TITLE: Confusing the Confused

AUTHOR: Jos Mous

Email: wotan_anubis@yahoo.com

DISCLAIMER: Not owning any characters, not making any profit, blahblahblah.


PAIRING: I don't know yet, in all honesty.

NOTE: Well. three guesses which movie I finally managed to sort of see thanks to the help of my sister's boyfriend. I'll gave you a hint: this fic is more than obviously. ah. "inspired" by it. Also, I'm not sure if this fic will pass "prologue" stage.


Brooke sat at her desk, staring at the wall for a bit. She was supposed to be making her homework. And she was going to make her homework. Yes, she was. Definitely. She just needed a little bit of background music. Music in the background often helped spur her on for a bit. But, for some reason, none of the CDs she owned seemed appropriate right now.

Brooke stood up from her chair. Maybe Sam had some decent music.

The blonde walked through the bathroom and into Sam's room. The brunette was bent over her laptop, which wasn't a very rare occurrence. Brooke thought her stepsister really ought to sit up straight sometimes. She was ruining her back like that.

"Hey, Sam," said Brooke.

"Yeah?" said Sam in that you're-disturbing-me-go-away kind of voice.

"Could I borrow your T.a.t.u. CD for a while?"

"Yeah, su."

Sam's sentence broke off. The brunette swivelled around in her chair and faced Brooke, eyes wide, expression aghast.

"You want what?"


Two Days Later

Brooke stood amidst a group of girls, all about her age. In front of her was a kind of mansion painted only in bright and cheerful pastel colours. A rainbow was inexplicably shining over the large house. If rainbows could be mail-ordered, this one would have been such a mail-ordered rainbow.

Standing in front of the group were two girls. They looked like they were in their mid-twenties or something. One was a perky blonde who simply radiated naivete. Or possibly stupidity. The other was a short-haired brunette who never smiled, but always smirked. She also looked a bit like that crack-head that lived in the Novak.

"Hi girls," the blonde said cheerfully. "My name's Megan and this here is Graham."

"Hi," said Graham.

Brooke frowned. Wasn't that a name for a guy?

"Now, I assume you all know why you are here?" Megan asked.

There were some more or less affirmative mumbles.

"No," Brooke said loud and clear.

"No?" Graham asked. "Well, why do you think you're here?"

"Because my entire family freaked out when I wanted to borrow a CD from my stepsister."

"Wow, that is weird," Graham said. "So what was it? Blue? Indigo Girls?"


"OK, not so weird," Graham said. She was smirking.

"What's wrong with T.a.t.u.?" Brooke asked.

"Nothing. Nothing," said Megan. "Now then. Brooke, was it?"


"Now then Brooke, basically you are here because people in your vicinity fear you may be a sexually confused teenager."

"I'm not confused. I'm straight."

"Right you are hun," said Graham. "Anyway, here's where you can find out for sure."

"Well, this is absurd," Brooke said. "I'm not staying."

Brooke turned around and marched away.

"Pity," said Megan. "And just when there're such hunky guys in the boy group here."

Brooke kept walking. They couldn't tempt her like that.

"Not to mention that some of the girls'd probably like to get to know you better as well."

Brooke stopped. And turned around. "I could probably use some new friends anyway," she said, as she re-joined the group.

Megan smiled happily. Graham just smirked.

"Well then that's settled," Megan said. "Everyone, welcome to True Nature."

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