TITLE: Infitias Ire

AUTHOR: Jos Mous

Email: wotan_anubis@yahoo.com

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any of these characters, I’m not making a profit, and so on and so forth.


PAIRING: Hermione/Ginny

NOTE: This is just a little piece of PWP smut. It has no real point, no real plot, the characters all behave out of character and the sex is badly written. In short, this is a piece of trash with no redeeming value whatsoever. Enjoy!

The sun outside was shining brightly and its heat was amplified by the window of the train compartment, making the ride to Hogwarts seem much, much longer. Hary, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were occupying the compartment, talking little to each other and occasionally eating a chocolate frog or suchlike.

Hermione took out her wand and waved it lazily in the air, boredom evident on her face.

“Infitias ire,” she muttered quietly.

Ginny frowned and leaned over towards Hermione, who sitting next to her on the bench.

“Was that a spell of some sort?” the redhead asked.

“Of course,” Hermione answered, in a voice clearly indicating that there really could never have been any doubt.

“Didn’t seem to have worked,” said Ginny.

“Oh, I’m not too sure about that,” said Hermione. “But you’re right, perhaps we should test. Harry?”

The boy who lived looked away from the window and towards Hermione. “Yes?”

“Tell me, what do you think of Ginny’s breasts?” Hermione asked calmly.

“What!?” squeaked Ginny.

Harry didn’t seem to be surprised by this question. “No offence, but I think it’d be prettier if she’d let her hair grow a little longer.”

“What?” Ginny asked again, this time confused.

“Right,” said Hermione, her face still serious. “And you Ron. Tell me what you think of your sister’s tight pussy.”

“Hermione!” Ginny yelled at the top of her voice.

Ron also didn’t seem surprised at the question. “Don’t be silly Hermione,” Ron said. “You know Ginny doesn’t own a cat.”

“Oh of course,” said Hermione. “How silly of me to forget.”

Now Ginny was really confused. She was pretty sure that the questions Hermione had asked were not usually asked in public as a part of polite conversation.

“Confused?” Hermione asked.

Ginny nodded.

“It’s because of the spell, really. And it worked perfectly.”

“What did it do?” Ginny asked. “Cloud their minds?”

“In a way,” Hermione said, smiling. “It really just enhanced one of mankind’s greatest abilities.”

“Which one?”

“The power to not see what is right in front of you.”


“The power of denial, Ginny,” Hermione said patiently. “Everybody has a certain opinion of how reality should look like. This opinion doesn’t always stroke with reality itself, but sometimes people are able to ignore that for some reason, provided that the inconstancy is not too great to be ignored. This spell, however, has overruled their sensory perceptions of reality, making them see and hear only what they expect to see and hear.”

“Oh,” said Ginny. “And it all really works?”

“You’ve just seen the evidence yourself. But if you’re still not convinced…”

Hermione smiled brightly as she reached down under her robe and removed her panties. She had some difficulty getting them past her shoes, but managed to get them off all the same. They were a rather simple pair of white cotton panties and last summer, Ginny had seen them quite a lot.

Hermione dangled her panties in front of Harry’s face. “Do you want these to masturbate to?” she asked.

“No thanks, my wand’s still perfectly all right,” Harry answered.

Hermione smiled smugly.

“OK, I’m impressed,” Ginny admitted. “But what good will it do?”

Hermione rolled her eyes. “Gin, we’re going to spending another year at Hogwarts. It might be difficult to keep seeing each other. So, I suppose this is our last opportunity for a while.”

“Oh Hermione,” Ginny moaned. “You’re not horny again are you?”

“Ginny, you’re sitting right next to me. How can I not be aroused?”

“Maybe it’s because they always run away,” Ron said.

Hermione and Ginny ignored him.

“I can’t be that sexy,” Ginny said.

Hermione reached out and stroked the redhead’s cheek. “As your girlfriend I feel it’s my moral obligation to break the news to you that yes, you are that sexy.”

“Hermione’s right, you’ll be good enough to transfigure rocks into birds in no-time,” said Ron.

“Unlike you,” Harry joked.

“I’m getting the hang of it,” Ron said testily.

Hermione leaned in and kissed Ginny. Ginny kissed back on automatic, her tongue reaching out to meet Hermione’s. The brunette’s hand stroked Ginny’s robe at chest height, making the redhead moan and causing her nipples to harden.

“Hermione, what if someone sees us?”

“They can’t. The spell’s not targeted at Harry or Ron, but at our immediate area. Everyone coming here will be affected.”

“I still feel uncomfortable about doing this in public.”

Hermione reached down, under Ginny robe. “Your panties say otherwise,” she said grinning.

The brunette stood up, struggled out of her robe, then took off her bra.

“I’ve never really paid much attention to it, but you’re right, there are some beautiful mountains out there,” Harry said.

Hermione sat back down on the bench facing Ginny, one foot on the ground, the other on the bench, her back leaning against the wall, giving the redhead a very inviting look at her nude body.

“Hermione, you’re not exhibitionist, are you?”

Hermione just smiled. Wordlessly, she lifted her left breast up to her mouth, her tongue flicking out to lick the hard nipple.

Ginny suddenly felt a decided lack of saliva in her mouth and a decided increase of liquid someplace else.

“Well, she does always insist on showing us the new spells she’s learned,” said Ron.

“Except the curses,” said Harry.


Ginny looked at the two boys in amazement. Even though she understood the effects of Hermione’s spell, she still couldn’t quite comprehend that they didn’t notice that Hermione was now softly stroking her pussy. The power of denial couldn’t be THAT powerful, could it?

“Gin, why are you looking at them?” Hermione asked, not unkindly.

“Because the landscape’s bloody boring, that’s why,” said Ron.

Ginny looked back at Hermione or, more specifically, at the glistening pussy between the brunette’s spread legs. Hermione had inserted a finger and was slowly fucking herself with it.

“Do you like to watch?” Hermione asked. “Or would you rather join me?”

Ginny looked back at the impassive faces of her male companions, then back at the fuck-me face Hermione was giving her.

The redhead leaned forward and kissed Hermione, cupping a breast in her hand and massaging it slowly.

“That’s my girl,” Hermione purred contently.

Ginny kissed Hermione’s lips, jawbone, neck and then arrived at her breasts. She circled the girl’s right nipple with her tongue, then took it into her mouth and sucked gently.

“Oh yes,” Hermione cooed. “Bite it.”

Ginny bit down as softly as she could.

“Oh yeeeesssss,” Hermione groaned.

“You know, it’s nice to see that you two have become such good friends.” Ginny wasn’t sure if it was Ron or Harry doing the talking. She didn’t really care anyway.

The door to the compartment opened and the witch pushing the food cart entered.

“Would you like anything?”

“My pussy Ginny,” Hermione panted. “Lick my pussy.”

“I’m sorry young lady, but we don’t serve butterbeer. I do have many other refreshing drinks, though.”

“Say the magic word,” Ginny muttered, biting down on Hermione’s nipple slightly harder.

“I’ll have some chocolate frogs, please.”

“And a couple of Every Flavour Beans.”

“PLEEEAASSSE,” Hermione screamed.

“Please what?” Ginny asked innocently, moving to the other nipple.

“Are the young ladies sure they don’t want anything?”

“Please fuck me. Please eat my cunt… ah, ah, AAAAHHH.”

“Oh Hermione, you say the sweetest things,” Ginny said grinning.

“Oh well, if you’re sure.”

The witch left the compartment again. Ginny had barely noticed her arrival. She was pretty sure Hermione hadn’t noticed anything at all.

The redhead moved down and flicked her tongue over Hermione’s swollen clit, making the brunette scream with pleasure. Smiling, Ginny dived in, plunging her tongue into Hermione’s soaking pussy, lapping up the liquids that poured from it. Hermione’s groans and screams became incomprehensible. They were mere animal sounds that said quite clearly that she enjoyed what Ginny was doing.

“Anyone want an Every Flavour Bean?”

Hermione was trashing about, having lost the control of her body as Ginny fucked her with her tongue. Then she screamed Ginny’s name at the top of her voice as she came, filling the redhead’s mouth with her juices, her body shuddering violently.

“Oh well, more for me then.”

Hermione was lying almost flat on the bench, her naked body gleaming with sweat, her breasts going up and down in the rhythm of her panting.

“Oh, look at you,” said Hermione affectionately. “Your face is covered in goo.”

“I’m sorry,” Ginny said grinning.

“Let me clean it off for you,” Hermione offered.

She struggled upright into a sitting position, pushing Ginny into a sitting position as well. She then proceeded to lick her own fluids off Ginny’s face, while her hand once again wandered down Ginny’s robe and, hiking it up, started rubbing her crotch through her panties.

“I think one of us is a little overdressed,” Hermione said.

“You’re right, we should be putting on our school uniforms right about now.”

“I’m not taking off my robe,” Ginny said.

Hermione pouted. “You sure?” she asked as she pressed into Ginny’s panties.

Ginny moaned. “I’m sure.”

“I’m disappointed.”

“But you can take my panties off if you want,” Ginny gasped.

“You want a naked girl to go down on you while you yourself are still more or less fully clothed?” Hermione asked.

Ginny nodded.

“I like it.”

“I wonder how Hagrid’s been holding up?”

“I wonder if he’s got even more terrifying monsters for class.”

Hermione kneeled down on the floor of the train. She spread Ginny’s legs, reached out and pulled the girl’s panties down to her ankles.

“Oh honey, look how wet you are,” Hermione said.

“No, I don’t think it’ll start raining anytime soon.”

Like Ginny before, Hermione dived in hungrily. There was only one thing tastier than licking her own cum of Ginny’s face and that was drinking Ginny’s juices right from the source. She lapped eagerly at the redhead’s slit and, judging from the way the girl was screaming already, Ginny was appreciative of her efforts. If Hermione’s tongue wasn’t buried in her lover’s pussy, she would have smiled at the fond memories she had of the Burrow and having to gag Ginny so that she wouldn’t wake up everyone else in the house with her screaming.

“Aw, you cute little screamer you.”

“Less talking, more licking,” Ginny panted.

Hermione happily obliged, causing the cabin to be filled with a piercing scream once again.

“You know, they say there’re banshees in the Forbidden Forest.”

“Think Hagrid’ll show one of them in his classes?”

“I hope not.”

“FUCK ME!” Ginny screamed as Hermiome took the girl’s clit in her mouth and sucked hard. “EAT MY CUNT! OH FUCK, YES, YEESSS… AH… HERMIONEEEE!!!”

With a wail that made Hermione worry about potential damage to her eardrums, Ginny came. Hermione sat down on the bench again and took the girl in her arms.



“That’s because they’re made from chocolate.”

The girls kissed, as oblivious of the outside world as the boys.

“We should get dressed,” Ginny said sadly.

“Correction, I should get dressed,” said Hermione, standing up to gather her discarded clothes.

“We’re here,” said Harry.

And, true enough, the train stopped. The two boys and the two girls stood up and left the compartment. Hermione and Ginny walked hand in hand. Ginny liked this very much, but was a tad concerned at the same time. They hadn’t come out to anyone yet and walking hand in hand with another girl (another girl who was leaning her head on her shoulder) would probably raise some questions.

However, no one seemed to take notice of this.



“This denial spell, how long does it work?”

“Until I cancel it.”

“And where exactly is it targeted?”

“On our direct vicinity. It’s a sort of force field you can’t look through, if that makes it easier to understand.”

Ginny nodded. A thought occurred to her.

“Why are you grinning?” Hermione asked.

“Oh, no reason,” said Ginny.

Suddenly, the Sorting Ceremony looked like it would be very interesting indeed.

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