Title: Into The Woods.

Author: A.M. Glass

EMail: glasswrks@yahoo.com

Copyright: February 2001

Rating: NC-17… or a really hard ‘R’

Author’s Note: This is a work of original fiction.

The SUV drove over the unpaved road with virtual ease, while Lynn kept a sharp lookout from the passenger side window for any obstructions that might get in the way. She was surprised when after a few more minutes they came upon a road, made from cobblestones; granted the ride was still bumpy, but it was better than what they had been driving over.

The cabin came into view shortly thereafter.

It was amazing, and she had never seen anything quite like it. It was made out of logs and at least two stories in height, with large bay windows looking out to the road. Lynn recalled hearing that there was a hot tub in the back of the cabin on the deck that lead to the woods. She knew they would be using it while on their mini-vacation, if she had anything to say about it.

There was a slight dusting of snow on the roof and in the trees that were close to the cabin. The SUV drove towards the front entrance, finally coming to a stop less than ten feet away from the door.

“Well, we’re here,” Lynn heard as the car engine was turned off.

“Yes we are,” she replied.

“Let’s get the supplies and go in.”

She nodded her head and unfastened her seatbelt and got out of the car. She walked around to the back, and waited while it was opened.

“Grab your bag first, then we’ll come back for the other stuff.”

Reaching in she took her bag out and followed her companion to the front door. She heard a jingling of keys, then watched as the front door opened.

“I’ll turn on the generator later, but for right now…”

“Lanterns?” Lynn asked as she spotted them on a small table in the hall.

“Yeah, this way we won’t use all the gas in the generator. Not that we’ll have to worry about it. I called a few days ago and made sure we’d be okay for the time we’re here.”

“Okay… where should I put my stuff?”

“On the couch over there,” she heard as she turned in the direction that had been pointed out to her.

She walked over to the leather couch, her hand touching the surface. It was soft, buttery like, and she knew she’d be spending some time on the couch.

She placed her bag on it and then went back outside and helped bring in the supplies they had brought with them. As they were going to stay for a week; they only needed certain items, as the cabin was always kept well stocked.

Lynn felt arms surrounding her waist as she reached up and placed a few cans into the cupboard. She smiled, and then shivered as lips grazed her exposed neck.

“If you keep that up, I’ll never be able to finish unpacking,” Lynn said.

“And that would be a bad thing?” she heard.

“Not unless you don’t want to eat…” Lynn replied.

“OH… but I do want to eat.”

“Well, then let me finish…”

“But, what if what I want to eat isn’t on the menu?”

She turned around slowly and gazed into blue eyes filled with restrained desire, and it made her stomach flutter.

“Well… perhaps a small appetizer is in order?” Lynn asked.

“I’d like that.”

Within seconds mouths were being explored, seeking out secrets only known to them.

Hands drifted over the gentle curves and swells of each other’s bodies. Breathing intensified as lips broke from one another and trailed down necks, moans shattered the silence of the cabin as teeth nibbled against flesh. The shrill sound of the teakettle broke the spell they were under. They both turned away from the kettle to look into each other’s faces, flushed with excitement and a longing that would not be denied.

“That was some appetizer,” Lynn said after she was able to control her breathing.

“I’ll say. I can’t wait for the main course.”

Lynn watched as Kathryn smiled.

“I’ll take the bags upstairs, the bedroom is the second door on the left,” Kathryn explained as she started to leave the kitchen.

“Is there anything in particular you’d like for dinner?” Lynn asked.

Turning around, Kathryn gave her a knowing smile.

“Besides that,” she said.

“Surprise me,” Kathryn replied.

Lynn felt an ache in her chest as she watched Kathryn leave the kitchen. She wondered briefly why she was surprised by the depth of emotion and feeling she had for the other woman. Sighing, she turned around and quickly gathered the ingredients she would need for dinner.


“That was wonderful,” Kathryn, said, as she pushed her plate away from her and took a sip from her coffee cup, enjoying the warmth as it spread through out her body.

“Thank you,” Lynn replied. “Would you like some dessert?”

“It all depends on what you have in mind,” Kathryn answered, her eyes sparkling with playfulness.

Not to be out done, Lynn whispered, “I have a lot of things in mind, all of them very moist and juicy.”

Kathryn coughed as the coffee she sipped at went down the wrong way.

“Are you okay?” Lynn said as she stepped around to where the other woman was sitting.

“I… I’m fine,” Kathryn answered shaking her head, knowing she had been one-upped. “Remind me never to do that again,” she said as she placed the cup down on the table.

Lynn draped her arms around Kathryn’s shoulders, bending down and whispering into her ear, “I love you… even if you are crazy at times.”

Kathryn turned around, and brought her hands up and caressed Lynn’s face. “I love you too,” she said before bringing Lynn’s face closer and pressing her lips against Lynn’s. They became lost in a haze of love and the beginnings of arousal that they both knew would be attended to later in the evening.

“Let’s go sit by the fire,” Kathryn suggested.


Reluctantly Lynn released her hold on Kathryn and stepped back to allow the other woman to get up from the table. Reaching out, Kathryn took Lynn’s hand in hers and brought it up to her lips and kissed it gently, before leading her into the living room.

“This is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I love to sit by the fire and let everything slip away,” Kathryn explained as she sat down on the couch, bringing Lynn next to her. She had already started the fire before they had dinner and now the glow bathed them in its warmth.

They sat together silently, allowing themselves the opportunity to just ‘be’.

Lynn looked at their entwined hands and slowly traced a pattern along the back of Kathryn’s.

Kathryn eyes followed the pattern, then turning slightly she raised her free hand and begun to caress Lynn’s face. She loved the silkiness of her skin, and allowed her thumb to brush against Lynn’s lips. She gasped slightly when Lynn flicked her tongue out and licked her thumb.

Kathryn wasn’t sure who had moved first, but she suddenly found herself kissing Lynn. Her lips parted and Lynn began a gentle exploration of her mouth. Soon hands were tangled in hair, bringing the other closer still, trying to keep the other from moving.

Moans were exchanged, as the powerful emotions they had been held in check would no longer be denied. Kathryn felt Lynn’s hands exploring her body slowly, drawing out the exquisite pleasure, by teasing her with feather-like touches. Her back arched when Lynn cupped her breast, lightly rubbing her thumb on her sensitive nipple.

She gasped out-loud when Lynn pinched her nipple, sending tendrils of pleasure through out her body and sending a jolt of excitement and a rush of wetness between her legs. Her hips began to move, trying to brush against Lynn and take care of the ache she felt.

Lynn sensed that her caresses were driving Kathryn to distraction. She slowly slid her hand underneath Kathryn’s shirt and felt the tremors running through Kathryn’s body as she ran her fingers over the expanse of flesh.

Lynn cupped Kathryn’s breast, swallowing the moan coming from the other woman. She removed her hand and began to unbutton the denim shirt Kathryn was wearing. She kissed each bit of exposed skin, breathing in the scent that was all Kathryn, a hint of vanilla along with the tantalizing aroma of her excitement. It was all the Lynn could do to control herself from taking Kathryn right away.

She gathered Kathryn’s breasts in her hands and ran her thumbs over Kathryn’s nipples, becoming more excited by the other woman’s groans of desire. Moving forward, Lynn kissed the upper mound of Kathryn’s breast, before teasing the erect bud through the material of the bra.

Kathryn loved the way Lynn was making her feel and wanted nothing more than to touch, taste Lynn in return. Before she knew it, Lynn had unfastened her bra and had begun to slide it off her shoulders, taking the shirt off as well.

Kathryn felt her breathing increase and the blood roaring through her ears as she watched the way that Lynn devoured her by sight alone. She shivered, and licked her lips.

“You are so beautiful,” Lynn whispered, staring deeply into Kathryn’s eyes.

Kathryn felt the blush covering her face, and looked away, only to have Lynn gently reach out and turn her face upwards.

“You are,” she said, before kissing her once again.

This time the kiss was less urgent, one that conveyed a love that seemed to grow each day they had together. They stayed that way until Lynn moved slightly, brushing her arm across Kathryn’s bare breasts.

“Mmm,” Kathryn sighed, as a shiver of excitement traveled through her body.

Lynn softly laughed, and whispered, “I see that I’ve left something unattended to. I’ll just take care of that.”

“See that you do,” Kathryn replied.

Lynn embraced Kathryn, before gently laying her down on the couch. Hovering over her, Lynn bent down and kissed each bare expanse of skin she could find. Kathryn ran her fingers through Lynn’s blonde hair, loving the silkiness of it, before arching her back when she felt Lynn’s mouth covering her left nipple and suckling it. Lynn turned her attention to Kathryn’s right breast, not wanting it to feel left out. Her hands moved down, and began to unbutton Kathryn’s jeans as she kissed her way down.

It was a good thing she had thought of taking their shoes off earlier, now there wouldn’t be anything to get in the way of the jeans coming off. As she reached the last button, she could smell Kathryn’s arousal and that just urged her on.

“Lift your hips,” she said, watching as Kathryn silently complied with the request. She pulled them off and dropped them to the floor, where they joined the rest of the clothes. She took off her socks and now gazed on Kathryn’s body and was amazed once again.

Her skin was lightly tanned, with a sprinkling of freckles that she loved to kiss. Lynn felt herself swallowing in anticipation and hurriedly removed her clothes. She lay down gently, feeling Kathryn’s body beneath hers and shuddered with excitement. She stilled her movement, just to sink into the love that they shared with one another.

If it hadn’t been for Kathryn’s hands roaming her body, Lynn would have been content to stay in the position she was in. But then, Kathryn knew exactly where to touch her to get her moving once again.

She made her way down and once she had reached Kathryn’s apex, she inhaled deeply. She bent forward and let her tongue slide between Kathryn’s full lips, tasting her essence and hearing a moan. She explored Kathryn, using her tongue to its utmost as she flicked against the small bundle of nerves with a deliberate intention. She could feel Kathryn’s hips begin to move against her mouth, and felt her hands in her hair. She slid two fingers inside, pushing upwards, searching for the spot that would turn Kathryn into a massive puddle of humanity.

She moved against Kathryn, sliding her fingers in and out, she loved the way Kathryn would clamp down on her fingers, trying to keep them from leaving her body, even if just for a brief moment.

She loved listening to Kathryn urging her on, speaking in terms she would normally blush if she heard them. Lynn knew that Kathryn felt secure enough that she would let herself go, be the person she’d hid from others. Lynn brought the small bundle of nerves into her mouth and begun sucking on it.

“Oh MY GOD!!” Kathryn shouted.

Lynn smiled inwardly, and then proceeded to lavish the bud with attention, feeling the tremors shaking Kathryn’s body.

Lynn held on to Kathryn until the tremors subsided, then slowly withdrew her fingers from their warm haven, then lovingly brought them to her mouth, where she could enjoy Kathryn’s taste. She took one last languid swipe with her tongue before moving back up, kissing the heated skin, and then claiming Kathryn’s lips once again.

Kathryn could sense Lynn’s lips on her body, as she made her way up, then she tasted herself on Lynn’s mouth.

She had never let any of her other lovers share that intimacy with her. It seemed too… personal for her. But the first time Lynn had done so, she couldn’t explain the sensations that coursed through her body. It was if she had finally connected to someone in such a way, that sharing that intensely personal kiss seemed the most natural thing to do, but it also left her feeling regret. Regret that she hadn’t met Lynn earlier.

“Are you alright?” Lynn whispered in her ear.

“Yes…” Kathryn replied after swallowing a few times to moisten her throat. “You are wonderful, you do know that don’t you?” she asked.

Lynn smiled, “Only because you tell me often enough.”

Kathryn reached out and brought Lynn’s face close to hers and searched into the green eyes that held nothing back.

“I think we should take this to the bedroom, don’t you?”

“Mmm… I kinda like where I am,” Lynn responded nuzzling Kathryn’s neck.

Kathryn closed her eyes, and felt the tendrils of desire begin once again.

Lynn gently took hold of Kathryn’s face, and placed a gentle kiss upon her lips.

“My turn,” Kathryn told her after opening her eyes.

Lynn smiled. “Oh really?” she asked playfully.

“Oh yes,” Kathryn responded, her voice dangerously seductive.

“I’m in trouble…”


Lynn knew this was the kind of trouble she would never get enough of.

“Would you let me up please?” Kathryn asked.

“I’ve said it before, I like where I am,” she responded, kissing the tip of Kathryn’s nose. She laughed out loud as Kathryn rolled her eyes. “Okay… I’ll get up. But, it better be worth it.”

“Oh, it will be,” replied Kathryn.

Lynn reluctantly left the warmth of Kathryn’s body and reached out and assisted the other woman from the couch. When Kathryn was finally standing, Lynn brought her into her arms, hugging her closely.

“Let’s go,” she heard Kathryn whispering in her ear.

Lynn stepped back and smiled. Kathryn gently pulled on her hand and led them out of the living room and upstairs towards the bedroom.


“Do you have everything?” she heard coming from downstairs.

Looking around quickly, making sure she hadn’t forgotten anything.


“Let’s get going.”

“I’ll be right down,” Lynn replied. She closed her eyes and let her mind drift back upon the past week and knew that she would never forget the time she had spent here at the cabin.

Kathryn was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs, smiling up at her.

“I’m ready,” Lynn told her. Kathryn nodded, and took the last of the bags outside. Once Lynn had left the cabin, Kathryn locked the door and headed to the SUV. Placing the bags in the back, she unlocked the passenger side door, closing it after Lynn had gotten inside. Walking around the front of the vehicle, Kathryn got in and buckled her seatbelt. Lynn looked over as Kathryn started the car engine she reached out and placed her hand on top of Kathryn’s, giving it a slight squeeze.

“I’m really glad we came here,” she told her smiling.

“So am I. We’ll have to do this again,” Kathryn replied.

“Yes we will.”

The End.

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