Title: "Look At Me."

Author: A.M. Glass

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Copyright: April 20th, 2000

Rating: 'PG-13'

Disclaimer: Joss, Fox Studios, Mutant Enemy, et al, have something to do with "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". No copyright infringement is intended or inferred. The story is the sole property of the author.

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Author's Note: This is a song story, the song in question is "Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way?" It's written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman and can be found on the sound track "Yentl". It's sung by Barbara Streisand. I've made a few minor changes to the lyrics to fit the story. It's a bit angsty... if that's even a word. Lyrics will be denoted by the ( ) symbols. OH... before I completely forget, you have to believe that Riley never ever entered Buffy's life.

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(Look at how she looks at her, will someone ever look at me that way?)

Buffy observed as Willow followed Tara's every movement, she wondered briefly if her dorm mate knew she did this, or was it some automatic 'thing' she did... like breathing.

(Full of all the feelings and soft unspoken words that lovers say?)

She could discern that Willow's feelings towards Tara had evolved, it was only a matter of time. She knew it would happen.

(I thought I knew ev'ry single look and sweet expression on her face)

Buffy's heart clenched at the sight before her eyes, Tara had given Willow a shy glance, only to have it returned prior to Willow looking back at the materials Giles had given them to research earlier.

(Yet this is one I don't recognize...)

Buffy thought about the look on Willow's face, and she realized that it was completely different from the one Willow had for Oz. There was a intensity to it that even Willow seemed unaware of.

(Although I've sat and studied her for hours)

There wasn't a moment when Buffy hadn't looked at Willow with a longing she had hidden away. All the while thinking it was impossible for the other girl to ever return those same feelings.

'Boy, was I wrong,' she mused.

(But now I see how love completely occupies a pair of eyes)

Willow had it bad, Buffy could see this easily, the signs were there. All you had to do was *look*. The gushing whenever she was around Tara, the somewhat shy reserve had returned when it came to the other girl. But, the obvious thing Buffy had noticed was the touching. Willow seemed to be compelled to reach out to Tara, even if for only a brief moment.

(See the way they gaze at her, like slaves they follow everywhere she goes)

Tara stood up and stretched, and Willow tried to follow the movement discreetly, only ducking her head when she thought the other girl was about to look her way.

Buffy watched the silent interaction.

(Do my eyes forget themselves...)

Buffy *knew* she shouldn't stare...

(And do I look at her and smile in such a way that what I'm feeling show?)

Her breath caught in her throat, as Willow looked in her direction. The smile Willow gave her made her heart flutter, she returned the smile and thought for a brief moment that Willow finally knew how she felt... Then came the pangs of disappointment when Willow looked away when Tara asked her a question.

(Sometimes I have the feeling ev'rybody knows)

Buffy had thought on more than one occasion, that her feelings for Willow were obvious to everyone. There had been times in her recent pass, when even Angel had made reference to it.

(And even though it's crazy...
Still I can't help wond'ring if I'll ever live to see the day...
When by some miracles of miracles...)

Each night, she would wait until Willow was sound asleep, then walk over to her bed and watch her. There were times when a smile would grace Willow's features, and she could only hope that perhaps Willow might...

Just might be thinking about her.

And each night, before going to sleep, Buffy would offer a prayer...

'She'll turn around and look at me... that way,' Buffy prayed silently.

For now, she watched on in silence, as Willow followed Tara's every move.

The End


I don't really consider this one of my better songfics, so... forgive me in advance... Mea culpa... mea culpa.

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