Title: Details of Despair

Author: Balticbard

Email: balticbard@yahoo.com

Disclaimer; Popular and its characters are copyrighted to Touchstone. No infringement is meant, no profits will be made from this story; it is just entertainment.

Warning; heavy angst ahead.

A\N: I don't know how this will turn out; it has a lot of angst in it, and I am straying a bit from original characterizations; I have changed the personalities of Josh, Harrison, and Lilly. I don't think that I have strayed too far from what Brooke is really like, or Sam, maybe she is too vulnerable here, or Nicole whom I have showing a bit of compassion.

pt. 1

Brooke slammed her foot down hard on the accelerator of her car, and her sweaty, nervous hands gripped her steering wheel with almost superhuman force, as she tried desperately to keep up with the speeding ambulance just yards ahead of her, "oh my God! Please let her be alright! Don't let her die!" Brooke cried, as she drove well beyond the speed she normally used. But this was an emergency, this was life, or death, this was the shocking reality of what life truly was, and Brooke just couldn't handle it, as thick tears ran down her pale cheeks, "please don't let Sam die. Please, God. Don't let Sam die." Brooke was getting increasingly more, and more nervous, as she watched the ambulance weave through traffic at an unbelievable speed, managing to dodge cars, and gaining greater distance away from her, "no! No! Wait for me. Please don't leave me behind. Please," the cries grew louder in the blond's heart, as she began to sob, "I'm sorry, Sammy. I am so sorry for everything."



Brooke was trying to keep up with Josh Ford, her steady boyfriend, but his powerful gait, and his long legs put him at a greater distance than her, "why won't he wait for me? Why does he have to humiliate me like this?" It was just something that she had become accustomed to in the course of her relationship with Josh; he abused her mentally, and verbally. Josh had not raised his hand to her yet, but Brooke knew that physical abuse was close at hand in their rather rocky relationship, "please, Josh. Don't walk so fast. Please wait for me."

"To hell, McQueen," Josh yelled, as he advanced energetically down the school halls of Kennedy High, "get your ass in gear, girlie. I don't have time to wait up for you." Josh reluctantly looked behind him, and paused, causing the tall, lanky girl to bump into his muscular back, "McQueen, you twit!" Josh inhaled deeply, as he wondered just why he was dating this loser of a girl, "because of her looks," he thought, "because Nicole said that she was a shoo in for prom queen, that she could be controlled, that she would make me look good!" the handsome young man had to constantly remember everything that Nicole Julian, his best friend, had preached to him constantly, until it was ingrained in his mind, "I honestly don't know why I even put up with you, Brooke. You are so damn clumsy!"

"I'm so sorry, Josh. I try so hard," Brooke said in deep despair, "its just so hard to keep track of all the things that Nic is teaching me."

"If it weren't for Nic, you would be worthless, Brooke," Josh said harshly, "you walk like an ostrich, you drop everything. You are only good when you are cheerleading. But when you aren't, you are a disaster."

"I'm sorry."

"Stop saying that, Brooke. You sound like scratched DVD!"

Brooke was about to apologize for the millionth time that day, but she saw something that truly angered her, "its her again!"

"Sam McPherson?" Josh was surprised by Brooke's sudden animosity, "you hate her?"

"She's always following me," Brooke replied, her voice dropping to a whisper, "she's a...a..."

"A dyke, Brooke?"


"Yeah. So?" Josh was confused over the issues, because lesbianism wasn't really important, or threatening to him in any way, "she's really hot to look at, Brooke. She walks like a queen."

"How can you admire that bitch, Josh? She is gay! Homosexuality is just so disgusting."

"As long as she doesn't get in my way, I don't really care, Brooke," Josh said as he turned away toward his next class down the hall, "don't wait for me today after school, Brooke. I'm going out with the guys after football practice. But Friday we go to a motel, and have sex."

"Josh, please. I don't want to rush this. I don't feel comfortable about it."

"Tough, bitch. You're my piece of meat, so just shut up. Friday night we fuck! Understand?" Josh grabbed Brooke's arm roughly, and held it, "is that clear, bitch?"

"Yeah," Brooke replied in fear, "sure. Clear."

Josh had no further use for the beautiful blond known in vulgar terms as his "ho," so he turned coldly away from her, and walked down the hall.

Meanwhile, Brooke eyed her beautiful stalker, Samantha, with total disgust. Brooke's brow was furrowed, as she glared at the brunette who stood a few feet away. Then, Brooke finally summoned up the energy to approach Samantha, "what the hell do you want, Sam? I thought I told you to stop following me!"

"Please, Brooke," Sam pleaded, "I just want to talk to you."

"Well I don't want to talk to you, Sam. Just go away."

"Why do you let Josh treat you that way, Brooke? Why? Its just not fair. I would never hurt you that way!"

"Its all none of your business, McPherson. I have already told you to leave me alone. Its bad enough that I have you living in my house."

"I can't help it," Sam replied forlornly, "I love you."

"Stop it!" Brooke said angrily, "you make me sick to my stomach! Now get the hell away from me before I throw my books at your head!"

"Please," Sam had started to cry, "please."

"I told you to get out of my sight," Brooke was already enraged; Sam had ruined her entire day, "I wish that I could slap your face, but I can't. Just leave!"

"Alright," Sam said in defeat, as her dark eyes glanced down, "I'm sorry."

Brooke watched with relief as Samantha turned, and walked away from her, and down the hall.

Fade out.


Brooke returned from her memories, and cursed at the fact that the ambulance had run a red light, but that she had to stop for it, "damn!" the blond girl breathed deeply, and tried to calm herself down, "I can't run the red light. I'll be stopped by a cop, and get a ticket. I have to just go straight to the hospital if I can't follow the ambulance," Brooke watched in desperation as the red light seemed to take forever to change, and breathed a sigh of relief when it turned green, and she was able to keep driving, "please, God. Please let Sam be alright. Please."

pt. 2

Brooke managed to gain some time as she drove down a side road, and then accessed the Williams General Hospital parking lot from the back. Brooke sighed with relief when she found a parking space decently close to the hospital's emergency room entrance.



Brooke parked her Ford Ranger in back of her father, Mike McQueen's expensive Jaguar. Brooke exited her car, and rapidly entered her house, eager to go upstairs, and just throw herself in her bed, "I am so damn, fucking tired! School was such a bitch today! Nic yelled at me all during cheerleading practice. Josh is still mad at me because I skipped out on him Friday night. I just can't seem to do anything right." Brooke entered her home, slamming the front door behind her as she did.

On her way though the large, living room, Brooke cut through into the kitchen, and kissed her stepmother, Jane briefly on the cheek, "hi, mom," the lanky girl said with apparent affection, "hi, dad," Brooke kissed, and hugged her father, who sat at the kitchen counter, reading his obviously worn copy of the "Santa Ana Herald."

"Hi, Brooke," Mike replied absently.

"Hi, sweetie," Jane replied with a smile, as she continued chopping the peppers, and onions she would throw into a stir-fry, "dinner will be ready in about twenty. Tell Sam if you see her."

"Will do, mom," Brooke replied, as she exited the kitchen through a second door, going back into the living room, "I hope not," the girl was in no mood to see Sam, "I just can't deal with her."

Brooke climbed the stairs of her house, pushing herself up each step, because she was exhausted, then she trudged down the hall until she came to the door of her bedroom which she hurriedly opened, desperate to lie down on her bed. Brooke was shocked to see a beautiful, crystal, ornately decorated vase with a single, yellow rose on her night stand. Brooke quickly threw her books on her bed, and stood for a moment next to her night stand to survey the vase; it was elegant, slim, and a note lay under it. Brooke took the note from under the vase, opened it, and began to read its contents;

"A single rose for a singular beauty; golden like your hair.

Brooke was seething with rage, as she roughly grabbed the gorgeous vase in her hand, turned, then opened the door of her room that opened into an adjoining bathroom which she reluctantly shared with Sam. Brooke rushed through the bathroom, quickly, boldly opening the door on the other end of the bathroom, that opened into Sam's adjoining room. Brooke entered Sam's room, and found the gorgeous brunette at her desk, typing on her computer.


Samantha turned on her swivel chair away from her desk, and looked up to see Brooke. Sam's pretty face was instantly lit with a beautiful smile, which was quickly wiped from her full lips when she noticed the dark, angry glare in Brooke's hazel eyes, "hi, Brooke," Sam said with false chirpiness.

"You must be the stupidest, little twit on the entire earth, Sam."

"Did you like the vase that I got for you, Brooke? I've been saving my allowance for three whole months to get it for you."

"Yeah, Sam. It really very pretty. It's a pity that I don't want it," Brooke said angrily, "how many times do I have to repeat myself to you, huh? I have told you to STOP giving me gifts," Brooke yelled, "you just don't get it!"

"You're the one who doesn't get it, Brooke," Sam said, her wrath finally bubbling to the surface, "I love you more than my own mother! What is so wrong with that? Why are you punishing me for it? Why can't you just accept it?"

"Because I'm not gay, Sam."

"I'm not gay either, Brooke. I didn't fall in love with you on purpose. I don't go around lusting after women either. Until now, I think I pretty much still like men. I just fell in love with you. Just you."

"That's just too, fucking bad, Sammy," Brooke said with sarcasm, and a smirk, "that's not my problem. I don't care what you feel. I don't want or need your love."

"Why can't you try to love me back, Brooke? Why can't you give me a chance?"

"You just don't understand words, Sam. I'll just have to show you what I mean!" In saying that, Brooke lifted the ornate vase in her hand, and threw it with force onto the floor, where it shattered to pieces. Then, Brooke looked at Sam, who was silently crying, "I hope that makes you finally, clearly understand that I despise you! I don't want your gifts, or your love. I want you to stay out of my room, and my life!" Brooke turned, leaving Sam's room quickly, entering the bathroom, and slamming the door to Sam's room with great force.

Sam fell back onto her swivel chair, covered her face with her pale hands, and began to sob loudly, painfully. Brooke was halfway through the bathroom, and on her way to her room, when the sound of Sam's forlorn sobs reached her ears. For one brief instant, Brooke felt her heart fill with pity for the girl, but she steeled herself against it. Brooke walked into her room, and shut the door behind her, thus muffling the sounds of Sam's crying.

Fade out.

pt. 3

this story is herein dedicated to Jos Mous, the man of a thousand plot lines.


Brooke walked through the automatic, glass, sliding doors of the emergency room. The lanky, blond girl was extremely nervous, dangling her car keys from her fingers, and shoving her other, free hand in the pocket of her faded jeans. Brooke was sweaty, and disheveled; something inconceivable for the usually neat, impeccable, immaculately attired girl. Brooke stopped at the reception window just a few feet away from the emergency entrance, and asked a sedate looking nurse garbed in green; "I need to know how Sam McPherson is?"

The nurse looked up from her files, lightly shoved her pen behind her ear, "are you her family, miss?"

"Yes," Brooke replied curtly, "I'm her sister."

"Ms. McPherson was brought in about five minutes ago," the nurse replied mechanically, "she was rushed directly to surgery due to the gravity of her injuries. The doctors are at present operating on her."

"But what is her condition? Is it serious?"

"I can't tell you that, miss," the nurse replied in the usual, robotlike manner, "you have to wait for the doctors to come out, and inform you."

"My name is Brooke McQueen. I'm her sister. Our parents are out of town, so I will be representing her. I'm the one the doctor has to speak to."

"Very well, Ms. McQueen. Just sit down in the waiting area, and I will send word to the doctor."

"Thank you," Brooke replied almost lifelessly, as she walked a few steps further, then leaned against the wall for a moment, "oh no," Brooke said to herself, almost wailing quietly, as she felt the first, faint sobs rise in her throat, and tears rush to her eyes, "oh...no."


Brooke turned to see Nicole Julian, her best friend, walking quickly through the sliding doors of the emergency room, and headed in her direction with open arms, "oh, Nic," the blond girl took refuge in her friend's anxious arms.

The two girls continued to hold each other fiercely, as if believing that this way everything was commanded to turn out well.

"I came as soon as you called me, Brooke," Nicole said soothingly.

Brooke still clung to Nicole, to her warm body, as she began to cry loudly, as a heavy rain of tears fell from her eyes, sliding quickly down her pale cheeks, "mom, and dad are in New York. I'm all alone in this, and I just can't handle this by myself, Nic."

"Its okay, Brookie. You're not alone. I'm here with you," Nic held Brooke close, and made comforting circles on her friend's back with her hands, "I'm going to stay with you through this. Now let's go sit down."

Brooke, and Nicole walked slowly down the hall that then opened out into a wide, waiting room with tan colored walls, and plastic, lilac seats in various rows.

"Eeewww," Nic exclaimed, "who color-coordinated this place? An alien?"

Brooke laughed a bit, despite her obvious pain, as she, and Nicole sat down. Brooke's spontaneous smile darkened, faded, and she started to cry anew, and clung to her friend, "what am I going to do, Nic. I can't bear to call mom, and dad to tell them about Sam."

"You have to call them, Brookie. This is serious. You can't deal with this on your own. They have to know, so that they can be here too. You have an obligation to call them. But tell me, how is Sam doing?"

"Sam is in surgery right now, Nic. Her injuries are very serious," Brooke said as she began to tremble, "what am I going to do, Nic? This is all my fault!"

"No it is not your fault, Brooke!"

"Yes it is my fault, Nic. I caused this," Brooke said with desperation, "I'm the one who was stupid enough to start an argument with Josh right in the middle of the street, with heavy traffic. I must be insane!"

"You were scared of him, Brooke. You thought he was going to hit you again, like he did inside the school. He's been so angry since you broke up with him. He's dangerously obsessed, and he's been stalking you. You had every right to run from him, even if it was out to the middle of the street. So stop blaming yourself for this."

"I can't help it, Nic," Brooke replied through her sobs, "he was going to hit me again, and I stepped back further into the street, Nic. I didn't see the car coming toward me, but Sam did. Sam had rushed out of the school after me, and Josh. Sam pushed me out of the way in time, but she was run down instead. Now she might die because of me!"

"Brooke, Sam will be fine! You have to believe that with all of your heart! We have no choice but to wait, and hope that she will get through this."



Sam was sitting with Harrison, and Lilly at their usual table in the cafeteria.

"When are you going to stop this nonsense, Sam?" Lilly asked with evident anger.

Samantha was staring down at her plate, using her fork to aimlessly stir her food, "I can't, Lil. I just can't."

"You have to try hard, Sam," Lilly declared with passion, "the entire school is laughing at you."

Sam looked up, her dark eyes filled with tears, "I can't just stop loving Brooke just because you think its right. I can't turn my feelings off automatically. I am not a machine. I am deeply in love with her, and I can't stop it."

"No, Sammy. Don't use those weak excuses on me! What you feel isn't real love. What you have for Brooke is an obsession!"

"NO! It is not an obsession," Sam exclaimed angrily.

Harrison shook his head, and ran a hand through his thick, dark hair, "this is going to get worse, if I don't stop them," then he sighed, and interrupted the argument. "Sammy, please don't be angry. Lilly loves you, and is only trying to help you. I love you too. We just don't want you to be hurt."

"Stop preaching to me!" Sam yelled.

"We love you, Sam," Harrison said quietly, his handsome face never showing emotion, "and we could help you if you would only let us."

"I don't need any help from you! I don't need help from anyone!" Sam said loudly, as she pushed her lunch tray away. Sam had gotten up from the table, and was about to leave, when she heard someone call her name.


Sam turned, and saw Brooke approach her at her table. Both Lilly, and Harrison watched in silent surprise at what transpired next.

"Hi, Brooke," Sam said with a nervous smile on her full, ruby lips.

"Did you send me these flowers, Sam?" Brooke asked coldly, lifting her arms to show the brunette girl before her the bouquet that she was carrying.

"Yes," Sam replied with a smile, as her brown eyes fell on the gorgeous bouquet of roses that Brooke was holding.

"I told you to stop sending me gifts, and flowers, Sam. I told you to leave me alone!"

"I know you did, Brooke," Sam blubbered stupidly, "but..."

Sam was never able to finish her thoughts, as she watched in horror, as Brooke cruelly began to tear the roses apart with her hands, then scatter the remains at the brunette girl's feet.

Brooke walked haughtily out of the cafeteria, amid a wave of booing, shouts, cusses, and curses directed at her.

Fade out.

pt. 4

Brooke woke up from her revelry when she felt a hand on her arm. Brooke looked up to see Nicole watching her intently.

"Brookie, what you're feeling is guilt, and not genuine concern for Sam."

"How can you even say such a thing, Nic?" Brooke sputtered out angrily, indignant.

Nicole started to laugh out loud, "come on, Brooke. You can lie to anyone else. You can even lie to yourself. But you can't hide from me. I know you completely, and intimately. I made you what you are. I'm your soulmate. What you feel is guilt because of the cruel way that you have treated Sam in the past."

Brooke tore herself from Nicole's arms, and stood up from her seat, and stared back at her shorter friend with an indignant glare in her teary eyes, "how dare you say that to me? I don't feel guilt. I feel..."

"Love, Brookie? Are you seriously going to tell me that you are in love with Sam? Is that what you feel after rejecting her so often, and humiliating her?"

Brooke seemed to hesitate for several seconds before replying to Nicole's defiant question. The lanky blond inhaled deeply, shook her head slightly, and finally spoke, "yes. I love Sam."

At the sound of Brooke's sudden declaration of love for the gorgeous brunette girl, Nicole began to laugh heartily, "are you kidding me, Brooke? Is that a joke, or something?"

"No," Brooke replied coldly, "I'm not joking. I'm in love with Sam."

"So," Nicole calmed down, and looked up at the lover who she adored, and now towered over her, "that is the reason that you dumped Josh about a month ago, and finally dumped me a week ago? Because you decided in your petty heart that you love Sam?"

"Yes. Absolutely," Brooke said firmly, as she held her head high like the most regal queen.

"You sure have an odd way of showing your love to people, Brookie. You love to destroy a person, to humiliate them, to drain them of life. Then you drown whatever is left of them in your wallowing pity."

"You have no right to judge me, Nicole!" Brooke nearly screamed.

"Brooke," Nicole now stood up from her own chair, and stared up defiantly at Brooke, "I do have that right. You forget that you belong to me. Remember?"

Brooke turned away from Nicole, "I admit that I was horrible to Sam in the past. But I was wrong to do so. I now realize that she is the only person who has ever truly loved me. I am going to make it all up to her from now on!"

"I was right the very first time, Brooke," Nicole said triumphantly, "what you feel is guilt."

"Why did you come here, Nic? Did you come to comfort me, or to torment me?"

"Oh, Brooke," Nicole stepped closer to Brooke, her voice becoming soft, and comforting, "I'm still your friend, even if you don't want me as a lover anymore."

"Well," an unexpected foreign voice filled with bitter disdain, with dripping sarcasm said curtly, coming from behind Brooke, "look who's here."

Brooke turned to see who had spoken who had spoken so despicably, "Lilly?"

"I can't believe the gross amount of gall you have, McQueen," the short brunette said angrily, "how could you come here after the evil, cruel way that you have treated Sam? You are the cause of all her problems."

"Sam is my sister!" Brooke exclaimed with force, "I'm her family. I have more of a right to be here than you, Lilly."

Lilly advanced dangerously toward Brooke, with rage in her dark eyes, "how dare you say that, Brooke! WE are Sammy's true family! We are the ones who saved her after you almost destroyed her completely. YOU are the one who shouldn't be here!" Lilly's intention had been to slap Brooke's pretty face, and she lifted her hand up with that intention. But before Lilly had the opportunity to fulfill her violent desire, she felt someone come up from behind, and restrain her, "Harrison? Let go of me!"

"No, Lilly," Harrison whispered in the squirming girl's ear, as he wrapped his arms around her, "this is no place for that. We will be thrown out of here if you stir things up. Do you want that? We won't be able to wait to see Sammy then."

"She shouldn't be here, Harrison," Lilly said to her tall companion, "she hurt Sam. Besides, Sammy belongs to us!"

"Hush, baby," Harrison said, kissing his lover's ear, cooing softly into her ear, so as to calm her agitated, angry soul, "I know. I understand. But she is here. We must be civil to her.  We have to be strong for Sam's sake," then he kissed the girl's tanned cheek, "alright?"

Lilly calmed down under her handsome lover's caresses, "yeah," she replied softly, "you're right, Harry."

"Now go sit down, Lilly," Harrison said, as he unwound his long arms from around Lilly's waist, "its going to be a long wait."

"Yeah, Harry," Lilly said with downcast eyes, "I guess so," the girl moved away from Harrison.

Lilly felt Harrison's arms loosen, then drop. Lilly, now visibly more sedate than before, turned, and went to sit down in the farthest corner of the large, waiting room.

Now, Brooke stood before handsome, tall, lanky Harrison, and felt deeply embarrassed. "Hi, Harrison," Brooke muttered.

"Hi, Brooke," the young man said with a smile, "sorry about Lilly. She's just nervous because she loves Sam so much."

"Its okay, Harrison," Brooke replied with eyes downcast, "we're all nervous. I love Sam too."

Harrison looked away, not wanting to acknowledge Brooke's admonition of love for Sam, "How is Sam? Do you know, Brooke?"

"Sam is still in surgery, Harrison."

"It looks bad, Brooke?"

"Yes, Harrison," Brooke's eyes were filling up with tears again, "very bad."

"Why aren't Mike, and Jane here with you, Brooke?"

"Mom, and dad are in New York," Brooke said quietly, "I haven't..." Brooke's voice cracked with emotion, "I can't..."

"I understand, Brooke," Harrison said soothingly, as he reached out, and put a hand on her shoulder, "I understand. Please let me help. Let me call them. Please, Brooke."

Brooke had begun to sob, and found it hard to speak, but somehow managed to choke out a single word; "yes," and accompanied her reply with a slight nod of her blond head.

"Thanks, Brooke," Harrison said with a smile, and a reassuring squeeze from his hand on her shoulder. Then, Harrison turned, and went to where Lilly was sitting, and waiting for him.

pt. 5

Brooke found herself back in Nicole's comforting arms, "I'm so sorry, Nic. I treated Sam like shit. I'm scared that she'll die, and I won't be able to ask her forgiveness!"

"Don't cry, Brookie," Nicole cooed, as she gently consoled Brooke, "everything will be alright. Sam is going to make it. Now, let's just go sit down."

Brooke allowed Nicole to lead her back to her seat. Nicole sat next to Brooke, and continued to comfort the tall blond.

"If I could just talk to Sam for one minute, Nic," Brooke whimpered, "If I could just..."

"You can talk to her, Brooke."

"How, Nic?"

"In your heart, Brookie."



Sam's heart was filled with inexorable joy, as she parked her antique, rust colored Volkswagen bug in the driveway of her house, the McQueen residence, "I'm so happy to be alive," the girl chirped to herself, as the continuing wave of joy carried her out her car, while at the same time she grabbed a large, gorgeous bouquet of white lilies, strewn with light blue, babies's breath, and held together by a thick, red ribbon, "I know that Brooke is a total bitch lately, and hates me giving her flowers....but..." Sam just couldn't deny the rushing, thrilling feeling of triumph that was overwhelming her entire body, "today, Brooke finally broke up with her abusive boyfriend, Josh! Now, I finally have a slim chance to get her to want me!" Ecstatic, her heart doing cartwheels, dreamy eyed, lovesick Samantha entered her home, bearing her bouquet in her slender arms as a tribute to her golden goddess, her beautiful, dream girl, Brooke McQueen, "yeah...I know that Brooke will probably hit me over the head with these flowers. I know that I'm a pest. But I have to keep trying to convince her to give me a chance to make her happy."

Sam entered the house with the bouquet in her arms, and noticed that everything was dark, "that's funny. Why are the lights off in here? I could have sworn that Brooke's car is parked out front. I know that she always leaves on the living room lights even when she's alone at home, and in bed. So why are the lights off?" Almost immediately, Sam heard sounds coming from upstairs; muffled voices amid giggles, "Brooke?" Sam called out, as a strange sensation began to creep into her slender, young body, "she's not alone. But who is she with?" Sam climbed the stairs slowly, then walked down the hall toward Brooke's room, as she listened intently, trying to identify the second voice that she heard, and seemed to follow Brooke's voice like a lover's knot Finally, Sam walked up to the door of Brooke's room, and brazenly threw it open.


Sam suddenly hit the hard, brick wall of reality; all of her hopes, and dreams crashed at the sight that met her frightened, shocked, dark eyes.

In that very instant, as the sound of Brooke's startled voice calling her name penetrated her psyche, Sam's gentle heart broke into a million pieces, her dream of love with Brooke turned to dust, and her passion for the lanky, blond girl began to wither, turning into a deep, bleeding, painful wound in her soul.

In that terrible, seemingly endless, agonizing instant, Sam came to the horrible realization that Brooke hadn't just lied to her, but had also betrayed her in the most despicable manner, "but Brooke said that she wasn't gay! She called me a filthy lesbian so many times that I lost count. She swore to me that she only liked men! But she's in bed with a girl!" Sam couldn't take her dark gaze away from the sight before her, even though she wanted to, because the girl didn't want to have a memory of it, although it was already too late; Samantha would remember this night forever! The sight of Brooke McQueen naked in bed with Nicole Julian was forever ingrained into Samantha's heart.

"Sam!" Brooke cried out again, more firmly this time, "Sam?"

Brooke had finally been brave enough to dump Josh, after months of submitting to verbal, and mental abuse from him. To celebrate her new found freedom, Brooke had phoned her best friend, Nicole, and invited over for an impromptu sleep over. Nicole had arrived at Brooke's home almost right away, and the two girls had gone upstairs to Brooke's room. The two girls had been sitting in bed laughing, listening to cd's, eating potato chips, and talking about a dozen silly things. Eventually, the conversation turned to Josh, and Brooke started to cry, as she recounted all of the horrid things that he had put her through. Nicole had quickly started to console Brooke, and that led to them kissing tentatively, then touching, and caressing, and finally blossoming into full blown love making. Brooke had been in the throes of their third orgasm, when the door of her room had suddenly been thrown open, and Sam had unexpectedly appeared in the doorway with a huge bouquet of flowers in her arms.

For one, frightening second, the three girls had just stared at each other in utter astonishment. At that instant, Brooke had tried to extricate her naked body from Nicole's equally nude one. But instead of moving, Brooke had remained still, and had stared deeply, unblinkingly into Samantha's dark eyes.

The look of disappointment, pain, and betrayal that Brooke had seen in Sam's tear-filled eyes had made the blond feel shame, guilt, and embarrassment. Brooke shook her head, and tried to look away, but found that her eyes were glued to Sam's dark, piercing, painful gaze.

Sam found a flood of sobs rising up into her throat, and she had begun to choke. Somewhere in the confused maze of her mind, something encouraged her to save whatever was left of her dignity, and to take wing. Sam turned, and dropped the bouquet that she had so tenderly carried up the stairs, letting it drop roughly onto the floor.

Brooke watched in shock, as Sam turned, dropped the bouquet of flowers in her arms, then run. Brooke heard the girl choked sobbing, crying, as she ran down the hall, then quickly down the stairs. In a few seconds, Brooke heard the front door open, then slam shut so hard, it seemed to make the entire house quake.

Fade out.

pt. 6


Lilly Esposito had fallen asleep, as she sat uncomfortably in her hard, plastic chair. A distant echo, a gentle whisper calling her name had awakened her, "what?" then the little brunette had looked up groggily to see; "Brooke? What the hell do you want?" Brooke was standing before her, and Lilly felt herself brimming over with intense, pent up jealousy, over the fact that her gentle Samantha still harbored enough love for Brooke so as to push the blond out of the way, thus risking her life, and ending up in the fatal path of a speeding, out of control car driven by a drunk driver.

"Please, Lilly," Brooke pleaded, "stop being mad at me. I just want to talk to you."

"Well I don't want to talk to you, Brooke. Looking at you makes me sick!"

"Please, Lilly."

"Well," Lilly said hesitantly, feeling the venom in her heart draining out of her at the sight of Brooke's tear filled, pleading eyes, "alright."

"Thanks, Lilly," Brooke said anxiously, as she sat down in the chair next to Lilly's, "I just want to know...I need to know what happened that night that Sam ran away from home."

"Oh," Lilly was smirking, "when she found you in bed with Nic?"

"Yes," Brooke looked away guiltily, then glanced back at Lilly in anguish, "I want to know. I NEED to know. I know that Sam always ran to you when I..."

"When you abused her, Brooke?"

"Yes," Brooke felt a wave of shame envelope her, "after me, she loved you the most."

"I was always second best to you, Brooke," Lilly said with contempt.

"Lilly....are you...Sam's lover?" Brooke asked with a hint of desperation in her voice.

"Hhhhmmmm......why should I answer that, Brooke?" Lilly's smirk was almost evil now.

"Please. Are you Sam's lover?"

"Yes, Brooke. Sam is my lover," Lilly confessed triumphantly.

"Oh," Brooke looked away for a moment, then looked back, "please, Lilly. What happened that night Sam ran away? Did she run to you?"

"Yes, Brooke. Sam ran to me."



The pain in Sam's heart was so deep, that she thought that she would surely die.

For one, brief instant, Sam clutched her bosom, as she felt a sudden, tightening within, and her breathing began to fail. At that moment, something exploded inside of her head, "I never want to love again!" the now aimless girl cried
out to the nocturnal sky. Sam had run out of the house, and had just kept fleeing like a wounded prey trying to outrun a predator. Sam stopped running at a street corner, where a bus had just stopped to let a passenger off. Sam randomly read the letters off the front of the bus; "131 Eastbound."

Wildly, Sam flung herself onto the bus, as its doors closed. The girl quickly paid the bus driver her fare, then began walking down the aisle of the almost empty bus.

Sam chose a seat at the back of the bus, where the shadows would hide the tears on her pretty face, and sat down. Sam rode the bus for about an hour, and got off at the next stop, which she knew was very close to Lilly's house. Then, like a furious wind, Samantha ran the rest of the three blocks that separated her from Lilly's house.

"Lilly!" Sam had arrived at her best, dearest friend's house, and now almost flung herself at the girl's front door, banging on it noisily, "let me in, Lilly! Please...Lil! Let me in!" Sam was sobbing now, as she leaned against the door, and heard footsteps coming closer, and a groggy voice echo out from within;

"I'm coming!"

"Please, Lil...hurry!" then, Sam watched in anticipation, as the door opened, and a sleepy-eyed Lilly dressed in pink, oversized pajamas, answer the door.

"Sam?" Lilly asked, confused, still groggy from sleep, "what are you doing here at this hour?"

"I feel awful, Lilly. I know that you were in bed. I'm sorry for waking you up, but I didn't have anywhere else to go...and I just don't want to be at my house right now..."

Sam stopped speaking, for at that moment, a flood of tears, and a fit of sobs overcame her.

"Oh, Sammy!" Lilly cried, her heart twisting with anguish at the sight of her beloved friend crying piteously, "what's happened to you?" Lilly quickly grabbed Sam, and pulled the girl inside of her house, then shut the door closed once more.

"Your...mom...here?" Sam asked with difficulty, amid her tears.

"No, baby," Lilly replied, as she led Sam into the living room, and sat her down on the sofa, "my mom is working the late shift at the IHOP," Lilly sat down next to Sam, "now tell my why you're crying, Sammy."

Sam completely let loose of all her pain, and sorrow in long wails that frightened Lilly, who held her tenderly.

"Sam? Please, Sam...what happened to make you cry this way? Please tell me! You're scaring me!"

Sam was still sobbing heavily, but somehow managed to choke out; "Brooke!"

"Oh," Lilly shook her head angrily, "of course it has to be about Brooke. That bitch is the center of your life, Sam."

"No...more," Sam shook her head vigorously, shaking like a leaf as she did, as thick, crystal tears slid down her sculpted cheeks, and pitiful sobs were torn form her throat, "she...lied to me!"

"What do you mean, Sammy?" Lilly asked, with a furrowed brow, and a look of concern upon her pretty face.

Sam was still shaking her head, trying to speak properly through her sobs, "Brooke...and...Nic."

"Wait..." Lilly said, as she tried to make sense of the girl's choked words, and then it all came to her at once, making her eyes open wide in disbelief, "you found Brooke, and Nic...TOGETHER...in bed?"

"Yes!" Sam exclaimed, as she alternated between anger, and anguish.

"Oh my God!" Lilly cried, "but I thought that Brooke hated homosexuals."

Sam pulled away from Lilly, and buried her beautiful face in her pale hands, "I want to die! I just...want to die!"

"Don't say that, Sammy!" Lilly said worriedly.

"Why should...I live now?" Sam's sobs had begun to subside, and she was able to speak more clearly now, "what reason is there for me to live?"

Samantha started to cry harder now, and her sobs increased once more.

"Damn," Lilly realized that Sam's grief, and her fits were getting dangerously worse, and that she couldn't help her friend by herself, "I need help with this. I can't help Sammy alone..." Lilly turned to the love of her life, "Sammy, please hang on for a minute. I need to make a call. Will you promise to just sit here, and not go anywhere? I'll be right back."

Sam didn't answer her friend verbally, but simply nodded in reply to Lilly's question. Lilly made Sam lie on the sofa. Samantha lay face down on the sofa, and kept crying her broken heart out, "I just don't care anymore!"

Lilly had gotten up from the sofa, and walked over to the table in the adjoining kitchen, and took the receiver off the telephone. Lilly punched Harrison's number on the telephone pad, and prayed silently that he would be home. In silent agitation, spurred further by the sound of Sam's pitiful cries, Lilly listened to the nagging ringing of Harrison's phone line, "please be home, Harrison. Please pick up the phone!" Finally, after a few moments of chagrin for a desperate Lilly, the ringing stopped, and Harrison picked up the telephone, "Harrison! Harry, I need you!"

"Lilly?" Harrison was both surprised, and pleased to hear the girl's voice. But then, Harrison frowned when he noticed that Lilly's voice sounded frightened, "what is it, babe?

"Its Sammy, Harry," Lilly spoke quickly, almost running her words together, "Sam found Brooke, and Nic together in bed. She ran away from home, and came here. She's hysterical, Harrison! I can't help her by myself. I can't handle this on my own. I need your help. Please get over here right now!"

"Lil, slow down," Harrison said calmly, "give me a few minutes to get some clothes on. I'll be right over!"

"Thanks, Harrison," Lilly replied with relief.

"Lilly...is this what we were waiting for?" Harrison asked, his heart filled with anticipation, with hope.

"Yes, Harrison. I think so."

"Great!" the young man cried, unable to hold back the tide of happiness that was beginning to engulf him, "okay," he said, trying to calm himself, "just keep Sam steadied, Lil. I'll hurry over!" Harrison felt a rush, as he got out of bed, and began to reach for his clothes.

"Just come right in, Harry. The front door is open."

"Later, Lil."

"Yeah, Harrison."

Feeling a tremendous sense of relief, Lilly smiled, as she hung up the telephone, and went back to the sofa, and her grieving friend, who was still lying face down, crying like a child. Lilly tenderly made Sam turn over on her back, and kneeled on the floor next to the sofa, facing the gorgeous brunette, "Sammy?"

"Yeah?" a teary eyed Sam tried to stop sobbing.

"Everything is going to be fine, Sam."

"I don't...understand, Lil."

"Just trust me, Sammy. I just want you to know that everything will turn out right, and you won't be crying much longer."

Sam looked at Lilly for a few seconds, a flicker of hope flashing briefly in her eyes, but it was quickly extinguished as the memory of Brooke, and Nicole naked in bed together returned to her, thus causing a new flood of tears from her eyes, and sobs from her lips.

Lilly returned Sam's dark, fatalistic, melancholy stare with a hopeful, sympathetic one, and hugged her.

pt. 7

Exactly ten minutes later, Lilly heard the front door open, then close, followed by the sounds of firm footsteps that she instantly recognized, and were headed in her direction, "Harrison is here!" Lilly whispered to herself, as she felt her heart pounding with joy, with confidence, because she knew that everything would be alright now. Lilly turned to see him enter the living room, and call her name.

"Hey, Lil," Harrison said softly.

Lilly turned, and true to form, there stood tall, lanky, handsome, pretty faced Harrison facing her, wearing the most enchanting smile in the entire world, and melting the girl's trembling heart once more, just like the very first time that she had fallen in love with him.

"Hi, babe," Harrison said, as he leaned down to kiss the much shorter, pretty Lilly, and then walking into the living room with the confidence of one who owns it's master's heart.

"Hey, baby," Lilly replied tenderly, as she smiled, as her eyes glowed, and she watched adoringly as her lover passed by her, and approached the sofa, where the girl of her dreams lay in tears, "I'm so glad that you're here."

Lilly watched carefully, silently, as Harrison kneeled in beside the couch where Sam lay on her stomach, with her head buried in her arms, and cried quietly.


Samantha slowly resurfaced from her private ocean of pain, and self pity at the sound of a husky, low voice calling her name slowly, "yes?"

"Sam, its me. I'm here. Please look at me."

Sam felt gentle, yet strong fingers threading through her long hair. The touch of the loving hand was so exquisite, that it finally made the trembling girl leave her lake of despair, and look up at the intruder into her world of pain, "Harrison, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to take care of you, my best friend, Sam," Harrison whispered, as he gazed into the dark, sad eyes of the girl of his most precious dreams, the queen of his heart, "now, please calm down," Harrison brought up his large, elegant hands to cradle the girl's face, "okay?"

A fragile, gentle layer of calm seemed to settle over the gorgeous girl's pain, so that Sam's sobs died down enough for her to actually be able to respond, "yes. I'm fine now." Samantha then sat upright on the couch, and looked down at the young man kneeling before her.

"Good, Sammy," Harrison whispered, moving closer, shifting comfortably, as he inched deeper between the girl's thighs, "please tell me what happened?"

"I...found Brooke...in bed with Nicole," Sam managed to blurt out, as her outer layer of apparent calm began to crack, and desperation began to seep back in.

"I understand, Sam," Harrison said soothingly, "I know how much pain you are feeling. I loved Brooke with all of my heart once, and she rejected me too."

"You did?" For a moment, Sam's agony was changed into utter surprise, "I never knew that."

Harrison chuckled, a tinge of bitterness in his voice, "I've known Brooke since we were both five, Sammy," the boy sighed, as he recalled his lost dream, "she has this dreamy quality about her...so endearing...so magnetic that it draws you in, and takes hold of your heart."

"Yes. That's right!" Sam exclaimed.

"You want to hold her in your arms tenderly," Harrison continued to relate, as for an instant he was lost in his memories, "but she always floats just out of your reach; teasing, promising, then drawing away quickly."

"Yes," Sam said with a sigh.

"I pined for Brooke almost all of my life, Sam. I almost believed that she would be mine. Then, when we grew older, after so many years of being best friends, Brooke simply ignored me, and started dating Josh. I became invisible to Brooke."

"Oh," Sam looked down, as tears ran down her cheeks, "it sounds so awful..."

"What you feel, Sam," Harrison concluded, "is terrible; to love someone who doesn't love you back. I know how much you hurt right now, Sam."

"Its...its like my flesh is on fire," Sam said slowly, her voice still trembling, "its like my heart hurts with real pain, and my throat aches. I ache all over!"

"I almost died of a broken heart, but I found a way to kill my pain, Sam."

"How?" Sam asked with desperation, "please tell me how to stop feeling this pain!"

"You have to promise to trust Lilly, and me completely, Sam."

"I promise," Sam replied quickly.

"No, Sam," Harrison said firmly, "I mean it. You have to trust us COMPLETELY. You have to put yourself in our hands, and let us save you from this."


"You're still a virgin, aren't you, Sam?"

"Yes, Harrison. I am," Samantha said with shame, as she looked down.

"No, Sammy. Don't ever feel ashamed of what you are," Harrison said, as he cupped the girl's chin with his hand, and made her look up at him, "but that changes how you look at love."

"Explain that to me," Sam said, now completely puzzled, "what do you mean?"

"You're suffering because what you feel for Brooke is an obsession, Sam. Real love doesn't work that way!"

"I knew it!" Sam exclaimed angrily, "all that you want to do is preach to me, Harrison!"

"No, Sam! Just listen to me for once, and stop being selfish!" Harrison yelled back.

"Alright," Sam replied, startled at her friend's ferocity, which equaled her own.

"Love isn't about pain, Sammy," Harrison said, as he caressed the girl's thick, silky locks, "love is truly about touch, about closeness, about sharing."

"About sex?" Sam was astonished.

Harrison began to laugh, but calmed down, "don't call it sex, Sammy. That's just the physical act, and its not complete. Its about making love. There is a great difference between both concepts. If you let us, Sammy...Lilly, and I can teach you. If you let us, we can free you from this pain that you feel."

"You, and Lilly are lovers?" Sam's dark eyes widened in surprise, "why didn't you tell me before?"

Lilly approached the couch, sat next to Sam, and put her arm around her friend's shoulders, "Harrison, and I have been lovers for about a year. We've kept it secret out of mutual agreement. But we both wanted to tell you, Sam. You kept pushing us away."

"I'm sorry, Lil," Sam said quietly, "I've been so absorbed with Brooke, and myself. But are you two saying that you want a threesome with me?"

"What we want, Sammy," Lilly replied lovingly, "is for you to become a part of us. We want to share our life with you. Both of us have been in love with you for a long time. You will make us complete."

"Yes, Sammy," Harrison interjected, "we love you; real love. Permanent love. Its not painful like Brooke. What we want to give you is our heart, our soul," he said with passion, "but you have to want it too."

"Yes. I want it," Samantha replied quietly.

"What?" Lilly was gushing.

"Really?" Harrison was so happy, he wanted to explode.

"I want to be part of you," Sam said with a tender, shy smile.

No words were spoken, as Harrison pulled Samantha into his strong arms, and kissed her fully on the lips with pent up desire for several seconds. Then, when Harrison was done kissing Sam, Lilly pulled the girl into another embrace, and kissed her on the mouth with love, and desire.

"Wow," Sam whispered, as her psyche reeled from the sudden, delightful sensations that were driving Brooke out of her head, "that was..."

Harrison got up from his knees, Lilly stood up from the couch, and both of them held their hands out to Sam.

"Now?" Sam asked with surprise.

"Now," Lilly said with a smile, as she grabbed Sam by the hand, and made the girl get up from the couch.

"Yes. Now," Harrison said, with a smile that resembled a 100 watt light bulb, "are you scared, Sammy?"

"No," Sam replied, "I trust you both."

"Upstairs, my room," Lilly said, with a flirting smile, as she leaned into Sam's warm body.

Harrison, and Lilly both hugged Sam, and slowly climbed the stairs up to Lilly's room.

"I am so glad that I have a big bed," Lilly thought to herself with a grin.

That night, Samantha McPherson left behind her pain, and loneliness. That night, Sam was at last freed from Brooke's spell.


pt. 8

Lilly watched Brooke in silence, observing the pretty blond's changing expressions.

Brooke was dumbfounded for several seconds after listening to Lilly's strange tale, "the two of you slept with Sam? How could you do such a thing?"

"So," Lilly said icily, "back in bitch mode again, Brooke?"

Brooke was literally seething with rage, "the fact is that you both raped Sam!"

Lilly felt the sudden urge to clench her small hands into fists, and pummel Brooke violently, "no! WE DIDN'T RAPE SAMMY! How dare you say such a thing!"

"Yes! You, and Harrison both raped Sam!" Brooke retaliated with vigorous force, "you took advantage of her when she was confused! You brainwashed her!"

Lilly's eyes were glaring with rage, "Sam came willingly to us, McQueen! She wanted us just as much as we wanted her," Lilly stopped speaking, as it suddenly dawned on her why Brooke was accusing her, "oh...I get it," Lilly's frown slowly curled upward into an evil leer, "are you jealous, Brooke? You wish that you were the one who popped Sam's cherry?" Lilly began to laugh, "well, McQueen...you really missed out on the fun. Sam is really, really
hot...very flexible, and gets horny very easily. She especially likes to..."

Lilly was never able to finish her sentence, because Brooke's pale hand came up, striking the left side of her face with such force, as to leave the red marks of her fingers on the girl's skin, "shut up! Shut up!" The force of Brooke's hand to Lilly's face had been so great, that it caused the girl's head to twist sharply to one side.

Now, Lilly laughed, as she brought up her hand to stroke her bruised cheek, "well, Brooke...you are finally showing your claws? I think that Nicole has trained you very well."

Brooke was about to reply to Lilly's comment with another sound slap to the girl's face, but the sound of an unexpected voice prevented her from doing so.

"Nice comeback, Lilly," Nicole said, as she stepped between Brooke's taller form, and Lilly's shorter frame to keep the two, battling females from attacking each other, "I always knew that I liked you because of how truly vicious you are."

"Haha!" Lilly replied with evident sarcasm, "your blond troll is out of control, Nicole."

"Well, Lilly," Nicole said smoothly, "I think that we should all go to our respective sides of the waiting room, and keep out of each other's way."

"Good idea, Nicole," Harrison said, as he stepped up behind Lilly, "come on, babe...let's go sit down for a while."

Lilly nodded to Harrison as a reply, but continued to regard Brooke with an angry glare.

"Hey, Brooke," Nicole said chirpily, as she tugged on the tall girl's arm, "come on."

Brooke resisted Nicole's efforts to control her, "didn't you hear what Lilly said about Sam?"

"No, Brooke. I didn't hear anything. Look...let's just go sit down."

"Nic...those two..." Brooke was seething with rage that caused her to tremble visibly, "both of them abused Sam...at the same time!"


"Harrison, and Lilly both raped Sam, Nic."

"Did Sam ever tell you that, Brooke?"

"Well...no," Brooke sputtered, "but..."

"Sam would never confide in you for obvious reasons, Brooke."

"Its all my fault," Brooke confessed, "I alienated her."

"Then you don't know if its true, Brooke."

"That night that she found us together, Nic..."

"I know, Brookie...Sam ran to them. But whatever happened between them, was Sam's choice."

"I don't believe that, Nic! I refuse to!"

"You have to accept the truth of the situation, Brooke...no matter what."


"Sam belongs to them...just like you belong to me, Brookie."


"Come on, Brooke," Nicole said softly, as she pulled her precious lover to the opposite end of the waiting room, "let's just concentrate on getting through this."

Now defeated by the sheer, undeniable truth of Nicole's words, Brooke became submissive, and let herself be led back to her seat by her best friend.

Nicole made Brooke sit down, then whispered in her ear, "just stay here, and I'll get you some coffee, Brookie."

"Thanks, Nic," Brooke mumbled.

Brooke watched Nicole turn, and walk away, as she became immersed in her own dark thoughts, "no. It can't be true. Sam can't belong to them. I won't let them keep her."



Brooke had been so consumed with guilt that awful night that Sam had caught her in bed with Nicole, that the lanky blond had been unable to go back to her best friend's arms, or to sleep at all. Instead, Brooke spent the rest of the night pacing to, and fro, wringing her hands nervously, down in the living room, in front of the plush couch, upon which her pretty lover, Nicole sat.

"Where the hell can she be, Nic?" Brooke was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, as she pondered her present predicament, "what am I going to do?"

Nicole sat regally upon the couch, with her curvaceous legs crossed, and simply watched her lover suffer, "there's nothing that you can do, Brooke."

"I should call the police!" Brooke declared.

"The cops will just ignore you, Brookie," Nicole replied nonchalantly, "a person has to be missing at least 72 hours for them to investigate."

"I'll get the car, and go look for her," Brooke exclaimed.

"Where, Brooke? You don't even know where to start looking for Sam."

"You are such a bitch downer, Nic! You're no help at all to me!" Brooke yelled at her pretty lover.

"Come on, Brooke. Calm down. I'm not trying to make this worse for you. I am just trying to be sensible about the entire affair."

"I know," Brooke said quietly, "I can call Sam's friends. Lilly, Carmen...Harrison. Sam is sure to run to one of them!"

"Sorry to rain on your parade, Brookie. But if Sam is with one of her friends, they surely won't tell you that she's there."


"I'm always on your side, Brookie. But the truth is, that you've been awful to Sam. None of her friends will let you get near her."

"I know that," Brooke admitted guiltily, "but I have to do something."

"The best thing for you to do is nothing, Brooke."

"I can't."

"Sam needs to be by herself for right now, Brooke, and to be as far away from you as she can possibly get."

"What if something bad happens to her, Nic? What will I tell mom, and dad when they get home?"

"Something bad already has happened to Sam, Brooke."


"You broke her heart," Nicole said quietly.

"But I..."

"Just leave Sam alone, Brooke. She'll come home in the morning."

"Yeah, Nic. I guess you're right."

The hours passed, and Nicole tired of watching Brooke fume, and worry, so that the girl went upstairs to sleep in Brooke's bed. Brooke finally fell prey to exhaustion, stopped her almost constant pacing, and finally fell asleep on the living room couch.

Brooke fell into a deep, dreamless sleep that lasted for several hours. Brooke's slumber abruptly ended with the sound of the front door of the house opening, then closing, and light footsteps crossing the carpeted floor of the living room, "SAM!" the lanky, disheveled blond sat bolt upright on the couch that she had previously been sleeping on, "is that you?" Brooke was still groggy from sleep, and fought to focus her eyes, and awaken her mind completely, "Sam?"

"Yeah, Brooke. Its me," a familiar, obviously irritated voice replied.

Brooke was now wide awake, and hastily got up from her makeshift bed, gathering her loose bathrobe around her nude body, "where have you been, Sam?"

Samantha had been left at the doorstep of her home by Harrison, and Lilly. Sam had spent a lover's night with her friends, thus crossing into new worlds; losing her virginity to Harrison, and partaking of first, lesbian love from Lilly. Sam had then showered, and had a cup of coffee in Lilly's kitchen. That night, Sam had found an anchor in Harrison, and Lilly, that gave her new hope in life, and vanquished her sickly love for Brooke. Now, Samantha found herself able to face Brooke with dignity, without acting like a trembling, lovesick fool, "I'm going to bed. I'm very tired," Sam said coldly, as she passed Brooke, and headed toward the stairs of the house.


Sam was startled by Brooke's unexpected, angry scream, and turned to face her. At that moment, Sam saw Nicole gracefully descending the stairs.

"What do you want, Brooke?"

"You aren't going anywhere until you tell me where you went last night, McPherson!" Brooke said angrily.

"I said," Sam paused, "I said that I'm tired, Brooke," Sam's face was as still as that of a statue, and her voice was cold, "I am going to bed," then Samantha haughtily turned her back on Brooke, and climbed the stairs quickly without looking back.

Brooke was left speechless, as she watched Sam go upstairs. For one, brief instant, it seemed to Brooke that Sam was a complete stranger.

Fade out.

pt. 9


Brooke had fallen asleep. From her revelry of Sam, the lanky blond had fallen into an uncomfortable slumber, plagued by nightmarish images of an angry Josh trying to rape her, "Nic?" the girl asked, disoriented by her sudden exit from sleep.

"That's a good girl," Nicole whispered into Brooke's ear, "wake up, and drink your coffee."

Brooke had been sitting in a corner, her chair was against the wall. Brooke had fallen asleep, with her back propped up against the wall. Brooke shifted in her seat, then straightened up, feeling the muscles in her back stretch painfully, so that she visibly winced, "ow!"

Nicole felt her heart quicken with worry at the sight of Brooke's discomfort, "wait...don't move," the little blond whispered, as she deposited a cup of coffee in Brooke's hand, "just drink this black poison I brought you, and I'll give you a massage." Nic proceeded to move behind her blond lover, and began to massage the girl's neck, and shoulders, "Sam was absolutely right," the little blond said nonchalantly.

"What do you mean, Nic?" Brooke asked, as she slowly sipped coffee from the white, Styrofoam cup in her hand.

"Sam said once that she was glad that you were with me, instead of with Josh," Nicole gently kneaded the muscles in Brooke's shoulders, making the lanky blond moan softly, "she said that I was good for you."


"Stop denying it, Brooke," Nicole said firmly, "even when Sam was still madly in love with you...she wasn't blind, and could see the truth; that I'm the only person who can make you truly happy."

"Stop it, Nic!" Brooke put the coffee down, and moved away from her friend's healing, comforting touch, "we broke up.!"

"No, Brooke," Nicole replied resentfully, suddenly feeling the slight wetness of tears in her eyes, "YOU broke up with me. I had no choice in the matter, as usual!"

"What is that supposed to mean?" Brooke turned in her chair to face Nicole.

"It simply means that you are a selfish bitch, Brooke!" Nicole stepped back, and crossed her arms, "it means that you use people. It means that you used me, and threw me away. It means that you only want Sam, because she had the guts to stop wanting you, and find someone else. That messed up your perfect record of being everybody's golden girl, so now you want her."

"I don't need this!" Brooke exclaimed angrily, "just get the hell away from me, Nic."

Nicole was crying now, "I'm sorry, Brookie!" the girl gasped in utter desperation, "I love you dearly. I want you back! I'm just trying to make you understand that what you are doing is wrong!"

"Oh? And what exactly is it that I'm doing wrong, Nic? Let...me...see," Brooke's voice was laden with rage, "I'm sitting in an emergency room...waiting to find out if my sister is going to live, or die. But I think that you're the one
out of place here, Nic...so just leave!"

"Please, Brooke!" Nicole shouted back, "you're acting as if Sam belonged to you!"

"She...DOES," Brooke replied firmly through gritted teeth.

"Just for once, Brooke, do the right thing. Leave Sam alone!"

"Stay out of my business, Nic!"

"Stop being selfish, Brooke!"


"Sam belongs to Lilly, and Harrison!"

Brooke exploded in rage, and nearly lunged at Nicole with the intention of slapping her, "I don't want to hear another word from you. Just get the hell out of my way!"

"Yeah. I will," Nicole admitted sadly, with defeat, "but at least give Sam the chance to be happy with Lilly, and Harrison," then the little blond turned her back on her tall lover, and walked away.

Brooke was alone now, as she went back to her seat, sat down, to wait patiently for news of Sam's condition. Then, Brooke's mind slipped into memories of her beautiful obsession.



The concept that a love as deep, and fierce as the one that Sam had professed for her, could die so abruptly, so completely in a single night, to be replaced by absolute indifference toward her, deeply baffled, and fascinated Brooke. The blond's life had changed lately; she was finally able to free herself from the hindrance of her ex-boyfriend; Josh's abusive treatment of her (Josh had taken to calling her constantly at home, emailing her, stalking her), "Josh still won't leave me alone. He's almost as bad as Sam was..." Brooke swallowed hard, as she recalled
how Sam was;

Sam was.

"Sam was once in love with me.

Sam was once passionate, and clinging.

Sam was once gentle, and caring to me.

Sam was once both awed, and impressed by me.

Sam was once lovesick for me.

Sam was once willing to give her very soul to me.


I destroyed it all."

Brooke cringed, yet wallowed in negative thoughts of Sam's abrupt transformation from ardent lover to indifferent passerby, "I thought that Sam was desperately in love with me. I thought that she had promised to love me forever. But now...Sam acts as if I don't even exist. Its like she never felt anything at all for me!" Of course, Brooke had every reason to be happy, because she was now completely free from Samantha's sickly, clinging passion. Of course, Brooke now had a new lover, who fulfilled her completely; Nicole Julian, her best friend, and mentor.

Nicole was fiery, attentive, passionate, and totally dedicated to Brooke. But ironically, now, Brooke found herself thinking almost constantly of Sam, and noticing her.

At times, Brooke would watch her pretty lover, Nicole, fall fast asleep after a particularly fiery bout of lovemaking with her. Brooke would watch Nicole's cerulean orbs disappear under tender lids, and then the girl would slip away
in sleep. Then, Brooke would remain asleep, and think of Samantha; of her stunning, dark beauty, of her expressive, fiery eyes, "I can't believe this! I'm supposed to be happy with Nic. I'm supposed to be glad that Sam has finally stopped pestering me," Brooke was deeply agitated by her dilemma, "I can't get Sam out of my head! What am I going to do?"

After some inner debating, and fussing, Brooke finally surrendered to the true desire of her trembling heart, and began a new, secret activity; Sam watching.

Brooke's new, secret pastime would begin in the mornings, at the breakfast table, where she would cast discreet, frequent glances at the ravishing Samantha, while she pretended to eat her cereal, and chit chat some nonsense with her parents, Mike, and Jane.

That morning was much the same; breakfast in the McQueen household, with the McQueens, and McPhersons gathered at the kitchen table in harmonious silence, while they ate, and at times exchanged a wayward word on some safe, trivial subject. Brooke's dark eyes became glued to Sam's serene, pale countenance, and the way her dark hair framed her face, and fell on her shoulders in flowing waves, "hi, Sam," Brooke said with a casual smile, as she chewed her morning cereal.

Sam looked up at the other teenager at the breakfast table, her dark eyes separating from the pages of the math book that she was recently toting, and studying intently, "good morning, Brooke," the girl said smoothly, neutrally.

"So," Brooke hesitated momentarily, "are you studying?"

"Just finishing up for an exam in algebra in third period," Sam replied absently, as her eyes went back to her text book.

"Need any help studying, Sam?"

"I'm just fine, Brooke. Lilly helped me study last night."

"Oh," Brooke's heart fell to her feet, "really?"

"Lilly?" Jane cut into the conversation of the sisters, "really?"

"Yeah, mom," Sam replied quietly, "I was at the library with her last night. Lilly is tutoring me in math, and I'm tutoring her in history."

"That sounds like bartering," Jane said with a small smile.

"Yes," Sam replied curtly, as her eyes darted from her mom, back to the textbook, drawn to it like an inevitable magnet.

Jane looked somewhat hurt, even disappointed by her daughter's evident indifference, and the obvious act of the girl rebuffing her, shutting her out, "so...you seem to be spending way too much time with Lilly lately, Sam."

Samantha looked up, her dark eyes piercing in their gaze, yet nonchalant, "with both Lilly, and Harrison, mom."

"You are hardly home now, Sam," Jane said in a pained voice.

"Um...Sam," Brooke began nervously, "how is Carmen?"

"I don't know, Brooke," Sam replied in the same monotone voice, "I don't see her very often nowadays, because she hangs out with you, and Nicole."

"Hey," Brooke said chirpily, and perhaps a tad too loudly, "want to ride to school with me, instead of taking your own car, Sam?"

"Thanks for the offer, Brooke," the girl said smoothly, yet mechanically, without emotion, "but no. Harrison is picking me, and Lilly up today. We've started car pooling. This week its his turn to do the driving," Sam seemed almost methodical in her gestures, almost like an artificial being.

"Well," Mike had suddenly come out of his little world of reading the morning newspaper, searching stocks, sport scores, and barely being attentive to his women, "that is quiet interesting...impressive really. I would never have expected that from adolescents."

"The credit belongs entirely to Harrison," Sam replied with the first signs of apparent emotion, as her full lips curled into a small smile, and her eyes lit up, "it was all his idea. Harrison is so very smart."

Brooke made a huge effort not to choke on the milk that she had just swallowed, as it became mingled in the huge knot of sudden jealousy in her throat, caused by the look of admiration that she had seen in Sam's eyes as she uttered Harrison's name almost with reverence.

"A very good choice for a friend, Sam," Mike said approvingly, as he glanced toward Brooke, "I wish that you had better taste in friends, Brooke."

"What?" Brooke was suddenly angry, and defensive, "why are you looking at me, dad? I broke up with Josh."

"I'm not referring to Josh, Brooke," Mike said quietly, "I am glad that you are rid of him, because I didn't like him at all. I am referring to Nicole."

"I'm sorry to interrupt, Mike," Sam interjected, "personally I can tell you that Nicole is a much better friend for Brooke, much better company than anyone else."

"Oh? Really?" Mike was suddenly very interested.

Brooke became engulfed in a wave of sudden anger that overwhelmed her, that built up the jealousy already inside of her, because it seemed that Samantha was throwing her away to someone else; namely Nicole, and all that the lanky girl was to win the love of the girl she had so carelessly thrown away before, "keep out of my business, Sam!" Brooke yelled at her sibling, thus heralding the first, true sign of emotion shown at the breakfast table that morning, "I don't need you to defend me!"

"HEY!" Mike yelled harshly at his daughter, "don't talk to Sam that way, young lady! I didn't raise you to treat anyone that way!"

"Its alright, Mike," Sam replied calmly, as she looked back down at her math book, "Brooke is absolutely right. I have no right to interfere. Her life is none of my business."

"But she has no right yelling at you," Mike said, as he folded his newspaper in his hands, and glared at his blond daughter.

Brooke on the other hand, was hurt at Sam's coldness, her indirect, evasive answer, for she was smitten with the girl, once so fiery, and passionate toward her.

Samantha gathered her books, then took her plate, and deposited next to the sink. With lithe grace, the brunette girl walked toward the living room, "I have to go now."

"Sam?" Jane was quiet hurt because her daughter no longer even acknowledged her, "you hardly touched your breakfast."

"Oh," Samantha paused, then turned to her family, "mom, Mike...there is something that I forgot to tell you."

"Yes?" Jane asked anxiously, expecting to be let back into her daughter's world.

"I found a part-time job at "Mandy's Music Emporium," and I need a signed form from one of you giving me permission to work, because I am still a minor."

Brooke was quite struck by the fact that Sam was simply ignoring her, and had not even bothered to provide an angry retort to the lanky girl's verbal attack of a few moments before. Now, Brooke watched in awe, as Sam seemed to float further away from her, from their family, "she has a job now?"

"Sounds like a fine idea," Mike answered mechanically, and it seemed increasingly more obvious, that he, and Sam were beginning to resemble each other on an emotional, psychological level.

"But what about your job with the newspaper, Sam?" Jane asked, anxiously.

"I left it, mom," Sam replied dryly.

"What?" Jane was simply horrified, "but you loved that job, Sammy. You literally lived for it."

"I don't have time for it right now, mom," Sam replied, in the same, mechanical, cold manner as before, "there are other, more important things that I want to do right now. I've already discussed this matter with Lilly, and Harrison... and we decided to..."

"But you didn't discuss the matter with ME!" Jane was on the verge of exploding, "Lilly, and Harrison didn't give birth to you!"

"Is it such a bad decision, mom?" Sam asked unexpectely.

"Well...no," Jane replied, startled by the question.

"No, its not, Jane," Mike said cooly, "I totally agree with Sam."

"Yes," Jane agreed.

"Thanks," Sam nodded courteously to Mike, "then I have your approval?"

"Yes, you do," Jane replied sadly, in defeat.

"Thank you," Sam said politely, then turned, and left the kitchen without even looking back.

"I have to go too," Brooke said in a loud, fervent rush of emotion, for she was intent on catching up with Sam. Brooke picked up her books, and rushed out of the kitchen, into the living room, then out of the front door in pursuit of Sam. Brooke finally caught up to the other girl, "Sam! Wait!"

Samantha was slowly walking, heading toward the corner, to wait there for Harrison, and Lilly to pick her, then drive to school. Sam turned at the sound of her name being called. Then, the gorgeous girl stopped walking, thus waiting, when she saw Brooke following her, "Brooke?" Sam was puzzled by this, for she was accustomed to Brooke simply ignoring her.

"Hey, Sam," Brooke said nervously, smiling.

"Yeah?" Sam looked expectantly at the blond girl.

"Have you been avoiding me, Sam?" Brooke was deeply embarrassed, as she looked at Sam, then down at her feet, then back up at the brunette.

"Well," Sam hesitated for an instant, "yes," the girl sighed heavily.

"Why, Sammy?" Brooke stepped closer, and looked into the girl's eyes.

"Uh..." Sam was caught unaware by Brooke's sudden nearness, by her unexpected attentiveness, "I think its for the best," the girl was visibly nervous now, "I'm keeping my distance from you. I know that is what you truly want, Brooke."


"What do you mean, why?" Sam was confused by Brooke's apparent friendliness.

"Why do you assume that I don't want you around, Sam?"

"You've made it quiet clear to me, Brooke...that you don't like me at all."

"I'm sorry, Sammy," Brooke said with sincerity, as she stepped closer to the girl.

"Its cool," Sam replied, as her dark, slender eyebrows arched noticeably, "um...I have to go now."

"No. Wait!" Brooke exclaimed, as she reached out, and grabbed Sam by the arm, keeping the girl in her place.

"What, Brooke?"

"Stop trying to get away from me, Sam," Brooke breathed huskily, as she stepped even closer to Sam, "I like you...very much," the blond said in a seductive, intimate, sultry voice.

"Yeah," Sam answered nervously, as she looked down at Brooke's hand on her arm.

Tension had begun to rise between the two girls, as both became aware of their mutual attraction, of the obvious intimacy that was created between them.

"Maybe," Brooke said softly, "maybe we could spend some time together...do something together, Sam. Just you, and me?"

"No, Brooke. Nic wouldn't like that at all."

"Nic doesn't own me, Sam."

"Yes, she does, Brooke...as far as I'm concerned. She owns you exclusively."

"Sammy," Brooke stepped closer to Sam.

"Stop it, Brooke!" Sam exploded into sudden emotion, as she tried to step back from the blond girl.

Brooke held her ground, and held firmly onto a squirming Samantha, "please, Sam," the blond said in a low, husky voice, "skip school today...go away with me. We can drive...somewhere...private."

"No," Sam replied quietly, "Lil, and Harry are coming for me, Brooke," the girl said gently.

"Sam...are you, and Harrison...?"

"Are we lovers?"

"Yes, Sam. Are you?"

"That's none of your business, Brooke," Samantha said with a small smile, as she threw her head back haughtily.

"Oh..." Brooke smiled, "you're trying to make me jealous."

"Why should I do that, Brooke?"

"You are."

Sam just chuckled, and shook her head, "I have to go, Brooke," then the girl slipped effortlessly out of the blond's grasp.

"I do want to drive you to school, Sam," Brooke said impatiently.

The sound of car wheels screeching to a halt, a horn blaring, and an angry, female voice booming, interrupted the revelry of the two girls, "hey! Sam! What the hell are you waiting for? Come on!"

"Bye, Brooke," Sam said nonchalantly, with a smile, as she turned, and walked toward a nearby car; a light blue Caprice, with Harrison behind the wheel, and Lilly standing next to the open door on the passenger side of the car, seemingly impatient, even upset.

"SAMMY!" Lilly howled, "we're gonna be late! Get over here right now!"

"Alright, SHREW!" Sam laughed.

Brooke felt her ire rise slowly, mingled with the constant, festering jealousy she was carrying inside at the thought that Samantha was smiling, and reacting to someone who wasn't her. Brooke watched in silence, the interaction between Sam, and Lilly, feeling the anger, the jealousy stabbing her tender flesh at the sight of Lilly caressing the girl of her dreams, "they act like lovers...could it be? Is it possible?"

"Come on, Sammy," Lilly's voice was now sultry, velvety, and her gaze was soft, even intimate, as she brought her small hand up to caress Sam's beautiful face, "you're making us all late for class."

Brooke's eyes followed Lilly's slender fingers, and how they stroked Sam's sculpted cheek, and her blond brows became knit in anger, in anguish, "the way she touches Sam...its not friendly...its..."

"Oh, goodie," Sam smiled, as she leaned in, kissed Lilly briefly on the lips, then got into the car to sit next to Harrison, whom she kissed on the cheek.

"Hey, Sam," Harrison replied, flashing his enchanting smile at the girl beside him.

Lilly was about to get into the car with Sam, and Harrison, when she saw Brooke staring intently at her, "oh...hi, Brooke," the girl said curtly, coldly.

"Um...yeah...hi, Lilly," Brooke replied, surprised by the girl's almost antagonistic attitude toward her. Then, Brooke watched the car drive away, "no...it just can't be," the blond said, as the gist of an idea occurred to her, "Sam in a threesome?"


pt. 10


Brooke looked up to see Nicole standing in front of her, "Nic? What are you doing here? I thought you were through with me!" Brooke was quite angry now.

"I'm sorry, Brookie," Nic was saying in desperation, "I am so very sorry. I just got mad for a while, that's all. But I don't want to leave you...not ever. I'm sorry for going on overload on you!" Nicole was at that moment, truly repentant, sincere, and desperate to get back into Brooke's arms, one way or another, "I can't stand being away from you," the girl said, her eyes dewy with unshed tears, "I've been so selfish...I forgot that you are in pain."

"But you made yourself very clear on how you feel about my feelings for Sam, Nic!"

"I know, Brooke...and I take it all back. Please forgive me."

"Well...I don't know," Brooke hesitated.

"Please, Brookie," Nicole said quickly, as she sat beside the lanky blond, and took one of the girl's hands in both of her own, "let me stay with you. No conditions. Okay?"

"Yeah..." Brooke's anger was defeated, and won over by Nicole's supplications, "I guess so."

"I just don't want you to be alone, Brookie."

"Alone," Brooke whispered, as the word stirred memories of her Samantha, as feelings of sadness, loneliness, and despair rose in her heart, "I feel so empty without Sam beside me...I don't think that I can go on living if she dies...its as if we were on single person," Brooke was slipping back into her revelry of Sam.



Now, Brooke was most definitely hooked for good on her secret Sam-watching. After seeing Sam, and Lilly interact in an erotic manner, Brooke found that she was addicted, and wanted to see more, to know more, "I need to know what the hell is going on between Sam, Lilly, and Harrison," the girl's heart was boiling in festering anger, and jealousy, "what the hell are those two up to with Sammy."

Brooke recalled having seen Samantha, and Harrison walking in the halls of the school one day. The lanky blond had spied them as she went from one class to the other. The sight of Sam giggling, while Harrison threw his long, thin arm around her shoulders, and playfully tried to tickle her, captivated Brooke, so that she stopped to watch them from a discreet distance.

Harrison held Sam close to him, and looked down at the gorgeous girl in his arm from his four inch advantage in height, "so...Sam, what do you think of my idea?"

"Oh..." Samantha sighed dramatically, "of moving in with you, and Lilly?"


"It sounds utterly ridiculous," Sam said, and broke into a fit of hysterical giggles.

"It's a very good idea, McPherson," Harrison said in mock anger, as he playfully began to grab at Sam's ribcage, "admit it!"

"NO!" Sam exclaimed defiantly, and continued to squirm, and giggle in Harrison's arms, "never!"

"I know all of your little secrets, Samantha!" Harrison mocked, with a mischievous glint in his dark eyes.

"You wouldn't dare, Harrison John!"

"Yes, I would, Samantha McPherson," he replied with a smirk.


"I'll tickle all of your secret places right here in public...right now!" Harrison said with an evil leer.

"Don't!" Sam burst into another fit of uncontrolled giggling, as she squirmed, and tried to grab his wandering hands, "stop that, you thug!"

"Oh? I'm a thug now?" Harrison was in a state of delight, as his strong hands grabbed at the girl's voluptuous curves, as his fingers dug into her soft, plush flesh, "talk to your mom, Samantha!"

"Alright," Sam replied amid her wild laughter, "I'll talk to my mom today."

"Good," Harrison said soberly, "I mean it, Sam. Lilly, and I want you with us all of the time."

"Just stop tickling me," the girl replied amid her gasps, and giggles.

"Am I a thug now?" Harrison asked in a sexy, sultry voice that fueled Sam's desire, "do you really want me to stop?" his tickling had become long, caressing strokes, as he leaned down, and began to kiss the side of Sam's face, as he held her tenderly, "do you?"

"I..." Sam was completely under Harrison's power now, as her young body became powerfully aroused by his touch, "yes...no..." Sam had lost the ability to think, as she leaned into her tall lover, hungry for his touch, "oh...no...don't...stop."

"I have to go to my next class," Harrison said, smirking, as he watched the results of his wandering hands on the voluptuous body of his beautiful, dark lover, "now...hush."

"No...wait," Sam whispered in desperation, for the girl already felt the absence of his touch, and coldness in its place, "Harry...please."

"Later, baby...later," Harrison whispered into Sam's small ear, as he kissed her cheek briefly, and smiled softly, "promise," then he turned, and walked away.

Brooke's eyes nearly popped out of her blond head, as she continued to watch Sam; the girl was leaning against the wall, her cheeks were flushed, her bosom heaved up, and down quickly, which was a signal of her ragged breathing, her full lips were slightly parted, and seemed to tremble, her eyes were slightly shut, as her head was thrown back. Brooke suddenly understood what was happening to the ravishing brunette, "ohmygod!" Brooke was uncontrollably excited now at the sudden revelation, "Sam is aroused! Ohmygod!" Brooke felt her own heart beating madly, as a wave of tingling sensations of pure pleasure rushed through her entire body, "she looks...so beautiful!" the sight of a sexually charged Samantha was arousing Brooke, "I can't help myself!" Brooke was drowning in desperation, in need for the girl, "I have to be alone with her!" Brooke watched as Sam turned, and walked in the direction of the Novak. Brooke felt her heart lurch with joy, in seeing where the girl of her dreams was heading, "its just perfect," the blond said to herself, as she proceeded to follow Sam.

Samantha entered the Novak, and proceeded to lean over one of the sinks, and stare at the stream of water running from the faucet she opened. The memory of Harrison's touch was almost making Sam melt away like cream in the figurative sense, as the burning sensations left by the playful trail of his fingers continued to wreak havoc on her emotions, "oh...my...God," the girl whispered to herself.

Harrison John was a man, manly in all the correct, natural, and social ways. Yet, Harrison possessed a treasured quality that made him a demi-god in the impressionable, young ingenue named, Samantha; his elegant hands had the soft, gentle, lingering touch of a woman. The feel of Harrison's velvet touch on her silken skin, drove Samantha as wild as Lilly's fiery kisses, and lovemaking. Sam was caught in the blissful joy, the wild passion, and erotic attentions of two, ardent lovers who adored, and revered her deeply.


A sultry whisper awoke Sam from the potent memory of erotic images of her two, secret lovers. The brunette instinctively looked up into the mirror located over the sink that she was leaning over, and saw not only her own, pale, fine-featured countenance, but another, pretty face with a look of deep lust peering at her from behind her own, "Brooke?" Sam felt a sudden, faint stir of a memory of the love that she had once harbored for the pretty, blond, lanky girl; embers of which still lay buried in her heart, and now began to awaken slowly once more. Sam was suddenly uncomfortable in Brooke's presence, because of the obvious fact that they were both very much alone.

Brooke was trembling, her nipples had become hard, showing their firmness through her brassiere, and tank top. The lanky girl's excitement grew deeper with the knowledge that she was completely alone with Sam. The atmosphere in the Novak was thick with intangible, yet emotionally perceived, sexual vibrations that surged electrically through each girl, and seemed to connect them into single knot.


Brooke could have said a million things at that instant, but no words came out of her lips in verbal form. Instead, shards of word formed in the blond's mind, "if I had only known," Brooke simply moved closer to her prey, "if I had just seen her like this...while she still loved me," Brooke had finally lost her whole heart to the startled brunette that she now approached.

"What do you want, Brooke?" Sam was puzzled by the blond's presence, and frightened of the lust in the girl's dark eyes.

Sam's voice only spurred Brooke's progress, as she quickly bridged the remaining distance between the two of them, and now stood behind Sam. Wordlessly, Brooke placed her trembling hands on Samantha's shoulders, and turned her around, so that they now stood face to face. Sudden panic arose in Brooke's heart at the thought that this rare moment would be stolen from her by even the most trivial circumstance, so that she brazenly leaned in quickly, and kissed Sam full on the lips.

The silken, moist, oral caress imposed on her lasted for almost a minute, before Samantha finally pushed Brooke gently away from her, "no," the girl spoke fearfully, "no," Sam moved away from Brooke, putting a good distance between them.

"We fit together, Sam...perfectly...like jagged edges that were once whole!"


"I'm the missing piece in the puzzle of your life that will make you complete, and happy, Sammy!"

"I don't need you anymore, Brooke. I'm already happy as I am," Sam replied angrily.

"You can deny the truth to yourself, if you want," Brooke declared passionately, "but I'm willing to admit it. I made a mistake when I turned you away, Sam. You are the only one that I want as my lover!"

"I would have sold my soul to the devil once just to hear those words from your lips," Sam said with a tired sigh, "but not anymore. It would be too late anyhow. I've moved on. I found someone else."

"Harrison?" Brooke's voice was laden with desperation, with vicious jealousy, "or is it Lilly?" the girl's words were enveloped in shrill phrases now, "or both?" Brooke couldn't hold in her fury anymore, "Tell me!" Brooke commanded, "what is going on? Tell me, Sam!"

At that very precise moment, the door of the Novak opened, and Nicole entered, followed by Carmen Ferrara. The two, newly arrived girls stopped their inane chatter, when they saw Brooke, and Sam.

"Hi, Brookie," Nicole said with a smile, with deep surprise, "I've been looking for you all day. Where have you been?" Nicole frowned at the sight of Sam, "oh...hi, Sam."

"Yeah," Sam said quietly, as she tried to appear casual, and hide her nervousness.

"Um..." Carmen was gushing at seeing Sam again, "hi, Sammy! How are you?" Carmen was ecstatic at seeing her old friend by herself, and not with Lilly, and Harrison in tow.

"I'm fine," Sam replied with a frown, and evident displeasure, "I'd better go now. I'm late for my next class. Nice to see you, Carmen," Samantha was edgy, "see you guys later. Bye, Brooke, Nic," Sam looked away from Carmen, and left the Novak quickly.

"What the hell was that all about?" Nicole asked, "why are you crying, Carmen?" Nicole was deeply puzzled.

"Harrison, and Lilly stopped turned against me because I started hanging out with you, Nic," Carmen said tearfully, "they didn't want me around anymore."

"Figures," Nicole replied, "they are just a bunch of petty losers anyway."

"Just because I'm with you," Carmen continued, "Harrison, and Lilly have poisoned Sam against me. Now she won't even talk to me anymore."

"That's not all that those two are doing to precious, little Sammy," Nicole retorted with an evil sneer escaping her pink lips.

Brooke realized that Nicole knew more than she was letting on, and turned to face her, "just what do you mean, Nic?"

"I'm surprised that you can't figure it out yet, Brookie," Nicole was almost spewing venom, "you're always watching that little bitch like a damn guard dog! I am just sick of it!"

"I want to know what you meant before, Nic!" Brooke said in a jealous rage, "what's going on with Sam, and those two?"

Carmen was crying heavily now, "Brooke? Can you talk to Sam for me, please? Can you convince her to be my friend again? I miss her terribly."

"NO!" Nicole yelled angrily at Carmen, "I don't want Brooke anywhere near that little bitch! Talk to her yourself!"

"But..." Carmen sputtered miserably.

"I've had enough of this...of you, Nic!" Brooke yelled angrily, and left the Novak.

"No," Nicole exclaimed, as tears welled up in her own eyes, as in desperation she called out to her brooding lover, "Brookie...come back!"



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