Title: "Back To Your Heart."

Author: A.M. Glass

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Copyright: June 4th, 2000

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: The characters from "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer", well, they don't belong to me, they belong to Joss Whedon, et al. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred. This a non-profit piece of fan fiction, the story is the sole property of the author.


Song: This is based on the song called, "Show Me The Way To Your Heart", its written by Diane Warren. It's from Gloria Estefan's cd. "Destiny". Lyrics are denoted by the ( ) symbols. Some of Buffy's dialogue will include the song lyrics.

Angst Warning: Granted, I'm not Kim; bowing to the 'Angst Queen', but, I try.

Buffy walked along the paths on UC Sunnydale's campus, all the while thinking about the argument she'd had with Willow. She shook her head, she hated fighting with Willow and she noticed that it was the only thing they had been doing lately. She knew why it pained her so much, each hurtful word lancing her heart like a dagger.

(I remember days nights
were never cold)

Why couldn't it be the way it used to be? Willow was...


When did that happen? When did Willow become a 'was'?

(I had you in my life...
I had you here to hold)

There used to be a time when all she had to do was pick up the phone and Willow was there for her, no questions asked. How she loved being held by Willow. It was the only chance she had to be 'just' Buffy.

Not 'the' Chosen.

Not someone who had to try to save the world on a daily basis.

'Just' Buffy.

(And I remember love warm
as a summer day)

Buffy knew her feelings had changed for Willow, she had known this for a long time. But... there wasn't enough time to let her know. Each time she thought that 'this is the night I'll tell Will'; something always got in the way, be it demon or ... Angel.

Buffy walked towards a bench and sat down, she bent her head into hands and thought about Willow. All the things she had taken for granted. Thinking she'd always be there, and she was still there, but... out of reach.

(But I lost you...
And I lost my way...)

Buffy did feel adrift, her life had no real anchor. Nothing to keep her from running aground.

"Oh, that's just great," Buffy muttered as the sky opened up and it began to rain. "It's not supposed to rain you know!" she yelled at the sky. She got up from the bench and began to jog back to her dorm, she was drenched by the time she had made it to the front of the building.

She stopped suddenly, she saw the light on in their room, she could see Willow's silhouette against the window.

(Now, I'm in the rain...
Begging you please...

"Baby won't you show me the way back to your heart? Let me see a sign to know if I'm close or far. Lead me back to the road that leads back to your arms.... to your arms," Buffy said out-loud, not caring that she was getting odd looks from other students as they made their way inside.

She knew she couldn't go inside, not yet. She needed to give Willow time. She had to think of something... something that would show Willow just how much she needed her in her life.

She turned away and walked away from the life she wanted.

(Every night another lonely street
I walk down alone...
Searching for a light...
Your light to lead me home)

Willow did shine brightly. Whenever Buffy looked at her, she could 'see' the light of innocence that surrounded Willow. It was all she could do not to be by her side always, soaking up the light, needing it to counter act the darkness she faced.

(Leave a candle in the window
and let it shine for me
Take my hand and take these tears away...
I can't take the pain)

Buffy couldn't take the pain, of being without her friend... her companion. Her love. She stumbled...

(I'm on my knees... please....)

"Baby won't you show me the way back to your heart? Let me see a sign to know if I'm close or far. Lead me back to the road that leads back to your arms.... to your arms," Buffy cried, her body shaking as the tears she had held inside finally let go.

Willow found Buffy huddled in the rain, she had spotted Buffy running away as she looked out the window. She draped the raincoat she had brought with her over Buffy's seemingly frail body.

"Come on Buffy... let's go home," she whispered.

"Will?" Buffy asked, thinking that she was in the grip of some fevered delirium. She reached out...

(Take my hand and
take me into your arms)

Willow took hold of Buffy's hand and helped her up to her feet and held on to her.

"I'm sorry Buffy. I hate fighting with you," she told the Slayer, before leading them back to their dorm room.

(I'm out in the dark...)

Buffy looked over to Willow, saw how the rain trickled down her hair, onto her face, she reached out and took a droplet off, staring into Willow's bemused face. Her heart clenched when she saw the love in Willow's eyes.

(Down on my knees...

"Buffy... what's wrong?" Willow asked anxiously as Buffy suddenly dropped to her knees.

"Show me back to your heart... let me see a sign to know if I'm close or far. Lead me back to the road that leads back to your arms.... to your arms... to your arms," Buffy whispered against Willow's ear.

"You've never left it Buffy... never," Willow replied.

Buffy looked and saw the truth.

And there in the rain, on her knees, in front of the woman she loved, Buffy pledged herself to Willow and sealed the pledge with a kiss.

The End.

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