Title: Childe of the Daywalker, part 6

Author: BKFaith

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Fandom: BtVS/Blade x-over

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Rating: Strong R. Swearing and violence and suggestive language. I don’t see sex in this one (booooo), but hey, you never know.

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She Comes in Waves (Chapter 1)

The world I live in is so lonely
I could tell you all my trouble and strife.
I just want for somebody
Please come into my life.
I know I’m a fool and I set my hopes high,
But what else can I do?
-Lewis Taylor

Dawn was tired of flying and eating peanuts. It felt good to be on the ground even if was in the most polluted city since Sunnydale went up in flames. I like this place, the young woman thought. She was perplexed as to why the crew at the Chop Shop had sent a car service for her instead of getting her, but she assumed Faith & Co. had their reasons. At least I am out Ohio. Geez that place sucks. Although a young adult know, Dawn still had not grown into her power as the Key, the Portal, the Holder of much of the Slayer’s Line’s Power. Between herself and Willow, they commanded much-respect as non-Slayer’s. She looked out the window at the skyline, the clouds obscuring the density of the City’s population. Is that the new World Trade they are building? She couldn’t tell from her vantage point, but she thought Brooklyn looked pretty creepy. Ugh, where’s anything cool? She looked down at the folder sitting in her lap; it was the detailed plan of the formal alliance of the Chop Shop’s operations with that of Slayer Central and Blade Industries. Although, most Slayers had a working relationship, Buffy wanted to make sure that the operation in New York was recognized as second to her own. Since she was still traveling in Europe re-building the Slayer forces there, she needed the Slayers in North and South America to know they could call on New York. Dawn felt very proud to be the ambassador on this deal. She finally trusts me, she beamed.


“So then I said to him, I don’t care if you’re blind—I want my friggin’ change!”

The crowd gathered around Devon roared with laughter. The petite warrior had captured the attention of the whole operation in 24 hours. She certainly has not lost a bit of her charm, Raylan mused with a smile. And she still is so beautiful. Raylan took in the scene a watchful eye, immensely pleased that Faith and Devon were getting along so well. Not too well I hope, I know how they both are. She looked closely at the two of them. Deep in thought, she did not hear Carlos call her name.

“Ray, ya there?” The big guy had a smirk on his face, hell, he’d been staring at the two beautiful women just a few minutes ago. As much as Carlos loved Ray and Faith together, he wondered what transpired between Raylan and their new friend. He knew he’d never get the full story. Damn, it’s probably good too.

“Yeah, sorry C. We ready for the meeting?”

“Affirmative. You’re office?”

“No, Faith’s is bigger. We’ll be six when Dawn gets here.” Raylan turned to walk toward her lover’s office.

“Okay.” Boy she’s strange, Carlos mused, fine, but strange

Faith’s voice was strong. In the three, almost four years that she had left Sunnydale, she had truly grown into a leader. She’s still beautiful, Dawn noted. She was a little surprised with all this super power, no one seemed to notice her. No matter, I like watching them. Ohh, who’s that? Her eyes immediately tracked to James. Cute, very cute. Raylan had picked up a new scent, but thought it was one of the newer members of the ever-growing Chop Shop Family. She sensed power, but not danger. Slowly she turned to see who stood in the adjoining glass room. Dawn. My, my, my this little girl has got some power.

She stood, “Excuse me Faith, I believe we have a guest that will add valuable insight to our conversation.”

Everyone’s eyes tracked around until they hit their target.

“Dawn!” was the stereoed response from Carlos and Faith. Both jumped up to greet their friend.

Dawn hugged both her friends, relieved to feel familiar flesh pressed against her own. Home. Even though the Key had only seen Faith and Carlos periodically on their respective missions, she deeply loved her friends.

“Well,” she started, “It’s always good to feel welcomed. Are you going to introduce me to everyone?” The only one she had eyes for was James. The interest seemed to be returned.

Faith was so giddy, she bounced up and down on the balls of her feet.

“Well, Dawnie, you’ve met the beautiful and talented Daywalker, Raylan Blade.”

“Good to see you again Ray.” Dawn beamed.

“You to MK.” Raylan smiled at her nickname for Dawn, Mystical Key.

Faith continued with the ceremony, “This young looker is a new addition to our family—the mysterious Wonder Woman!! Also known as Devon.” Faith added as an aside in response to Devon’s scowl.

“And this is the Nordic Goddess herself, James Van Fluggen-Fluggen”

“Faith, it’s Flugerson.” James stated with tempered exasperation.

“Yeah, what she said. Are you okay Dawnie? You need anything? Was the limo nice? Juice, water?” Faith definitely needed medication.

Dawn concurred, “ Faith you take a Ritalin for that problem?” At Faith’s blush she continued, “No, I’m good. But I would like to get down to business.”

Faith smiled, “As you wish Ambassador.”


Dawn responded to Devon’s question thoughtfully. “Yes, basically Slayer Central is asking that Faith take her rightful place as Second-in-Command. The more organized and sophisticated as an entity, the more we need to professionalize saving the world.”

Raylan found this conversation amusing, notwithstanding the seriousness of it. She knew that Slayer Central was powerful but desperately wanted the expressed joining of Blade Industries. All this was to the good in her estimation, but she knew her volatile lover was undecided about her official role as the Second Slayer. She waited for Faith’s response but Devon spoke first.

“If I may,” Devon continued, “this is partly why I am here. Raylan knows of my family, but our interest lies in aligning our forces. All of them. It is not just vampires and demons we have to fear, but far older and more sinister forces.” She quieted while waiting for them to take in her news.

“And just who is your family Devon?” Carlos queried.

The enigma sighed, “Some know as what you might call…Angels.”

“Excuse me?” Carlos was the only one who replied. “Does anyone else find this hard to believe?” He asked with incredulity.

Faith spoke up. “Carlito, you are sitting in a room with a vampire-hybrid, a mystical key, a vampire slayer and Nordic engineered killer and you think an Angel is out of the question?”  She stopped him before he could speak. “No matter. I take my duty as a Slayer very seriously. I accept my rightful place Dawn.”

Dawn perked up at this news.

Faith turned to Devon, “Now beautiful, I know you look like one, but tell me, how does it come to pass that we get blessed with our very own Angel?”


Even though they were used to companiable silence. Sometimes Faith still worried that Raylan would tire of her. She spent so many years in the shadow of Raylan’s obsession, love, addiction to Zaire and now, rid of that threat, Devon was here. She liked Devon a lot, but wanted to know of her past with Raylan.

“So,” She non-sequitered, “you asked Dev to look for Kit?”

Raylan was momentarily nonplussed. “Ah, yes, yes I did. She’s a Hunter of sorts.”

“Of sorts?”

“Of sorts.” Raylan replied affirmatively.

“Do you love her?” There was the non sequitor factor again.

Raylan turned slowly in the Pathfinder, “Pull over Faith.”

“What here?!” Faith was nervous at Raylan’s evasion, the Bostonian did not think she could take an altercation at this hour.

“Yeah babe, pull over to there, we’ll walk around MetroTech.” Raylan placed her hand on her girlfriend’s leg to reassure her.

As they walked, Faith tried to clear her mind of all prejudice against what she might hear. Hope it works.

“Devon will eventually tell you the whole story, but, well, she used to hunt for my father when he could not find someone.” Raylan’s voice was quiet.

“Your father couldn’t find someone?” Faith’s shock was apparent.

“Hon could I finish?” At Faith’s nod, the Daywalker continued. “Devon was able to bring my mother back for a time. My father was grateful, but I think it made it harder when she faded again. I don’t remember her that well, but she was there whilst I was very young. My mother, Nyssa, that is.”

“I’m sorry boo, but how is that possible? Your mom was vampirized. Sorry that was tacky.” Faith blushed at her disrespect.

“Yes.” Raylan did not further respond to Faith’s comment about her mom. “Devon did say she was an Angel. I assumed that had something to do with that particular miracle. I was created Faith and grown inside her, but my mother’s essence was gone and she could not sustain this world for long. She was no longer a feeding vampire, but you have to remember, she was born a vampire and had never been human. It was a very hard time for Eric and she.” The Daywalker was quiet for a long time.

“You don’t have to talk about it love if you don’t want to.” Faith said.

“I do not wish to continue, but I need to. So is you must know, I gave my virginity to Devon.” She paused to gauge the Slayer’s reaction, seeing none, she continued, “But she loved another more than I. It took me a very long time to get over her, even when she married Yoon, I was convinced we would be together.” Faith interrupted Raylan’s musing.


“Her husband. He’s deceased. Again, I am sure you will hear the sordid tale at some point. Raylan lapsed back into silence.

“So where has Wonder been all this time?” Faith was incensed, but did not want to indicate the fact.

“Well, she had Yoon’s twins, so I assume taking care of them with her family. I know she was helping Blade too.” Raylan stopped talking and took Faith’s hand, “Faith, I have not seen her in a few years, but we always are there for one another.”

Faith looked up into the eyes of the woman she loved more than her own life. She knew the Daywalker would not deceive her—she never had. It just hurt to feel as though she were always competing with lovers or ghosts of lovers. The Slayer finally spoke.

“Can we just go home baby?”

Raylan answered by kissing her lover softly on the lips and turning back to the car.


Faith pressed herself fully against her lover’s back. She loved the feeling of dominating her taller lover. The Slayer was only 3 inches shorter than the Daywalker, but it still filled her with tremendous satisfaction to subdue her. In bed was one of the few places that was possible. She closed her strong hands around the front her brown lover’s stomach, enjoying the sensation of the hardest, strongest muscles she had ever felt. Raylan sighed as Faith’s body molded itself onto her. Faith knew that they were justgetting back into the groove of normal lovemaking. Normal for them being quite different than most people, but still. It had been close to seven months now to Ricky’s death and the pain had not faded, but Faith no longer felt the drive to express her pain on her lover’s body.

Faith leaned against Raylan and breathed in her scent: cocoa butter, baby lotion and curry. She loved the way her lover smelled. One day, I will marry you Raylan Nyssa Blade. She pushed her taller lover against their bed gently, watching as the ever-growing hair of her woman splayed across their white sheets like a dark, beautiful halo. Beautiful.

“Ray.” The question was posed declaratively.

“Hmm?” was the pleasure-induced response.

“Thank you for loving me baby. Now let me love you.”

The night welcomed the lovers into her folds, she would last as long as they would.

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