Title: Turn Around.

Author: A.M. Glass

Rating: PG Ė for context, not contents.

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Copyright: October 5, 2003.

Disclaimer: I donít own anything but the story.

Authorís Note: Hello, Iím fairly new to this, not necessarily writing, but to the relationship between Lena and Bianca. Iíve had the opportunity to read some very nice stories out there and decided to take a shot at it. Granted I think the will be the only one as Iím not up to date as to whatís going on and I wouldnít want to mess up on issues that are considered cannon.

Feedback: Itís up to you, but I would like to know if I did okay.

Authorís Note 2: This takes place while Lena is in line at the airport.

Donít turn around, donít look at her, if you do, youíll be lost forever.

Sheís here, her eyes bright with unshed tears, tears that I have put there.

I did not heed my own warnings... I could not.

I couldnít and live, if what the existence I had before she entered my life could be described as living. Perhaps nightmare would be more appropriate.

One I never expected to wake from.

I wish I had never come to this town, had never betrayed her. My greatest shame is what Iíve done to her and in the same breath; my greatest accomplishment was to fall in love with her. Some wishes I believe, need never come true.

I thought if I were strong enough, I could go, leave without saying good-bye, the cowardís way of doing things.

But she is here, and I am not strong enough.

I may have bought my ticket, but seeing her, hearing her voice, I know I could never leave...

I couldnít leave Bianca.

If I step on board the plane, I still would have been here, in Pine Valley. My every thought would have been on this wonderful, beautiful young woman.

The one who stole my heart just as I had been ordered to steal the formula.

If I am honest with myself at this moment, Bianca never stole anything from me.

I gave her my heart willingly... perhaps not at first, after all, she was a part of the job, one of many.

Yet how can I deny what I feel?

I am in love with her.

For the very first time in my life I am in love.

I always believed that love made a person weak. You threaten someone and maybe they will cave. Threaten the person they love and I have them eating out of the palm of my hand.

I have been and still am on both sides of the coin, and having one more person that that bastard Michael Cambias can hold over me is too much to bear.

Just let her leave... sheíll be better off without you.

But will I be better off without her?

Can I have a taste of love and not crave more? Can I actually turn my back on her? On us? When all I want to do is hold on and never let go. I want to be the one who puts the smile on her radiant face. I want to make her laugh, to hold her when she needs someone.

I want to taste her lips and know what heaven is.

But I must leave...

I must.

DO something... sheís leaving!!!

My heart races...


I stare into her eyes; I see the confusion in her face. I lean down and taste heaven.

I can never leave her...

She is my salvation, my down fall, but mostly, Bianca Montgomery is the woman I love.

The End.

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