TITLE: Movie and Dinner

AUTHOR: Jos Mous

Email: wotan_anubis@yahoo.com

DISCLAIMER: Not owning any characters, not making a profit.

UNIVERSE: X-Men Evolution

PAIRING: Kitty/Rogue ahoy!

The sounds of footsteps echoed all across the street. By day, the street was usually filled with people making so much noise that no-one could hear footsteps, let alone echoes.

By night, however, it was just another empty street leading away from a movie theatre.

“So how’d you like it?” asked Rogue, owner of one of the two sets of echoes.

“Err.. well..” Kitty said slowly.

“You hated it, didn’t you?” Rogue said, her voice tinged with an amused edge.

“No!” Kitty said vehemently. “It’s just that, you know, it could’ve been better if it had, like, less entrails.”

Rogue laughed. “That’s what slashers are usually about.”

“Well, I’m just not that kind of girl,” Kitty said.

“Oh? What kinda girl are you then?”

“What?” Kitty asked, sounding a little distressed.

“What kinda movies do you like?” Rogue asked.

“Oh. Right,” Kitty said, giving a little nervous laugh.

“Spaz,” Rogue said, smiling.

“Creep,” Kitty shot back, also smiling.

“And both of us freaks.”

“True. But I wouldn’t tell the Professor that.”

Rogue and Kitty passed a small, dark alley. It was the kind of alley that muggers lurked in in really bad movies, so the two girls peered into it to make sure they wouldn’t be surprised by anyone who might be hiding in there.

What they forgot, however, was that muggers also like to watch really bad movies.

“Hello ladies,” an unpleasant voice behind the girls said.

Training instantly took over.

Rogue spun round, elbow first and connected with a blow to the jaw. While the man reeled backwards, Kitty grabbed his wrist, noted that there was a knife in the accompanying hand, twisted it round, and made sure the man stabbed himself in the leg.

The man fell to the ground and the girls walked on.

“You never did say which movies you like,” Rogue said.

“I’m more of a romantic fluff kind of girl. Sleepless in Seattle, that kind of thing.”

“Right. That kind of thing.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Kitty asked, sounding a little confused.

“Oh, nothing,” said Rogue. “Hey, I’m pretty starved and I haven’t eaten anything decent ever since I got into the hospital. Whaddya say we stop by McDonalds or something.”

“Sounds good,” Kitty answered. “Beating up that mugger made me hungry.”

“What mugger?”

Kitty turned around and pointed at the man currently trying to yank a knife out of his leg.

“Oh, that mugger,” Rogue said.


“I can’t believe you’re eating that,” Kitty said, looking disgusted

“What? It’s just a hamburger,” Rogue said.

“Exactly. It’s meat,” Kitty pointed out. She had a small salad and fries.

“So? You didn’t turn vegetarian did ya?”

“Well, after tonight…”

Rogue rolled her eyes. “OK. Bad choice for a movie, I get it.”

“No, hey, you were the one in hospital. It was your right and stuff. It’s just that…” She started looking a little green. “Excuse me for a sec, will you?”

Kitty rushed away from the table in the general direction of the bathroom.

Rogue carefully put down her burger and watched the bathroom door slam shut. After a few moments she stood up and followed.

The sight she was met with wasn’t pretty. Not even the most crazed fan of modern art would find the sight of a person throwing up into a sink to be aesthetically pleasing.

Kitty leaned forward and let her forehead rest on the mirror hanging above the sink. She was taking deep breaths of relatively fresh air.

“You look like shit,” Rogue remarked.

Kitty jumped and turned to Rogue.

“I… I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I’d be surprised,” Rogue said, walking towards her. She grabbed a paper towel, firmly gripped Kitty’s chin in her gloved hand and, with a bit of spit, wiped away of bit of puke.

Kitty’s cheeks worked up an embarrassed blush.

“Sorry,” she said.

“Why’s that?” Rogue said.

“I’m spoiling it.”

“Spoiling what?”

“Our night out.”

Rogue tilted her head and frowned. Kitty’s blush intensified.

“I… I mean…” the brunette stammered.

“Just two good friends going to the movies and grabbing a bite to eat, right?”

“Right,” Kitty smiled relieved.

“C’mon, let’s head back to the mansion.”

“Aren’t you going to finish eating?”

“And watch you puke up everything you’ve got left all over again? I’ll pass.”


Rogue had just climbed into bed and watched the ceiling. She was tired. And whenever she was tired, all the memories she had stolen drifted up to the surface. She couldn’t really do anything about it, other than keeping mind that they were the memories of other persons.

There she was, duking it out with Wolverine in the middle of the snowdrifts of Antarctica.

And here she was, just waking up, opening her eyes and blasting the roof off the house.

And there she was again, watching one of daddy’s porn videos while she was still way too young to figure out what was going on.

And there she was trashing some car simply because she wanted to trash something.

And here she was lying in bed, watching Rogue undress and trying to touch herself without her noticing.

Oh God, that was one of Kitty’s memories, wasn’t it?

Rogue sighed. She’d quite enjoyed the evening, if you didn’t count the throwing up. She wanted to do it again.

Dinner and a movie. That was a date, wasn’t it?

Rogue wasn’t gay. She’d had too many genuine crushes on guys to be gay. But at the moment, she wasn’t entirely sure if she was completely straight either.

But there was a grey area, wasn’t there?

Maybe she was bisexual.

Maybe it was just Kitty. She’d heard of gay people finding one member of the opposite sex they could be attracted to. Maybe it worked that way for straight people to.

Or maybe, sexuality was just an antiquated label that should be abolished.

Rogue chuckled. Yeah, maybe not.

Kitty entered the room. Rogue gambled that the girl had spent quite some time brushing her teeth and then even more time to carefully floss. She was still looking a little pale, but at least she wasn’t looking green any more.

Kitty started undressing and Rogue looked at her while trying to look like she wasn’t.

There was a… feeling… rising up in Rogue. It told her a couple of things, but the most important one of those was that there was just no way that she was 100% straight.

Although, Rogue reflected later in a small and private corner of her mind, it also told her that those breathing and meditating lessons she’d been taking now really started to pay off.

After all, the loudest sound she made before going to sleep was a quiet gasp.

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