TITLE: College Life

AUTHOR: Jos Mous

Email: wotan_anubis@yahoo.com

DISCLAIMER: Most of the characters are actually owned by me. Unfortunately, the universe they frolic around in isn't owned by me and is not used to generate any form of profit.

PAIRINGS: Mac/Alex; John/Trish

RATING: R, possibly NC-17

NOTE: In celebration of Liberation Day, a slightly smutty fic from the Salvation universe. It might be a one-shot, it might not. Guess it depends on. inspiration.

I got accepted onto Harvard. I couldn't believe it when I saw the envelope. The Harvard guys actually accepted me. They really thought I was clever and/or rich enough. But in the end I didn't go to Harvard or any of the other Ivy League universities that had accepted me. I went to UCLA. And when asked why I gave up the Ivy League to go to such a "common" college, the answer is really simple: Alex.

Alex didn't even apply for Harvard or Yale or Princeton or whatever. I don't know why; her grades were good enough. But whatever the reason, Alex went to UCLA. She didn't ask me to come with her, though she also didn't encourage me to go to Harvard. So then I had a difficult choice to make. Go to one of the country's top universities or stay with my girlfriend?

As it turned out it wasn't such a difficult choice after all.

The first thing Alex and I did after we entered our dorm room -and after the random dumping of bags and the few minutes of excessive making out- was to push the two single beds together to form one big bed. After that I set up my small altar in the right corner and Alex set up her altar in the left corner. Well, I call it an altar, but Alex'd probably be insulted if I called it that out loud. It's just a small table with a cross standing on it and some pictures of Jesus, Mary the virgin and Mary the hooker.

The whole thing was nicely symbolic of our relationship. Us first, religion second. Religion safely away from us.

Then we started unpacking our bags. There were only clothes, books a few posters and some things to eat or drink. Other stuff, like a small fridge, a computer, a radio and whatnot, would be brought by our parents the next day. Main reason for that arrangement was simply (and obviously) the fact that me and Alex wanted to spend this first day on our own together, with no-one else around.

Clothes were quickly stuffed into the closet, books were hastily placed wherever they could and the posters never even left the bag.

Needless to say, it didn't take us very long to make our way onto the bed.

Getting naked took a bit longer. It's really hard to both kiss, hug and grope with unbridled lust and take your clothes off at the same time. After some time -during which the frustration of not getting naked soon enough only made us more lustful- we both sort of managed to reach a state of dishevelment. My shirt and bra were pulled up and Alex was doing unforgettable things to my breast. At the same time, I managed to reach under Alex' dress and pull her panties down far enough to finger her.

I didn't know who was wetter, me or her. At that point in time, I didn't care. All I cared about was the feeling of Alex' tongue on or around my nipples and Alex' heat around my fingers. After a few minutes of this frenzy of lust, Alex tightened up and groaned my name. Her face was completely screwed up as well. I found the sight of it more erotic than seeing her naked, strangely enough.

She collapsed next to me, a wan smile on her face. I stroked her cheek and kissed her. She reached down into my pants and started fingering me. It didn't took very long for me to come as well. With Alex working on my breasts just then and the mere sight and sound of her climaxing I was in such a state that even her looking at me pointedly would've made me orgasm.

We just lay together after that, looking at each other. Lust can be really, really fun, but when lust is controlled, love is nicer. We kissed and cuddled for a while and even though my breasts were still exposed and her vagina was still uncovered, we didn't think about having sex. That is to say, not at that particular moment in time.


It was an hour or something later and I was busy putting the posters with Alex giving me pointers on the how and where. A knock sounded on our door and moments later, Sarah was standing in the room. I was hoping that now she was going to college as well she would give up on all the black stuff. I was hoping in vain.

"Hey Sarah," I said.

"Hello," said Alex.

"Hey guys," said Sarah. She looked at my altar and noticed the smoking sticks of incense. "You need stronger," she said, "or possibly more."

"What do you mean?" asked Alex.

"The smell isn't strong enough to cover the smell of two of you having sex," Sarah stated simply. She flopped down on the bed. "And here I was thinking you didn't believe in sex before marriage."

"I'll never be able to get married," Alex said seriously. Then, with a lighter tone, "And I'm not going to wait that long."

I finished nailing up our poster of Death playing a guitar and sat down next to Sarah. Alex sat down next to her as well.

"So how's your room?" I asked.

"Horrible," Sarah answered.

"Infested with cockroaches or something?" Alex offered with a slight laugh.

"Worse," said Sarah. "Infected with a Hampton twin."

"Sorry to hear it," I said, meaning every word.

"Which one?" Alex asked.

"Does it matter?" Sarah said. "They were both Berry Cherry's cheerleader lackeys and now I'm stuck with one of them."

"Cynthia was nice," Alex said. Then, at noticing our looks of utter disbelief added, "Well. from time to time."

"Well I'm in luck then," Sarah said cynically. "It's Cynthia."

I patted her shoulder. "You still have my sympathies."

"Thanks," she said sourly. "Hey what's say we pick up the other lovebirds and get something to eat."

"That's a pretty good idea," Alex said.

I suppressed the urge to whine pitifully. I wanted more alone time with my girlfriend.

"Yeah, I thought so," said Sarah. "You two've probably burned up so many calories that you must be pretty much starving by now."

Alex blushed in the cutest possible way. I really wanted some alone time with her.


After we picked up John and Trish we all headed over to the student cafeteria or whatever it was called. The food served here was way better than that at school. Then again, slimy things found under rocks have more nutritional value than the grub we had at high school. We all made some inane small talk. Trish was really happy that she could share a room with John and she was really happy for us that we could share a room too and she was also happy for Sarah for getting the less evil Hampton twin for her roommate. John, naturally, didn't say a lot, though he did seem to be smiling more often than usual. Sarah bitched a little about her roommate, her life and humanity in general. I was playing footsie with Alex under the table.

Someone coughed. "Excuse me?"

We all looked up. A tall red-headed girl was standing near the table, smiling a bit awkwardly.

"Yeah?" Sarah said.

"I couldn't help but notice, but. are you two close?" the redhead asked, looking at Alex and me.

"We're very close," I said, with an undertone that hinted that disagreement with this fact was life-threatening.

"I thought so," she said. "Here, take this. We have meetings every Wednesday."

The girl handed me a pamphlet. There was a rainbow on it, along with the words "GLBT Alliance".

"Thanks," I said. "I'll read it and. I'll get back to you."

"No pressure," said the girl. "If you don't want to come, don't. But if you do, we're a pretty welcoming group."

"We'll think about," said Alex.

The redhead smiled quickly, then left the table.


When Alex and me finally returned to our room, the light outside was already fading fast. Acting on an unvoiced agreement, we each walked over to "our" corner of the room to do our prayers. After a few minutes, Alex made a cross and I dispelled my circle. When we were facing each other again we were both smiling a bit awkwardly at each other. Fortunately, that awkwardness quickly evaporated when we stepped closer to each other and kissed. Religion is nice and all, but it shouldn't get in the way of love in my opinion.

Alex took a step back and smiled at me. It wasn't a "Gosh I'm so happy to see you" kind of smile. It was the kind of smile that sort of told me that she was planning to slowly let the straps of her dress glide over her shoulders, after which she would let the garment fall onto the ground unheeded. Which she did.

I tried to swallow, but couldn't. All the moisture had relocated from my mouth to someplace else.

With a great deal of confidence and a great lack of shame, Alex unhooked her bra and took off her panties. She then locked the door and looked at me expectantly.

I suddenly realised that I was way overdressed.

I quickly remedied the situation. I hope Alex wasn't disappointed about the fact that I didn't do it as slowly and sensuously as she did.

Alex took my hand and guided me to the bed. Well, where else should she guide me?

Wordlessly, she indicated for me to lie down on the edge of the bed, my feet on the ground. Grinning mischievously, Alex knelt down in front of me and opened my legs.

I don't exactly remember what happened next. Oh, I can make plenty of guesses, all of them involving Alex' lips, tongue, fingers and mouth and certain parts of my anatomy, but other than that, not much is clear. I do recall her preferring to eat me out and fingering me over sucking my pussy and moving her fingers around inside of me.

I also recall passing out after I had my very first multiple orgasm.

When the world came back to me again (unfortunately) I found myself looking into Alex' eyes. She was smiling softly at me, one of her fingers circling my breast.

I wanted to apologise for passing out on her.

She thwarted my plan by softly kissing me.

Alex lay down completely, her head resting on my shoulder, still idly playing with my breast.



"I love you."

"I love you too."

And so the day pretty much ended with the two of us falling asleep naked in each other's arms in our bed in our room.

College was going to be a very. satisfying experience.

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