Title: Childe of the Daywalker, part 4

Author: BKFaith

Email: BKFaith@hotmail.com

Fandom: Buffyverse (incl. AtS)/Blade movies

Pairing: Faith/OFC

Rating: R/NC-17 (graphic sex, BDSM, violence, swearing, adult themes and demons)

Spoilers: Any and all in Buffyverse and Blade, but mostly AU

Disclaimer: Besides the characterization of Raylan Blade and her holdings, I own little. ME, Joss Whedon, Fox, Warner Bros and a whole mess of other folks own these characters. All songs belong to the artist credited. Ladies loving Ladies happens here and people may die. Things get a bit serious in here; people work out their issues on other people via sex and violence. If ya want to post this story somewhere, ask.

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Building a Mystery (Chapter 1)

They come out at night,
that’s when the energy comes
When the darks sides light,
 when the vampires roam…
~Sarah McLachlan

She had been riding the subway for hours. Days maybe. It was the Q train now, because she wanted to go over the Manhattan bridge, to be outside and be able to see both sides of Brooklyn and the Seaport at the same time. The Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower glowed ominously behind her. 11:39 p.m. She peered down to the Promenade, Chinatown, the Lower East Side. Was that the Verrazano Bridge in the distance? She could never tell.

But soon enough, the giant metal giant was swallowed by its cocoon as they hurdled to the Canal Street stop. She wanted to get out, but her recent experience with walking in the streets of New York was that she either ended up punching someone or screaming in grief like a lunatic. The rumbling of the train, the furtive study of eyes, the earphone tugged safely around her ears, a backpack hanging off her shoulder, body slumped up in the two corner seats; these were the things that tethered her to the Earth and kept her mind and body together.


Raylan waited up for Faith again tonight. It’s been three months since Ricky’s funeral and still the silence around Faith was thick and messy and hard as volcanic earth. Raylan was scared and tired and fighting demons of her own. She still had nightmares of Zaire finding her or Faith and making Faith watch as she was raped her and killed. She had nightmares of Ricky’s body hanging open and bent in some horrid parody of a scarecrow. Not original, but highly disturbing. He looked so innocent, even though he had lost so much blood, it was as if he had none. He hung their, stapled to the outside of HQ for everyone to see. They had cut him down before too many people were traumatized by the sight. Although they had vanquished Zaire, coming home to see Ricky’s tortured and lifeless body had left both Raylan and faith so haunted and feeling helpless, they still had not come back from that place. Even with Zaire gone, Raylan could not bear to bring herself to tell Faith all the pain she still carried with her. So she hunted. Checking her watch, she stood up. I can be back before Faith ever gets home. She quietly walked the length of their duplex. They gave the second apartment to Kit, Carlos and James after Ricky died. Faith wanted Raylan with her always. Raylan picked up her broad swords, placed her dark, slim shades around her glowing baby brown eyes, tossed on her long, black leather coat and walked out the door. She could make it to Deluge in15 minutes if she ran. She was beginning to fall in love with her vampire qualities and the months after Ricky’s death had produced a need to protect and kill and hunt. Her steps slowed as she heard a soft whimper 10 feet to her right. Forget Deluge, looks like I found a party here. Crouching low, she turned a corner, a smile creeping onto her beautiful brown face. White teeth grew almost of their own accord, as she watched a vampire push her victim against the wall. Steeping out, she made her presence known.

“What do we have here?” She said with sultry style.

“Beat it lady,” the young, thin vampire called out, “my boyfriend and I are having a little talk.”

The vampire was either stupid or real hungry because she did not pick on the fact that she was speaking to kin.

“Well,” Raylan spoke with deadly humor,” I guess you put me in my place. Perhaps I should place you in yours.”

The small, pale vamp turned with full vamped visage with hopes of frightening off the intruder or maybe another meal, only to meet the most beautifully cold eyes she ever saw. She thought she might be in love until she registered she might be about to fight.

“You?..You’re??  Like me?” she sputtered, releasing her prey.

Raylan looked down in a bashful manner, “No…not quite like you, but close.” She stalked silently towards her mark. “Do you want to find out how much alike we are?”

The baby vamp shook her head hypnotized by this dark vision of beauty and strength, she wanted to kiss her, lay down her unlife for her, give her all the blood that flowed through her veins. Raylan sensed this and reveled in her power.

“I’m going to kiss you.” She spoke in a soft, small voice as if talking with a young child or a very dim person.

“You want me to kiss you?” The vamp nodded vacantly, pale blue eyes entranced.

Raylan moved in, ducking her head to touch her beautiful, full red lips to this cold vampire’s thin mouth. The vampire sucked in the breath she did not have at the softness of such lips. Raylan stepped back, smiling, black boots scrapping the pavement below her.

“Now, wasn’t that nice?”

The vampire looked around blankly then sputtered,” Yes…yeah, hell yeah, could I have another?”

Raylan laughed. “Of course, but this time it will be on your neck.”

In the split second it took the vampire to notice the decrease in the temperature around them, Raylan’s visage had totally changed. She still looked beautiful, but her face was a mask, lineless, lifeless and final. Her hand shot out to pull the smaller vampire to her.

“Time to give back, you worthless piece of garbage.” Raylan cocked her head to the side,

“You might want to run along buddy, it’s going to get messy.” The once-almost-food took off as fast as his little Happy Meal legs would take him.

“Why, why are you killing me? We could have shared.” The vampire pleaded.

“I do not share.” And with that she bite into the vampire’s neck, sucking lifeblood out as fast as her mouth, jaw, and throat would allow. She could feel the life that was in her body increase with the stolen blood from this totally undead creature. She thought about her lover, riding the train, the state she would be in when she got home, could feel her body tingle and burn with the anticipation of seeing Faith. Suddenly everything was cold and quiet and a dry corpse hung in her hands. Her vision was blurry and she could hear voices, far off, but coming closer. Police. She dropped the vamp and leaped into the air. She could make it home before Faith got home. She knew it.

Motherless Child (Chapter 2)

Who’s got the shoulder?
When I need to cry?
I feel restless and I don’t know why
I cry for help, but still feel alone
Like a motherless child a long away from home
Lord I’m lost, I can’t find my way
I’m dealing with my struggles in my day to day
My soul is weak and I wanna be strong
Try to run away, but I’ve running to long
~John Stephens

Every night is like this. She lets me have her, take her, posses her because she knows I need to. I wonder what it does to her, for me to have her like this, but I never ask. I can’t ask her, I can’t give this up yet. I love you Raylan, I don’t want to hurt you baby. Just bear with me for a little longer. Just let me hurt you a little longer.

Faith brought her arm back and raised it reverently in the air.  The heaviness of the black coil of leather felt so right in her hands. As she snapped it forward, she waited for the moment when it would lick the back of her lover, drawing a whimper or maybe blood.


“Mmmmm” she groaned. Her breathing was strictly through her nose, if she opened her mouth, she would be openly panting. Again she brought down the leather lover to Raylan’s back, allowing it to kiss, caress, sting, own, and release.

“Oh God Faith!!!!!” Raylan screamed out her pleasure, her pain and confusion.

Faith blinked a few times and then let her hands drop, opening her mouth to breath loudly.

“I’m gonna untie you baby, okay?” Raylan nodded her assent, knowing the night would not ending anytime soon.


Raylan was tied to the bed, hands in long handcuffs that went through the twin holes carved into the wooden headboard. She was on her knees, with her back facing Faith. She knew that meant she was in for a rough night. She breathed softly, trying to relax her body and all of its orifices—they all would be filled tonight. She closed her head and thanked God that she had fed tonight, she would lose most of that blood tonight. Her musing was brought to an abrupt end and she felt Faith position herself behind her and place strong hands on her waist.

“What do you want first Ray?” Faith spoke with tender love in antithesis to the tasks she had performed all night.

“It’s up to you baby. No safety word tonight okay?” Raylan knew she may have just bought herself a whole bunch of pain, but she needed this as much as Faith did. The pain, humiliation, pleasure, the torture were all the things she needed to quite her roaring demon. Please baby, don’t make me beg. Faith was silent a long time before she spoke.

“Okay Raylan, no safety word.”


Ray’s back arched in pleasure/pain as Faith surged into her again. It had been going on like this for long minutes. Faith with a firm grip on Raylan’s small waist, pushing the biggest dildo they had into Raylan with powerful precision and terrible force. Raylan wondered if she was bleeding yet. No matter, she healed quickly. She never felt shame when Faith took her like this and in other more private ways. Not like when…Stop it!! She told herself. Not now, concentrate on Faith, she loves you.


“That’s right baby. Oh god, you are so tight, Ray.” Faith sped up her motions, pushing with fluid ease into the women she loved, the cock an extension of her love and lust, molded perfectly to fit them both, connecting them and bridging the gap that was natural to their anatomy.

“I want to stay inside you all night.”

“Pleaseeeeeeee” Raylan cried out.

“Please what doll?” Faith smirked without humor.

“Ack, ugh, please fffff, ugh, please Faith. Put it in my ass” Raylan said the last part sotto voce, the slight flush of embarrassment warmed her chocolate brown skin.

“Mmm, yeah, I like that idea.” Faith said with a wicked grin. She slowed her strokes, bringing their breathing to an even rhythm. She slipped out of Raylan and laid her head on her lover’s sweating and bleeding back, enjoying the body of the woman she loved.

She re-inserted herself with all deliberate speed, taking care to place a condom on the silicon cock before pushing past the tightness that made her grunt deep in her throat. There was something so incredibly primal about being inside Raylan this way. From behind, watching the swell of her ass, the tattoos on her back, the back of her head, anonymous and intimate at the same time. Faith was glad this dick was not hers, because she surely would have died from sheer pleasure of being inside such a beautiful, powerful woman. I can’t believe she lets me. And so the night went, ad infintum.

Other Side of the Game (Chapter 3)

What you gonna do
When they come for you?
Work ain’t honest
But it pays the bills
~Erykah Badu

Faith was hovered over the ’72 Impala and could not believe her luck. They never got cool-ass pimp cars like this at the Chop Shop. It was usually some yuppy piece of shit that she had to work on. Sure it paid the bills and let her wear in the finest gear, but still, it was cool to work on a car with style and character.

Everyone was kung fu fighting

The car was making her giddy with pleasure.

Everyone was king fu figggghtttingg

She started bouncing and wiggling her butt.

Wooo ooo ooo oooo, Wooo Ooo oo oo

Hyay, Yaa!!

Carlos watched with delighted shock as his boss danced under the hood of a sweet pimp mobile and hummed….Kung Fu Fighting??? No way.

“Hey Bruce Leroy, when you’re done in there, can I grab you?” Carlos had to hold himself up from falling over with laughter.

“Whaaaa??” Faith looked up, predictably thumping her head on her pimp hood.

“Owww, what the fuck??!! Damn Carlito, don’t sneak up on me dude.” She scowled rubbing her noggin

“I didn’t realize I could, Slayer.” He teased, turning back to his office.

“I’ll Slayer you,” Faith mumbled, “ And yes, I was singing Kung Fu Fighting. That’s my shit.” She said brightly, sauntering after him.

Faith pulled up a seat in Carlo’s office. “What’s up ‘Los?”

Carlos’s good-natured smile disappeared immediately. He sighed deep in his chest.

“When was the last time you saw Kit?” he said with narrowed eyes.

Faith cocked her head to the side, thinking but looking rather vapid.

“Four days.” She said with surety.

“Hmm. You wonder why?” He continued.

“Not really.” Faith answered flatly.

“Yeah, well, Faith, she keeps taking off for days.”

Faith listened a little bit more attentively.

“Has it?” She paused closing her eyes,” Is it worse now? Please don’t make me say his name Carlito.

“Yeah, Faith. It’s worse. She’s back on the stuff.” He waited.

“Oh fuck. Does Raylan know?” Faith knew how much Ray cared for Kit and how much Kit’s drug habit affected Raylan.

Carlos shook his head, “ I don’t know maybe, she’s a vamp so maybe she can smell it or something. I didn’t tell her.”

“Don’t call Ray a vampire to her face if you value yours. She hasn’t said anything to me, but I haven’t been the most talkative lately.” She looked out the window, squinting the sun’s lightness.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed.” Carlos said without hesitation.

Faith looked up at him, knowing he was her friend, but not being able to talk about Ricky yet.

“We need help Faith.” He held up his hands at her raised brows.” Let me finish. You and Ray fight and it’s great, everyone feel safe, even after, you know, Ricky.” He watched with a heavy heart as the loss forced her to close her eyes. “But now with Kit not coming home for days and I know Ray’s been kind of intense with her fighting and you , are you. I just thought I’d…” She cut him off.

“Whaddija do?”

Carlos was quite for a long, long time, gathering up his strength against the oncoming blast.

“I cammed Wayer Setent” he whispered, even beyond her enhanced abilities.


He let out a long sigh. “I called. Slayer Central.” He closed his eyes, peeking with one.

“You. Did. Fucking . Not.” Faith raised out of her chair so fast, he did not see her hand reaching out to grab his 6’2 , 210 lbs. body and drag him over the desk top. Even after his growth spurt, she threw him around like a rag doll.

“You ratting me out to my Slayer sisters? And the Witch? That is the last and I mean last thing I need. You know Raylan hates everyone over there. Especially B.”

“Faith, let go, dammit.” She dropped him.

“I didn’t talk to Ms. Slayer-Than-Thou. God, what do you think, I’m into pain?” he snorted, “ She’s a fucking pain in my ass. Look, Dawn’s coming.”

Faith whirled around so fast from her pacing stance, “ D?”

“Yeah Faith, D.” Carlos smiled at the light in Faith’s eyes. Maybe it’ll be okay. Just maybe.

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