No Particular Place To Go

by Balticbard

Disclaimer; Popular and its characters are the property of Touchstone and Ryan Murphy. This story is meant as entertainment and no profit will be made from it.

Pairing; Sam/Brooke

Humorous/Romantic songfic written to the lyrics of "No Particular Place To Go" by Chuck Berry Feedback; yes please I get oh so little I think an amoeba is much larger in size.






"OOOOOWWWW WHATTHEHELLL?" Brooke was violently shaken from her revelry of Sam as the gorgeous girl leaned over and yelled directly into the blond's delicate ear, "why'd you do that?" Brooke asked angrily now as she brought up her hand to quickly, gently massage her delicate auditive organ with a nervous hand while she glared at her step-sister.

"I've been calling your name for the last sixty seconds you blond flake and all you've done so far is just sit there and stare at me as if I were a walking zombie or something!" Samantha said in an endless, nervous and impatient stream.

"Um sorry?"

"You're so exasperating Brooke!"

Exasperating indeed was the fact that once more the pretty, lanky blond had been caught like a frightened deer staring at her favorite obsession, her dark angel Sam with a an almost piercing stare that had caused her brain to implode inward into a dimension where she was an art voyeur and her step-sibling was a Renaissance painting on a castle wall. Truth be told poor Brooke had been obsessing and dreaming of her stunning housemate for all of the last year and a half as she finally admitted to herself that she was gay, and madly head over heels helplessly permanently in love with Sam McPherson.

Brooke watched silently as Sam took another elegant turn in front of her full view mirror and inspected the new dress she had recently acquired to go out on what she had briefly commented as being *THE BIG DATE.*

"So what do you think? How do I look?" Sam surveyed her slender yet curvaceous form in her mirror as she measured the inward slope of her back as it came down from her delicate shoulder blades then flared out into a firm, shapely derriere and wide hips, "you think this little number will turn George on?"

"Its so certainly turning me on," Brooke said unwittingly as she surveyed Sam's beautiful form while sitting on Sam's bed with her back stiff against the headrest of said bed and clutching like a fading lifeline Sam's pillow to her bosom amid a dying woman's desperate embrace from slender vice-like arms, while she delicately discreetly inhaled the soft scent of Sam's perfume that still lingered upon the cloth.

"What did you just say?" Sam turned suddenly as her eyes opened wide to reveal their whites only a few tones whiter than her unblemished, soft, glistening surface of a skin that almost rivaled milk or unstained marble in its total perfection.

"Um I mean that its certainly turning me on to the idea of getting a little black number for myself," Brooke said quickly thus hiding the obvious double entendre of her situation but not able to hide the rush of blood to her sculpted cheeks, "you know I look good in black."

"You look good in anything Brooke," Sam said matter of factly as she poised her small delicate hands on her unbelievably narrow waist, "do you think the skirt is too long?"

"Um," Brooke's eyes traveled from Sam's tiny waist down the length of her black skirt which hugged the girl's wide hips, then split open at almost the side to reveal a firm, beautiful thigh swathed in delicate dark brown hosiery held in place by a black silk garter belt. Then Brooke's hazel gaze floated down Sam's curvaceous legs to the girl's shiny black high heel pumps she wore on her small feet which showed off the erotic curve of her ankles and pointed upward to the heavenly sight of her firm buttocks. But as Sam's compliment finally reached Brooke's brain rather slow of late due to her lustful thoughts of her brunette's stunning presence, making the lanky girl jump on her sister's bed in surprise, "you think I'm pretty?


"DUH?" Sam turned away from her Narcissistic self contemplation to look at Brooke in almost a stupor, "of course I do. You were only Prom Queen two years in a row and the most popular girl in school! You're model material!"

"Aaaww Sammy!" Brooke felt tingly all over.

"Stop getting mushy on me McQueen and answer my question! Do you think George will like how I look?"

George; the thorn in Brooke's side and Sam's present paramour was picking her up that very night to take her out to dinner, a movie and what Brooke hoped would be an early return home but her bleeding, lovesick heart told her morbidly that there was something ill amiss, "why the hell is it so important that bozo George like how you look tonight?" Brooke had just broken up with Josh because she had recently realized that she was gay and madly in love with Sam. Up until then Sam has been a loner and social outcast which made Brooke glad because now she had Sam all to herself. But just when Brooke was single, Sam suddenly got noticed by and started going steady with by new up and coming football hero George Austin, new arrival at Kennedy Highschool on whom the brunette got a crush on and this irked Brooke to no end.

"," now it was Samantha who seemed befuddled and nervous as she looked down at her carpeted floor then back up at Brooke, "it's THE night."

"THE what?"

Brooke's wandering gaze finally managed to dislodge itself to forcefully travel upward passing Sam's shapely, firm B sized bosom outlined in quite the most flattering fashion in her tight, sleeveless dark blue top. The blond girl's straying eyes stuck fast to Sam's ivory white shoulders partially covered by her wild, thick dark mane, then rose up to Sam's gorgeous countenance of full ruby lips, fine nose and big ebony eyes outlined with dark eyeliner and long, thick lashes. It was then that Brooke noticed a look of trepidation in the brunette's shy gaze.

"Well George and I have been dating for four months now," Sam stated quietly.

`Yeah. Four. Shitty. Months. With. Obnoxious George. Pain in the Ass George. Stupid George,' Brooke thought wryly to herself, "So why is tonight so important Sam?"

"I think that George is so sensitive and understanding," Samantha prattled on.

`Yeah kill me already,' Brooke continued to say within the confines of her mind.

"I love the way he touches me. He's a wonderful kisser. So...we've been somewhat intimate..."

`Drive a damn stake through my heart will ya Sam?' Brooke sighed heavily, "get to the point."

Samantha blushed heavily as she held out a small packet in her delicate, slender digits that Brooke quickly identified as a CONDOM which set off a gigantic chain reaction in the blond's entire body of panic in major proportions.

"I think its time the two of us went all the way," Sam finally confessed amid a rush of breath that relieved her earlier intake of air, "I'm tired of being a virgin so I've decided that tonight's the night I'm letting him go all the way with me!"

"AREYOUKIDDING?" Brooke's voice rushed from her throat like a bolt of thunder as what seemed a nuclear reaction made her get up quickly from Sam's bed and take a giant stride until she stood before her girl.

"No. Not really. I've thought this out quite extensively and I think that I'm quite ready to take this important step."

"You mean STUPID STEP!"

"Brooke why are you so upset all of a sudden?"

"No Sam. Please don't do this. Please!"

"I've made my mind up."

"Look Sam being a virgin isn't so bad. Really honestly its not. Its beautiful!"

"Its embarrassing and stupid is how I see it," Sam retorted almost snorting sarcastically but stopping herself because she didn't want to acquire such a repulsive habit, "I almost gag when I tell someone at school and they all laugh at me. Nope. I'm through being miss goody goody. I want to be normal!"

"I've never laughed at you!"

"You're not a virgin Brooke. You were divested of yours by Josh Ford a.k.a. studly boy Mr. America."

"Please," Brooke pleaded desperately as she felt the almost overwhelming urge to just kneel at Sam's feet and whine like the lovesick fool she really was, "please don't do this!"

Sam looked at Brooke in the strangest manner, "what the hell is going on McQueen? Why are you so bent up about this?"

"You don't have to go to George!"

"Oh? I don't see anybody else beating down my door to date me Brooke!"

Sam replied acidly for her step-sister's pleas were getting on her nerves.

"You can wait till you're thirty!" Brooke stated triumphantly.

"I can't BELIEVE you just said that!"


"C'mon Brooke...spill! What's got your gander up about me getting despoiled?"

Brooke suddenly felt completely weak as if her entire body was the consistency of rubber, " I don't don't have to go to George for that!"

"Who then? Harrison? Oh come on!" Sam was beside herself with irony, "Harry is so gay its ridiculous..."


"?" Sam looked at Brooke in shock had suddenly fallen into a stupor of silent disbelief.

"Yeah. Me Sam." Brooke sweated profusely and smiled inanely.

"You're insane right?" Sam half expected a camera crew to come out of the closet and tell her she was on some reality show and that Brooke had set her up, "this is a joke right?" Sam shook her head and thought Brooke was joking and shrugged it off as a joke.

"No. I mean it Sam," Brooke said soberly, gravely, "I can help you. I can take your virginity. It'll be safer and you won't need that damn condom either!"

Sam was about to answer but suddenly a car horn sounded from outside, coming up through Sam's open window from a definite source; a car parked in front of the McQueen residence. Jane, Sam's mom, Brooke's step mom called out to the gorgeous brunette, "SAM COME DOWN! GEORGE IS HERE!"

Sam simply smiled as she leaned forth and placed a quick kiss on Brooke's cheek, "you're such a kidder Brookie. But thanks anyway for the thought."

Brooke now furious and stomped off to her room without speaking to Sam.

Samantha rolled her eyes at her step-sister's antics and bounded out of her room with her purse and condom in hand. Sam's bedroom window faced the front of the house, and Brooke looked out of it to see George hugging Sam briefly, then holding open the door of the passenger side of his white, 1974 TransAm. Sam got into the car as George shut the door then circled around the vehicle and got into his side. Then George and Sam took off on their date as the car screeched away.

Brooke watched the car drive away and stood at the window watching the empty space it had occupied only seconds ago while she sweated profusely and cursed inwardly. Suddenly she reached for Sam's cellphone which lay on her small night table and opened it while she keyed in a number that was burned into her memory.

Brooke waited anxiously while the phone line on the other side rang, "Pick up. Please pick up Emory!" Finally the blond girl's heart lurched with joy as she heard Emory's voice on the other end, "Emory? Yeah its me Brooke! Look Sam and George just left. Can you follow them? Yeah? Look I'll give you an extra fifty bucks if you can pull this off! Yeah? Okay I'll wait. Okay." Brooke felt a huge amount of relief as she shut off the cellphone thus ending her call to Emory.

Brooke spent the rest of the night waiting for Sam to come back from her date. Brooke couldn't sleep. The hours passed slowly for Brooke who tossed and turned angrily in bed in a lake of her own sweat as the blackest, vilest jealousy and desperation seeped from every pore in her tensed body, "where the hell are they? When is Sam getting home? If Emory didn't pull this off I swear I'll decapitate him, then I'll castrate George!" Brooke looked at the clock on her night table, "its already eleven and Sam left at eight! Where the hell are they?"

Poor Brooke's misery was short lived as she heard George's car drive up, then the sound of a car door banging shut loudly coupled with Sam's angry voice and George's own pleading one.

"Aaaaaww cmon Sammy! Its not my fault!"

"I never want to see you again gorilla!"

"Please Sam how bout we try again?"

"Not in this life or the next ten ones!" Sam shouted much to Brooke's joy, "GO HOME!"

"Sam please..."




Brooke felt her heart lurch with pure joy as the sound of screeching tires and the roar of George's car speeding off filled the night. Then Brooke heard the echo of Sam's delicate footsteps walk up the drive, then up the door. Brooke tried to control her wild urge to race downstairs to take Sam in her anxious arms as she waited impatiently while hearing the front door unlocked, opened then closed. Brooke followed her stunning girl's approach as the sound of her footsteps crossed the carpeted living room floor then continued up the stairs and down the hall toward her room which was almost adjacent to Brooke's own room. Finally the lanky girl couldn't stand it anymore as she got out of her bed, then crossed her room to open the door that connected to the bathroom she shared with Sam which in turn had a door that connected to Sam's own room, "how convenient!"

Brooke inappropriately rushed into Sam's room only to find the girl fully dressed, lying on her bed and kicking off her pumps. Wordlessly, disheveled Brooke lay down beside the girl on the same bed and took to gazing longingly at her and wanting to know if George had deflowered her, "so how did it go?"

"It was awful," Sam replied somberly.

"Wanna talk about it?"

"Well yeah I guess its not like anything happened that I have to keep secret!"

"So?" Brooke was anxious now.

"I was so wrong about George," Sam began quietly, "I thought he would be loving but instead he was a total MORON!"

"Poor baby!"

"I mean the date started out to swell Brooke!" Sam turned slightly on her side to look at the blond, "after dinner we went cruising in his car and listened to the radio. George was smiling and I thought hey he must have picked out the hotel room already! I mean he even kissed me and he had a special kind of glint in his eyes!"

***Ridin' along in my automobile
My baby beside me at the wheel
I stole a kiss at the turn of a mile
My curiosity runnin' wild
Cruisin' and playin' the radio
With no particular place to go.***

"I mean I'd been giving him signals for weeks now," Sam continued, "and I'm sure he got the message about how I felt. But just in case I sorta moved real close to him...well as close as I could with the damn seatbelts and I kissed him. Then I guess I just left caution to the wind and told him...I blew in his ear and whispered it...I wanted him to be the one!"

***Ridin' along in my automobile
I'm anxious to tell her the way I feel,
So I told her softly and sincere,
And she leaned and whispered in my ear
Cuddlin' more and drivin' slow,
With no particular place to go.***

"So I thought hey George is taking me to some ritzy expensive hotel suite when the asshole freakin drives us to the hills out somewhere near Bernard's Pointe...that wooded area that gets pitch black at night? The moron actually wanted to take a stroll out there then have fun in the back seat! Thank God our seatbelts were stuck and we couldn't get them off!"

***No particular place to go,
So we parked way out on the Kokomo
The night was young and the moon was bold
So we both decided to take a stroll
Can you imagine the way I felt?
I couldn't unfasten her safety belt!***

"Then we just drove around!" Sam spat out indignantly, "and all the way he pawed at me like a gorilla! I got to the point I started shouting that I wanted to come home right away!"

***Ridin' along in my calaboose
Still tryin' to get her belt unloose
All the way home I held a grudge,
But the safety belt, it wouldn't budge
Cruisin' and playin' the radio
With no particular place to go.***

"When the damn moron finally parked his car out front I took out the neat army knife you gave me for Christmas and cut the damn seatbelt off me and got out! I never want to see George Austin ever again!"

`OH YEAH!' Brooke was very happy with herself and her stroke of inspiration at giving her Sammy that army knife for Christmas, "so you're still a virgin Sammy?"

"Yeah," Sam replied sadly.

`YEAH!' Brooke thought to herself, "Sam?"

"Yeah Brooke?"

"Can I stay here with you tonight?"

"Sure," Sam said with a smile as her eyes became lidded with sleep, "you can sleep here with me as often as you like."

"Thanks Sammy."



"Is that offer of yours still open?"

Brooke opened her eyes wide as she looked over at Sam who was almost on the brink of sleep, "yeah. It is."

"Good," Sam replied with a smile on her full lips, "cause I'm taking you up on it."

"Oh...yeah...sure!" Brooke wanted to do a line dance all the way down to the front door of the house and back to Sam's bed but she was just to plum tired out from worrying if George had picked Sam's cherry, "you won't regret it."

"I know," was Samantha's soft reply.



"Sammy will you go steady with me?"

Now it was Sam's turn to open her eyes wider than the width of her dark head, "what? Really?"

"Um yeah," Brooke was nervous, "Please? I mean as in sorta steady till we graduate then we can sorta...get married?"

Sam was thoughtful for a few seconds during which Brooke felt like she was on the end of a very thin string, but the gorgeous brunette replied, "yeah...I'd like that very much."

"Yeah," a very happy Brooke said as she snuggled up to her stunningly beautiful girl and wrapped her arms around the soft, warm body of the brunette. Brooke had a smile on her face because she was ecstatic and is immensely glad that she discreetly paid Emory Dick one hundred bucks to sabotage the safety belts in George's car with super glue, `the best investment I ever made."



"I love you Sammy."

"I love you too Brooke."

***I'm anxious to tell her the way I feel, So I told her softly and sincere, And she leaned and whispered in my ear Cuddlin' more and drivin' slow, With no particular place to go.***



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