TITLE: Acceptance

AUTHOR: Jos Mous

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DISCLAIMER: No characters are owned by me and no profit is being made.

RATING: R to NC-17

PAIRING: Sam/Brooke

NOTE: Good news everyone, I still haven't cleared that writer's block except for that one track that keeps coming up with more inter-sexed Sam stories. Wait a minute. that's not good news, that's just me quoting Futurama! Damn you Matt Groening!

Sam poured a lot of milk in her bowl of cereals and quickly started eating away. It was her second bowl. At the other side of the table, Brooke was still nowhere near finishing her first one. It wasn't that the blonde was falling into a relapse, she was just thinking. Which was also why Sam didn't talk to her, since she could see when Brooke wanted to talk and when she just wanted to be left alone with her thoughts.

Brooke thoughts were focused on what had transpired this morning. And the morning before that and the morning before. After much debating, Sam and Brooke had come out to the parental units. To their surprise, they had taken it very well. As a result, Sam and Brooke shared a single bed and would soon share a single bedroom once they had decided which bedroom was going to be their bedroom.

Sleeping in one bed with Sam obviously had many advantages, but it also turned out to have one large drawback. She had noticed that when she was still somewhere between sleeping and being awake, her thoughts always followed roughly the same pattern.

First there was panic: Something phallic-shaped is pressing against me!

Then confusion: Wait a second, I didn't go to bed with a guy yesterday, so how.?

Realisation: Of course, Sam.

And finally guilt: Why didn't I think of her immediately?

Brooke loved Sam and she didn't have a problem with her girlfriend having a penis. She really didn't. But why did she freak out each and every morning when she woke up? Why did she only feel Sam's penis pressing against her and not her breasts in her back, or her arm around her shoulder?

There was an answer to that question, and she didn't like it in the least. As much as she wanted to, Brooke hadn't accepted the part of Sam that was in-between. And she felt that because of that, she hadn't accepted Sam.

Brooke took another bite of her cereals, wondering how she was going to work out these feelings without hurting or upsetting Sam.


Saturday was movie day. Brooke had decided this a few hours ago when she suddenly felt like going to the movies. So now, Sam and Brooke were sitting in the dark of a movie theatre. Some really lame movie was being displayed on the silver screen and there weren't a lot of other people in the audience.

Sam was stuffing herself with popcorn and following the movie as best she could when she suddenly felt a hand slipping into her pants. Sam managed to suppress a shriek and quickly looked at Brooke, who smiled back.

"Brooke what are you doing?" Sam hissed.

"Isn't it obvious?" Brooke whispered.

Sam let out a small gasp when the blonde enclosed Sam's quickly stiffening penis in her hand. "Why now?" she breathed.

Brooke gave Sam and peck on her cheek. "Because I want to. And because you don't object. Do you?"

Sam wasn't sure. In her mind, a public area wasn't the right place to be on the receiving end of a handjob.

On the other, she was getting a handjob. And a good one at that.

Sam quickly kissed Brooke on the lips. Not only because she wanted to, but also to smother her moaning, which got louder as Brooke got faster. It didn't take long until a shudder went through Sam's body and she bit down on Brooke's lip.

"How was that?" Brooke whispered as she withdrew her hand.

"Great," Sam panted. Then, "Your lip."

Brooke touched it and looked down at her hand. "Just a little blood. Nothing big."

"I'm still sorry," Sam said.

"And I said it's OK." Brooke stood up and took Sam's hand. "Come on, this movie sucks. Let's go home."

Sam noticed the gleam in Brooke's eye. "OK," she said.


"Oh God, I'm coming," Brooke groaned as her fingernails clawed into Sam's back.

Then her back arched when she indeed did come. She fell back on the bed, looked up at Sam's face and, smiling, tucked a stray hair away behind the brunette's ear.

"So, how was I?" Sam asked, her smile combining both shyness and cockiness.

"I've had better," Brooke said grinning.

"No you haven't," Sam answered back before leaning in and kissing the blonde.

"You're right, I haven't," Brooke said when the kiss was over.

"Told you so," said Sam.

The brunette moved to get up.

"Sam, wait," Brooke said. "Just. leave it."


Brooke blushed. "I just. I just want to feel you inside a little longer, you know?"

"Sure baby," Sam said smiling. The brunette lay back down, her head next to Brooke's, her right breast squishing Brooke's left.

And like that, the two girls drifted off to sleep.


Brooke was pretty sure she wasn't sleeping any more. She was also pretty sure her eyes were still closed. She wondered where Mary Cherry has suddenly gone. No wait, that had been the dream, hadn't it?

Then her thoughts shattered.

There's a penis inside of me!

What the.? I haven't been with a guy in ages. Tampon maybe?

Of course, I had sex with Sam and we fell asleep like this.

God, I had sex with Sam and I still freaked out.

Brooke opened her eyes. Gently, she moved off of Sam's penis. It flopped out, limb. Sam was still asleep, her mouth hanging open and drooling into a little puddle on the pillow. Brooke sneaked out of Sam's bedroom, made her way through the bathroom and into her own room. Unlike Sam's room, her room was still tidy, but Brooke still had trouble finding her cell phone.

Naturally, it turned out to be in the last place she looked.

Brooke sat down on the bed, thought deeply about the number for a while, then dialled it. Then she remembered that she didn't know what the time was. A quick glance on her alarm clock told her that it was 4:32 PM, which was comforting since she probably wasn't going to interrupt or wake up anyone.

"Jacki here," said a voice at the other end of the line.

"Hi. This is Brooke."


"I came with Sam to the support group?"

"Right. The weird girl with the blonde hair., right?"


"So why you calling me?"

"I need some advice."

"Then why didn't you call Natalie? She's the expert."

"She's also twice my age."

"Point. So what's up?"

Brooke sighed. "I'm scared."

"Scared? Of what?"

"Of. of the fact that I haven't accepted what she is, you know?"

"I think I should be offended of the "what" in that sentence, but I'll let it slide. So, how did you get this insight?"

"Well. Sam and I, we. we sort of sleep together."

"Well I should guess so."

"No, not that like that."


"OK, also like that. But also just sleeping, you know. And every time I wake up I get freaked out about the penis I feel pressing against me."

"I see," said Jacki. "Tried doing something about that."

"Sort of."

"Sort of?"

"I'd rather not talk about it."

"You fucked her long and hard, didn't you?"

"What? No!"

"Oh yeah, you did. So that scheme failed, didn't it?"

Brooke sighed again. "Yeah."

"And I take it you're tearing up with guilt on the inside, aren't you?"

"That's right."

"OK," said Jacki. "Now tell me again about how you haven't accepted her, cuz that part isn't making any sense to me."

"Oh come on, don't you see?"

"No, I don't. Look, you love her right?"

"More than anything."

"I could've done without that poetic answer. Anyway, just go to her, tell her you love her, then fuck her brains out and give me the videotape."

Brooke let out a chuckle. "I'll think about it."

"Long and hard, I hope."

"You have a filthy mind. But I'd still like to say thanks."

"Don't mention it. And why are you still talking to me?"


Brooke crawled back into Sam's bed and looked at the brunette. She was still sleeping, still drooling, still gorgeous. Brooke leaned in and kissed her forehead.

"I love you."

Then she tried to snuggle up closer to her girlfriend and fell back asleep.

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