Title: Heart of Darkness

Author: amluv


Summary: Cordy's thoughts...hm

Pairings: C/F

Rating: PG-13 I guess

Feedback: yes please.

Distribution: This story can be archived by whom ever just as long as I get all the praise.

Disclaimer: This is a non-for profit deal. Please don't sue me. Joss owns the girls and Pablo Neruda is the master of the amazing organization of the words in red.

A/N: The Neruda poem is entitled "Ode to the Black Panther." I read it and was blown away by the imagery and somehow it reminded me of Faith. Go figure, anyway, I highly recommend his poetry.

Heart of Darkness

She holds my gaze as she enters me. I can feel her intensity. I can feel all the years of her pain and suffering. I feel her hurt, her sorrow. She wants to apologize for her dark gift, but I welcome it. I welcome her.

with mineral eyes
only expressed
her scorn, her burning

She holds my gaze as her fingers slide inside me, back and forth, back and forth. Deep down in my soul I know that I am her captive, a captive to the mystery that she holds. It is in that mystery where I will find her, where I will find myself. So I know now is the time to submit to what I'm feeling, or risk losing her. 

"...and her eyes were
seals that
a wild door."

She holds my gaze as I cum. And I let go. I am desperately gasping for air, for life. But, I am drowning in her. I am completely submerged in her. She is all I can see, all I can taste, all I can feel. She is everywhere and her essence saturates me. And I let go. She collapses on top of me, melting into me, spent, sated, loved. She is my darkness, and I her light.

"She walked
like fire, and, like smoke,
when she closed her eyes
she became the invisible, unencompassable night."


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