Title: "My Destiny."

Author: A.M. Glass

E-Mail: glasswrks@yahoo.com

Copyright: May 10th, 2000

Rating: PG-13

Couple: Willow/Tara

Disclaimer: The characters from "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer", well, they don't belong to me, they belong to Joss Whedon, et al. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred. This a non-profit piece of fan fiction, the story is the sole property of the author.

SPOILERS: Brief mention of the episodes, "Hush" and "New Moon Rising", also Miss Kitty Fantastico was brought in for a guest appearance, so I guess that means I also have to mention "The Yoko Factor."

Song: This is based on the song called, "Destiny", its written by the following people, Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan, Jr., Lawrence Dermer and Diane Warren. It's from Gloria Estefan's cd. "Destiny". Lyrics are denoted by the ( ) symbols.

(Destiny has once again surprised me)

Could that be it? Could it simply be destiny that brought them together and not the 'Gentlemen'?

(Oh destiny must want you here beside me)

It was quite an experience being with Tara, what they felt for each other was... powerful.

(Quietly, like the sunrise with its splendor)

It was new... each day brought out some new facet of their love to the surface.

(Unexpectedly with a passion strong yet tender)

The touches... were electrifying, neither wanted to hold back. She knew she wanted to let go, and take their relationship to the next level, but Tara wanted; although Willow sincerely doubted it, to take things slow. That alone made Willow love her even more that she already did.

(You draw me in... like the moon draws the tide)

Tara looked at Willow sitting on her bed, as if she always been there, belonged with her, in her heart. She felt herself being drawn to this gentle soul, and knew she had been blessed beyond all measure.

(Swept away by this love, taken in by your eyes)

Willow looked up from playing with their kitten; Miss Kitty Fantastico, to see Tara gazing at her, she smiled. She patted the empty space next to her, silently beckoning Tara to sit with her.

Tara put her book down and took her place next to Willow, their shoulders touching. Tara reached out and placed her hand on Willow's, once again, they could 'feel' the connection they shared with each other.

They turned to face each other, no words were spoken, they didn't need any, they leaned into each other and kissed.

(If I had to walk away from you I know that it would be no use,
'cause you're so deep inside of me can't deny)

Willow knew she could never go back... she couldn't and not feel an emptiness inside that would rival what she had felt when Oz had left.

(I never want to be set free, the more you give the more I need...
you can't change what is meant to be)

Tara knew she couldn't walk away, not even if her life depended on it, Willow was... is her life.

(No, you can't change destiny... destiny)

They wrapped their arms around each other as the kisses began grow in intensity, threatening to sweep them away on a current of desire and longing.

(Destiny speaks with many voices,
so eventually we're obliged to make some choices)

Willow knew she had choices she had to make, possibly one of the most difficult choices she'd ever have to make. She knew that whoever she chose, the other person would be hurt... and take was something she didn't want to do.

And as she and Tara fell back on the bed, dislodging Miss Kitty Fantastico from her place, she knew she had made the right decision.

(Oh destiny, who I thought I owned completely,
just to toy with me, and make me fall in love so deeply)

Tara had sensed that her friendship with Willow would be something special, something she would treasure for a long time, but she had no idea; not at first, that she would ever have the privilege of loving Willow and being loved by her in return.

(You fill my soul like the stars fill the sky
brought to life this new world, where I'm captive inside)

They tried to hold back, as hands roamed over territory that had gradually become 'home' for both of them. Moans and whimpers filled the dorm room, as lips sought out bare skin... kissing, licking, biting each exposed area.

(If I had to walk away from you I know that it would be no use,
'cause you're so deep inside of me can't deny I never want to be set free)

Mouths locked on each other gently, as they slowed down... bringing the passion back under control. They clasped hands squeezing, passing on the strength they both needed at the moment. They came back to their senses as the haze of unbridled love sank back to a manageable level.

"I love you Tara," Willow said her breath somewhat labored, brushing her lips gently over Tara's bruised ones.

"I... I love you too," she answered, closing her eyes briefly, savoring the sensations that were getting harder to back away from.

(The more you give the more I need...
you can't change what is meant to be)

"This must be destiny, you know... us here," Tara managed to say, as she continued to hold on to Willow's hand.

"Has to be," Willow answered, resting her head on Tara's shoulder, raising their joined hands up. "It is."

(No, you can't change destiny)

"I wouldn't change a thing," Tara whispered as she kissed Willow's cheek.

(If I had to walk away from you...
I know it would be no use...)


(No, you can't change destiny)

"Really," Tara answered from her soul.

(Destiny... Destiny... Destiny)

The end.

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