TITLE: Looking

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AUTHOR: Jos Mous

DISCLAIMER: Not owning these characters, not making a profit.

RATING: PG-13 to R-ish

PARING: Pfil/Pamila

NOTE: Bondage Fairies is a very disturbing manga. But somewhere hidden beneath all the disturbing content is a very cute lesbian couple that deserves to have a bit of quasi-romantic fluffiness.

Pamila sat kneeling on the bank of a small lake. The sand was staining her otherwise shiny leather boots and prickling her skin. She hardly noticed it. She hardly noticed anything, except the thing she held in her hand. . .

. . . which she threw up in the sky where it caught the light for a moment before falling back and landing safely in Pamila’s palm.

It was ring. A very ordinary little ring. It had no gems or diamonds, no intricate engravings, it wasn’t even remotely magical. It was just a band to be worn around a finger. But it meant a lot.

Pamila flipped the ring up into the air again and caught it again.

It was a strange idea. As far as Pamila could tell it was some kind of human concept Pfil had learned from a pack of rats (who, amazingly enough, hadn’t tried to rape her or even leered at her. Perhaps they had been gay rats). Pamila had forgot the name or the whole stupid ritual that was supposed to go along with it, but she remembered what it meant.

Stay with me forever.

For a brief moment, the ring reflected sunlight as it was thrown up again.

Stay with me forever.

It was a difficult concept for Pamila to comprehend. True, she loved Pfil and she loved having sex with her and she was prepared to sacrifice quite a lot of things if it meant Pfil would keep having sex with her, but still she wasn’t really in a relationship with Pfil. Relationships happened to other people, not to sluts like Pamila.

Pamila threw the ring up and caught it again.

And that was the whole problem, wasn’t it? Pamila wasn’t much of a long-term thinker. She took life one fuck at a time. She never made Plans, she never Looked To The Future. The closest she’d ever come was thinking about how to get sex as quickly as possible whenever she wasn’t having it.

Simply put, Pamila was a slut and a nymphomaniac. She’d known that for a long time and had never had any problems with it. After all, everyone is looking for a little fun in their lives and sex is about as fun as it can get.

The ring made its short arc through the air again.

And now Pfil wanted to spend the rest of her life with her. Why? Yes, she knew Pfil loved her and she was pretty sure she loved Pfil as well and, OK, so far Pfil was the only person she’d ever met who she could consider more than a friend to have sex with, but still. . .

Spend the rest of her life with her.

She didn’t know what to make of the thought. It didn’t really frighten her. She wasn’t particularly scared about being tied down by Pfil and not getting away from her ever again. She was even surprisingly OK with not screwing anyone other than Pfil ever again, but. . .

Pfil could do better than her.

Pamila flipped the ring up into the air.

There. She’d thought it. When it came right down to it she simply could not love Pfil the way she deserved. Pfil was. . . was beautiful and innocent and pure and she deserved someone whose love was equally pure, not the kind of perverted dedicated lust that Pamila offered her.

She could fly away. Go to some other forest, return to her life of non-stop sex and give Pfil a chance to find someone worthy of her. It would be the right thing to do.

Pamila looked up at the sparkling waves. The ring weighed heavily in her hand and the water was deep.


Pfil paced up and down inside her nest, wondering if she’d done the right thing. It had all sounded so very romantic, two people promising to spend the rest of their lives together. She’d thought that, well, she’d hoped that Pamila would’ve been all happy and everything. She hadn’t really expected her girlfriend to just give a her nervous grin and chuckle uncomfortably before flying off, muttering something about having to think about things.

She hoped she hadn’t ruined everything, but the cold leaden feeling in her stomach wasn’t very comforting.

The inside of the nest darkened. Pfil looked up and saw Pamila standing in the entrance. She opened her hand, showing the ring.

“I came to give this back to you.”


“I, uh, I think I should be going now,” said Pamila.

“What?” said Pfil. “Go? Go where?”


“A-away? Why?”

Pamila looked uncomfortable. “Because I’m just not good enough for you all right?”

Pfil fluttered to Pamila and took both her hands into her own. “What makes you say that?”

“What makes me say that?” Pamila said incredulously. “You do know me right? I’m probably the only woman in existence who’s completely incapable of being raped and I constantly try to pressure you into having sex with me.”


So?” said Pamila. “Pfil, I’m bad for you, OK? I’m a slut. And if we spend the rest of our lives together I’ll only drag you down.”

“I don’t care. I love you.”

“Pfil, you should. . .”

Pamila couldn’t complete her sentence, since Pfil’s lips were suddenly on her own. Pamila reacted almost instinctively, pulling Pfil’s small body towards her, sliding her tongue into Pfil’s mouth, reaching up and starting to undo Pfil’s dres. . .

Pamila froze and pulled away. She leaned against a wall, shivering and horny, wanting Pfil’s body above all else, except for one thing.

Pfil solemnly undid the other strings of her dress and let the garment fall to the ground. She hadn’t been wearing anything underneath. Pamila looked away, every cell in her body screaming at her. She could feel the warmth of Pfil’s body -Pfil’s beautiful, naked body- get closer to her and could feel the other fairy’s breath on her neck.

“Make to love to me.”

“Pfil. . .”

“I don’t care what you say Pamila,” Pfil said. “But I love you and I know you love me. That’s good enough, isn’t it?”

“But. . .”

Pfil kissed her again and the last little remnants of Pamila’s resolve melted.

“This isn’t going to last, you know,” Pamila whispered. “Tomorrow I’ll just be my usual horny self again and I’ll do my best to get you naked as often as possible.”

“I know,” said Pfil.

“So why are. . .”

“Because I love you.”

Pfil knelt down on the floor, pulling Pamila down with her. She kissed her again. Pamila put her hands on Pfil’s shoulders and gently pushed her back.


Pamila sat in the doorway of the nest and watched the sun come up behind the trees. She hadn’t even noticed that it had gone down; she’d had other things on her mind. Somehow, last night may very well have been the best night of her life and, funnily enough, she hadn’t had a single orgasm. Pfil had had plenty though, but the absolute best part of the night had been when Pfil had been completely exhausted, panting heavily and had snuggled up real close to Pamila. Normally, Pamila would’ve taken that opportunity to start playing with Pfil again because she was always prepared to go that extra orgasm. But now, or then, just holding her close and kind of enjoying the fact that she was there had been the more fulfilling option.

Pamila looked at the ring in her hand and threw it up into the air as if she was tossing a coin. Then she carefully put the ring around her finger. Since Pamila was still wearing her elbow-length black gloves it looked completely ridiculous and out of place. But that didn’t matter, because it felt like it was exactly in the right place.

Pamila looked over her shoulder. Pfil was still quietly asleep and very, very naked. Pamila grinned with mischievous intent and fluttered back into the nest.

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