The Legend of Windy Hall

by Balticbard

Disclaimer; Popular and its characters belong to Touchstone, Ryan Murphy and are copyrighted. No infringement meant. This story is based loosely on the defunct show Popular

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“Damn!” the young girl growled to herself as she stumbled on yet another lump of knotted grass as her feet tried to maneuver toward the main entrance of the highschool, “Its my first week of school and I’m already looking like a total freak!

How will I ever make friends if I keep falling on my face? Everyone will think I’m on acid and refuse to associate with me!”

Another lump of uneven green caught the girl by surprise as she lost her balance and was thrust forward into oblivion while her books were wrested from her hands by the power of gravity only to become flying projectiles barely missing the people around her by mere centimeters.

The clumsy girl heard a cry come from alongside her as it came in the form of an angry, pained female voice while she herself was stopped bodily in her flight by a pair of slender alabaster arms that clutched her, then righted her til she could stand up on her own.

“Sorry,” the clumsy girl managed to say apologetically as she looked up shamefaced and trembling to see who was still holding her up, “thanks.”

“That’s alright,” a mellow cheerful voice replied softly, close to the girl’s ear.

Now standing fully upright the very pretty yet clumsy brunette girl felt what seemed like a million bolts of pleasure run through her all at once while her knees seemed to turn to jelly, while her stomach suddenly felt like a sinking luxury liner, and a huge knot formed in her throat as she stared wide-eyed at the person before her, “” The girl felt as if she were drowning in a cold clammy blanket as she stared in awe at the short, slender blond cheerleader that stood before her with a million watt smile that would put any toothpaste commercial to shame.

“You should be more careful,” the blond cheerleader replied with a smirk on her ruby lips and a glint in her sapphire eyes.

“Yallz’ nuthin’ but a clumsy stupid ol’ cow!” an angry voice raged thus forever shattering the almost immaculate revelry the brunette was having of her blond savior’s deep blue eyes.

“I’m really so very, very sorry,” the little brunette blubbered apologetically as she turned around to see a tall blond cheerleader with disheveled blond hair, glassy, blood shot blue eyes, and a large thick lipped mouth painted in the most horrid shade of passion red.

“Mah heayad herts sumthin mighty aw-fool nowh cuz ahyou!

Ya dirty ol’ book just gots me bah-tween dah eyez! Ah coulda bin in-jerd rilly rilly bayad!” the tall cheerleader spat angrily as she towered over the shorter, frailer, terrified brunette who looked up at her in sheer horror.

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” the brunette replied almost on the verge of tears, “it was an accident. I swear!”

“Ah don’t cayer whuts ya asayin! Ah don’t believe ya’ll!”

“Can it okay?” the shorter cheerleader said suddenly interrupting the taller cheerleader’s terror tactics on the helpless brunette.

“Bhut she hiyat me!” the tall cheerleader protested hotly still looking the brunette squarely in the eyes with murder on her mind.

“Put a sock in it!”

“Bhut!” the tall blond protested again, more futilely this time.

“That is enough!” the shorter blond replied now visibly annoyed, “she said she was sorry.”

“Yesm,” the tall cheerleader relented as she bowed her head submissively, thus becoming the bland fool that was her true regular self.

The short cheerleader tugged at her taller companion, “cmon cause we’re gonna be late for English class!”

The two blond girls started to walk away but the shorter girl turned her head to wink saucily at the brunette, then turned away once more. The little brunette was left behind, smiling inanely as she clutched her books in the middle of a crowded hallway of students rushing from one class to another.


Hours later the pretty brunette found herself sitting alone in a corner of the library while she poured over a lengthy list of homework from her first three classes of the day.


The sound of a gentle voice awakened the brunette from her thoughts that were a mix of homework and a certain little cheerleader that had completely stolen her heart. The brunette looked up, and blushed as her dark eyes fell upon the unexpected visage of her beautiful dream of love.

“Can I sit here?” the cheerleader asked smiling at the girl who gaped helplessly back at her.

“Yeah. Sure,” the brunette gestured to the empty seat on the opposite side of the table.

The cheerleader put her books down on the table next to the brunette’s untidy pile of books. Then the blond dragged her chair and sat next to the shy brunette.

“So you’re new here,” the cheerleader asked with a smile as she leaned toward the now trembling brunette.

“Um...yeah,” the brunette gulped as she saw her object of desire come embarrassingly closer, “I’ve been her just a week.” The brunette was now sure that her hands were very clammy.

“Where are you from?” the blond asked.

“I’m from Puerto Rico,” the brunette answered shakily.

“That’s a VERY long way from here,” the cheerleader said as she scooted even closer to the brunette, “do you speak Spanish?”

“Yeah I do,” the brunette squeaked nervously as she suddenly felt very wet between her legs.

The two girls sat in silence staring at each other intently until the blond girl finally sighed deeply and spoke. “I noticed you from the very first day,” and upon saying that the cheerleader smiled shyly and put her small hand on the brunette’s left inner thigh and began to rub it, “and...I like you very, very much.”

The tongue tied brunette was quite taken aback for the cheerleader’s unexpected confession was beyond the girl’s wildest dreams for she felt exactly the same way about the blond.

The cheerleader smiled for she found the brunette to be both precious and cute, “I suppose you feel the same way about me?”

“OH yes I do,” the girl explained loudly, breathlessly for she had finally found her voice and courage.

The cheerleader began to laugh as the brunette took to nodding vigorously and blushing at the same time.

“Lets skip our next classes,” the blond whispered as she leaned into the other girl’s personal space, “there’s something I want to show you.”


“No one will miss us,” the blond stood up from her chair, “and so what if we skip just this once?”

“Well yeah,” the brunette pondered her companion’s words.

“Are you adventurous?” the cheerleader asked her girl.

“Absolutely,” the brunette replied with a huge grin and shining bright eyes.

“Then lets get going,” the blond girl held out her hand to her new friend.

“Sure,” the brunette took her dream girl’s hand, got up from her chair and started to leave, but something still held her back, “what about our books?”

The blond took a sheet of paper from her notebook and scribbled out a note on it, then left it beside their books, “the librarian on duty is my friend. She’ll look after our books.”

“Oh,” was all that the pretty brunette could say as all her worries for the normal earthly things of her life fell away and she found herself caught in the cheerleader’s contagious fantasy.

Then hand in hand the two girls slipped quietly from the library and embarked on their adventure together.


“Where are we going?” the brunette asked her friend as they walked amid the densely wooded grounds of the highschool.

“To Windy Hall,” the cheerleader replied nonchalantly as the two of them walked on through the woods.

“It just doesn’t feel like a highschool around here,” the brunette remarked as she looked around her, “it feels more like a national park or something.”

“It’s a very old school,” the blond said, “it’s a hundred years old. The entire school area is about one hundred and fifty acres in size.”


“But its ever so beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yes it certainly is,” the brunette said quietly as she gazed lovingly at her companion.

The blond girl caught on to the subdued compliment sent her way and smiled back tenderly at the girl beside her. The two girls became content in each other’s presence, being filled by the verdant beauty of tall oaks that surrounded them amid the golden display of a sunny autumn day, of a peaceful cloudless light blue sky above. No words were spoken between the girls for their abrupt bond had deepened into a psychic connection that funneled their thoughts and feelings into each other’s hearts. Finally after what seemed an eternity of walking through the dense forest the girls finally came upon a clearing that opened up into a narrow path that they continued to follow.

“So there’s a story here?” the little brunette asked, impatient to end the silence that had fallen between her and her friend.

“Of course there is,” the cheerleader replied with a smile, “it goes with the charm of this place.”

“And is it good bait for a gullible fish like me?”

“You don’t look very gullible to me,” the blond replied with a quick wink and a toothy grin which almost caused the other girl to swagger into a fainting spell, “and you are such a pretty fish.”

“No. Stop.” It was all too much for the short haired brunette who stopped walking in the middle of the path, “why are you bringing me here? Am I just a toy to you? Is this some kind of trap?”

“Oh no!” the blond replied quickly in deep distress as her hand came up to caress the other girl’s tanned cheek, “this isn’t a game. I know you don’t know me,” the cheerleader expressed in deepest sincerity, “you have no reason whatsoever to trust me.

But I swear this isn’t a game or a trap.”

“Then what’s going on? Am I going to sport a broken heart after this?”

“Please,” the blind pleaded earnestly, “just finish this journey with me. I promise to explain everything to you soon!”

The brunette stared wordlessly for several seconds into the deep blue pools that were the cheerleader’s eyes, then slowly nodded her consent for she was finally convinced of the other girl’s sincerity.

The cheerleader smiled back in delight at her friend as she tugged at the girl’s hand and both of them continued on their quest once more.

“This wasn’t always a highschool,” the little blond began, “it was originally an ivy league college till it went bankrupt. Then about fifty years ago the state took it over and converted into a public highschool.”


“There used to be about ten sorority houses on different parts of this huge campus. They were all huge, fantastic houses. But they all went to ruin and had to be torn down,” the blond continued, “all that remained intact where the main school buildings which were renovated and converted for public use.”

“I love architecture,” the brunette replied, “those old buildings must have been magnificent.”

“Early Art Nouveau with elements of late Victorian,” the cheerleader said nonchalantly.

“How do you know?”

“I saw old photographs of them in the older book section of the library,” the blond said with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Oh?” the brunette was quite impressed.

“I want to be an architect someday,” the cheerleader said quietly, “what do you want to be?”

“An animal rights activist,” the brunette replied.

“That’s quite a mouthful,” the blond said with a smile.

“You bet it is,” the brunette exclaimed proudly, “I got fired from my last job for picketing the fast food restaurant I was working at!”

“Yeah?” the cheerleader’s eyes shone with obvious admiration, “really?”

“The useless inhumane slaughter of defenseless animals, or should I emphasize ‘chickens’ in this case, is a blight upon humanity,” the brunette said almost as if she were chanting a well worn mantra, “do you eat chicken?” the girl asked her partner cautiously.

“No. I’m always on a diet. Meat is fattening and tends to turn to fat on my hips which slows down my splits and cartwheels when I’m cheerleading.”

“I’m a vegetarian myself!” the brunette said giddily for she had found her soulmate.

“Cool!” the blond exclaimed, also delighted with their obvious similarities.

“So can you tell me now where we’re going?” the brunette asked impatiently.

“To the only sorority house that wasn’t torn down because it survived intact!” the little blond informed as she continued to lead her friend down the narrow path surrounded by dense wood on both sides, “so it was repaired but left empty sort of as a museum piece.”

“All the way out here? It just doesn’t make any sense.”

“Its an antique. Fully furnished Still operational.

But it’s a big secret known only to a select few of the upper echelons of the social hierarchy of our highschool,” the blond said.

“Select few as in an up and coming head cheerleader, future prom queen as yourself?” the brunette commented with a streak of cynicism.

“You are a bit sour on social orders. But those are words of a prophet,” the blond rebuffed haughtily as she ushered her girl around a bend in the path, “we have arrived.”

“Where are we?” the brunette asked.

“At Windy Hall,” came the cheerleader’s quiet reply.

The narrow path had ended as it widened then became an enormous clearing in the midst of which stood an elegant four story, red brick mansion with turret windows, a huge wooden porch, and an entrance marked by two, huge elaborately decorated oak doors.

“Wow,” the brunette whispered in awe as her dark eyes took in the sight before her, “its...its magnificent!”

“I know,” the cheerleader added, “I felt the same way when I first saw it.”

“As in someone bringing you here for your formal defloration as you are doing with me?” the brunette asked with marked anger as her heart flared with jealousy.

“Hell no. I was exploring,” the blond replied soothingly, “so you’re a virgin?”

“Yeah,” the brunette said with downcast eyes.

“That is so sweet,” the blond whispered as she put her pale hand to her friend’s chin to make the girl look up at her, “my instincts were right about you. I made the right choice.”

The brunette was perplexed by the cheerleader’s cryptic words, “what exactly do you mean by ‘the right choice’?”

“Its all intertwined really,” the blond sighed romantically as she took her girl’s hand and laced their fingers together like a braid, “Windy Hall, the ghost adventure.”

The little brunette smiled mischievously, “oh yeah. I do love ghost stories. You promised me one.”

“Yes I did.”

“So where does it start?” the brunette asked expectantly.

“It all started a long, long time ago...way back in 1959...”


It wasn’t just a sunny day, it was also so hot and uncomfortable that the tall lanky, long legged blond girl didn’t fel like being her usual perky optimistic self as she trudged along the usually comfortable cushiony grass of the football field where she and her cheerleading team had just completed another of their daily routines.

The curses of the tough, hard hearted football coach could be heard in the distance as he cruelly drilled his his team of brawny football players as if he were a demonic drill sergeant and they were his unwilling army privates in a hell strewn army camp. The blond girl heard footsteps behind her and turned to see who it was, then relaxed to see it was her best friend, a cheerleader like herself.

“Hey where are you going?” the shorter redheaded cheerleader asked her tall friend as she quickly approached then fell into stride with the lanky girl who continued to walk briskly, “why didn’t you stop before when you heard me calling after you?” the redhead was nearly out of breath now.

“I don’t feel well,” the lanky girl replied nonchalantly, “that’s all.”

“Its not because of HIM is it?” the redhead inquired delicately.

“Partly because of him yes.”

The aforementioned ‘him’ was the handsome captain of the football team who had become obsessed with the blond and had taken to following her everywhere while pestering her to become his girlfriend with the firm intention of deflowering her.

“He’s in love with you,” the redhead urged her friend.

“No he’s not,” the blond replied smugly, “I’m just a trophy for him, a notch in his belt.”

“Well he is very handsome,” the redhead readily added, “the most popular guy on campus. All the girls are crazy about him and would sell their souls to get his attention but he wants you.

He’s the captain of the football team, his parents are rich. Being his girlfriend would open up a lot of doors for you everywhere and here at school. He might even marry you and then you’ll be really lucky! You’ll never have to work a single day for the rest of your life. You could not only end up as this year’s prom queen, but also get a rich husband. So maybe losing your virginity to him isn’t such a waste of time.”

“NO!” the blond swore loudly, breathlessly with so much fervor her friend actually took a step back away from her, “never.”

The redhead said nothing but stood in silence contemplating her friend with knitted brow and a shocked look in her dark eyes.

“What’s wrong?” the perplexed blond asked as her friend’s direct intense stare began to make her nervous and fidgety, “why are you looking at me that way?”

“You know there are rumors going around about you,” the redhead replied gravely.

“What rumors?”

“That you’re a lesbian,” the redhead said quietly, “is it true? Are you gay?”

“No I am not!” the blond cheerleader exclaimed a bit too loudly and vehemently.

“Well you are definitely still a virgin,” the redhead continued, “that much is true. But as to the rumors, well you aren’t dating anyone, you’ve refused every single guy who’s ever asked you out. Either you really are a lesbian or the biggest coldest bitch on campus!” The redhead had started to laugh heartily now.

“I know,” the blond joined in with her friend’s laughter, “I lose either way.”

The two girls had walked slowly northward and were now quite a great distance away from the football field, and only a few feet away from the immense circular race track. While the two cheerleaders conversed, the reverberating sounds of running footsteps shook the gray rough pavement of the track.

The redhead’s attention was momentarily drawn away from her friend and toward the track. “The girl’s racing team is out and about. Look!” the redhead pointed toward the lithe footed group of women running by the two cheerleaders at that very moment, “there she is!”

Time seemed to slow down as the lanky blond’s hazel eyes followed the line of her friend’s tanned arm, then finally fixed themselves upon a female figure that seemed to break away from the others who became mere silhouettes to the cheerleader’s questioning gaze.

The blond felt as if something burst inside of her the very instant that she set eyes on the girl her friend had briefly pointed out to her.

“She started yesterday,” the redhead said not aware of the fact that her companion seemed to be in a hypnotic daze, “I think that she’s studying something like English Lit or journalism or something. She’s only been here for two days and already every guy on campus wants to date her. But she is stunning isn’t she?”

The blond had lost all sense of reality and her friend’s voice came to her as if it were a scattered echo just out of a funnel, “yes...she is,” the blond agreed quietly as her eyes quickly took in details of the figure running by; pale alabaster unmarked skin, long curvaceous legs, gently jiggling breasts, slender arms with small delicate hands, extremely narrow waist, oval face with big shining onyx eyes, full ruby lips on an exquisitely beautiful face surrounded by long flowing locks of thick wavy dark hair.

The blond’s appraising gaze seemed to briefly draw the brunette girl’s attention like a magnet. The brunette gave the now sweating, entranced and trembling blond girl a brief smile as their eyes met for a millisecond. But then the moment passed as the darkly beautiful girl ran on and the blond cheerleader’s spontaneous revelry shattered at the sound of her friend’s voice.

“So did you hear that Windy Hall is being shut down for a while?”

“What?” the blond was startled out of her revelry, “No. I hadn’t heard.

“All the girls are moving out today,” the redhead related nonchalantly, the sorority house will be empty for a while.”

“Do you know why?” the blond asked.

“Something about a gas leak or maybe the plumbing needs to be repaired. I’m not sure which.”

“Oh,” the blond replied preoccupied with thoughts of the gorgeous girl who had run by just moments before, “I have a friend who lives there.”

“You really liked her didn’t you?” the redhead asked her friend unexpectedly.


“The way you were looking at the new girl,” the redheaded cheerleader continued, “if you had been a guy I would’ve thought you had just fallen in love with her!”

The blond looked at her friend in shock, “oh no. Its just that you’re right. She is very beautiful. I was just admiring her.” The lanky girl looked away nervously convinced that she was only digging herself into a more obvious pit by just continuing to babble helplessly, “I think that I’m going to take the rest of the day off. I’m not feeling at all well.” Then the blond turned and walked away from her friend, “seeya later.”

“Yeah. Seeya,” the redhead said to the blond’s retreating figure.

Then the pretty redhead scratched her head with an uncertain hand as she pondered her friend’s odd conduct, “I wonder...”

The lanky girl continued on her trek toward her distant sorority house. But now her journey seemed longer and more difficult as she admitted to herself a new, frightening truth; she had indeed just fallen in love for the first time in her short life with the new girl, “whatever am I going to do now?”


The next three weeks passed as a veritable hell for the despairing blond who couldn’t stop thinking about her elusive dark siren. The tall cheerleader would see her dream of love on campus between classes often and always at a distance. But the girls would always exchange a smile and a brief wave of the hand as a sign of recognition even though they had never spoken. The tormented cheerleader just couldn’t come to terms with her lust and love for her brunette and the disturbing realization that she was hopelessly lesbian. The blond tried to fight her growing love for her distant girl and thoughts of suicide danced briefly through her head as a possible escape from a fate and lifestyle considered sick and freakish in that era.

But finally everything came crashing down around the emotionally distraught cheerleader when she caught sight of the stunning brunette in the library, sitting alone at a corner table with a huge pile of books and being pestered by what was obviously a smitten young librarian who was trying unsuccessfully to flirt with the girl.

The new girl was definitely the most beautiful woman on campus. She had a numerous supply of male suitors and even a goodly amount of female ones as well. She was certainly the most beguiling, gorgeous creature that the now timid blond had ever seen in her entire life.

In a maddened explosion of desire the cheerleader decided to act and claim the girl because if she didn’t do so then someone else would come and steal her away forever.

“Damned be the consequences,” the blond thought as she finally stepped out of her shell and into her conqueror’s shoes.

Without a word the fiercely determined cheerleader approached the table where her dream of love sat. The tall lanky blond confronted the mightily smitten librarian and initiated a heated staring contest with her rival that lasted almost an entire minute the final outcome of which was total victory for the blond and a hasty retreat for the embarrassed, shorter librarian.

For the very first time the blond stood before her obsession and spoke her first word to her gorgeous nymph, “Hi,” the lanky blond felt herself begin to tremble as she blushed and didn’t know where to put her hands.

“Hi,” the brunette replied quietly with a gracious smile as she looked up from her book.

The two girls regarded each other silently for several seconds until the cheerleader took the initiative by taking the brunette’s hand in her own. The lanky girl tugged at the other girl thus making the brunette stand up from her chair and away from her table. With a determined look in her clear eyes the cheerleader boldly led her prey away from the library table the brunette had once sat at.

“My books!” the brunette exclaimed, “I can’t just leave them!”

“Don’t mind them,” the blond replied firmly as she led the girl away, “the librarian will find them and put them away. We can pick them up tomorrow morning.”

“We?” the brunette asked perplexed as to the blond girl’s reference toward the two of them and its implications.

“Yes,” the pretty cheerleader replied as she glanced at her companion with a look that more than indicated the content of their new relations, “We. Us. From now on. Permanently.”

“But what about our classes?”

The cheerleader smiled at her new special friend, “it won’t hurt if we skip just this once.”

Silence befell the pair as they walked out of the library entrance and past the young librarian that had just recently been flirting with the dark haired girl. The librarian eyed the tall blond who led the brunette away with evident envy and resentment. The cheerleader returned the librarian’s unwavering stare with a look of cold disdain.

Once outside in the sunshine the lanky girl sighed and pulled her voluptuous friend close to her sie so as to hide the fact that they were holding hands from the slightly curious stares of the constant traffic of students that crowded the campus as they came and went from their daily classes.

The girls turned from the central lane that was crowded by students, and took a less congested path surrounded by dense woods on each side.

“Where are we going?” the brunette asked.

“To Windy Hall,” the blond replied.

“But wasn’t that place shut down for repairs or something?”

“Don’t know. Don’t care,” the cheerleader replied while feeling giddy inside despite her outward gravity, “I just know its empty right now and it’s the perfect place for us to be alone together. Right now that’s what I want most of all!”

“Oh,” the brunette pondered for she was now sure that her very first sexual encounter was going to be in the arms of the lustful lovesick cheerleader that now led her along, “but the house is locked.”

“I have a friend who is a member of the sorority at Windy Hall and she gave me the keys to her room!” the blond declared with unbridled delight at the thought that her very first sexual encounter was going to be in the arms of this stunningly beautiful girl that she had just claimed as her very own, “we can get in and no one will see us.”

The girls continued along the path that was populated by trees and shrubs covered with multi-colored flowers in bloom for it was mid-spring when love’s passion is celebrated. Finally at the end of the path the girls came to a great clearing in the midst of which stood the magnificent proud structure know as...

“Windy Hall,” the brunette whispered as her dark eyes stared in awe at the great house.

“Come on. Let’s go inside,” the blond urged her girl into a run, “we have to get inside quickly because I think the janitor is cutting the grass in the back of the house. I don’t want him to see us!”

The two girls began walking briskly then broke into a desperate run sprinkled with badly stifled giggles til they managed to reach the entrance of the great house. Now standing before the twin elaborately ornate and darkly colored wooden doors of the house, the cheerleader put key to lock.

With a quick twist of wrist the blond turned the key in the lock of the left door and smiled as it opened to her. The cheerleader quickly pushed the door open, ushered her lover inside then closed the door behind her as she entered. Meanwhile just outside, the janitor had completed mowing the grass and now stood in front of the house as he put a padlock and chain on the main doors of Windy Hall. Then the janitor put a sign on the doors of the house saying; “DANGER. KEEP OUT. GAS LEAK. CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING”

Once inside the grand house lanky girl took her brunette’s hand in her own and began to pull the girl behind her as they climbed the spiral stairs til they reached the third floor. Then the cheerleader led her brunette down a narrow dimly lit hallway and stopped at the other end. Now both girls stood before a beige door which the cheerleader quickly unlocked and opened.

“This is it,” the blond whispered as she ushered her girl inside into the room which was lit only by the afternoon of the day outside that filtered in through the drawn window curtains.

The cheerleader closed the door and locked it behind her.

The blond stood silent as her cinnamon gaze regarded the beauty that stood before her bathed in adoring shades of gray. The trembling blond gave into her first impulse as she reached with both hands beneath her short cheerleading skirt, hooked the waistband of her panties with nervous fingers and pulled them down all the way to her slender ankles.

The brunette’s dark eyes stared in shock as her companion shook her panties off her feet and threw them carelessly to one side of the room. The girl swallowed nervously as she watched the wild eyed blond stare in silence at her for several seconds then quickly approach her.

The cheerleader now overcome with desire, had lost all of her restraint as she stepped up to her girl’s personal space then knelt before her. The blond felt her brunette shudder suddenly as she brazenly reached up to poke her clammy hands under the girl’s short plaid skirt which was part of the regulation uniform all the college girls wore. The blond’s lust deepened as she felt the girl’s silken skin under her fingers as she quickly pulled the brunette’s panties down. A quick sigh escaped the blond’s dry throat amid her ragged breaths as she noted how seemingly endless the brunette’s shapely legs were as her satin blue panties slid down her legs tugged down quickly by the cheerleader’s hands. The blond calmed herself once more as she stood up to unbutton the brunette’s regulation blue vest with nervous shaky fingers. The cheerleader completed the daunting task of undoing the silver buttons then quickly divested the girl of the obtrusive vestment. Unable to withstand the churning volcano of arousal within her, the blond finally embraced the brunette thus catapulting both of them roughly onto the bed behind them.

The brunette gasped as her backside connected with the bed’s downy surface. Then the brunette let out a small scream as the wind was almost knocked out of her by her companion’s weight covering her like a dark bulky object falling to earth from space. Now the dark eyed sultry siren looked up in awe at two honey colored pools of lust that stared back at her with deep adoration.

Several seconds passed for the blond who stared down at her dark angel’s perfect oval face framed by thick long tresses before the cheerleader finally realized that she was feeling the uttermost pleasure that she would have sold her virgin soul to the devil for; her ultra sensitive aroused swollen vaginal lips were opened til completely spread out upon the unbelievably soft silken surface of her left thigh. From the depths of her primal darkness the blond began to press and rub herself tightly against the warm plush body beneath her while she grunted as if she were constipated and trying to defecate.

Despite her frenzy the lanky girl came out of her lust filled haze enough to slow down somewhat so as to use her own body as a tool to pleasure her brunette until the girl was squirming and crying beneath her.

Like heaps of beautifully formed clay the two soft bodies lay together in the afterglow of an orgasm that both bonded them and turned their worlds upside down. The blond who was the more recovered of the two quickly moved to straddle her new lover while she stared down at the girl, still taken in utter disbelief at how wonderfully impossibly beautiful this creature was.

The blond pulled her top off then quickly unhooked her brassiere off and slipped out of it. For a moment she hovered over her brunette as she held her breasts with her crossed arms and strands of her shoulder length hair tickled her girl’s rosy cheeks. The blond marveled at the marvelously deep onyx eyes that stared wonderingly back at her as she leaned closer to press her mouth to the girl’s ruby lips. The blond’ mind shattered against a tsunami of pleasure as her own lips drowned in the overwhelming moist softness f the brunette’s full lips. The blond moaned amid her own sucking kissing sounds as she explored her girl’s mouth in a frenzy of just released saliva.

The cheerleader’s once idle hands came away from her body thus freeing her jiggling breasts. The cheerleader’s eager fingers descended onto the brunette’s bodice and began to undo the buttons on her regulation white blouse long sleeved blouse. The blond nearly tore open the girl’s blouse in her heated haste to get at the brunette’s breasts. Finally the buttons were roughly undone and the cheerleader now battled with the stubborn hooks on the front of her girl’s lace bra. After much fussing and cursing a giddy blond hit payload as her trembling hands greedily attached themselves to then massaged the brunette’s nubile breasts after successfully unhooking the girl’s brassiere, “you are so soft all over,” the blond whispered as she reveled in the sound of a soft moan that escaped her lover’s lips while she gently cupped and squeezed the girl’s tender breasts.

No longer able to hold back the blond descended onto the brunette once more so as to fulfill one more of the intimate fantasies she had been having of herself and her dark angel; to feel her breasts pressed against those of her girl’s own. When she went down on her brunette the blond cooed in abject delight because it felt like the softest plushiest downiest pillows pressing against each other.

Once more the sounds of kissing filled the room as the blond began to give her new lover’s full lips full service. “You are so beautiful,” the blond whispered amid her nibbling of a thick lower lip, “so very, very beautiful. I can’t believe just how much! The more I look at you, the more I want to keep looking.”

The cheerleader kissed the girl’s slender neck as she wrapped her lanky frame around the brunette’s own, “I can’t believe this...that you’re here with my arms,” the blond moaned as in a heated frenzy she kept grinding into her lover’s warm plush body.

The gorgeous brunette sighed then threw back her head as her wild mane spilled about on her pillow while the throes of passion shook her slender frame. Finally the two souls now knit into a single heated braid of lust hit the highest note in their private concerto of love and both girls crested within seconds of each other.

“That was magnificent,” the blond said breathlessly as she pressed her forehead against her lover’s and smiled down at her, marveling how her face was reflected back at her in the inky blackness of the brunette’s shiny ebony eyes. “I want to do this again but in the nude,” the cheerleader continued, “but I’m tired and feel sleepy right now.”

“Me too,” the brunette said with a soft smile.

“Yeah,” the blond replied as her pretty features assembled into a toothy grin.

The girls stared at each other in silence with gentle smiles for several seconds. Then the cheerleader lay down on the bed beside her girl and pulled her close. “Later,” the blond whispered as she wrapped her lanky limbs around her brunette’s body as if she were a vine surrounding and clinging to an oak tree. Then the blond sighed happily as she gave in to her overwhelming need to sleep.


Meanwhile back in the present...

“The two girls were found dead two days later in each other’s arms by the janitor. They had died of carbon monoxide inhalation,” the little cheerleader related to her captivated lover.

“What?” the little brunette frowned, “that’s it? I thought you said it was going to be a ghost story!”

“Well,” the cheerleader continued, “rumors say that their ghosts still haunt Windy Hall til this day. They were seen countless times by people who lived in the house til it was shut down for good years ago!”

“The ending still sucks. So is that the end of Windy Hall?”


“No?” the little brunette was confused, “there’s more? Then what is the legend of Windy Hall?”

“The legend of Windy Hall is that if you fall in love at first sight and bring your new lover to sleep with them in one of its rooms, your love will last a lifetime!”

“Really?” the little brunette was smiling now as her pretty face lit up at the meaning inferred indirectly in blond lover’s words.

“Because of them,” the little cheerleader replied, “ because even though the girls died, their love still lives forever within Windy Hall. And when two new lovers come to seal their vows here, that undying love comes alive once more and makes the commitments of the new lovers permanent.”

“That is so beautiful,” the little brunette gushed then blushed and looked down, “is that why you brought me here today?”

The little blond brought up her hand to her girl’s chin thus making her look up at the cheerleader, “from the very first time I saw you I knew that you were the one for me. That I wanted you with me for the rest of my life!” The blond leaned in and kissed her girl full on the lips. The brunette returned her cheerleader’s kiss with deep passion.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The little blond took her brunette’s hand in her own and said, “let’s go inside.”

“Hey wait a minute!” the brunette exclaimed loudly, “I know two lovers dying together at the end of a story s romantic and all...but I don’t want a Romeo and Juliet ending for the two of us! Is the house safe?”

“Its safe,” the blond replied amused, “I had the school janitor check the entire house out!”


“Its called a bribe.”

“You are such a smart girl.”

“Let’s go in,” the little blond husked as she led her girl toward the magnificent structure, “I want to make love to you.”

“Yeah,” the little brunette sighed in agreement.

The two girls walked together toward Windy Hall and to their destiny.

Two pale transparent figures watched from a third floor window as the girls approached Windy Hall and smiled as their eternal love flared to life once more.




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