Title: "Later"

Author: A.M. Glass

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Rating: 'R'

Copyright: May-June 19, 2002.

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon, Fox Studios, Mutant Enemy, et al, have something to do with "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". No copyright infringement is intended or inferred. The story along with any/all original characters are the sole property of the author and cannot be used without expressed permission first.

Spoilers: None.

Author's Note: First of all, I couldn't for the life of me figure out whom I wanted Buffy to be with in this piece. It wasn't until I had almost reached the end that I decided it was Tara. This story could work with Willow as well, all I would need to do is change a few things here and there and bam. Hello Willow. I have written a few stories with Tara and Buffy before, but this is the first one that I believe needs an 'R' rating. You'll have to let me know if I could have use PG-13 instead. OBTW, I had originally called this story, "Moaning," but as you can see, it didn't stay that way.

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Special Thanks: To Stacey for the beta.

Lazily reaching out, Buffy batted at the irritation that threatened to pull her from her dreamland.

Smiling, she felt herself drifting back into the welcoming embrace of slumber.

Until it happened again.

Scowling and refusing to open her eyes, knowing full well that if she did, she could kiss falling back to sleep good-bye, she waved at whatever it was that was annoying her and keeping her away from her delicious sleep.

Sleep, that precious commodity that began to taunt her by slipping from her grasp.

Growling deeply in her chest with frustration, she opened her eyes.

"Took you long enough," she heard seconds before lips descended upon hers.

'Sleeping is overrated,' she thought to herself as she promptly brought her arms up and around the person kissing her. "Mmm, good morning," she gasped when she was finally allowed to breathe.

"It is, now that you're awake."

"Well," Buffy said as she kissed the exposed neck above her. "If someone hadn't been so insatiable.."

"You... oh... you're c-com-complaining?"

"Do... you... hear... me... complaining?" she asked as kissed her way down, taking a second or two to nibble here and there.


"Didn't think so."

Buffy gently rolled over so that she was now hovering over Tara. She stared for the longest time, getting lost in the loved filled gaze staring back at her.

"What are you thinking about?" she was asked as hands moved up and down her sides, making her back arch when they slowly caressed her breasts.

"You," she moaned.

"Good thing, otherwise we'd have a slight problem."

"No problems. Not ever," Buffy swore.

"You're cute."

Instead of replying, Buffy bent down and captured the lips that had taken her to mind-blowing heights the night before.

Slowly lips parted and mouths were fully explored, each staking claim to what was freely given.


"Oh, fuck," Buffy gasped when she felt fingers exploring her wet folds.

"Maybe later... if you're good," was growled in her ear, and before she knew it, Tara had rolled them over.

Buffy's back arched when she felt lips covering her nipple, surrounding, sucking on and biting it. She clenched the bedspread as her body rode the myriad of emotions, rising as her hips did, reaching ever higher.

"Tell me," she heard as her head moved from side to side. "Tell me or I stop."

"No, don't, please," Buffy gasped, sweat dotting her forehead.

"Tell me."



"Yours... only... only yours."

As soon as the words were past her lips, Buffy felt teeth on her neck biting down.


She didn't care if the teeth broke the surface of her skin, the marks would be gone in a day or two, much to her dismay.

They'd disappear long before she had a chance to relish them.

To say, 'Yes, I belong to Tara.'

She was knocked out of her musing by a pair of warm lips descending down her body.

"Hurry!" she pleaded, "Please."

"Well, seeing as you asked so nicely," Tara teased, her mouth curling into her trademark half-grin.

Buffy felt warm breath, lips and tongue moving ever so slowly.

A pace she decided was determined to drive her to the brink.

And she loved it.

This was the only time she allowed herself to lose control.

The only time she allowed herself to simply feel.

To let go.

To embrace her humanity in a way that someone else would have taken for granted.

At one time, death may have been her gift.


She received the gift of life.

Her desire rose ever higher, the evidence of her arousal obvious even to herself.

Through the foggy haze of lust, she heard a single word:


Then lips staked their claim.

And once again, Buffy experienced life.


"I've got you," she heard whispered in her ear, "It's okay."

Buffy could only moan in response.

Only after taking deep shuddering breaths and realizing that her heart had stopped its attempts to escape from her chest did Buffy slowly open her eyes.

"Hi," she said grinning.

"You left me there for a second or two... or three... maybe even four?"

"Your fault."

"Yes, it was. And I take full responsibility," Tara said seriously before giggling. She was touched beyond all words whenever Buffy allowed herself to let go.

That Buffy had faith enough to know that she wouldn't let anything happen to her when she was at her most vulnerable.

Those moments were truly precious to her, something she cherished above all else. And as she gently lowered herself to Buffy's side, she basked in the emotions that swept over her.

"No, no, no," Tara said gently as Buffy had attempted to move from her position.


"No, I don't need anything. I'm fine."

"Tara?" She had wanted to show the other woman exactly what she felt for her.

"I'm good. This was for you."

"Are you sure?" she said frowning.

Pushing herself up onto her elbow, Tara gazed into Buffy's eyes, gently massaging the frown away before leaning forward and placing a kiss on her lips.

"Positive," she answered as she pulled away, her breath catching as it always did. "Besides..." she trailed off, settling herself once again against Buffy's shoulders.

"Besides what?"

"There's always later."

Tara smiled as she heard Buffy's laughter fill the room.

"Later, huh?"

Tracing random patterns on Buffy's stomach, Tara nodded.


Tara closed her eyes, her fingers continuing to tease the Slayer.



"Don't laugh, but I've been thinking. Hey! I said no laughing," she said feeling the silent laughter as Tara's body shook.


"I bet. Well, like I was saying, I've done some thinking, well, really I've done some counting."


"Yeah," Buffy replied as she slowly turned to her side. "You did say later right?"

"Yes, I did."

"Well, I thought, how much later is later? Then I thought, maybe if I count to say, twenty-five, that would be later."

"Oh, really?"


"Did you reach you reach twenty-five yet?"

"A long time ago."

"So, then it must be..."


The End.

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