Title: Childe of Daywalker, Part 8

Author: BKFaith

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Fandom: BTVS/Blade x-over

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A/N: I know it’s been a long while, but writer’s block, grad school, and the holidays are to blame. Okay b.c. my beta pointed this out to me, I must clarify, the events in this chapter come about 16-18 months after the first one. I am too lazy to parcel it out among the proceeding chapters but that’s my answer. This story begins in 2005, so this scene takes place in 2007. I’ll get to Kit this chapter, I promise. This series is almost over, probably two more parts and then I start working on Book II.

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Rating:  R.  language, a bit of violence, maybe some ‘adult themes’. Ha ha ha.

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Gone forever the writing on the wall
they’ve boarded up the cinema
strawberry dreams the dust-filled beams
been shut down in a modern town

-The Sundays

Raylan did not speak for many long moments. All that was heard was the muted bass and drum of the club’s extensive sound system. She focused on her ex-lover and friend, repeating silently and with growing alarm the words she just heard. Pain is coming. Zaire is back. Pain. Zaire. Dear God.

“Devon” Raylan paused, catching her breath and willing her heart to return to normal velocity, “How is God’s Earth is that possible? We killed her.”

“No Raylan, you made her stronger. Wait. Let me finish.” Devon looked out of the VIP booth to the crowd dancing, being free, gleeful, and lustful. She wondered how many would die in the upcoming battles. Would she be able to stop her sister before everything went to Hell? Again.

“Zaire and I grew up as close as sister could be. We were actually the inverse of how we are now. I was the wild child, prone to mischief and fits of rage. I hurt a lot of people. Zaire was always shy, despite her size. Probably because of it. She never made waves and studied, studied, studied.” Devon fell quiet, remembering.

Raylan spoke to her silent friend, “What happened with—to you two?”

Breathing heavily through her fine nose, “We discovered the prophecy. It was some classic, apocalyptic, good versus evil, standard fare. Except it ended with one of us killing the other.”

The shock on Raylan’s face was minor compared to the coldness in her heart at her friend’s admission. Decisions made years ago became clearer. “That’s why you left me.”

Devon shook her head, “Partly. But…but I went away to find a solution. I didn’t want to kill my only sister. I still don’t. I thought if I cleaned up my act, became the good angel, as it were, I could thwart the prophecy.”

“But those prophecies are always prepared for the loophole-seekers,” the Daywalker commented.

“Absolutely. Zaire was determined not to die. We can only truly die at the hand of one another. You sent her to Hell and she became more powerful. She is with finality, a force of evil. And me? Well, I am the one thing that stands between her and humanity suffering Hell’s Wrath on Earth.” She paused, adding with a smile, “Wish me luck.”

Despite the seriousness of the conversation, Raylan laughed heartily.


“Sooo…I..I. Will you tell me about Yoon?” Raylan looked up from her lounging place on her floor to Devon who sat on her and Faith’s couch.

“How he died?” the Angel replied

“Yeah. If you don’t mind.”

“No, it’s been a long time Ray. Well, long and short. 3 years. My own sister. Who would have thought?” Devon sighed with the heavy heart of a widow and avenger.


“Baby, it’s not like I have to force you. You are such a dirty dog anyway. Always trying to get into my pants.”

“Oh Yoon, you are such the honorable lady, I wouldn’t dream of sullying your reputation before I make an honest man out of you.”

“Why do you insist on calling me honorable baby?” He leaned in to kiss his lover, still dazed at the fact that she had chosen him, knowing how much she and the Daywalker loved one another. Part of him felt guilty, as if he had stolen her, but dammit, this was love and you know what they say. All’s fair…

“You are honorable baby, but right now, I want to get to know that dirty side of you.” Devon smiled shyly, but her deep lust was evident in her verdant eyes.

Eric Yoon sucked in his breath at the loveliness that was his lover, his wife, his best friend. She looked through him and made his heart, and other parts swell with love and excitement.

“Okay, I need to be in you now, little lady.” He growled

“Hey! Who you calling a lady?!” She called back with their old, tired joke.

As long as he lived, he would never get used to being inside of her. The velvet nature of her walls, their tightness and elasticity fascinated him every time they made love.

I can’t believe she lets me, I can’t believe she lets me, I can’t believe she le’s me.

“Baby, will you get on top?”

“Yeah hold on, oh fuck Eric, right there!”

He smiled. She rarely called him Eric, saying the name reminded her of Raylan’s dad, Blade, and she did not want to think of either of them during their lovemaking.

But fuck, now I am thinking of them.

“Eric” Her voice pulled him out his wonderings, “ Baby, faster, fuck, Eric. Yoon. Oh God, I’m…come with me please.”

She needed to ask no more as they rode out their pleasure.

Drenched and feeling loved, Devon leaned in to kiss Yoon. They rested their heads against one another, smiling.

“Touching really” The dark, sexy voice said, “Pity it will all come to end.”

What the fuc-? Was Devon’s last thought before unconsciousness took her.


She awoke slowly. She became aware of three things immediately. She was restrained. She was separated from Yoon. And her baby sister, Zaire, was standing in her bedroom.


“Don’t try and speak big sis. We’ve got you pretty drugged up there. It’s even a little much for an all-powerful Angel her- type like you,” She added with a saucy wink.

“I really, really hate to do this Dev. I know how much you love the guy.” She was silent enough to let the implication sink in.

Devon’s eyes could not even widen with the drugging, but her heart could still lurch.

“Well? Aren’t you going to beg?” Zaire asked while twirling her blade.

“I give my life for his Zaire.” Devon stated with finality.

“Ah geez Dev, “Zaire said with dramatic flair, pacing “ If only it were that easy. You know we have to wait for all the elements of the prophecy before we can even fight one another. So I have to settle torturing you this way. Make sure she doesn’t move.” Zaire directed to her two henchmen. They nodded their assent.

“Yoooonnn?? Yoooonnn? Wakey-wakey. It’s time to say goodbye to your wife. I’m your sis-in-law by the way.” She stuck out her hand in greeting. He met her with his calm gaze before turning his eyes to the woman he loved.

“Thank you Devon.” He said with a smile, “And always.” Those were the last words Eric Yoon ever spoke.

Devon watched in horror as the image of the man she loved losing his head was permanently burned into every part of her fiber.

Zaire looked up, surveying her handiwork. “Come on boys. Devon. I’ll leave you sort out this mess out yourself. You were always good at that.” She turned to leap out of the window, “Oh by the way big sis, that Daywalker of yours is quite the little sex kitten. I can’t wait to get back to her.” She added an exaggerated shiver for emphasis. “See you around Angel of Light.” And then she was gone.


“My God Devon. You never told me?” Raylan was kneeling in front of the Angel and holding her hand.

“Raylan, I couldn’t see anyone. I couldn’t talk to anyone. We conceived the twins that night. My main goal was getting stronger and protecting my babies. I didn’t want Zaire anywhere near my kids.” She paused to gather her thoughts, “ I had to tell our parents what she had become. I knew she would never come home because my folks would have executed her on the spot.” At Raylan’s curious glance she added, “ My parents have the ability to take our lives, but they wouldn’t, well maybe Zaire’s.”

“What about your kids?” Raylan prodded.

“It all ends, the prophecy is fulfilled when I kill Zaire. Tiem and Kayla will never know that kind of hatred between them.”

Raylan nodded, looking up into the eyes of this woman that she once loved. Still love? God how insane am I? In my apartment I share with my lover, talking to my ex who is also sisters with my crazy Hell Angel ex. Could this be anymore bizarre?

“I really want to kiss you right now Ray.”

Guess that answers that question. Sighing, she told the truth, “Me too.”

“Will Faith mind?” Devon was nervous about messing up her friendship with the Slayer, but knew that Faith and Raylan had an understanding of sorts. But does it extend to me?

“Maybe. Especially after you tell her about Zaire. But I miss you and your lips.” She added with a slight smirk.

“Why you minx.” Devon added as she moved in to kiss her former lover. Oh God her mouth.

Breathlessly, the Angel whispered, “Ray, I’ve missed that mouth.”

“Funny I was going to say the same thing,” Faith observed from where she was standing, waves of anger, arousal and confusion pouring from her frame.

The Daywalker and Angel jumped apart. SHIT! They both thought.

“Uh…” Devon stammered.

“Faith…” Raylan approached her girlfriend.

“You fuckers could have done this somewhere other than my home. This is not what I wanted to see when I just got finished dealing with Buffy the Annoying Slayer, Willow the Babbling Brook and her Mini-Me girlfriend. Not to mention the 1001 fucking loser slayers.” She continued her rant, “ I don’t care how many times I’ve fantasized about this, and it’s still….” Oops. Did I say that out loud?

The laughter from the other two penetrated her anger and Faith fell into a hearty laughter.


Faith’s face was impassive, but inside she was boiling. Her sister? Her goddmaned sister??? Jesus, Zaire and Devon. She killed her husband???

“This is a lot to take in Wonder. Why didn’t you tell me this shit before.” Faith snarled

“Fine Faith. The first thing out of my mouth when I meet you is that my sister is the woman you and lover killed last year? You would have been on me before I could have explained. You would have been suspicious from the get. You didn’t know me from Eve.” Devon said with finality.

Raylan had left the two friends to speak. She assessed that her presence would have been a distraction. Or maybe she would have been distracted. It had been a niggling feeling, but Faith’s Freudian slip had burst the bubble of denial that had floating around the Daywalker’s head. I want them both. “Okay, how hedonistic am I” she said with a sigh, flopping back on the bed she shared with Faith.

“Okay fine Dev,” She missed Devon’s flinch at the use of the nickname,” But you’ve been back for months, you couldn’t have slipped in a little ‘hey when we were kids, Zaire and I got into the craziest hijinx?’ know what I mean?”

Sighing, Devon sat down next to her Slayer friend, “ I feel you Faith. I know I fucked up, but I wanted to believe she wouldn’t come back, that ya’ll really had banished her. Even though I knew that it wasn’t permanent. I enjoy being here, being part of this team.” She added softly, “ I didn’t want you to hate me Faith because of her.”

They were both silent for a long time, watching as Bo and Luke strolled lazily into the kitchen to eat some food before going off to do whatever it is they do.

“Do you want her back?” Faith entreated.

“Who? Zaire?” Devon asked confusedly.

“No Raylan.” Faith said evenly.

Answering slowly, “No. I don’t know. Not like that. Not a relationship. She has you.” Devon looked up to see if Faith caught her meaning.

“You want to sleep with her.” Faith didn’t ask

“Actually,” the Angel returned with a big smile, “ I want to hear more about your fantasy.”

The Angel and the Slayer stared at one another and then busted out in rousing laughter. Upstairs a Daywalker breathe a sigh of relief.

Devon wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes. She looked at the Slayer. Very attractive Slayer. Big, big brown eyes, a mouth that makes you want to fight your momma to kiss it, that body that just won’t stop taunting you with all its lusciousness. Her gaze traveled up and down Faith and back again. And then she proceeded to do the inevitable…Bust out in rousing laughter.

“Okay Faith wait let me catch my breath,” Devon was holding her stomach at this point and breathing very hard, “Whooo, whoo, omg, there is NO WAY, I would get caught in the middle of whatever you and Raylan do. I mean don’t get me wrong you are ‘whew’ and I dated Ray so obviously…”

Faith nods her assent.

“But no way, no how.” Devon sobered a second. “Look Faith, I’m sorry about kissing Ray. I got so caught up and she felt so safe. I know it’s no excuse but—“

“No I get it, been there a time or two myself. Sometimes I would see B, you know Buffy, and miss whatever that thing was that we had, ya know.” The dark Slayer looked up to see Devon’s nodding head, “ I mean it wasn’t even anything real, the dynamic or whatever, but it was ours. It was special there for a while.”

Devon smirked, “ Why you old softy. You ever hook back up with Buffy?”

Faith chortled at this, “Buffy is what I like to call the ‘Perpetual Heterosexual’. No mater how many girls she has fucked, wants to fuck or believes she can possibly fuck, she holds firm to that Het ID card. Don’t leave home without it.”

Devon got comfortable, walking to the kitchen to get some snacks.

“We got juice, blood, Vitamin Water, some rice milk drink crap, and beer.”

“Beer.” Followed by the corresponding belch.

Devon tossed the beer at Faith, “Could you be any more stereotypical?”

“YES!” They shouted simultaneously.

“So what’s Buffy think of Dawn and our dear James the Nordic Beauty?”

Faith sputtered her beer in remembrance of Buffy’s attitude at the Slayer Summit in Ohio. “Oh shit you should have seen B, Dev, she was like some Mother Hen trying to stare James down. And you know how James is, she wouldn’t blink if she was bleeding out of her friggin’ eyeballs.”

“Yeah no shit.”

Faith continued, “ So there’s B, glaring and there’s James staring at Little D, being all attentive, but you know she’s thinking you S&M fantasies for our Young Ms. Summers.”

Now it was Devon’s turn to sputter. All over Faith and the lovely leather couch. “ You are a sick fuck Faith, a sick fuck.”

“Ew you’re the spaz who just spewed on me.”

Raylan watched her two ladies with grossed out amusement. She would talk with Faith later about ‘The Kiss’, but right now she was enjoying seeing their comrade. She really loved Faith and knew in her heart she didn’t want to be with anyone else but that strange, erratic and sometimes sociopathic woman who she called her girlfriend. Devon would always have a piece of her heart, and, she suspected, her libido, but the Day Walker knew firmly whom she would choose over and over again.

“Hey boys.” Raylan smiled at her teasing name for her two ‘adolescent boys’. The recipients of the names were less-than-pleased.

Devon spoke first, “ The boys are your two gimornous dogs, not us.”

“So you say.” The dread locked woman replied with a smirk

“Ray you are such a brat. We don’t need your stinkin’ education in here” Faith said in her best “Scarface” voice, pulling her lover onto her lap.

“Actually, I’m glad you came back down Ray. My other news besides my sister being back is that I found Kit.”

Both Slayer and Vampire sat up straight at this news.

“Oh shit, thank God Dev, I’m so sorry for all those times I called you a fake Angel and shitty tracker—What?? What?!?”

“Don’t be an ass Faith, so tell us the good news.” Raylan poked the now-sullen Slayer’s ribs

“Well, the ‘good news’, is that I found Kit. She’s alive.” She waited a breath before she continued, “ The bad is that…my sister has her. And I don’t know what condition she’s in.”

The two lovers were silent. The uncharacteristically explosive Faith was quiet, still as a mouse.  Raylan asked the question they both were bursting to know.

“What do you mean ‘condition’ Devon? What. The Fuck .Has that monster done to Kit?”

“Ray, remember your dad telling when Whistler was kidnapped by those vamps in Prague or wherever and they started to turn him, but not by biting him? You know this story right Faith?” Faith nodded and motioned for her to continue.

“As far as I can tell, Kit’s still human, mostly because Zaire hasn’t had her that long. Her goons found Kit in some shooting alley in Boston.”

Faith visibly winced at the news. Raylan just closed her eyes.

“Jesus H. Christ on a crutch. I’m gonna fucking kill Kit. Ray get the fuck up, I need to hit something.”

“Faith I—“

“Ray.” Faith said in a low growl, “ Baby get up. I need to move. Now!” Raylan shot up and looked at her fuming lover. Faith just stared at Raylan and they Devon, her nostrils flaring, her chest heaving.

“I’m taking the boys. We’re going vamp hunting. I’ve got my cell.”

“Be careful baby please.” Raylan said as she stepped forward to kiss her lover’s brow.

Faith’s posture softened, as did her face, “ Always baby.” She looked to Devon, “ Dev, stay here tonight. Don’t wait up for me ladies.” And then she was out.


“Yeah Fuck” the Daywalker concurred.

They sat silently for a while. Raylan got up, put on some tea and returned to the living room.

Raylan spoke deliberately, “Okay tell me everything you got from top to bottom. This time, one of ours does not die.”




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