to, you know. . . see, Rogue?”

“What do you mean?” Rogue asked, unable to tear her eyes away from Kitty’s body and look at the girl’s face.

Kitty slipped a hand between her legs, moving up and down her slit.

“It turns out I really like you watching me. Even more than I thought I would,” said Kitty. She inhaled sharply. “Wanna see how much?”

Rogue didn’t reply. She didn’t really get the chance. It looked as if Rogue’s answer wouldn’t have mattered in any way. Kitty was in such a state that not doing anything simply wasn’t a conceivable option.

And it was all because Rogue was just looking at her.

One hand caressing her breasts and nipples, the other rubbing her pussy, Kitty masturbated openly in front of Rogue. And it felt good, oh it felt good. She masturbated pretty regularly and she knew exactly what her body liked, but Rogue’s scrutiny increased the pleasure a hundredfold. Before she knew, Kitty was shuddering and bucking, sweating, panting, moaning, until. . .

Kitty screamed.

And opened her eyes.

She looked straight into Rogue’s eyes, darkened with lust. She was panting too.

“Jesus Christ, Kitty.”

Kitty smiled and amazed herself by not blushing. “Well?”

“Well. . .” said Rogue. “That was. . . damn. I think I. . .”

“Well good,” said Kitty.

She stretched herself. Not to show off to Rogue some more, although that was quite a bonus. She felt. . . good. Very good. Of course, she just had a really nice orgasm, but even so. . . There was something different too. She felt wanted and needed and desired, but that wasn’t all of it.

She felt comfortable.

She was functionally naked in front of a girl she wasn’t even sure she actually loved and who she just masturbated for and she felt. . . completely at ease. As if this was precisely as everything should be.

And it didn’t even really freak her out.

Kitty took off her socks too, then turned back to her desk.

“Guess I should get back to homework.”

“Yeah,” said Rogue regretfully. “Hey, aren’t you going to put your clothes back on?”

Kitty chuckled. “Yeah, right, with you in the room? Not a chance.”

There was a momentary pause.

“Well good,” said Rogue. “‘Cuz as of now that’s exactly the way things should be.”

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