Title: Childe of the Daywalker, pt. 1

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Blade x-over/AU

Author: BKFaith

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Paring: Faith/F, F/OC

A/N: Okey-dokey. This is my first fanfiction after lurking here for. Please give me feedback; I want to write better for sure. But enjoy if you can. BKFaith@hotmail.com

Disclaimers: I do not own Blade or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I only half own Raylan Blade (notwithstanding her last name), but I made her up dammit!! All rights belong to Fox, Josh Whedon, UPN, Mutant Enemy, Wesley Snipes, Warner Bros and New Line. I’m just pontificating J

Author: BKFaith aka Shanté Smalls

Rating: Hmmmm, let’s say STRONG R

Spoilers: Blade 1 and 2, up to Buffy Season 7 or Angel 4, but this is my own little AU so spoilers are minimum.

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FYI: This contains ladies loving each other, potential violence, angst and sometimes corny dialogue. Enjoy!

Prelude to a kiss  (prelude)

She awoke to the sounds of her own heartbeat. She would never get used to that, she thought. Judging from the light, it was around 5am.

“Fuck”, she muttered as she stumbled out of bed. Walking down the hallway, she headed toward the bathroom, in spite of her fatigue, she wanted to get up. Leave that bed; it’s memories and pain.

“Where are you?” the beautiful brown woman muttered. Turning on the light, she blinked 5 times at her reflection. It was soft and vague, but there. She was, after all, only part vampire and was still discovering the joys and wonders of her hybridism. And she hated every moment of it. Thus the morning ritual began—stumble out of bed, wash face, ponder existence, take a shower, eat oatmeal and smoke a cigarette. After all that, it was time for prayer and meditation before her morning work out.

She had spent the bulk of the last 3 years fighting on her father’s side. It had taken her so long to find him again and there was so much distance between them. But she had found him, the man they called Blade.

“My father”, she snorted.

He had told her, in their reunion, why, but not how she was “born”. He needed a warrior to continue when he inevitably died. He needed a warrior. She was born to fight and die and would be expected to “give birth” to her own child or children and continue the legacy of the Daywalkers. But she wanted to do more than just fight and propagate; she wanted to live, truly live. That’s why she was in this mess.

The Bridge is Over (chapter 1)

Screaming down Fulton Avenue, Raylan’s car weaved its way through early morning Brooklyn traffic, she was late to the Chop Shop and wanted to get in before her crew arrived. Never mind the fact that it was 7:30 am and the shop did not open until 9, she was the efficient sort. Raylan Nyssa Blade had amassed a small fortune for herself through hard work, perseverance and most importantly, killing and maiming demons, vampires and all other assorted bad guys. She learned from her father that she could not just go around beating up people for a living—she had to do something somewhat legit. She had her car servicing garage, the “Chop Shop”, one of the best foreign and specialty car garages in the country, if not the world. It also served as her main HQ and base for her demon-fighting crew. She owned a nightclub in the West Village and a couple of lounges in the East Village, assorted warehouses around the country and shares in her martial arts organization. Raylan was a shrewd businesswoman if nothing else. Stepping out of her 1967 maroon corvette, she was a sight to behold. 5 feet 11 inches of beautiful, lean, muscular chocolate skin. Her honey-brown tinged dreadlocks were up in a bun and a delighted smile flitted across her beautiful, full lips. Most people at first glance thought she was a model or actress or plain old bubblehead. She liked it that way. No one knew who—or what she really was.

Raylan entered her office and turned on the computer. Her father had left several weeks ago for Mexico to rid himself of some associates of Deacon Frost. Although Deacon was long dead, his power still reached far into the underworld. She and Blade had been communicating and Raylan had been helping him track down rogue vampire colonies. The phone rang interrupting her ruminating.


“This is Raylan Blade”

“Ray Ban, what’s up girlfriend?” Raylan smiled, she knew who this character was.

“Hey Faith, where are you? How are you?”

“Chicago. Great. Just took out a nice vamp hideout. Thanks for the lead.

“You got it partner” There was a slight pause.

“Ray…” Faith’s voice was somber.

“Look Faith.  Now’s not the…”

“No you look Ray…I’m not…we need to talk. Look I’m catching a plane back to the City tonight. Meet at the club? Around 11?”

Raylan paused for an eternity before answering, “11, sure. See you there.”

“And Ray?”


“I love you” Faith hung up before Raylan could answer.

Smack My Bitch Up (chapter 2)

It was a typical New York nightclub, if anything in New York could be typical. Raylan’s club, “Deluge” was considered one of the hottest, trendiest spots. For now. She carefully selected who entered, having both VIP and super VIP lounges, but there were always an abundance of freaks around to annoy her. Tonight one young gentle vampire, surely not knowing who she was, admirably tried to impress her. But she was tired tonight. And hungry. Spinning around after he had gyrated his crotch on her one too many times, she pulled him by his neck into one of the alcoves.

“Do you wanna die tonight?” She asked with deadly calm.

“I…no *cough*, no pleasseee.” He strained, not believing this woman was collapsing his larynx. Lucky for him he didn’t need to breathe.

She looked at him, pursing her lips, while cocking an eyebrow.

“What kind of fucking vampire are you? That’s just pathetic.” She laughed.

Jerking his head in surprise “How, how did you know?” He struggled to speak.

With a slow-as-molasses smile she answered, “My name is Ray Blade.” She paused letting recognition dawn on his face, “And I’m feeling hungry tonight.”

The little vamp found out that he could still indeed pee his pants with fright.

But Raylan was satisfied and let him go with the admonishment, “Next time, I eat you.”

“God I fucking hate this place” she muttered as she watched the anonymous vamp ran out of the club.

“Then why do you own it sweet cheeks?”

Raylan could feel blood rush to her face in recognition, “Zaire.” She turned to face the breathtaking woman before her. Zaire. The 6’5 woman with skin so blue it appeared black. Her black and raven hair was so stunningly beautiful, it bordered on disturbing. Raylan always thought of her as Storm from the X-Men. But Zaire was no hero. Even when she swooped down, her blue-black wings fully extended, bent on rescue, she was without a doubt, a creature from Hell.

“What are you doing here? I mean, you don’t usually…”

“Raylan, I thought just this morning you were wondering where I was.” She said smiling.

“How did you…?”

“I know everything about you lover.”

Raylan hardened instantly, fists clenching, muscles flexing, she knew this wasn’t a friendly visit.

“We’re not going to fight here Zaire.” Raylan stared at her ex-lover with fear, dread, contempt and love.

“Yeah, I heard your new girlfriend was on her way here so…” she trailed off, picking at the wooden siding “ you know I don’t get along that well with Slayers.”

Raylan ducked her head down, pulling Zaire’s 6’5 frame into a small private room.

“Zaire, who I sleep with is none of your business…anymore. We’re on different sides now, don’t you get it?”

She cut Zaire off before she could speak, holding her hand up.

“No you know what, we were always on different sides, you’re a fuckin’ fallen angel, who tried to kill me by the way, and just because we were involved doesn’t mean you can show up here being all cryptic and, and, and smug.”

Zaire smiled as she leaned in ”So you still got the hots for me huh?”

“Hard not too, what with you being so fine and all,” was the reply from behind them. Both of their heads whipped around to see Faith leaning up against the frame of the door. She took in their intimacy with a humorless smile. She knew in an instant, she and Raylan could be battling the Hell Angel.

“Faith,” Zaire spoke, equally humorless and slightly more menacing,” I thought you’d be here after 11”

“Guess I got here before you thought.” Quickly switching modes, Faith asked, “Why you up on my girl like that?”

Raylan stood up choking on the tension,” Faith, we’re not doing this here.”

Zaire smiled a self-satisfied smile, but Raylan continued, “I don’t want to have to drag her dead Hell-carcass out of my club and ruin my floors.” She said staring Zaire directly in the eyes.

Faith let out a slight chuckle.

Zaire looked at Raylan, before turning back toward Faith “ I see. Good evening ladies.” As she walked out ”Looking good Faith, let me know if you ever get tired of the Cowboy Way.”

The two warriors turned to face each other. “Well”, Faith began” you sure know how to pick ‘em.”

Raylan groaned “Yeah I know, I mean, she seemed nice enough, who knew she was a demon angel sent to murder me. Just don’t let her get next to you okay?”

“Hey” Faith held her hands up in nonchalance “ not to sound corny but you’re the only one I wanna get next to…know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I do” Raylan said with a smile, “ But I wanna know what that was all about. Zaire does not make friendly visits. If you hadn’t shown up…”

“You would have been fine Ray.” Faith interrupted “ You kicked her ass before you even met me. You’re a warrior baby.”

“I know,” Raylan said with a sad smile,” It’s just sometimes I get tired of it.”

They rode back to Faith’s apartment in silence. Both deep in their own thoughts about what Zaire’s visit meant.

“We’re here.” Faith pulled the car in front of her co-op “Come on in doll, you know I’m not letting you go home.”

Raylan smiled as she stepped out of the car. She took in the night, the sweet smell of the summer air, Faith’s scent and nearness. She knew they were both scanning for vamps and other assorted scaly things, but it was romantic nonetheless.

“Let’s go inside baby.” Faith spoke softly.

Faith held on to Raylan’s hand as she spoke” Ray. Ray Ban. Raylan.” She paused, smiling and blowing strands of hair out her face. “I was really worried tonight. Zaire is…well you already know how dangerous she is. We’ll have to face her eventually. Can your dad help? Maybe he knows something? Why she’s showing up and being all creepy.”

Raylan turned to look out of the window in to the Brooklyn sky. She didn’t want to think about Zaire. Or her father. Or battles to the death. From Faith’s apartment, one can see the Empire State Building. She wanted to look at the Empire State Building.

“Maybe” a pleasant silence hung between them “Faith.” Silence from both of them.” I want to be with you.” Raylan looked at Faith, knowing neither one of them could say out loud what they were feeling right now, that those words were as close as they could get.

“You are with me baby. You are.” Faith leaned in to press her lips against those of her lover’s. Soft lips greeting, like heads to pillows it was relief, pleasure and safety. “Let me take care of you Ray,” Faith whispered, “that’s all I want.”

Possibly Maybe (Chapter 3)

Faith’s POV

Faith woke up first. They had not slayed, or hunted, as Ray would put it, last night. But she knew the crew was on patrol last night. It was such a relief. Although she was still one of the Chosen, there were others, different, but chosen for their own destiny. She and Raylan had built a crew of vampire and demon hunters. Some of the crew was human, some were…special. But all were powerful, efficient killers. Faith looked down at the woman next to her. She marveled at the sight of her lover’s cocoa skin next to her olive skin, the softness of her body, how her long, coiled bands of hair spread across her back like fine ink. Faith was in love. With a hybrid demon that hunted and killed demons but also fed. Mostly on other demons. Mostly. Faith knew who Raylan Blade was, but she wasn’t always sure what she was. Raylan herself was not sure of that. But Faith knew that this is how she wanted to wake up every morning. She closed her eyes, smiling.

“Trade you a baseball card.” Came the silky words interrupting Faith’s silent musings

“Are my thoughts worth that much?” Faith joked, turning her attention to Raylan.

“ I didn’t say which card, babe.” Raylan laughed sitting up.

“No,” Faith leaned in to kiss her “no you didn’t, but you know I’m holding out for the Piazza rookie card.”

“In your dreams Slayer” Raylan straddled Faith. She was just in her underwear and tank top. The crisp whiteness contrasted beautifully against melanin-rich skin. Faith held her tightly around her waist and looked into her eyes.

“So…you think you’re gonna get tired of me Daywalker?”

A slow smile appeared on Raylan’s face. “Not a chance Slayer, not a chance.”

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