Title: Surprise

By: A.M. Glass

EMail: glasswrks@yahoo.com

Copyright: Nov. 2001

Rating: NC-17

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Author's Note: This is something I've written and I'd thought I'd post it. It's just something to prove to myself that I can write something that isn't based on a television show, no matter how much I enjoy the program.

It had started simply enough, or so she thought. She was at a party when she first laid eyes on her. She was striking in a way one could possibly call classic. There was a refined elegance about her that kept her watching this woman's every move.

Bridget realized that she wasn't the only one who had been captivated by this woman she could see at least four other sets of eyes staking their claim to the mystery woman.

Bridget was slightly disappointed when the woman made her way towards one of her many admires. Chalking it up to her-own misfortune, she turned away, taking a sip of her scotch, welcoming the warmth it brought.

She felt a tapping on her shoulder, and turned around.

"Are you alright?" she was asked.

"Ye. yes, " she replied coughing. "You. you startled me, that's all."

"I do apologize. My name is Jennifer Atlan, and yours?"

"Bridget. Bridget LaMond."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Bridget," Jennifer said smiling, as she extended her hand.

"Same here," she replied, taking Jennifer's hand in her and shaking it.

"I hope I'm not being too forward, but. I noticed that you were watching me earlier. And I was wondering if you had a question you wanted to ask?"

Bridget could feel the burn in her cheeks, and wondered how she could make a clean getaway without looking like a fool.

"Ah. I've embarrassed you. I'm sorry," Jennifer said.

"No. I should be apologizing to you," Bridget answered, hoping that the earth would just open up and swallow her, taking her from her misery.

"So, was there something you wanted to ask?" Jennifer asked.

"Actually, I was just wondering who you were," Bridget replied, staring into the blue-gray eyes that looked at her with a sense of. What. What are you looking for Bridge? she asked herself. "Well, now that we know each other," Jennifer said, as she leaned in closer, "Why don't we leave. I'm sure we could find something better to do." She punctuated her comment with a brief lick of Bridget's ear, before walking across the room to pick up her coat.

Bridget was not known to pass on a good thing, and this, in her estimation was a very good thing. She repressed her smile as she collected her own coat and followed Jennifer out of the apartment and to the elevator.

As soon as the elevator doors opened and they stepped inside, Bridget pressed the button for the parking level. She turned to ask Jennifer which car they would use, when her question was pushed to the further recess of her mind. Jennifer had stepped into her personal space and was kissing her.

Not just any kiss, but the kind that left Bridget gasping for breath, and other places of her anatomy twitching in anticipation of what was to come. Pardon the pun, she told herself once Jennifer had finished her oral assault of her mouth. Of course, she hadn't been remiss in returning the favor, their tongues swirled around each other, tasting and fighting for dominance.

In the back of Bridget's mind, she hoped that no one would choose this time to leave his or her apartment let alone arrive to the complex. Just as soon as the kiss started, it stopped.

"We're here," Jennifer explained, as the elevator doors opened.

"Oh, yeah," Bridget replied as she stepped through the doors. "My car's over here," she pointed to the silver Miata.

"I'd prefer my car, if you don't mind?" Jennifer said. Walking towards the dark BMW that was parked next to hers.

"Why don't I follow you?" Bridget asked.

Jennifer smiled, "Fair enough. Do you have a cell phone?"

"Yes," Bridget answered.

"Give me the number, and I'll give you directions as we drive."

They exchanged numbers and got into their respective cars and Bridget followed Jennifer out of the garage. The drive lasted about twenty minutes, winding down roads that Bridget had never noticed before living in the city.

"Don't worry, I'll get you home in one piece," Jennifer told her, almost as if she had read Bridget's mind. Soon enough they drove through a gated driveway and pulled up to the front of a two-story house. "There's no place like home," Jennifer said, as Bridget got out of her car.

"Nice place," Bridget responded.

"Thank you, wait 'til you see the inside."

They stepped to the front door, Jennifer opening it, stepping aside and letting Bridget enter first. "Welcome, I hope your stay is a memorable one," she'd said as she closed the door behind them and turned on the lights. "Let me take your coat," she said, helping the other woman with her jacket. "The study is the second door on the left, I'll just hang these up and I'll join you there."

Bridget walked down the hall, wondering what she had gotten herself into.

She tried not to gasp out loud when she entered the study; she had only seen rooms like this in the movies. A dark-brown leather couch was placed in front of the fireplace that seemed to dominate the room.

"Would you like something to drink?" Jennifer asked when she joined Bridget.

"Yes, please."

"What would you like?"

"Scotch, neat."

"Okay," Jennifer answered and poured her guest a drink.

"You aren't going to have one?" Bridget asked when she took the drink and sipped at the amber liquid, enjoying the taste as it went down her throat.

"I'll have something later," Jennifer replied.

As Jennifer gestured for Bridget to sit down, she struck a match as lit the rolled up pieces of paper in the fireplace. The fire consumed the paper and within a few minutes the beginnings of a warm, cozy fire had started.

Once she was sure that the fire no longer needed her attention, Jennifer sat down next to Bridget. She rested her head in her right hand as she gazed into Bridget's face.

Bridget watched as Jennifer's left hand slowly traced a pattern on her thigh, intricate, and subtle at the same time. She swallowed the rest of her drink, placing it on the stand next to the couch. She turned and faced the other woman, then leaned forward, stopping a breath away from the ruby red lips that she'd wanted to taste all evening.

"What are you waiting for?" Jennifer asked.

Bridget could feel Jennifer's breath on her lips, and closed the slight gap between them. Bridget had kissed women before, hell, she had kissed her fair share of men as well, but this was the first time she could recall that the lips she was kissing were gossamer-like. She had never felt anything like it before, and she knew she wanted more than what she was indulging. Her hands founds themselves tangled in Jennifer's auburn hair, her tongue teased the other woman's lips.

Soon she found herself delving into the moist confines of Jennifer's mouth. Their tongues slid against each other, tasting, savoring what the other had to offer. Bridget could feel Jennifer's hands slide up and down her back, before venturing to her chest. Bridget was ready for the thrill she knew she would experience when her breasts were touched. She was surprised to find that Jennifer did not touch her as she thought, but rather caressed her sides.

Bridget felt a moan rise from her throat and gasped when Jennifer broke the kiss, only to begin to tease her with soft kisses along her jaw-line. She felt playful nibbles along her neck; her breathing increased ten-fold when Jennifer repeatedly nipped at her juggler vein.

"Let's go upstairs," Jennifer said, after breaking away. Bridget simply nodded and took Jennifer's hand and followed her.

When they reached the master bedroom, Jennifer adjusted the lights, leading the way; she stopped when they were in the middle of the room.

Jennifer trailed her fingers down the length of Bridget's tanned body, feeling the heat rising from her. She slid the straps of Bridget's dress of her shoulders, and reached behind and unzipped the garment, stepping back to watch as it slowly drifted down Bridget's body. Jennifer licked her lips as her blood roared in her ears.

Bridget watched Jennifer's stark appraisal of her and blushed. It was another first, not once had she felt like a schoolgirl, hoping that Jennifer liked what she had to offer.

"You are exquisite Bridget. Truly, a work of art," Jennifer told her.

"Thank you," Bridget replied shyly.

Once Jennifer's dress had been taken care of, she led Bridget to her bed, stopping at the edge.

"We can always stop. All you have to do is say the word," Jennifer reassured the other woman.

"I don't want to," Bridget answered.

"Good," Jennifer smiled.

Bridget finally stepped into Jennifer's arms and shivered. She must be cold, she thought absent-mindedly.

They fell back against the king-sized bed and savored the sensation of bare skin against bare skin. Once again Jennifer began her oral assault of Bridget's mouth and neck, her hands roaming Bridget's body.

Bridget arched up as Jennifer finally caressed her breasts, her nipples hardened, her legs opened slightly. She felt the other woman's mouth making her way down her chest, and she hissed when her nipple was covered. Her nipple was being teased, sucked, and bit, she felt Jennifer's hand caressing her other breast, squeezing her nipple, 'til it hardened. She felt a rush of warmth between her legs.

Jennifer feasted upon Bridget's breasts, loving the texture of the dark nipples; she loved to flick her tongue over them. She let her right hand drift down Bridget's body, until it reached the apex of her body.

She could feel the heat rising from Bridget's center, and she wanted nothing more than to taste what Bridget had to offer. She slid her fingers between the slick folds; she brushed against Bridget's blood engorged clitoris, and smiled as she felt the other woman's reaction to the brief contact. She slid two fingers inside; she was rewarded with an instant contraction, as Bridget's walls closed around her fingers.

Bridget began panting as she felt Jennifer's fingers slide inside of her; she wanted more than those fingers, she wanted to feel Jennifer's mouth on her.

And as if by magic, she felt Jennifer moving down her body, she could feel the warmth of her breath on her sensitized skin. Bridget's hips arched against Jennifer, when the other woman surrounded her clit with her mouth, sucking on it as her fingers repeatedly plunged in and out.

Jennifer licked and suckled the hard clit, tasting Bridget's essence.

Bridget realized that Jennifer had moved her mouth away, and was kissing her way back up.

"What. what's wrong?" she gasped, her hips still grinding against Jennifer's fingers.

"Nothing's wrong," Jennifer replied, kissing Bridget, allowing the woman to taste herself.

"Oh. God!" Bridget cried out as Jennifer added a third finger.

Jennifer began to nibble Bridget's neck once more, feeling the pulse beneath her tongue.

Bridget knew that she was close; she could feel her walls begin to contract.

"Oh. God. yes. faster. faster, " she pleaded.

Jennifer smiled against Bridget's neck and plunged faster.

"Yes. yes. oh. fuck me. Oh yes."

Jennifer felt her teeth extend, she nipped Bridget's neck, lapping at the blood that had begun to well up. Her bloodlust roared in her veins and her ears, and when she felt the contractions around her fingers, she bit into Bridget's neck.

"OH... MY GOD!!!!" Bridget cried out, as she was rack by the most intense orgasm she'd ever had.

Jennifer continued to plunge inside of Bridget as she drank, the dark liquid pouring down her throat.

Bridget felt the world rushing past her; she wrapped her arms around Jennifer and held on tight.

"What. what are you doing?" she managed to say as another orgasm racked her body.

Jennifer continued to feast on Bridget, ignoring the feeble attempts to get her to stop.

"Oh God!!" Bridget cried out as she experienced yet another powerful orgasm, and with each pulsating moment that passed, she grew weaker. "No more. please," she said as her arms fell away from Jennifer's body. "No more." she whispered, as her breathing labored, as her heart strove to pump more blood throughout her body.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine," Jennifer explained after finally pulling away.

"I'm. so. tired."

"Rest. You have all the time you'll need. Close your eyes and rest," she said, gently closing Bridget's eyes, and kissing her on the cheek.

"You. you won't go?"

"No. I won't go," Jennifer replied, as she brought a blanket from the end of the bed up to cover them both. She didn't need to rest, but she knew that before the night was through, she would be exhausted.

It wasn't every day that Jennifer Atlan brought someone over. She had every intention turning Bridget. Their meeting at the party was far from accidental, in fact, Jennifer had seen Bridget at another function a year ago. She had found out all she could about the other woman, chalking up her infatuation as just that, a passing fancy. Someone she would take what she wanted from, and then forget they ever existed. But not this time, this would be different.

"Sleep Bridget, sleep," she murmured, as she gently stroked the other woman's hair.


Bridget woke a few hours later, her head pounding, and her mouth dry.

"Here, you might need this," Jennifer said, handing Bridget a glass of orange juice.

"Thanks," she replied, gratefully taking the glass and parching her thirst. "You were fantastic," she finally said.

Jennifer only smiled.

"Come here, please," Bridget had said after reaching out for Jennifer's hand and pulling her back into bed.

"Are you sure you're not too tired?" Jennifer felt compelled to ask.

"Not that tired," Bridget replied.


She felt a tapping on her shoulder, and turned around.

"I'm sorry, I hope I didn't startle you," she heard.

"Umm. no, not at all," she replied.

"My name is Jennifer Atlan, and yours?"

"I'm Alison Farber."

"Hello Miss Farber, this charming creature to my right is Bridget LaMond," Jennifer explained.

Bridget looked at Jennifer and smiled.

It had been two years since that fateful night; when she was turned, that's what Jennifer had explained after she had fed from her.

Bridget couldn't help herself as she thought back to that night. Jennifer had bit her again, draining her to the point of death, before baring her throat to her.

The need, the absolute hunger that clawed itself way to the surface, demanding that she sink her teeth into Jennifer's neck, drinking until Jennifer had to push her away.

Then coming to the realization of what she'd done, she promptly vommited most of the blood she'd ingested.

Jennifer merely held her.

Bridget had tried to kill herself more times than she could remember only to have Jennifer pull her back from the abyss, the following months afterward.

Now, she had learned to embrace her immortality.

Jennifer had taken her places she had never imagined.

She had been introduced to well-known personalities, some she had been enthralled with in the past, only to realize that 'she' now enthralled them.

Now, she stood next to her lover, and smiled.

Bridget reached out and offered her hand to the beauty that stood before them, "Nice to meet you," she said.

"Nice party," Alison said as she watched the two women smiling at her.

"Oh, it's nice enough," Jennifer, answered.

"But we know of a better party, don't we," Bridget added.


"Yes, we do. Why don't you join us? I'm sure Bridget and I could entertain you," Jennifer whispered in Alison's ear.

"Do join us Alison," Bridget told her in her other ear.

"We'll be waiting for you," Jennifer said.

"Umm. we?"

"Oh, how silly of me," Jennifer replied, before turning in Bridget's direction, then back towards Alison. "Bridget is my lover. And I always share, don't I dear," she said, kissing Bridget, regardless of looks they were getting.

Alison's heartbeat increased as she watched the two women kiss in front of her. She had heard about them, but never thought she'd be chosen to spend the evening with them.

Rumor had it that Jennifer had picked Bridget up in a party like this and they had been together ever since. There had been other women, as well as a few men that had gone home with them. These people where called the chosen, as they were the ones that had been selected to accompany them.

Alison had heard stories of what would happen; yet no one had been able to deny or confirm anything.

No one said a word.

Not even the people involved.

It was if they couldn't remember.

Now it seemed that she had been chosen to experience something beyond her comprehension. All she had to do was say yes.

"Well, would you like to join us?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes. Yes I would," Alison replied.

"Wonderful. Don't you think so Bridget?"

"Very much so."

As they made their way to their coats, Bridget pulled Jennifer to the side and whispered, "I want her."

Jennifer smiled, "Would I deny you anything love?"


"Then say no more," Jennifer said, kissing her on the cheek. Perhaps Alison would like to join us for more than the night, she thought to herself. It would make a pleasant surprise for Bridget I think.

Bridget looked at Jennifer and wondered what was going on in that brilliant mind of hers.

"Come along Alison, the night is young," Jennifer said, linking her arm through Alison's. And so are we, she mused.

The End.

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