Window Talk

Author: Balticbard


A comedy starring Lilly Esposito and Mary Cherry

Disclaimer; Popular and its characters are copyrighted to Touchstone. No infringement meant; not for profit, only entertainment.

Author's Note; Its been a while guys so be kind. I couldn't write because of my algebra class which I passed; yay. Now I have until January 4th when I have to go back to another math class. So kids this is my first fic in ages. Please go easy on me. This ol lady has been thru algebra hell and back.

Pt. 1

March 3rd, Wednesday morning 3:27 am...114 Blackfield Road...Apartment E50, fifth floor of E building of the Summerland Apartment Complex. Third window facing north of Ms. Lilith Esposito's room.


"Lil ol Lilly...yah in deah?"

A small framed slender brunette girl stirred from her heavy slumber as her dreams slipped away, torn by a distant tapping and a ghostly voice that echoed her name, "wha...t?

"Ahz col Lilly...opin ya windoohh an lemmee in!"

Seventeen year old Lilly sat up in bed still heavy lidded with sleep and responded automatically, "jus a min...coming."

"Ahz a freezin lil Lil...ya gots tah hurry some!"

With the arms of slumber still clinging to her wraithlike form, but now a bit more clear-headed young Esposito got up from her warm mattress and traversed the short distance to her window, "willya shuddup already? I'm comin."

"Puleeeezee ah freezin...opin ya windooohh."

Little Lilly stood in the dark before her closed window staring out at the dark night and a blurry form that reflected in her still sleep laden eyes, "what the hell?"

"AAAaaaawww cmon Lil...aintya gots a heart in yer bosom fer poor lil ol me? Opin her windoohh. Itz col out heah!"

Lilly reached out haphazardly in the dark intending to switch on a small lamp that stood on her nearby bureau but instead hit her slender digits on the edge of a still open cabinet which elicited colorful words from her thin lips.

"SHIT! DAMN! FU...."

"Yallz okay Lil?"

"Who's out there?"

"Itz me lil Lil! Opin yer windooh cause ah gots tah talk tah yew!"

Lilly reached out once more and this time managed to find the switch on the lamp and a small light now flooded the room where darkness once loomed.


"Mary Cherry?"

Yes indeed Lilly's once slumbering eyes were now opened wide in surprise and looking like eggwhites with two black dots in them as she fully awakened to reality, "what are you doing here at this time of night?"

"Lemmee in Lilly!" a deathly pale Mary Cherry complained as she tapped on Lilly's window.

"Its late," Lilly was very, very angry, "I have to get up in three to go to work" Lilly was tired, "whatcha doin here Mary Cherry? What kind of stupid stunt...?" Lilly stopped cold when she realized that she was FIVE stories up, "didya wake up the firemen Mary Cherry? That's a very LOOONNNG ladder you got yerself!"

"Ah aint gots no laddah lil Lil!"

"Oh yes you do you dumb fur wearin bozo! How else would you be able to get up to my window?"

"Yallz so mean tah me Lilly! An ah came tah talk an tah say haiyah!"

A slow strang sensation began to steal over Lilly as realization of what was going on began to dawn on er.

"Yallz alookin mighty sickly Lil!" Mary Cherry said with evident concern, "juz opin upya windoohh an ahll come an hilpya!"

Lilly began to shake her dark head, "you're not supposed to be here Mary Cherry!"

"Whatcha mean?"

Now all was true and bright and clear and firm to the once sleeping maiden,


"Opin yer windoohh Lilly!"


"AAaaawwww cmon Lil...ahm a freezin hole lots!"


Lilly's eyes were wider than mudpies on vanilla ice cream. The girl's lips trembled as she tried to find her voice which was lost in her constricted throat.

"Yallz looks whiter than a skinned chikin's ass Lil!"


"Ahm awhat?"

"You don't have a ladder Mary Cherry!" Lilly yelled as she looked out of her closed window.

"Ah tolya ah didn!"

"You...YOU'RE FLOATING FIVE STORIES UP!" Lilly was feeling quite stiff with fear.

"Ah done tolya uhm a freezin out heah. Cmon Lil opin yer windoohh!"

"Yer DEAD Mary Cherry!"

Little Lilly finally recalled that just two days before Mary Cherry had died of mysterious circumstances, found sprawled in the Novak (Kennedy High's most elegant restroom for girls) on the carpeted floor without a single drop of blood in her veins.

"How kinya say such a mean ol thing lil Lil? Why ahz afeelin layk a yungun juz asproutin frum mah mahma's belly!"

Then Mary Cherry proceeded to smile awkwardly thinking that perhaps such a gesture would soften her dear Lilly's frigid heart.

"OH. MY. GOD!" Lilly's mouth looked like a huge dark void into an alternate dimension.

"Cmon Lilly...ahz acome tah tillya ah luvsya a hole lots!"

Mary Cherry gave Lilly another toothy smile and lovingly displayed her sharp molars to the terrified girl. Lilly promptly fainted dead away and out of Mary Cherry's worried sight!

"Lil?" the dead girl kept tapping vigorously on her sweetheart's window, "iz yallz acomin back up heah? Whazzit sumthin ah sayad?"

Pt. 2

March 4th Thursday morning...2:55 am...114 Blackfield Road...Apartment E50, fifth floor of the E building of the Summerland Apartment Complex...Second window facing east of Ms. Lilith Esposito's room...




"Cmon Lil! Ah nowz yallz in deah asleepin!"

Mary Cherry shivered and hugged herself mentally cursing the cold winter March wind that defied California's usually warm climate and now managed to whip her violently about as she clung desperately to Lilly's window for her dear undead life, "Lil ya in deah?"


"OOOOOOOOHHHHHH CRAP!" Lilly's enraged voice was heard from amid the darkness of her room that an anxious Mary Cherry now scanned through the window pane that she had plastered her pale cheek against.

"Aaaaaawwww Lilly cmon..."

Lilly groggily tossed herself out of her warm bed as she carefully switched her small lamp on. Now Lilly faced an anxious Mary Cherry that gazed adoringly at her through the glass window as the little brunette inside scowled darkly at her spectral visitor, "go away!"

"Aaaww lil Lil...lemmee in!"

Lilly could still recall seeing pictures of Mary Cherry's dead and bloody corpse in the Zapruder, Kennedy High's newsrag, put there by courtesy of Sam McPherson (Lilly's best friend and secret crush).

"No way I'm lettin you in here ever Mary Cherry!"

"Why not Lil?" Mary Cherry whined soulfully.

"BECAUSE," Lily began loudly, "yer DEAD...yer a VAMPIRE...AND yer trying to trick me."

"Now whats fer ah would evah do dat to ya lil Lilly? Jus opin ya windoohh...Ahm ssssssoooo col out heah!"

"Because you plan TO EAT ME Mary Cherry. Is that a good enough reason for you?"

"Ahd nevah evah dooo dat Lilly!" Mary Cherry replied in all sincerity, "cause ah laykes ah kaint eat nuthin nohow...mah tummy gits all sick n all."

"OH BROTHER!" Lilly shook her head and rolled her eyes in abject exasperation, "GO AWAY!"

"Aaawww Lil..." Mary Cherry moaned sadly, "ah kaint...ah gots noweah tahgo...ahz ahmighty lone-lee an ah..." Mary Cherry managed to actually BLUSH somewhat in her deathly pallor and undead state.

"What?" Lilly couldn't help herself as she gazed into Mary Cherry's undead eyes that now lacked irises because she was after all...DEAD. Lilly felt a small emotion stir in her as her young body shook with newly awakened desire and lust toward the ghostly visitor who was outside her window moaning sadly (well Mary Cherry was a vampire and they were simply irresistible to everyone; including cold-hearted Lilith).

"Ah luvsya Lilly!" Mary Cherry said in all of her morbid undead earnestness, "ah rilly rilly dooo! Cmon lil Lil...opin yer windoohh an lemmee in?"

"You LOVE me?" Lilly was quite beside herself with amazement by the dead girl's declaration.

"Yesm! Lots Lil! Ahole lots an lots!"

"Well gee shucks..." Lilly was quickly falling under Mary Cherry's sexy vamp spell, "you never liked me before when you were alive!"

"Ah alwayz layked ya Lilly! Ah juz couldn say nuthin cuz ah Nic bein roun all dah time!"

"Wwwwwweeeeelllllllll...I sorta liked you too Mary Cherry!" Lilly was smiling warmly now.

"Rilly?" Mary Cherry felt pure bliss now.


"Howz abouts ya lettin me in ahll showya ah kin be a good gurl!"

"Well yeah I guess you can come in," Lilly replied happily for she was now completely under Mary Cherry's control.

"Oh yay!" the dead Cherry exclaimed, "hurry Lil...ahz col an ah wants tah hugya real close tahme!"

"Coming," Lilly said as she began to unlatch her window. From somewhere in Lilly's apartment footsteps, scuffling and growls sounded which made Lilly stop in her endeavor to let Mary Cherry in."

"Hurry Lil!"

"Shut up!" Lilly was terrified, "didya hear that?"


"Someone's in HERE!" Lilly exclaimed, "my mom's at work! I'm all alone!"

"Lemmee in rial quicklike Lil! Ahll hilpya!"

"The phone is in the living room!" Lilly cried frantically, "I can't get to it...I don't have a cellphone so I CAN'T CALL THE COPS!"

"Lemmee in quick Lil!"

Suddenly amid loud growls a terrified Lilly tried desperately to pry open the window to let Mary Cherry in but a dark form suddenly dragged the helpless girl out of a frantic Mary Cherry's sight, "Oh lil Lil!"

Mary Cherry banged on Lilly's window amid the sounds of the girl screaming, fabric tearing and furniture falling. Mary Cherry somehow managed to get the window open but a dark figure suddenly lunged out of it at her, reaching out with long hairy arms and baring long fangs and claws, growling amid a foaming snout as it tried to grab the floating Mary Cherry.

A terrified Mary Cherry somehow managed to stay out of the monster's reach til it hung out of the window so far trying to grab her that it slipped and fell out to go crashing to the pavement five stories DOWN.

Mary Cherry somehow managed to crawl into the open window and into Lilly's ramshackled room. Inside the dead girl turned on all of the lights in the apartment and found her beloved Lilly on the floor in a puddle of blood that her instincts TOLD HER NOT TO DRINK FROM!

"Ahm agoin tah hilpya rial quicklike lil Lil! Dontcha fret now!" Mary Cherry whispered tenderly to the unconscious brunette. Mary Cherry found the phone on the living room floor of the apartment and picked up. The dead girl picked up the receiver and dialed a number, "911?"

Pt. 3

March 7th Sunday morning...3:12...Eversham Hospital...Eighth floor...Room 8B32...Single window of Ms. Lilith Esposito's hospital room facing south toward Montego Bay nearby...


A young nurse presently in the room to check on a heavily sedated Ms. Esposito looks up from the chart in her hands as she stands at the foot of the sleeping girl's bed and is shocked beyond all her imaginings when she sees a ghostly image tapping on the window beside the patient's bed. The nurse freezes for an instant as she gazes into the unearthly eyes of the being that is supernatural, wrapped in what seems to be a flimsy tattered nightshirt and floats in the winter wind with hair disheveled about its ghastly face. The nurse can't stand it any longer and lets out a horrible scream as she quickly exits the hospital room after throwing the chart into some unknown point of the room and running for dear life down the hall while pushing everyone in her path violently out of her way.


"Lil? Yallz awakin? Lilly?"

From somewhere within the halls of her sleeping mind Lilly heard the ghostly voice calling her name with unusual tenderness and promptly surfaced from the folds of memories and comforting depths that protected from the terrifying growls and gnawing and biting sounds of the demon monster that attacked her, "Mary...Cherry?" the girl managed to come to consciousness despite the great amount of drugs in her system at that moment.

"Lemmee in Lil...puleeze ahz rial col out heah!"

"You gotta be kiddin Mary Cherry," the semi dormant girl replied with a small smile gracing her sad features, "you're always cold? Can't you just open the window alright already?"

"Ah kaint lil Lilly," came the soft reply, "yallz haz tah in-vite me in..."

"That sounds oh so damn silly," Lilly said weakly, "you vampires have the strangest habits!"

"Dems dah rules Lil," Mary Cherry said with a chuckle, "cmon Lilly lemmee in..."

"I can't move Mary Cherry," Lilly said with a sigh as she tried to lift her head but lay back down on her pillow because of the pain that shot through her body making her feel dizzy.

"Juz in-vite me lil Lilly."

"Well..." Lilly paused as a grin began to appear on her face, "only if you promise to be a good girl!"

"Yesm!" Mary Cherry clapped her pale hands in celebration, in anticipation of her beloved's acceptance, "ahz gonna be a good gurl all-wayz ah promise!"

"Come in Mary Cherry," Lilly said with a great effort as she fought to keep her head up above the pillow that still beckoned and tempted her with the delights of the nothingess of sleep, "please..."

A delighted Mary Cherry pushed the double paned of the hospital window open and managed to fit her slender form inside til she was finally standing beside her dear Lilly's bedside, "howya afeelin lil Lilly?" the dead girl asked gently as her cold yet still tender heart twisted in pain at the sight of her bandaged and wounded beloved.

"I'm okay as far as I know..." Lilly said with evident pain and discomfort, "that thing nearly killed me...if you hadn't interfered that thing that attacked me would have torn me apart completely. Thanks Mary Cherry."

"Ah shuks," Mary Cherry said shyly.

"The doctors won't tell me what's wrong with me Mary Cherry...I feel so a fever...and they won't let me see my arm! And they look at me so funny you know? Like I'm some sort of freak or something."

"Dem doctahs all juz ol foolz..." Mary Cherry began to unwrap the bandages on Lilly's left arm, "ah wants tah see whut dah fuss iz all bouts!"

"Hey you're insane! Stop that!" Lilly protested but was duly silenced at the sight that welcomed the brunette's eyes, "what the hell...?"

"Yallz gots a dogs paw lil Lil!" Mary Cherry said with amazement and disbelief at what her undead eyes took in; the impossible now possible as from Lilly's shoulder sprang a canine limb.

"Oh my God," Lilly whispered as tears sprang from her dark eyes, "what's happened to me? What kind of monster did this to me?" Lilly began to cry as fear flooded her heart.

Mary Cherry scratched her pale blond hair as she tried to discern the situation with the scarce intelligence she possessed, "ya ain't human no moh Lilly..."

"What am I? A dog?"

"Looks tah me yallz some kinda wolf mebbee..."

"A werewolf?" Lilly started to laugh but abruptly stopped as her stitches began to sting and pull and hurt, "oh...damn that hurts so much!"

"Mah mahma use tah till me lotsa stuff bout dem lil Lilly...dey kaints now yallz juz layke me..."

"Hah now you really went over a mental cliff Mary Cherry!" still Lilly cried, "I'm a friggin freak now! I can't let my mom or anyone see me like this!"

Mary Cherry had taken to stroking Lilly's disheveled hair with her cold hand, "ah gots an i-de-a lil Lil!"

"Huhhhhmmm you do?"

"Yallz kin come wid me Lilly!"

"Uhm..." Lilly felt strange about the idea of leaving everything behind and going with Mary Cherry, "a werewolf and a vampire?"

"Ahll takes care ovya Lilly...ah luvsya wid all mah hart an ahz lone-lee an ah needsya lots...pleaze lil Lilly....puleeze..."

"You really mean it don't you? You really want me..."

"Deyz gonna putya in a circus Lilly...ah kaints letsya go dat wayz..."

"Get me outta here Mary Cherry..." Lilly said with determination, "I'd rather take my chances with you!"

Mary Cherry smiled with delight as she leaned down and pressed her cold pale lips to Lilly's thin ones in a brazenly and quite passionate kiss for a seemingly undead heart. Mary Cherry kissed Lilly for several seconds then stepped back to look at her new lover, "ah luvsya Lilly...wid mah hole hart...ahz aswearin on mah mahma's grave!"

Lilly reached up with her still human hand and took Mary Cherry's cold hand in her own, lacing their fingers together in a lover's knot, "I love you too Mary Cherry...forever," her voice was quiet, accepting and peaceful.

"Goodnezz," Mary Cherry smiled showing her sharp molars, "forevah." With surprising swiftness Mary Cherry pulled all the chords and tubes that held her lover down on the hospital bed. Then with amazing unexpected power the pale dead girl lifted her new wife from the confines of the hospital bed and into her slender arms. Mary Cherry took Lilly with her to the window and kicked the glass with her foot making the window break into thousands of shards that swept away leaving a huge opening in the wall. With a flying leap the ghostly form lept through the open chasm with her precious bundle in her arms to sail out into the night sky to never be seen again. When three security guards and two doctors rushed into Lilly's room they found an empty hospital bed next to what was once a window, but was now a portal through which flooded moonlight and outlined a very distant white form that sailed away into eternity.


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