TITLE: Chaos

AUTHOR: Jos Mous

Email: wotan_anubis@yahoo.com

DISCLAIMER: I own none of these characters, I’m not making any profit, blahblahblah.

PAIRING: Sorry, I won’t tell. Just yet.


NOTE: Very strange fic this one. Almost silly. But mostly just strange.

Consider, if you will, a world of Order. The only difference between people would be their gender. They would all dress the same, talk the same, they would go to sleep at the same time, go to work at the same time, watch TV at the same time. Everything would go according to plan. There would be no room for any form of creativity, or even something resembling an independent thought.

In other words: BORING!!!

So that’s why I’m here. To make sure that not everything goes orderly and according to plan. I’m Chaos. Now, some of you may be waving crucifixes in my general direction while shouting such phrases as “Be gone, you fiend”. But, honestly, can you really consider me to be Evil? Now, I know Evil. And he’s not a fun chap to be around. All he wants to do is cause WWIII. And personally, war is just not high up on the list of things to do.

I like doing little things. It’s more fun, in my opinion. Large masses of humans all look alike and doing stuff to them is just… well… it’s almost orderly. But with individuals, you never know what to expect. Because everybody responds differently. And sometimes, messing around with the Lawful Order Of Things requires nothing more than giving coincidence a little shove in the back.

Let’s see… what can I do as an example?

Oh, I get it! See those two girls over there, sitting next to each other? They don’t like each other. Well, that’s what they want everyone else to think. That brunette over there belongs to an entirely different social circle than that blonde next to her. If the world was orderly and always made sense, these two girls wouldn’t have anything to do with each other. I mean, that _would_ be the logical thing to expect, right?


Fortunately for me, these two girls happen to like each other. I mean, REALLY like each other. A small oversight on Order’s part, maybe, but nothing too harmful. Since, in an orderly world, these two girls would not even speak to each other, would never really find out their feelings for each and would not disrupt the social order of things.

Depressing, isn’t it?

Now, there are a number of things I could do. I could… let’s see… I could hide one of Blondie’s clothes in the room of Miss Brunette. I could then start Miss Brunette’s Laptop and display one of the more heated poems she has written. This would get Blondie into the right room, read the thing and all I have to do is sit back and watch the snowball change into an avalanche.

But that’s just so cliché. Maybe something more original than that.

Hmmm… that… err… woman(?) in front of the class. (S)He’s been known for erratic behaviour. Maybe I could arrange it somehow that (s)he will call Blondie and Brunette in front of the class and let ‘em kiss.

That’d be original.

I wonder if I could pull it off, though.

Oh well, never hurts to try.

Hmm, (s)he’s resisting. Maybe having two kissing girls in his/her class is a little too much for him/her. Bummer.

Damn, there’s the bell. Now what’ll I do?

Well, maybe I’ll go with a classic then. Boring, but hey.

OK, Brunette, let’s see how much you love Blondie.


That’s a lot.

Too bad she’s unreachable, huh? Too bad you’ll never be able to have her. Too bad she hates your guts.

And there she goes, ladies and gentlemen! Hurt, confused and almost crying her heart out!

Ah well, the Queen’s in place, now in full crying-her-heart-out-mode in a stall in the toilet. Perfect. Now all I need is a pawn.

Oh, there she is.

Come on honey, you need to touch up your make-up. Right now. And maybe you just want to see how sharp that mini-axe you’re hiding in your purse. No, no! Not here! Go to the toilet! Check it all THERE!

OK, two pieces in place. Time for a small revelation.

Damn, Brunette really is crying very hard.

Maybe I was a bit too harsh?

Come on, stop crying. Please? For me?

And if you’d be so kind as to whisper a few words?

“Brooke, I love you so much.”


And the pawn takes note. Hell, she starts hyperventilating.

Funny, I didn’t know humans could stampede.

Ah well, there the pawns goes like a crazed bull through the streets of Pamplona. Or the corridors of Kennedy High, whatever.

Yep, there’s the table hon. There’re your friends. Come on, spill the beans, reveal the news. I know you can do it.

OK, stop hyperventilating! Form a sentence. OK, form a word!

Finally, she stops hyperventilating. Time for the big revelation.

Any time now.

Come on, it’s not like I’m on a schedule, but I’d still like to hear it this millennium.

Come on, stop trying to be so damn mysterious. Just say it!

Yes. Finally. Thank you.

OK, Blondie, let’s see you respond.

She isn’t.

Well, of course she isn’t. She’s bloody speechless.

Oh, good instincts, though. Getting up from the table and leaving and everything.

Where’s Brunette?

Ah, there she is.

Are they in the same hallway?


Are they paying attention?


Do they bump into each other?


There’s the glance.

Blondie coughs, Brunette straightens out her hair a little.

Blondie speaks…

Brunette listens…

There’s the careful holding of a hand.

Man, I’m good.

Yeah! We have confirmed lip-lock!

Score another one for Chaos!


It’s so good to be me.

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