TITLE: Sacaen Sunset

AUTHOR: Jos Mous

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DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any of these characters, nor am I making a profit.


PAIRING: Lyn/Florina

NOTE 1: While I haven't actually finished Fire Emblem yet, the vast amounts of slashy subtext between Lyn and Florina became too much for me to ignore (not that I really wanted to ignore it, but still). So, based on their third support conversation, I wrote this little ficlet. I hope you enjoy.

NOTE 2: While I am a bit fuzzy on the precise definition of “fluff” I do feel fairly confident that this really short fic should come with an “Extreme Fluff Warning”. So there.

Lyn sat at the base of a tree and looked out over the endless fields of grass in front of her.

At one time, not that long ago, she had been Lady Lyndis, granddaughter of the marquess of Caelin and heir to his throne. And when the marquess of Caelin eventually succumbed to old age, the people of Caelin had looked towards Lady Lyndis to be their new ruler. Lady Lyndis, apparently, was a Lycian noble, not the daughter of a Sacaen tribal chieftain. Lady Lyndis, in short, knew how to rule a country, something which Lyn didn’t. Unfortunately, Lady Lyndis didn’t exist; only Lyn. And after the death of her grandfather, Lyn had little reason to stay in Caelin. So Lyn had left Caelin in capable hands, took her share of her grandfather’s inheritance, and went back to the Sacae plains.

The sound of a pair of large wings beating the sky made Lyn look up. She smiled faintly when she could make out the shape of the approaching pegasus and its rider.

Lyn hadn’t left Caelin on her own. During the conflict with the Black Fang Lyn’s best friend Florina had made a promise; namely that when it was all over they would go back to the plains of Sacae and live there together.

The conflict was long over and Florina had kept her promise.

“Did you get everything?” Lyn asked as the pegasus gently touched down on the ground.

“I did,” said Florina, as she jumped off her mount. “It wasn’t much of problem.”

“Good. Shall I help you store everything?” Lyn offered.

“No need,” said Florina, while she started opening the saddlebags.

Lyn nodded. “Very well then.”

Her arms filled with supplies, Florina disappeared into the ger. Florina’s pegasus, realising its owner didn’t need it right now, walked over to the small stream lazily making its way through the plains and drank from it. Lyn watched it for a while. It was soon joined by Lyn’s own horse and Lyn watched that too.

Florina emerged from the round ger again and sat down next to Lyn.

“So what have you been doing?”

“Watching the sunset,” said Lyn.

“But it won’t set for a few more hours.”

“I know,” said Lyn. “I have the time.”

“Yes, I would think so,” said Florina.

Lyn reached out and took Florina’s hand. “Watch it with me?”

“Of course.”

The sound of hoofbeats thundered over the plain and Lyn and Florina simultaneously turned to watch a herd of wild horses gallop across the grass from one horizon to the other, splashing through the stream as they did so. When they were out of sight again Lyn turned and watched Florina for a while. Then she leaned in slightly and kissed her.

They made love there under the tree. And because the sun wouldn’t be setting for a few more hours they took their time for it.

When the sun finally did set Florina was watching it while Lyn was watching her watching it.

Darkness fell and the stars came out.

“You missed the sunset,” said Florina.

“There was something else around to look at,” said Lyn. “And besides, there will be another one tomorrow.”

And then it started raining. Like so many other things, rain in Sacae didn’t mess about. It couldn’t be smelled in the air hours before it would start to fall, nor would it send down a few warning drops beforehand. It could be dry one second and then water would be all around you the next.

After fleeing into the ger, Lyn and Florina managed to get a small fire going. While the rain hammered on the canvas Lyn was particularly glad that the nomadic tents were designed with Sacae’s temperamental weather in mind.

Lyn smiled to herself when she realised that in fact she was glad about a number of things. True, she didn’t have status, extreme wealth or people instantly obeying her every whim. Heck, right now she didn’t even have any dry clothes.

But she did have freedom, the plains and Florina.

“What are you thinking of?” Florina asked.

“Nothing,” said Lyn. “Just glad to be home.”

The pegasus knight from Ilia smiled. “Me too,” she said.

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