Title: "Chance Meeting"

Author: A.M. Glass

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Copyright:  July 11, 2000

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: The characters from "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer", well, they don't belong to me they belong to Joss Whedon, et al. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred. This is a non-profit piece of fan fiction the story is the sole property of the author.

SPOILERS: Possibly for "Hush."

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Author's Note: Hello there. Umm... I just wrote this out as a challenge to myself, especially after reading Ebaily's series of Unconventional Relationships. Sorry, I can't remember the title exactly. They got me thinking about a relationship that hasn't been explored yet. It had been attributed to one of my stories but as Quin pointed out, the story never stated whom Buffy was kissing. So... I started thinking... "What if..."

SECOND AUTHOR'S NOTE (05-11-02): This story as you can tell by the date was written almost two years ago, and back then, you would have never thought of the pairing in this story. I am not taking credit for starting it, I kind of think I was there at the beginning, I'm pretty sure there's someone out there who knows when it started, but hopefully, we'll never know when it ended.

Thanks: To Xita for letting me know she liked it, although it wasn't finished.

Feedback: Up to you.

Buffy sat down and waited for Willow to say something...


She looked over towards her friend and wondered what was going on in her mind. 'Well, besides the bomb I dropped on her,' she thought.

"I'll be right back," Willow said before leaving the room.

'Not good. very not good,' Buffy told herself. She got up and started to walk to the door when she stopped herself.

She had to allow Willow her privacy.

She had to.

So she went back to the bed and sat back down...

For all of ten seconds...

Then she ran towards the door and flung it open.

She was about to give chase when she was stopped suddenly colliding into someone knocking them both to the ground. Buffy managed to shake off the surprise and was back on her feet when she looked at who she had run into.

"Umm... hi."

"Tara?" she said, offering her hand to the fallen girl. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah... fine, no harm done," she replied, moving her hair from her face.

"Did you see Willow?" Buffy asked, going out into the hall and looking both ways.

No signs of the hacker.

"Nn... no. Is she okay?"

She sighed, "Yeah, I think," she replied. "Was there something you needed?" she asked.

"No, not really. I... I just wanted to..." she stopped.

Buffy stepped closer to Tara, "What Tara. What did you want?" she asked, standing very close to the other

"I... I... just wanted to see you," she stammered.

"And now that you've seen me?"

Tara blushed and looked away, until she felt Buffy's fingertips on her chin, making her look up. "And now that you've seen me?" she repeated, loving the way Tara's skin felt. "What is it that you want?"

"A... a... kiss," she whispered, closing her eyes as Buffy continued to caress her face.

"I think that can be arranged," Buffy answered, bringing Tara inside the room and closing the door behind them. Buffy leaned forward, gently guiding Tara back against the door, she let her thumb trace Tara's full lips, her own moistening in anticipation. "Do you still want that kiss?" she asked, knowing full well what the answer would be.

"Ye... yes," Tara replied, her hand slowly moving up the Slayer's body, feeling the other girl shiver, making her smile inwardly. Her hand finally found its way into Buffy's soft hair, and brought the other girl closer. "I want," she said before her lips covered Buffy's.

At first, it was just a simple act of skin pressing against skin, until someone moaned, indicating that they wanted so much more than just that. So, lips parted, and tongues delved into each other's mouths, sliding against one another. Hands tangled in hair, struggling to keep the other from moving as their passion threatened to ignite into an uncontrolled fire.

After a minute or so, they broke apart, not wanting to, only that their lungs were starved for oxygen made them. Buffy breathing heavily, looked into Tara's eyes and could see a barely restrained desire burning inside them.

"That's was nice," Tara ventured, her heart beginning to return to its normal pace.

"Nice is good," Buffy nodded in reply. Pushing herself away from Tara, she took her hand and led them back into the room, towards her bed. "Sitting... nothing else. Okay, maybe some more kissing," she explained, when she saw Tara's eyes widen as she realized where they were heading.

"Wha... what about Willow?" she said as they finally reached Buffy's bed and sat down next to each other.

"I'm not sure. It isn't everyday that you tell your best friend that you're getting serious with someone from her Wicca group," Buffy replied.

"Do... do you think she'll be okay?"

"She has Oz. I'm sure she'll talk to him about it. I love Willow, she's my best bud, and I... don't want to lose her. But, I think in the end, it'll be, 'what makes me happy, makes her happy' kind of a thing."

"And... I... I make you happy?" Tara asked, needing to know the answer.

"Very much so," Buffy replied seriously, feeling a flutter in her stomach as she watched the smile grow on Tara's face.

She couldn't believe her luck. She would continue to thank whoever had placed this adorable woman in her life. It was a simple meeting a locking of eyes that made her know that Tara was more than what she seemed, and would some how become a very important person in her life.

Willow had brought Tara over after one of their meetings, and that was all it took.

Now she only hoped that Willow would not shut her out, or treat Tara any differently. What was she going to tell the others?

"Penny for your thoughts," Tara said as she'd seen Buffy drift off to parts unknown.


"You seemed so far away."

"It might have seemed that way, but you were always in my thoughts," Buffy replied.

Tara looked into Buffy's eyes and could see the truth of her words. And needing no invitation, she bent forward and captured her lips again. She broke the kiss before it could escalate into something they weren't ready for yet. Their foreheads touched and they held on to each other. They looked at the door when it opened. Willow came inside with a determined look on her face, Buffy swallowed audibly.

"If you hurt her, I will take a shovel to you and beat you over the head with it. Do you understand?" Willow said.


"Not you Buffy... Tara," Willow said, stopping Buffy's answer.

"Sorry," she replied.

"No, it's good for you to know too. So, do we have an understanding Tara?"

Tara nodded her head vigorously.

"Good. Now, Buffy, if you hurt her, you know I can't physically do anything to you... but... I can guilt you to death," she said seriously before continuing. "I like Tara, she's not like the rest of those 'Wanna blessed be's'. So, you do good by her, yes?"


"Good... now, let's go Bronzing. I want to tell Xander," Willow said.

"You are evil," Buffy told her.

"I only use my power for good... never Evil."

Buffy looked at Tara and before she could say anything, kissed her. "You're in," she whispered.

The End.

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