TITLE: The Forgotten Dimension

AUTHOR: Jos Mous

Email: wotan_anubis@yahoo.com

DISCLAIMER: I think I'm treading on pretty tricky legal grounds here, but I think it's safe to say that nobody really owns anything in this fic, so a disclaimer is not really necessary.



WARNING: Reading the note will spoil you for the clue of this fic! Please do not read it yet!

NOTE: A while back somebody sent some feedback to the PopularSlash group saying that the original show no longer existed for her. This made me thinking and out came this fic, which also acts a little bit as feedback. A little bit.

There is a place where the Gods live. Nobody really knows where this place is except, of course, the Gods themselves and possibly their followers. However, most people believe that there is just one place and all the Gods live there, wherever it may be. This is not entirely true. The Gods of Popular for example did not live amongst most of the other Gods. When you are talking Divine Real Estate, the Gods of Popular had acquired their own little corner in one of the quieter streets. And the place which they called their own the Gods of Popular did their work. They created dimensions, put people in them and played around with them until they got bored with them and forgot them once more.

One day, one of the Gods of Popular discovered one such forgotten dimension. He was, however, quite puzzled by his discovery since he could not remember it. And since he was a God, he had quite a good memory. He then decided to go asking the other Gods for answers, left the Basement of Forgotten Dimensions and went up the stairs, a black wolf closely following him.

He walked into one the rooms and politely knocked on the door.

"Mel? You got a sec?" He asked.

The Goddess called Mel looked up from the worlds she was creating and said: "Yeah, sure, what is it?"

"Come with me please."

And so the two Gods went back to the Basement and looked at the strange dimension.

"Do you know this world?"

"Sorry Jos, can't help you." Mel answered. "This doesn't look anything like most of my worlds."

"Then I guess I should go ask the Others as well." Said Jos.

"I'll come along." Mel said. "I don't have anything to do right now anyway."

And so the Gods Jos and Mel went back up the stairs, with that black wolf still following them.

They arrived at the room of Paul, who also liked to think of himself as Snarlsnout. He held two figurines in his hand and was closely examining both of them.

"What do you think?" Paul asked as Mel and Jos entered his room. "Should I do Nicole again?"

"It's what you usually do." Mel answered.

"In fact, if I am not mistaken there is but one series where you hooked Sam up with someone else. That girl from two doors down, what's her name?"

"Dawn." Mel supplied.

"Thank you. Dawn."

"I know." Said Snarlsnout. "So I was thinking, what if I hooked Sam up with DeeDee?"

"DeeDee?" Mel asked.

"Not that annoying sister of that boy named Dexter who lives three blocks from here?"

"Yeah. Her. What do you think?"

"If you can make it work, I applaud it." Said Jos. "But that is not why we came here. You see, the thing is: I found a forgotten dimension and I don't know who it belongs to."

"And I don't know either." Mel added.

"So you come to me?" Paul asked happily. "I'm flattered."

And so Snarlsnout joined Jos and Mel on their quest for the identity of the forgotten dimension. But Paul too did not know who had created it and for what purpose.

And so the Gods Paul and Jos and the Goddess Mel set out on a search through the building.

The vampiric alliance, who had become very quiet recently, consisting out of the Goddesses Carol and Sarah could not supply an answer.

The Goddess Majandra was too busy filling out her calendar to be bothered very much.

Hope accidentally spilled some peach juice on the forgotten dimension, but she too had no answer.

There was the sound of an eternal orgy coming from Bryan's room, but even though having sex might be fun, it served no purpose now so Jos, Snarlsnout and Mel ignored him.

They went to Carla, who liked to play with time and Italian restaurants, but even She could not find the answer.

The Goddess Tasha was trying to teach some amazon women how to do magic and the three Gods found it wise to not bother Her in Her work at this particular point in time. Amazons and magic generally didn't mix.

With a slight hint of desperation the Gods also visited those Gods of Popular who had until now created but one universe, like the Goddesses Jessica and Bwp Bard, but they did not know either.

With fear in their hearts Jos, Mel and Paul even went to the Old Gods like Janine and Angelina, but even their great and ancient wisdom provided no answer.

In the end all the Gods of Popular stood around the forgotten dimension that everybody had truly completely forgotten. The God Jos stood there, his wolf at his side, and looked at the dimension until somebody elbowed him in the ribs.

"Hey Jos." The Goddess Hope said. "What are you doing with that wolf following you around?"

The God Jos smiled. "I had created a few dimensions before I created this one." He said, indicating the wolf. "It made my name known amongst the other Gods and so I have a hard time letting go of it."

The Goddess Hope nodded. And then ate another peach.

"No, I don't think we're gonna get an answer very soon." Said the Goddess Carla. "Nobody here has created this dimension, so I guess we'll never find out."

Suddenly a new voice boomed through the Basement of Forgotten Dimensions. "Never say never!"

All the Gods, even the Old Ones, respectfully made way for Aeryn, the most powerful amongst them. She strode towards the forgotten dimension in question and studied it carefully.

"So I see you've taken a break from torturing Sam to join us." Snarlsnout said jokingly.

"It's my hobby, I admit." Said the Goddess Aeryn. "But I am intrigued by this dimension and would like to know what it is about."

Silence ruled the Basement for several unbearably long moments. Then, the Goddess Aeryn spoke.

"This is the Original Dimension." She announced.

"The Original Dimension?" Asked one of the younger Gods. "That's just a myth."

"An interesting choice of words, that." Said Aeryn. "But no, this dimension is where it all started. It has been created by people even more ancient than the Old Ones."

"Who were they?" Asked the younger God again.

"There is no need to know." Said Aeryn. "These ancients have forsaken their world and left our House. They will never return. We, the people gathered in this very Basement, are the only true Gods of Popular."

Various Gods nodded.

"Well, now that that's sorted out, let's get back to work, shall we?" Mel suggested.

The other Gods agreed and left the Basement, a few of them lingering a little to look at the dimensions they had created and forgotten with a sense of nostalgia.

But soon the Basement of Forgotten Dimensions was empty again. Empty, save for all the dimensions only a few people remembered. And somewhere in the back the Original Dimension remained, slowly getting pushed further and further into the darkness until everybody would have forgotten its very existence…

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