Title: Through Your Eyes

Author: A.M. Glass

E-Mail: glasswrks@yahoo.com

Copyright: 01-02-04

Author's Note: This came to me this afternoon at work. Although I donít mention Lena or Bianca, Lena was most definitely in my mind when I wrote it.

You see something in me
that I don't - can't see
in myself.

You see a purity of my soul
that I had long ago thought
was tainted beyond all hope

You brought me love which I
never expected - which I dare
not believe I have a right to

You see me the way I might
have been...

The way I now strive to be

You see a frightened child,
where once stood an emotionless

I was not human - for I did not
know I existed outside my twisted

You see goodness - and I shake
my head at your imagination

You see more than I ever will

You've seen me

You've led me to the edge of
the abyss - dark and foreboding

And with your words, your love
and understanding I spread my
wings and soar above, only to
swoop down and take you with me...

Flying higher than I ever imagined.

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