Title: From The Book of Cassandra

Author: Jos Mous

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PAIRINGS: Lots, but mostly Sam/Brooke

NOTE: Yes, I am mocking several religious texts. So sue me.

In the beginning there was nothing. Well, that wasnít completely true. In the beginning there was the Universe Dragon with the name of JULIAN and the Earth Mother carrying the name of LILY. And both the Universe Dragon and the Earth Mother were bored, for there was not a lot to do in an empty universe. Fortunately for everyone Julian and Lily shared considerable affection for one another. And because of their great love for one another and to alleviate their boredom a little the Universe Dragon and the Earth Mother had wild, passionate sex. It was truly a Big Bang. And from this loving union there was born CASSANDRA, first amongst the Goddesses, most beautiful of all. She had all the right shapes and curves in all the right places. Small white scales accentuated Her divine beauty even more. Her eyes were shimmering with a colour as red as blood and as a final touch She had a very fashionable tail. And Cassandra walked over Her mother, the Earth and She saw it was really very dark.

And Cassandra said: "Let there be light!"

And all of the sudden light appeared in the form of the Sun. And the Sun burned across the sky. Cassandra, Her eyes still used to the dark and not to this bright light, squinted with Her eyes.

"Be gone!" Cassandra commanded the Sun. "For you are hurting My eyes."

"Very well." Said the Sun, who had adopted the name of SAM. "I shall go from here, but I shall return again when half the day is gone."

And Cassandra said: "Oh, very well, if you insist."

And Sam went under the horizon and the world was dark once more. And Cassandra looked around and decided that a little light could still be useful.

And Cassandra said: "Let there be light! Only not as bright as last time, a little smaller, OK?"

And in the sky there appeared BROOKE, the pale moon, she who drives away the dark with a little light.

And Cassandra was pleased and said: "Very nice. But maybe I can improve on it some more."

And Cassandra thought about what She could do, then came up with a very good idea.

"Let there be even more light!" The blessed Cassandra said. "But only very little specks of light, all across the sky."

And so the stars were created.


Pleased with how the sky looked and worked Cassandra focused Her attention on the Earth. And She found it empty. And She wondered why She had created such a beautiful sky when there was nobody else around to enjoy its beauty. So Cassandra went forth and created the insects, and the fish, and the trees, and the birds, and the legendary beasts, and the humans. And, in honour of Her mother the Universe Dragon, Cassandra created the blessed race of Dragons. And She made sure the Dragons lived inside the very mountains where the divine Cassandra was born.

And Cassandra looked around and said: "Yeah, this'll do. Although I'm not really sure about those humans. Maybe I've made them a little too aggressive."

But Cassandra shrugged and decided to let everything run its course and only intervene when it was truly necessary.


And now the Earth was teeming with life and all animals and plants and legendary beasts worshipped Cassandra. That is to say, all but a several very large groups of humans. These humans had created their own Gods and said: "These are the true Gods."

And the gentle Cassandra let them. For Cassandra was not a very vengeful Goddess and She was quite amused by the way these humans prayed to their false Gods, but received no answer.

But the immortal Cassandra was still not happy. She had hordes of beings who worshipped Her, yet She had none who She could call an equal. And Cassandra turned to Her mothers, the Universe Dragon and the Earth Mother and pleaded:

"Alas, I am alone. Please, could you have some more sex so that I might get a companion?"

And the Earth Mother Lily responded: "I am sorry my child, but we can not do that. It is very much possible that You would grow to love Your brother or sister and that You would lay down next to him or her. And incest is just morally wrong."

And the great Universe Dragon Julian said: "It is?"

And the Earth Mother Lily glared at the Universe Dragon Julian.

And then Julian said: "Your mother's right. It is."

"Woe is Me!" Cassandra cried. "For I am lonely and really donít like it."

And then the Sun rose and said: "It is not so bad as You might think. I am deeply in love with Brooke, the Moon, yet because of You we are always separated and can only view each other from afar. Loneliness, it seems, is not so great a hardship as love unreachable."

And Cassandra thought about this. And then She said: "You are right. I promise you I will do something about it."

And, four days later, the Earth turned dark on a sunny day. And the people looked up and saw the disc of the Moon slowly step in front of the Sun. And at that day Sam and Brooke made gentle love to each other. And they would continue to do so every time their paths crossed.

And from the union between Sam and Brooke there was born JESSICA. And Cassandra rejoiced, for now She had an equal companion. And Cassandra and Jessica lived quite happily together, until they fell in love with one another. After that they lived even more happily together.


Then one day Sam arrived at the house of Cassandra and Jessica, high above the Rim Mountains.

And Cassandra asked: "What are you doing here?"

And the living incarnation of the Sun said: "For many centuries have I studied this world from afar. Yet I am curious about it and would very much like to live on it for a while."

And Jessica, the daughter of the Sun and the Moon, said: "You cannot go down to Earth. Who would operate the Sun?"

And Sam said: "I have already made arrangements concerning the Sun. Do not worry about that."

And Cassandra said: "Well, in that case I see no choice but to grant you your request. You shall be born as human and rule the land of P'p'l'r."

And Sam answered: "Thank you."

Then Brooke appeared in the house of Jessica and Cassandra.

And the embodiment of the moon said: "I cannot live without my love. If you are going to send Sam down then you shall send me down as well."

And Cassandra responded: "Very well. You too shall be born human and you shall be the ruler of P'p'l'r's neighbouring country, the Kingdom of Bl'nde Cheerl'd'r's."

And Brooke said: "Thank you."

And then the Universe Dragon Julian and the Earth Mother Lily entered the house of Cassandra and Jessica.

And Jessica said: "Let me guess, you want to go down to Earth as well?"

And Julian and Lily nodded.

And Cassandra said: "I have an idea. Why not all go down? I shall send the four of you down now and, as soon as I have everything in order, Jessica and Myself shall come down as well."

And then Cassandra prepared to send everyone down to Earth. Yet before she could finish she heard a heart-rending lamenting. And Cassandra, deeply touched by such agony, went to find the person who had cried so loudly.

It was a leviathan who carried the name of JANE.

And the immortal Cassandra asked: "Why are you so sad?"

And the leviathan answered: "I want to have a baby, but alas I am unfertile."

And Cassandra nodded, understanding the sadness of the leviathan. And then Cassandra said:

"Do not worry any longer, for I shall give you a child. It shall not be a leviathan and it will leave you after a while, but it will be your child."

And Jane said: "Thank you."


And so, nine months later, the leviathan named Jane gave birth to a beautiful human baby girl. And, for a reason that completely eluded her, she named the girl Sam. And Jane nurtured Sam and taught her well. And then the day came when Jane realised that her daughter was about to leave her. The parting was filled with sorrow and tears, and the gentle Sam said:

"Please, do not be saddened. You can come and visit any time and I shall try to write you many letters."

And Jane smiled through her tears and nodded.


And so Sam left for the country of P'p'l'r where she soon ascended the throne. And she ruled P'p'l'r just and fair. And as Lord Sam she had many great and wonderful adventures.

But those are tales best told some other time.

The End

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